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Posted on May 24th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Over the weekend I saw the movie Army of the Dead, It stars Dave Bautista and is yet another zombie film that critics say is a dying genre. yet these films continue to be made. After there is a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas a group of mercenaries are hired to recover some money that is in a casino. The movie is really a heist movie with zombies thrown in to make it interesting. 

The difference is that the zombies are not wandering aimlessly through the strip. They are not dripping and falling apart on Freemont Street undefined they are fast moving, they are organized and they communicate like beasts.

Max Brooks once told me that he sees the zombie as a metaphor for a plague. That the people are infected with something and that their bite spreads the plague. Eventually given enough time the plague will run out of people to infect and soon they will have to learn to communicate and organize or they will eventually die out.

It is a lot like what Tyler Durden says in the movie Fight Club undefinedOn a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.undefined If you wait long enoughundefined every dream will be shattered, every plan will fail, every superficial companion will desert you and in this rare case every Zombie well-organized and become ab apex predator undefined and all of us will have to learn to fight or be beaten -eat or be eaten.

I think you get the metaphor.

The zombies in this film represent the end result of the tribal mentality many people are developing today and of course, that combined with the plague of COVID-19 sets the stage for a metaphoric zombie apocalypse.

It is ironic that the day after I watched the Army of the Dead, there was a television news report here in Portland called undefinedIs Portland Over?undefined and another one that aired in Washington called undefinedIs Seattle Dying?undefined


Both television news shows were produced by news crews from KOIN Channel 6 and KOMO Channel 4.

Both news documentaries dealt with the aftermath of the rioting that has plagued both Seattle and Portland. In the Seattle documentary the commentator had mentioned that Seattle is not only looking as if it is dying undefined but there are apocalyptic images of human degenerates and trash all over the city. Both documentaries state that the city streets are covered with human feces and reek of urine. it is not unusual to find dead bodies in the streets and old hypodermic needles in the downtown parks.

I also noticed that someone asked in a Quora forum if Portland was as awful as they say undefined and some kid form Corvallis said that all of the so-called awfulness is just a fever dream of commentators on Fox and friends.

I attempted to write the guy and tell him that a punk kid living a hundred miles away form Portland has no business commenting on the mess we are in right now.

Others can be politically nasty by saying that the people of the Pacific Northwest voted for these so called leaders that are enabling this and so we need to suffer.

Well, not everyone voted for them and many of them as you may well know wish to annex the borders and become Greater Idaho.

Soon it is not going to be easy to hide what the leaders of Washington and Oregon enabled and are still enabling and what is most terrifying is that they are not going to relinquish their positions to allow people with the know how to analyze models that are working to curb this out of control apocalyptic scenario,

However, while it is easy to blame the leaders for this mess and I agree that they are enablers but I think that perhaps we need to dig a little deeper. Perhaps we need to figure out how the nation has become so divided and how the hate and division goes deeper undefined all the way into how people are taught and what they have been brainwashed into believing.

Now, being that I am living in a city where I can look out my window and see tents pitched just out my front yard and people defecating in the streets I can speak from experience undefined as a person that at one time worked in a studio that was ground zero for the rioters and tear gas I can tell you that we are not dealing with Nazis, or fascist or Black Live Matter undefined we are dealing with wannabe apex predators that have been taught how to be this way.

If there are people who watched what went on last summer before the election then you will know that there are a few places on the planet where people burn the American flag. Tehran, Baghdad, Beirut, Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Conservative observers want to believe that this is a leftist conspiracy undefined and that these Anarchists, Communists, ecofascists, were all about hating Trump. But quite frankly most of the agitators hated politicians of both parties and denounced authority. They denounced the police of course and burned the American flag.

In fact, they are using their right to use and express their form of hate against America and hatred for all Americans who are patriots and believers in the rights bestowed upon a constitutional republic.

They are organized and in some case predatory.

Last summer, protesters associated with Antifa upped the ante with chants of “Death to Americaundefined and participated in months of violent protests to avenge the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody in Minneapolis. Children as young as four marched with the crowd to the federal courthouse, raising the Black Power fist and chanting F the Police.Twitter suspends fake antifa account run by white supremacists | News | DW | 02.06.2020

Portland is notoriously the Whitest city in America and has become the unlikely headquarters of race radicalism in the United States. The city has elevated white guilt into a civic religion; its citizens have developed rituals, devotions, and self-criticisms to fight undefinedsystemic racismundefined and undefinedwhite supremacy.undefined The culminating expression of this orthodoxy is violence: street militias, calling themselves undefinedantiracistsundefined and undefinedantifascists,undefined smash windows and torch the property of anyone transgressing the new moral law.

It has always been said that Portland is Weird but anymore this slogan has been replaced with Portland is radicalized, the underlying ideology about race has become institutionalized.

Local schools have designed a program of political education for their students that borders on propaganda.

According to Christopher F. Rufo in his article undefinedThe Child Soldiers of Portlandundefined the schools have self-consciously adopted the undefinedpedagogy of the oppressedundefined as their theoretical orientation, activated it through a curriculum of critical race theory, and enforced it through the appointment of de facto political officers within individual schools, generally under the cover of undefinedequity and social-justiceundefined programming. In short, they have begun to replace education with activism.The Child Soldiers of Portland | City Journal

This of course has been evident in college campuses for years but now the elementary and secondary school system is also brainwashing kids to hate America.

Adults are indoctrinating children in a profoundly pessimistic worldview, in which racism and oppression pervade every institution, with no way out but revolution.

Rufo goes on to say that by perpetuating the narrative that America is fundamentally evil, steeping children in race theory, and lionizing the Portland rioters, they have consciously pushed students in the direction of race-based undefinedrevolution.undefined

In the language of the Left, the political education programs in Portland-area districts constitute a undefinedschool-to-radicalism pipelineundefined: a training ground for child soldiers. This is not hyperbole: some of the most active and violent anarchist groups in Portland are run by teenagers, and dozens of minors were arrested during last yearundefineds riots. These groups have taken up the mantle of climate change, anticapitalism, antifascism, and Black Lives Matter — whatever provides a pretext for violent undefineddirect action.undefined

Contrary to those who believed that the end of the Trump presidency would bring a undefinedreturn to normalcy,undefined the social and political revolution in Portland has only accelerated under President Joe Biden. On Inauguration Day, teenage radicals marched through southeast Portland, smashing the office windows of the state Democratic Party and unfurling large banners with hand-painted demands: undefinedWe donundefinedt want Biden, we want revengeundefined; undefinedWe are ungovernableundefined; undefinedA new world from the ashes.undefined Intoxicated by revolution and enabled by local and state government, The Zombies are Organized and ad was seen in the KOMO Seattle documentary big cities in Blue states are enabling the apocalypse and an apocalyptic morality.Inauguration Day in Oregon: Protesters clash with police, feds during Inauguration Day march, 'Abolish ICE' protest - oregonlive.com

The right or wrong here is not an issue – the fight is against a paranormal threat that is external and there needs to be a consolidated effort to restore our constitutional republic.

Science. Politics. Religion. Interpersonal relationships. There is no sphere of human study, thinking, belief or behavior that isn’t affected in some way shape or form by what we believe to be true or false.

That’s what it all boils down to. And yet doing the work to understand ourselves and the world in which we live is no small task – as we are constantly being presented with policies, ideas and perspectives that present this challenge to us in increasingly, significant and meaningful ways. And made all the more important for their intensity and wide-spread ramifications.

In this time of widespread tyranny, those who speak the truth are true heroes. Unfortunately, many seem to end badly, dismissed, imprisoned or suicide.

We have reached a point in this nation where the end justifies the means and in order to accomplish the goal of destroying our nation, an action of paramorality is in play.

It must be stressed that the paramorality in play is always an inversion of the prevailing morality that is also parasitic upon it — this is what Nietzsche called the slave morality. It is the morality forced upon those that will be reduced to peasants. Then we will see an apocalyptic morality that is ever present in our zombie fiction stories like “the Walking Dead.”

It is a particular type of perversion of morality that can feel more moral than moral but is, in fact, evil. This is because the paramorality acts in service to a pseudo-reality, not reality, and is thus the domain of psychopathy, which, when inflicted on the normal masses, is evil. The goal of the paramorality will always arise from and exist to favor people with particular psychopathologies who cannot otherwise cope with the discomforts of reality.

This implies that an ideological pseudo-reality’s most successful means of gaining strength is through appealing to the perceived victimhood of those people and whipping up the grievances of those who have suffered similar injustices with more dignity. When widely empowered, this should be treated as another symptom of impending civilizational calamity and a need to identify and reject the pseudo-reality manipulating these feelings.

The pedagogy of revolution and the constant badgering of the races is creating a problem with social cohesion in this country undefined we may have a gap in empathy towards the races undefined but the brainwashing of white guilt is providing a convenient scapegoat.

The Pandemic also provides itundefineds own scapegoats for discrimination as well.

Oregon will be the first state to require vaccination proof for maskless entry into businesses, workplaces, and churches.

The Oregon Health Authority is requiring that people in workplaces, businesses, and religious sites show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to be allowed maskless entry to the facilities.Oregonians can go maskless outside, must show proof of vaccination to forgo masks indoors, state says - oregonlive.com

The state’s health authorities updated their masking guidance on May 19, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) rollback of strict mask mandates.

“Businesses, employers and faith institutions now have the option to adjust their masking guidance to allow fully vaccinated individuals to no longer wear a mask in their establishments,” the OHA declared in a statement.

“Businesses, employers and faith institutions doing so must have a policy in place to check the vaccination status of all individuals before they enter their establishment. Businesses, employers and faith institutions who do not create such policies will maintain the same masking guidance listed below, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.”

The statewide policy is the first of the kind in the country and is raising concerns for those who don’t want to wear masks or take the vaccine due to a number of concerns including safety, side effects, efficacy, mistrust in pharmaceutical companies, and a lack of full FDA approval. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in late March flagged vaccine passport systems’ potential problems in an opinion piece, arguing they would create two tiers of unvaccinated and vaccinated people.

A spokesperson for business group Oregon Business and Industry, Nathaniel Brown, told the New York Times that they “have serious concerns about the practicality of requiring business owners and workers to be the enforcer.”

“We are hearing from retailers and small businesses who are concerned about putting their frontline workers in a potentially untenable position when dealing with customers,” Brown said.

On May 16, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said that local governments, but not federal, will be driving “vaccine mandates” of this type.

“We’re not counting on vaccine mandates at all. It may very well be that local businesses, local jurisdictions will work toward vaccine mandates. That is going to be locally driven and not federally driven,” Walensky told NBC.

New York, which is offering free vaccination and incentives to get the shot, released in March an application that could act as a COVID-19 vaccine passport.

The application is named “Excelsior Pass,” and local authorities are thinking about requiring it for sports events, weddings, and businesses.

It appears that there are several other states that will follow Oregon’s lead.

When they said ‘there were no plans for ‘discriminatory’ Covid vaccine passports’, they were quietly funding at least eight different vaccine passport schemes since last year.

Last year established the mood for bullying anyone questioning the narrative, while those refusing to comply were branded narcissists and psychopaths or denounced as ‘Covid deniers’ – the modern-day equivalent of a Holocaust denier.

This government has polarised the nation on a scale never before attempted, legitimizing a particular brand of prejudice and enmity not seen in Europe since the days of the Third Reich.

It was not so long ago that signs hung in the windows of establishments in Germany that read: ‘No dogs, No blacks and No Jews.undefined The difference today is that it won’t be the color of your skin, your class, gender or sexual orientation that will condemn you, it will be something far more virulent – your ideology.Photos reveal rising anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany in 1935

In this bizarre moral imperative, discrimination is only frowned upon if you’re discriminating against someone’s authorized and rubber-stamped marks of distinction, whereas discrimination, of and by itself, is entirely permissible.

These crowd-pleasers would defend their moral high ground by telling you “the unvaccinated are selfishly putting others’ lives at risk”, or that “people whop refuse masks are superspreaders”. But that is not how it works undefined nor is this how any virus operates.

The government is actually imposing discriminatory mandates that literally keep you from entering into into an establishment, prevents you from travelling, shopping, or worse, stepping foot outside of your own home without a mask or proof that you have allowed someone to inject something into your body .

These are very real and tangible forms of discrimination, for no other reason than you personally disagree with their choices.

While the rest of us who will not be spoken for, bribed or coerced – will risk excommunication from the social-clique in defense of our principles.

This loose association of the poorest and most marginalized, conscientious objectors, lockdown skeptics, and anyone with a shred of faith in their God-given sovereignty of being or bodily autonomy will wage a personal crusade of civil disobedience against the tyranny de jour, as Gandhi and Martin Luther King did before them.

For them, braver men have endured far worse for much less.

Or so we think undefined or maybe hope.

What is even more terrifying than the depths which the political class is prepared to sink, is the collusion of a silent majority – without a vested interest – whose own complicity will result in the persecution of everyone else not toeing the line.

And now, with 353,341 variants at their disposal, the government has 350,000 reasons to keep this fiasco going until hell freezes over.

While lockdowns and social distancing represent the abstract of this ideological war, its frontlines are being waged on the physical surrender of our will and bodily autonomies. The former is arbitrary, the latter is systematized. One is going to happen with or without your consent, the latter is wholly dependent on it.

So while we still have the illusive veneer of democracy to hold onto, politicians remain duty-bound to at least pretend to be upholding some sort of system of informed consent. Just as we are compelled to at least give the appearance of upholding the necessary checks and balances.

Even if you accept the logic of vaccine passports, where exactly on your map does this end? Three weeks to flatten the curve, three lockdowns later and there is already talk of further lockdowns in the summer, or worse, restrictions lasting two more years.

Yes this is happening in Oregon and we voted for these leaders and so we get the apocalypse we deserve but President Biden has also yelled from his pulpil slamming his hand down like a dictator saying:

undefinedGet vaccinated or wear a mask indefinitely.undefined

If none of this strikes the fear of God into you, then perhaps this will:

The Pentagon has developed a microchip that will detect asymptomatic COVID. The chip would be inserted below the skin and trigger a sensor if COVID infects the body. This is despite the internet being flooded with fact checkers and MSM pundits debunking what the so-called “tin foil hat brigade” has been warning of all along.

In plain sight, they hide their motives and by small degrees, we continue to surrender ancient rights and protections to an unthinkable dystopia that is now within sniffing distance.