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Posted on May 18th, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

There are reports that many Ukrainians have been experiencing nightmares about what are called undefinedChortsundefined - demonic entities from Slavic mythology. This appears to coincide with a huge black flying cryptid over Chernobyl before the nuclear accident. The terrifying creature rose above the horizon of Chernobyl and Pripyat - a hideous humanoid with giant wings, a black headless body, and red glowing eyes sending a message of doom to all who gazed upon it. The time has come and the demons have been summoned - they are all part of the war machine. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about CHERNABOG.





I guess it is no secret that i really love the shows I do when I talk about synchronicities. Synchro mysticism is by far the most mind-blowing part of my job. I was all turned on to this by Jordan Maxwell and Tracy Twyman and now with both of them gone, I now have Ryan Gable and even Derrick who calls in once and a while to make these synchs and connections that are mind-blowing.

I worry that some people don’t understand that things happen for a reason and that cause and effect play in intricate role in the theater that our leaders love to demonstrate using psychological operations and propaganda ploys.

Synchronicity does not capture he collective minds of the mainstream but many people who are older can connect the dots in the continuum and understand that patterns tend to have paranormal and witchy elements that make them all the more creepy and compelling.

As I have said many times, being raised in the Cold War atmosphere has exposed me to many stories of psychological conspiracies that have led to what can be called Satanic Panic undefined a mind virus that certainly was part of a demonic plan to terrorize people with psychological warfare.

There have been many writer and observers that have indicated that we are often traumatized by a mind crime psy-op where the perpetrators mass shootings and slaughter were more than likely part of wide conspiracy to commit violent crime while under the programmed satanic spell of controllers.

The programmed spell has all of the trappings of occult witchcraft. Perhaps we could call it political priestcraft where highly skilled handlers create the demonic virus, introduce it through various triggers that are innocuous to the average person but create the sinister urge to target and kill for political gain and opportunity.

Between 1966 and well into the early 1970’s there was an unseen demonic cloud over America. This so-called cloud or phantom-like evil seems to be replicating itself today and I want to demonstrate how I am seeing the pattern.

In 1966 emblazoned in bold red letters on a black Time Magazine cover were the words “Is God Dead?” It was a title of an article that sparked criticism in the clergy as it investigated a trend among theologians to write God out of the field of theology. It outlined how increasingly difficult it became for theologians to make God relevant in an increasingly secular society.

The title of the cover was based on what Friedrich Nietzsche had written previously about the madman running through the marketplace yelling in German “God Is Dead ” believing that mankind had lost its way.

The madman also believed that there was a satanic cloud over mankind and that they had rejected their morals.

Nietzsche knew that in the end mankind’s faith would dwindle and that they would certainly resort to using curses and spells spun by practitioners to destroy their enemies and those who do not necessarily agree with them.

It has been proposed that many high-profile serial murderers are part of a group of sleepers or secret organization that are programmed through trauma-based Satanic ritualism, that was similar to programs that were used by the Nazis.

Many of these high-profile murderers have ties to the DOD, CIA, NSA, FBI and the military-industrial complex. These murders are intricately planned rituals, and are amplified through triggers that are hidden in various forms of the electronic medium.

The motive is to brutalize and traumatize the public in an effort to bring about the alchemical process of changing them. This ritualism has been called the Monarch program. The Monarch symbology is simple. The caterpillar dies inside the chrysalis and is changed into a Monarch.

The pattern has obviously been used in the cases of the Manson Family, the Zebra killings of 1973, and David Berkowitz.

It is important to take note of the fact that not every killing or mass murder is a programmed spectacle for the public to fear. We all know that crime is normal, and that murder and death are facts of life.

But imagine a mass mind control spell where armies and peopleundefineds are all caught up in some satanic mind control and imagine that it never gets reported because journalists have no clue or even the ability to identify the conjuring of demons by a secret order to win a war.

The media chooses to ignore these indicators and proceeded to push the emotional aspect thus creating more trauma and causing people to wonder “what kind of soulless beast is capable of doing these killings?”

What kind of beast? Well the best beast in the one that is conjured as we create our own monsters and summon our own beasts and sometimes they appear out of thin air and in other moments they show up in our apocalyptic dreams,

I was going through some past ideas for shows and found a bookmarked article from the Times of India that talked about the mystical nature of the war in Ukraine and how it seems to have been well planned for the reset. That the dates and times of all pf the decisions were based in occult ritual and that both Russia and Ukraine have rich histories of using old folk magic while when they wage wars.

This they have concluded has make them successful but it has also been a curse for them that after World War II the news stories out of Russia were horrific as unexplained phenomena was kept from the world during the Cold War.

When the information embargo was lifter Pravda had reported so many stories of Cannibalism, blood drinking, and demonic possession that it was immediately dismissed as a tabloid.

I do remember in the late 1980s when the wall came down, there were many stories coming out of Russia and Ukraine about UFO sightings and how many Russians had seen and communicated with extraterrestrial beings and that many people had sighted a huge black flying creature over Chernobyl before the nuclear accident.

The terrifying creature rose above the horizon of Chernobyl and Pripyat, a hideous humanoid with giant wings, a black headless body and red glowing eyes sending a message of doom to all who gazed upon it.

Some thought it was a witch or the Babaa yaga -while others were certain that it was an angle of death undefined a portent of a horrible event.

Chernobyl was one of those horrible events that took place in the month of April during the blood letting times of the spring.

In the days leading up to the Chernobyl disaster, several of the workers in the control room of the nuclear power plant in northern Ukraine claimed to have seen the creature.

The story goes that in the days leading up to April 26, 1986, a supernatural creature was sighted in the sky over Chernobyl by many of the men in the control room. They also claimed to have seen this terrifying creature just before the explosion.

People in and around the power plant began to experience a series of strange events revolving around sightings of the mysterious creature — also described as a large dark and mutated creature with large wings and piercing red eyes.

People affected by the phenomena also experienced nightmares and had first-hand encounters describing the creature as a hideous beast undefined like something straight out of the bottomless pit.

Because the workers apparently described the blackbird as a headless, large-winged black creature with fire red eyes — many people took the description and thought that the eyes appear in the torso of the creature.

Most if not all of the witnesses eventually died of radiation exposure.

Many believed it was the creature that was said to be part of a blood curse as many people were poisoned by the radiation from the power plant.

It has been proposed that modern magic or witchcraft has been playing a role in this war with Ukraine and as we have been speaking about the oddity of this war, The India Times story actually said that the fact that the war truly began on 2/22/22 sends a signal that all things have their power when it is part of a massive spell that needs an exorcism.

The news outlets covering Russia’s war in Ukraine constantly name cities, towns, and remote areas where battles are being waged undefined the bombs exploding and the carnage everywhere is horrific undefinedand many believe that these incidents are summoning up spirits that they thought had returned to hell and would never come back,

In western Ukraine, between the Pripyat and Bug rivers in the Volhynia region, Haim Nahman Bialik wrote his famous poem that begins “Welcome back to my window, you lovely bird.” But in 1903 he also wrote about the Kishinev pogrom, which broke out in Moldova on the border with Ukraine, both then part of the Russian Empire. The poem was “On The Slaughter”:

The Slaughter of course happened after the author dreamed about a hideous black bird that he saw as an angel of death that had come to slaughter the innocent.

The poem goes:

Executioner, here’s my neck:

Slaughter! You’ve got the ax and the arm.

The world to me is a butcher-block –

we, whose numbers are small

it’s open season on our blood:

Crack a skull – let the blood

of infant and elder spurt on your chest,

and let it remain there forever, and ever.

What wouldn’t we do to have a correspondent embedded in the Ukrainian and Russian armies who would pass on to us the human dimension of a war that has no explanation? The paranormal dimension of winged devils with leather wings visiting people at night and leaving behind untold amounts of carrion in the streets,

There are been reports that many Ukrainians have been having nightmares about what are called, Chorts.

A Chort is considered to be a demon of total evil, with horns, hoofs, a skinny tail, and a pigs-face. He is the son of the Slavic god, Chernabog, and the goddess, Mara.

Many of us remember form our childhood the Disney film Fantasia, In the last segment called undefinedNight on Bald Mountainundefined Chernabog is a balck winged demon that summons the dead for an orgy of evil.

The Story goes that on Walpurgis night Chernabog emerges from the peak of Mount Triglaf, near Kiev in southern Russia, to summon all of his minions; he eventually throws them all into the mountain’s fiery pit.

Many of his minions are the Chorts who spread death and war over the villages of Kiev,

In Ukraine, Chorts are also known as haspyda, didko, irod, and kutsyi. In folklore, the Chorts physical appearance is the same as that of the Greek god, Pan.

In folk Christianity, he is considered a minion of Satan.

In modern Slavic and Russian magic, Chorts can be summoned to carry out deeds of evil.

.This over time has been called undefinedthe apocalypse workingundefined a term used by magicians and was also a practice that was spoken of by Rasputin and Helena Blavstky undefined both were considered leaders of the apocalyptic enlightenment sliver age of Russia,

At the turn of the 20th century, a period known as the Silver Age, Russia was undergoing a powerful spiritual and cultural rebirth. It was a time of magic and mysticism that saw a vital resurgence of interest in the occult and a creative intensity not seen in the West since the Renaissance.

This was the time of the God-Seekers, pilgrims of the soul and explorers of the spirit who sought the salvation of the world through art and ideas. These sages and their visions of Russia s role in the apocalypse working are returning to prominence now through Russian President Vladimir Putin, who inspired by their ideas, envisions a new “Eurasian” civilization with Russia as its leader.

It has been reported that in the era of modern magic the horned God Cernunnos has been summoned from the depths undefined the concept of raising an ancient Archon to speed up the process of the life death and resurrection of Planet earth.

Cernunnos, Cerne or Belatucadros is known as the archon gate keeper and has most of the same attributes as the winged angel of death known as Chernabog.

One of Cernunnos’ titles was Lord of the Hunt, but as time progressed agriculture could sustain alongside hunting and the Horned God became the god also of fertility. Worship of this deity was hoped to not only maintain plentiful meat, but also ensure a bountiful crop harvest and even the successful procreation of mankind.

In times of famine, it was known that in order to change the tides there would be leaders and kings that would be targeted for death and many leaders that are responsible for the persecution of the people would die suddenly undefined many of them considered enemies of humanity.

Cernunnos is depicted as a horned God that controls the serpents-Chernabog was th dark winged demon that controlled the Chorts.

As death is integral to the continuous circle of life, Cernunnos has also been associated with the Underworld, the realm of the dead. Whilst the invading Romans could associate the Horned God with some of their own belief concepts, such as the deity, Pan or the horned spirits called Fauns and Satyrs, the developing Christian Church, however, could not comfortably assimilate this fertility icon into their own ethos and so Cernunnos was demonized. Thus the Horned God became associated with the devil or Satan.

The stories are interchangeable but the results were the same. Calling upon the demons of the abyss to destroy enemies was most definitely a dangerous affair.

Modern magic has given up on the idea of changing anyone’s mind. Like modern politics, the aim is not to persuade your opponent, not to influence his thoughts, but to bring ruin and destruction upon him, breaking his bones and casting him down into dust and ashes.

Some magical practitioners question the wisdom of this, and not just because of the Law of Threefold Return, the Wiccan principle that the energy you put out into the world will be thrice returned to you.

When young Russian soldiers entered Konotop — known from stories as a place where old women have occult powers — they were told by an elderly Ukrainian woman: “Here every second woman is a witch. Tomorrow, you’ll no longer be able to have an erection.undefined

These words were enough to terrify the Russian soldiers and many of them retreated. When I hear the stories of witchcraft and folk magic being used in the war between Ukraine and Russia and I look at how psychological operations work -we realize that as we have learned that the military and even our leaders see the world and life itself as dark theater.

This was the same attitude of Friedrich Nietzsche.

His general reputation is that of a dark and depressing thinker who went mad. This negative reputation even holds for many somewhat familiar with his writing, the so-called educated classes who readily believe the media’s lies and erroneously associate him with supporting Nazis while they embrace the Nazis in Ukraine.

Nietzsche told his truths that few want to hear because he long ago grasped what people would become. And it’s not a pretty picture, which all the self-images they take and worship reveal.

Yes. he saw mankind as a creature that would eventually abandon their faith and declare God is dead.

Nietzsche was obsessed with the theater and the theatrical nature of life. Not in its aesthetic sense or theater on a literal stage, but in life itself. At the core of this was the actor, what was an actor, who was an actor, and what did it mean to act or to be “a genuine actor,” if possible. This was because he saw acting as imitation at the core of epistemology, the fundamental issue of knowledge and reality.

In his own way, he was true to ancient Greek philosophy whose core theme was the relationship between Being and Seeming. “To stamp on Becoming the nature of Being” was his goal, which flipped the terms in a way that offers little solace to those who act as if their knowingness is not groundless and imitative, and their actions not a feigned relationship with reality.

Unable to play the music of forgetting, he knew they would turn on their false selves with every weapon at their disposal.-including those weapons that are found in secret societies that practice the dark arts.

Since each person’s internal universe interfaces with the external reality through the filter of both logic, senses, imagination, and free will, is it possible that some narratives can uplift and inspire us to be more than we are in the face of impossible odds?

Can they do the opposite?

Do we see that the elite technocrats have their own favorite Gods that trigger our subconscious and eventually program us to use them as deities as they have been ignored and replaced with others?

The time has come and the demons have been summoned - they are all part of the war machine.