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Posted on May 4th, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

Newly declassified documents by the Pentagon speak of health effects that people have reported after coming into contact with UFOs or have been witnesses to UFO activity, along with bizarre occurrences such as undefinedradiation burns,undefined “apparent abduction,” and “unaccounted pregnancy.” The idea of a biological program of abduction, hybridization, and a biological integration of alien DNA has always been a trope for terrifying science fiction where the aliens arrive and try to replace us with a doppelganger or hybrid of themselves. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with UFO investigator, Danny Silva about THE ALIEN INVASION WILL BE TELEVISED. 


Human beings have long looked to the stars and hoped that alien life might look back at us. Yet the truth is that the first extraterrestrial life we discover is far more likely to be microbial — a prospect less romantic perhaps than the idea of bipedal aliens shaking hands with humans after landing on Earth.

Such microbial life has been theorized to have existed in the early days of Mars, before its water dried up, though we still donundefinedt know for certain. Now, astrobiologists are turning their gaze towards another nearby neighbor, Europa — an icy gray moon of Jupiter — as a suddenly much more alluring candidate for a simple life.

The valid search for microbial life is interesting and would be a wonderful find but that does not explain why the Pentagon has been interested in leaking documents that take us far beyond the realms of science fiction undefined in fact, they are downright terrifying and most definitely vindicate that there is some sort of biological experiment going on and quite possibly interstellar biological warfare where the planet is being contaminated with interstellar objects that are caring the building blocks for alien life forms to this planet.

Science fiction, also known as speculative fiction, has predicted the future since it was acknowledged as a legitimate literary genre in the 1950s. Science fiction has prophesied such items as automatic doors , voice controlled computers .handheld electronic devices and of course an alien invasion.

The idea of an alien invasion has been groomed into the pop culture as if it were a clandestine religion to fall back on when we realize that perhaps our Gods were only developers and scientists that have come back to check on their creation.

However it would be unwise to name them Gods as they maybe more advanced but with an eye of occupation rather than some friendly exchange of information that is supposed to save the world.

In 1892, an Australian clergyman named Robert Potter published The Germ Growers, a science fiction tale with more modern overtones. The book describes a secret invasion by aliens who are able to take on the appearance of humans. They intend to wipe out the human race through a virulent disease. The story was produced six years before HG Wells War of the Worlds story.

Shape-shifter aliens establish bases in wilderness areas of Earth, including northwest Australia. Unlike the Martians of Wellesundefineds book, they do not resort to open warfare with vastly superior technology, but use airships, invisibility, and biological weapons. They realize a bioweapon that contains a strange flu that no one can cure.

Two English youths stumble upon a plot by the aliens to destroy humanity through the breeding of new forms of plague. At first the conspirators appear merely to be members of some secret society, but they come to find out they ar ethe fallen one who from the beginning wanted to destroy mankind- in the end after a terrible war another group of aliens show up to help earth recover form its pandemic.

This story counts a bit familiar undefined that is if you believe that the situation we are in now is exactly the situation that happened in the 1892 story.

In fact, Robert Potter eventually reveals that the aliens were devils and the aliens that rescue the planet turn out to be angels.

Again the story counts like it can be taken from the pop culture of today especially when you include COVID-19 being an alien biowarfare agent and the speculation that the aliens are the fallen ones undefined and that perhaps there will be a day of reckoning where God or the angels come to save us from our peril.

But if this is the case, I would say that the war of the marauding aliens that run things in the shadows is not over yet and we are probably going to see some very strange things in our future and that we will also be told many stories that will harden our resolve about the possibility of an alien infiltration.

I know it is hard to sound practical when you speak of a possible alien threat undefined or even an alien incursion but i think we need to stop a moment and take a deep breath and realize that the alien invasion is being televised and the prospect of a multiverse teaming with alien threats is now what is being introduced into the pop culture.

The aliens are multiverse jumpers, and they can reside in space, or in our oceans or even between parallels in space time.

We have quite possibly tuned them out undefined but they are here , they have been here and now we see that even the mainstream media is sometimes distracted by new facts that emerge that are horrifying about what the aliens are doing to this planet and jhow they certainly are a threat.

But could they be a biological threat ?

One of the most interesting alien Movies produced is the prequel to the Alien series called Prometheus. The background to Prometheus is biological warfare on Earth.

During the Sino-Japanese War, there was a gruesome facility for biological warfare in Manchuria where experiments were made on living human prisoners. Plague, cholera, smallpox and other deceases were tested (and other horrible things). Over 3000 prisoners were killed. The name of the instalment was Unit 731. In 1979, there was an outbreak of anthrax spores from a military facility in Sverdlovsk, Russia. About 100 people were killed.

These are examples of experiments that have been made on human beings and on an outbreak leading to deaths. In Prometheus, Janek tells miss Vickers about an outbreak of some kind of biological weapon which he had witnessed during his military service.

The story eludes to some kind of biological torture carried out by alien species.

On LV-223, the Alien engineers built a military instalment in order to create a biological weapon for mass destruction. Creating worlds with life is part of their experiments and the bioweapon is for both creation and destruction  of the ones they’re not satisfied with. What they finally came up with was chemical A0-3959X.91-15 - the mutagenic pathogen called he black goo.

There is also a bit of predictive programming from the X-Files as the series talks about an alien abduction program and the infection of the black oil that is pathogen meant to colonize the planet by creating hybrid hosts of the alien blood line.

The future human according to X-Files lore will be genetically merged with the alien, or what many call the corrupt bloodline. In the X-Files, the corrupt bloodline is the bloodline that has the black oil as its serum base.

We were told in the final episode of last season that we have all received alien DNA when we received simple vaccines. The vaccinations were genetic Trojan Horses that would activate and kill millions of people.

However, the chosen hybrids will initiate the genetic experiments in creating Genomic Sims that will inherit the Earth.

This is a clever way to have an alien infiltration, put “sleeper alien” DNA or alien bacteria into a vaccine. Some of the population will be culled when it decides to activate, while others will become a new family of species that hold both human and alien DNA.

It is an outrageous idea, and in my opinion it would be a real terrifying event where people all die unexpectedly because of a vaccine that they received when they were younger. The others that survive will become like the pod people of the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Of course there have been many scientists that claim that the planet Earth cannot accommodate both humanity and the alien. Therefore if they arrive, and do so in great numbers there would be a scarcity of resources. Therefore, a geoengineering process would have to occur.

This may be the ultimate reason for why we are seeing the geoengineering of the Earth.

It all could be done in order to prepare the planet for a new species that will be introduced or that is destined to replace some or perhaps all human beings on the planet.

But the idea of a biological program of abduction, hybridization, and a biological integration of alien DNA has always been a trope for terrifying science fiction where the aliens arrive and try to replace us with doppelganger or hybrid of themselves.

It would be like a biological warfare version of invasion of the body snatchers undefined where you fall asleep, or fall ill and then recover as something other that human.

Something more aggressive, and puerile undefined one who no longer has respect or love for your fellow man.

Eventually the human brood die off or are culled and those with immunities will be used for selective breeding and with the new DNA strands they have been given through well engineered vaccines they become part of the new alien family.

Some may die of course while others adapt well to their new slavery.

Does this scenario sounds overblown? A product of an active imagination?

Well perhaps some of it can be or could be but now that mainstream media has now reported that this may have already happened and this is quite unnerving.

This is how you begin to ease the people into the idea that the aliens have already invaded.

Wednesday’s edition of Special Report on Fox News aired a bizarre segment featuring newly declassified documents about UFOs. Using the report, the segment contained these same chilling claims we reported back on April 6th called, undefinedThe Answer.undefined

The Pentagon released another 1,574 pages of real-life X-Files related to its secretive UAP program. This time, the files speak of health effects that people have reported after coming into contact with UFOs or have been witnesses to UFO activity. The data dump includes reports into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, sets out categorizations for paranormal experiences, and studies into sci-fi-style technologies.

Now mind you when we report things like this undefined I am sure that there a re number of skeptics claiming that perhaps what I am reporting is disinformation for ratings or some other cooked up opinion about my credibility.

But to hear this story being reported on a major Tv Network gave me a chilling feeling

The report was given by Bret Baier one of Fox News most credible reporters who does not insert his political views .

He opened solemnly and without a glib look on his face and with all of his well known credibility opened his report with  this:

“I feel like we should have the X-Files music here, but they say the truth is out there and it might be terrifying A just-uncovered defense department summary of UFO-induced effects ranging from abduction and paralysis, to electrical shocks and even sexual encounters is shocking the world tonight.”

Baier cut to a report by William La Jeunesse, who again emphasized the report that 1,500-page Pentagon report containing documents previously classified. La Jeunesse stated that the report contains “accounts from witnesses and victims claiming radiation burns, brain damage, even paralysis after close encounters with UAPs.”

La Jeunesse’s report contained an interview with a UFO investigator Jeremy Corbell, who reiterated the terrifying things that were in the report.

“This is the most haunting of all the reports from my perspective because it shows immunological deficiency, it shows altering human DNA,” Corbell said. “It shows degradation on a cellular level.”

The data dump includes reports into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, sets out categorizations for paranormal experiences, and studies into sci-fi-style technologies. The DIA, the Department of Defense’s spy arm, said “some portions” of the documents “must be withheld in part” due to privacy and confidentiality concerns.

But the agency added the “DIA has not withheld any reasonably segregable non-exempt portions of the records”. The bombshell Freedom of Information haul includes reports on the DIA’s research into the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans.

And this includes burns, heart problems, sleep disturbances – and even bizarre occurrences such as “apparent abduction” and “unaccounted for pregnancy”.

The report noted that often these injuries are related to electromagnetic radiation – and links them to “energy-related propulsion systems”. And the report – prepared for the DIA – warns that such objects may be a “threat to United States interests”.

Furthermore the Fox News reporter La Jeunesse stated the Pentagon compiled the report in 2010 and it was “released only after a Freedom of Information request. It found sufficient incidents, accidents have been accurately reported, and medical data acquired as to support a hypothesis that some advanced systems are already deployed and opaque to full U.S. Understanding.”

Beir concluded the report in a more somber tone.

He said with a a deep tone:

The Pentagon is expected to release more documents later this year.

“We will continue to follow this story and get any updates that we can,” Baier said to conclude the strange segment. “We wanted to bring you that report when we had it.”

I thought as I watched the segment undefined I think this actually the first time I saw a reporter report something that was too terrifying to joke about or snicker about.  It was as if a serious report about the alien invasion was making history undefined and with the documented evidence to back up the claim undefined the disclosure is becoming evident and the alien invasion will be televised.

It appears that today, the topic of alien invasion is taken more seriously.  The  other night I referenced the report on Iron Mountain and how a future invasion has always been in the cards as a way to get the people to united or to at least keep the military busy and to justify big budgets for weapons in space.

The report concluded that:

undefinedCredibility, in fact, lies at the heart of the problem of developing a political substitute for war. This is where the space-race proposals, in many ways so well suited as economic substitutes for war, fall short. The most ambitious and unrealistic space project cannot of itself generate a believable external menace. It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the ‘last, best hope of peace,’ etc., by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by ‘creatures’ from other planets or from outer space. Experiments have been proposed to test the credibility of an out-of-our-world invasion threat; it is possible that a few of the more difficult-to-explain ‘flying saucer’ incidents of recent years were in fact early experiments of this kind.undefined

One of the underlying plots in the television and movie series of the X-Files, is the idea that we all are carrying some form of an alien germ in our DNA strand that is a Trojan horse that when activated creates a form of Cladeogenesis. Cladogenesis is an evolutionary splitting event where a parent species splits into two distinct species, forming a clade.

The parent human species splits and becomes another species where the alien DNA is activated. A hybrid of alien and human is a result of a bacterial infiltration altering the DNA of the human species.

In order to pinpoint the infiltration, there would have to be a massive DNA database in order to pinpoint the alien pathogen- something that our world government has at its disposal.

While many of us have already resolved that extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in space one of the biggest challenges of science is providing agreed upon proof of whether extraterrestrial life exists. Science has dangled the cosmic carrot at us by indicating that that they are exploring potentially habitable areas that might be available for complex life.

An important concept in space microbiology or astrobiology is ‘habitability’, which is essentially an assessment of whether an environment can support the activity of a given organism.

This could be why some of the so called extraterrestrial explorers have viewed our planet with great envy- and are pleased to see that with a reduction in things like carbon emissions and population reduction they can move in and colonize earth -either living in harmony with us or revealing themselves to be conquerors and murderers.

Our Galaxy has 100 billion planets with 20% of them in the habitable zone. That is an expanse of space capable of producing a biosphere. Potentially, that could mean 200,000 life-harboring planets in our Galaxy.

This does not include life-forms within the inter-dimensional, underworld.

Just as one human can change the world, so too, one alien bacteria or virus could potentially change life as we know it.

COVID-19 and these new papers about alien experiments make the rabbit hole go deeper and we are left to wonder it is all science fiction and that the alien invasion has now been televised.