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Posted on June 10th, 2020 by Clyde Lewis


In the past few days, I have witnessed a number of people that through their cognitive dissonance are creating an environment that simply is inviting a “mob” mentality which will be met with guns and militarized tactics brought to us by the new and clandestine police state.

Lots of thoughtful well-meaning Americans, right or wrong on policies, have been programmed to know enough of the narrative to create a invisible wall of hate that will be taken as a reason to look upon many Americans as psychologically unfit to remain in the system and so there is a globalist plan to weed them out.

We have people who still want to believe that this is the “land of the free” yet they are calling for martial law and the use of violence to put down dissent.undefined

How can anyone blame them? They do not know that martial law entails and all they hear is that they have a leader who from his pulpit declares that he is “The Law and Order” President.

We have violent people stealing, looting, and rioting to protest police violence.undefined Many who say that something should be done are the same people who from the loud rafters of their twitter account are pushing “1776” against others who post “1491.”

People are now defending military for firing on innocent people on their own porch.undefined They defend violence against those that they don’t like and make up outrageous stories in order to make themselves look justified for condoning violence.

There’s a significant fraction of Americans that support things that push the boundaries of the American experience. In the last couple of days, we have seen the fragmented masses gathering in the streets. It is important to mention that not all of those who are part of the so called peaceful protest do not care at all about George Floyd or Black Lives Matter. There are some of those participating that are using these gatherings as an excuse to blackmail cities and municipalities to cow tow to what can be called the new mob.

We have people demanding free speech be eliminated because they don’t like what’s being said. We have people get outraged the second they read something that disagrees with the brainwashed bias in their mind (cognitive dissonance.) And we have a government and military all too ready to go to war with the American people in order to maintain control and eliminate every single right all humans are born with to usher in the New World Order. This is absolutely absurd, but it’s happening right before our eyes.

Have you noticed that In America today there is no shortage of heroes?

That is all we are hearing about now—in these troubled times it seems that everyone that acquiesces to the control mechanisms in play are heroes.

Many Americans think that for some reason anyone who has a political agenda we agree with is a hero. Anyone else is just an opportunist, whose fringe ideas don’t resonate with our bitterness, anger and hatred for the sub humans we have been programmed to hate.

We all see that the heroes we are told to love speak to us in condescending tones. They feign their humility. They kneel in front of the camera to show their solidarity, when they are responsible for the laws and legislation that has created the civil upheaval in the first place.

For some reason, these new heroes of the political glitterati know exactly what to do with the menace of the week. But I will warn everyone who is investing their time and effort into these so called heroes, you will most certainly be betrayed and no burning down of a city, or destruction of a business is going to bring back any freedoms that you think you think you had in the first place.

Those who are ingratiating themselves are making alliances with operatives that will certainly move in to govern with an iron fist.

These newly appointed heroes will tell you that they know what to do with the phantoms and the programmed dragons that need slaying. It is all an illusion.

In the era of Fox News and MSNBC, politics are a fashion statement and have very little substance as policies and ideas become watered down talking points that Americans who wish to be entertained more than informed.

It becomes a personal affirmation of who they are and later becomes akin to being part of a winning football team.

I have seen it many times in forums and blogs online where someone throws a political comment into some topic that that isn’t political. It is their way of thinking that they are cool, that they are on a winning team, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, and Anarchist.

Denial is all American these days, and the philosophies of most Americans have allowed us all to be slaves to our own programming where we are unaware that we have espoused a warlike attitude and we have developed dark fantasies as to who we wish to eliminate because they do not fit in some pseudo religious morality that requires a banishment, punishment, or some extremist blood atonement, for being different or not like everyone else.

It is easy to speak as if you are combat ready, or ready to fight against some programmed scapegoat, but in reality we are ding bat ready creating monsters and goblins that really don’t exist which obviously puts us into some off putting and cosmic paranoia that literally will turn us all into criminals that a police state will most certainly contain and pursue.

Just the other I attempted to warn my audience about the implementation The United Nation’s “Strong Cities Network.” After that show, I was concerned that people dismissed it as conspiracy theory.

The day after we reported that the family of George Floyd and their legal team asked the United Nations to intervene in the case of Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody.undefined

Attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents Floyd’s family, said that they have submitted an Urgent Appeal to the UN to intervene in the case. In their appeal, the family members and their lawyers asked the UN to support their call for all four officers involved in Floyd’s death to be charged with murder and for systemic police reform.

I feel that the report we did got lost in argumentative ad hominem.

The United Nation intervention plan has been on the books since 2015.

However, this apparently is not important to those who wished to argue whether police were justified in pushing an old man down in Buffalo. The incident was obviously a distraction but all of it is justified because of the revelations that he may have been an Antifa member, or that he had the ability to put a special effects blood squib behind is ear with tubing that he allegedly was pumping. I have seen the video where he was looking for a fight but I do not see him putting together the fake squibb, tubing and pump that he allegedly used to fake his own assault.

I am not a fan of Antifa but I am not going to out of my way to make up some story that justifies assault on anyone that is not a threat and you can argue that one too but it does not change where we are headed as a nation.

While much of the violence, during the protests have tapered off a bit, Antifa demonstrators in Seattle have established an undefinedautonomous zoneundefined in the surrounding streets, and a brief occupation of City Hall.

The site of much of this drama has been the Seattle Police Departmentundefineds Eastern Precinct in the cityundefineds Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Activists declared the region that includes the East Precinct as the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” after the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard pulled out of the region. The Precinct building appears empty, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported, and now the six-block region has been declared “autonomous” with signs on barricades the read: “You are now leaving the USA.” This isn’t a legal region or recognized by any government. It’s an unofficial name given by protesters who have vowed to keep the region peaceful.

They have literally set up a Civil War camp in the city.

They’ve also released a map of their claimed territory, which describes a nearby Safeway supermarket as a “regime occupied Safeway.”undefined

They’ve even managed to get their own Wikipedia page already, claiming that the new society boosts 200 citizens and a whopping 0.014 square miles of territory.

As this Microstate has been organized, some homeless people are saying that Antifa invited themselves into their modern utopia and ended up stealing all their food. Due to the lack of police within the “zone.”undefined

A Tweet went out that read:

“The homeless people we invited took our food at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. We need more food to keep the area operational. If possible bring Vegan meat substitutes, fruit, oats, and soy products etc. anything to help us eat”

However, a power vacuum appears to have already opened up.undefinedWithin a day of establishing their brave new world, allegations of past abuse resurfaced against their alleged leader.

It just goes to show how hate is a liability even in hate groups.

They also have listed their demands.

A few of those demands that have been issues are as follows:

“The Seattle Police Department and attached court system are beyond reform. We do not request reform, we demand abolition. We demand that the Seattle Council and the Mayor defund and abolish the Seattle Police Department and the attached Criminal Justice Apparatus. This means 100% of funding, including existing pensions for Seattle Police. At an equal level of priority we also demand that the city disallow the operations of ICE in the city of Seattle.

In the transitionary period between now and the dismantlement of the Seattle Police Department, we demand that the use of armed force be banned entirely. No guns, no batons, no riot shields, no chemical weapons, especially against those exercising their First Amendment right as Americans to protest.

We demand reparations for victims of police brutality, in a form to be determined.

We demand that the City of Seattle make the names of officers involved in police brutality a matter of public record. Anonymity should not even be a privilege in public service.

We demand a retrial of all People in Color currently serving a prison sentence for violent crime, by a jury of their peers in their community.

We demand decriminalization of the acts of protest, and amnesty for protestors generally, but specifically those involved in what has been termed “The George Floyd Rebellion” against the terrorist cell that previously occupied this area known as the Seattle Police Department.

We demand that the City of Seattle and the State Government release any prisoner currently serving time for a marijuana-related offense and expunge the related conviction.

We demand the City of Seattle and State Government release any prisoner currently serving time just for resisting arrest if there are no other related charges, and that those convictions should also be expunged.

We demand that prisoners currently serving time be given the full and unrestricted right to vote, and for Washington State to pass legislation specifically breaking from Federal law that prevents felons from being able to vote.

We demand the abolition of imprisonment, generally speaking, but especially the abolition of both youth prisons and privately-owned, for-profit prisons.

We demand in replacement of the current criminal justice system the creation of restorative/transformative accountability programs as a replacement for imprisonment.”

Other demands include what looks like they want segregation:

“We demand the hospitals and care facilities of Seattle employ black doctors and nurses specifically to help care for black patients.

We demand the people of Seattle seek out and proudly support Black-owned businesses. Your money is our power and sustainability.

We demand that the city create an entirely separate system staffed by mental health experts to respond to 911 calls pertaining to mental health crises, and insist that all involved in such a program be put through thorough, rigorous training in conflict de-escalation.”

And finally: “Weundefineddemandundefinedthat the history of Black and Native Americans be given a significantly greater focus in the Washington State education curriculum.

Weundefineddemandundefinedthat thorough anti-bias training become a legal requirement for all jobs in the education system, as well as in the medical profession and in mass media.

Weundefineddemandundefinedthe City of Seattle and State of Washington remove any and all monuments dedicated to historical figures of the Confederacy, whose treasonous attempts to build an America with slavery as a permanent fixture were an affront to the human race.”

This so-called revolt will undoubtedly unleash a new attitude of brute force against citizens, especially when all we see are degenerate attitudes speaking up and not realizing that they are opening up a psychopathic dialogue that will be silenced by militarized fighting death squads.

This type of urban warfare and take over has already been evaluated with mock drills and exercises such as Jade Helm 15 and others that have been talked about in the past.

Psychological operations have been in play for a long time and the internet is spreading them faster than we can even fathom.

It is evident that these people do not think that they are contributing to the advantages of an ongoing psy-op by being overzealous against what they feel is a “conspiracy of Fascism.undefined Using fascist tactics of mob takeover is the philosophy of the brown shirts.. The more they say they are fighting monsters the more they become the monsters themselves.

It appears that no one in the throes of their anger see that there is an external conspiracy against every American at this moment in our history.

We cannot claim that we weren’t warned in advance of any number of calamities; those in the past and those yet to come. The globalist programming has now declared its scapegoat - The United States of America.

While it would be painful to name groups, and individuals that Americans would love to see dead, the globalists do not care about who they are or what they are, they just know that there is a cell of Americans that will be willing to turn on their brothers and sisters based on collective programming and militaristic desensitization.

They are delighting in watching America Burn. The globalist cabal in not a respecter of persons or any political ideology. They take certain truths and causes and twist them into tension strategies that are well-documented techniques for a Hegelian triangle.

It first begins with a thesis, giving rise to its reaction; an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis; and the tension between the two being resolved by means of a synthesis. In more simplistic terms, one can consider it thus: problem, reaction, solution.

What us most diabolical is that many of the base no radical causes being raised right now are not entirely unjust.

They are things that would rightly anger any reasonable, compassionate human being.

Most white people don’t want to see people of other races suffer indignities and violence based on the color of their skin. Most Americans in general do not want to see police brutality. They don’t want to see families split up or people imprisoned for decades for victimless crimes.

It is not unreasonable or wrong to be outraged and want things to change.

But the techniques being used are certainly what is important to talk about right now. Mob mentality is counter-intuitive - there is no organized revolution without an end game strategy.

There is no end game here – only that people will march until their nebulous, and outrageous needs are met.

All of this outrage over injustice forms the foundation of something that can be used against us. The agitation has been building up for years, far longer than President Trump has been in office, so as much as people love to hate him, he isn’t the cause of all this.

We can say that there is a great divide but that leaves two camps to contend with the truth is that we are splintered, we are fragmented and this leads to decimation.

If this keeps up, our major cities will be nothing but ashes and rubble, and when the angry crowds run out of things to burn there, you can bet they’ll be headed to neighborhoods outside the cities.

There will be many more autonomous zones, with self-appointed leaders that will be hunted made to stand trial or worse executed without due process.

Some of us are not realizing that a lot of what is happening is diminishing the morale of Government, Administration, Police, and the Military”undefined

When members of the American military, not the National Guard but the actual military were deployed against protesters in Washington DC last week, it led to an outpouring of rage from people with a wide variety of views that our own soldiers were in American streets against us, the American people.

People are furious and fed up with the government, the administration, the police, and the military right now. Some of it is definitely warranted. Some of it is the direct result of propaganda and a psy-op against the American people.

This is the great release before the great reset.

We knew that dissent in the country was inevitable but violence, hybrid warfare, and asymmetrical warfare was something that we never thought we would see in America.

It always was the extreme prediction of conspiracy theorists but I am sure none of them including myself would have imagined that it would come to this.

We have been told that we are combating two viruses and the moment. COVID-19 and racism. But there is a third that is becoming more and more obvious and that is insurgency.