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Posted on June 10th, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

Americans are in the midst of famine - not just a famine where food is scarce but a famine of information. Moreover, everything screams of moral contradictions - we are broke, mocked, and gaslighted. How long will we tolerate this? If we are not making the right financial moves in the midst of a failing economy, get ready to join the poverty clique. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with financial analyst, Alan Johnson about GASLIGHT - THE CRUDE HARD FACTS.





It is not over the top to say that the world weundefinedre living in today, politically and economically, is the consequence of a multi-decade plot against American democracy.

Do you want a conspiracy?  We have a group of people in Washington that wish to build a  paradigm that is not only shallow, wanton, mindless, and infantilizing, but ultimately toxic-mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I think it is obvious to those who think undefined to those who donundefinedt identify as political sheep.

But as I see wall-to-wall coverage of the January 6th hearings, I am realizing that the show must go on and gullible people are sucking up the drama that is a distraction from the runaway train that is The United States of America.

More than 1,000 people have been called for depositions and interviews to cast light on the events of January 6, 2021, and quite frankly I have had about enough of this grandstanding as those involved are doing nothing to improve living conditions in the United States- they just wonundefinedt let up on destroying Donald Trump.

It is an obsession and one that under the circumstances is more irritating because they offered us a better deal and convinced the voters that their choice was the better and brighter Joe Biden.

It is not as interesting as they would have you believe undefinedespecially now that we are feeling like we have been betrayed by the current administration.

My cynicism is based on nothing political because all of these useful idiots are tearing us apart.

They need to address what economic depression and war can do to a people. They not only shatter innocence; they elevate the loss of trust as a cultural habit. Corruption is normalized and institutionalized. It pervades everything and everyone, and therefore affects everything that people think and do.

Putting Trump on trial solves nothing because they are all involved with the tearing down of this country,

It appears that the Democrats have found their new Watergate -and have decided to air a prime-time dog and pony show to go over what they are mistakenly calling a coup.  The liberal networks especially CNN have not let up on their repeating over and over again that the Trump administration was corrupt and now as Trump was supposed to ride into sunset and be dragged kicking and screaming into history undefined the Democrats wish to fiddle as Rome burns.

How can anyone be gripped by this circus, when we are fighting a proxy war that we are told is the reason why we have to suffer through inflation and high gas prices.

I am sure that those who hate Trump and even the Right are smiling with delight thinking that this gives them a sense of hope undefined but they need to wake uo and realize that hope that this moment in time fosters denial and a false and naïve anticipation that government, religion, or aliens will somehow save humanity from slamming with lethal velocity into the brick walls of our own making.

Or is it the governments making undefined they are supposed to work for us, but what they do is constantly remind us that they are in control and that we are to do as they say.

We had a Bill of Rights that protected our freedom of action, speech, religion, and movement, until it was all taken away.

We had courts that checked overweening powers of government at all levels; but seeing the rehash of the events of January 6th, makes me wonder just who is pulling the strings and what these shadow lurkers want to say about the power of the people to rebel when they feel they are being ignored?

Major media would not set out deliberately to lie to people day after day, month after month, in service of large corporate and government agenda and ignore the real problems we are facing.

In creating a plan and talking points for the big picture -both government and media fail to give the public what they need- they only feed the public with talking points that benefit the few.

In the meantime, the real people are in the midst of famine undefined not just a famine where food is scarce undefined but a famine of information.

We are broke, we are being mocked and gaslighted, God only knows how long Americans can tolerate this.

When a people lose hope, they have nothing else to lose.

False hopes are getting us nowhere undefined hoping that the Democratic leadership will finally find their spine-and so something so the economy will improve without the working and middle classes being eviscerated by a financial meltdown as catastrophic or worse than the Great Depression.

I have realized over the years that the Political cliques all have harsh views when it comes to poverty. Many conservative right wingers have the misconception that poverty is a moral failing.  Bring up the fact that you are struggling and you will not get any real empathy from conservatives that have somehow struck a vein or have been able to pump out the cash because they believe in the so called successful gospel.

But I donundefinedt want to be too harsh undefined because Left wing liberals just love to look at people who are in poverty as an opportunity to give them the stamp of victim. Too often they love to tell you all about the working class and how they need a handout undefined but pin them down about the homeless, poverty in minority sectors, and they will lay the blame on everything but their inability to make the changes necessary to allow the impoverished to improve.

The proof is in the various tent cities, and drugged zombies walking through cities led by Democratic mayors and Governors.

Unfortunately, i live in one of those places undefined and every night the news asks the question if the glory days of Portland are over.

Well if the boarded up businesses and graffiti everywhere is any indication I would say yes undefined and the last time I was in downtown I had to hear about my wife witnessing  a woman pulling down her pants and defecating in the streets.

How is our democracy helping those in need?

The Menstrual Dignity Act, which Democratic Governor Kate Brown signed into law in July 2021. The bill makes Oregon public schools among the first in the nation to guarantee universal access to tampons and pads for all students.

In Oregon boys can have periods.

But the impoverished and mentally ill are ignored.

Everything these days screams of moral contradiction undefined and I think a lot of people are tired of being gaslighted.

Contradictions aren’t simply accidents but essential features of the new normal.

Social systems change and develop based on how social and class forces address these contradictions and turn a system into a new substance.

Americans deserve better but it seems that distractions and contradictions go hand in hand now rather than moving forward and trying to improve things , we see that vendettas need to be aired on prime time television and dead horses need to be beaten into something less than dogfood.

in the meantime, gas stations have to re-work their electronic signage to include an extra digit as we face the eventual burden of paying $10.00 at the pump.

This again will force an involuntary lockdown of the people as many will not be able to pay for gasoline and with the lack of fuel inflation will continue to soar, and travel will be curtailed.

Union 76 gas stations are reprogramming their  pumps in Washington state to accommodate $10-a-gallon fuel.

A spokesperson for undefined76undefined gas stations confirmed that the national chain has begun reconfiguring its pumps to undefinedmake roomundefined for the possibility of double-digit prices.

The average price of a gallon of gas nationwide exceeded $5 on Thursday, crossing the milestone after a rapid rise over the past month.

In all 50 states, the average price of a gallon of gas stood above $4.40, but costs ranged considerably across different regions, as drivers in the West and Northeast suffered the highest prices and drivers in the Southeast saw the lowest.

President Joe Biden has faced criticism over his handling of cost increases in essentials like fuel and groceries. Only 37% of Americans approve of Bidenundefineds handling of the economic recovery, according to an ABC/Ipsos poll released last weekend.

Of Course the Biden administration does not take any responsibility and blames Vladimir Putin and the War in Ukraine.

Just like Biden undefined his cliché’d remarks are getting old and stale.

The United States imports some crude oil from Russia, but Russian oil has a relatively small footprint in the U.S. market. Recent data shows Russian imports accounting for about 7% of total U.S. imports.

From Biden’s inauguration, the price of gas started going up. This is before the war.

When Biden starts shifting blame he leaves out the fact that the gas price rise following Putin’s war accounted for a fraction of the overall rise in gasoline prices.

The war is a convenient way to hide behind his ineptitude.

The consumer price index rose 8.6% in May from a year ago, the highest increase since December 1981. Core inflation excluding food and energy rose 6%. Both were higher than expected.

Surging food, gas and energy prices all contributed to the gain, with fuel oil up 106.7% over the past year.

Home costs, which comprise about one-third of the CPI, rose at the fastest 12-month pace in 31 years.

The rise in inflation meant workers lost more ground in May, with real wages declining 0.6% from April and 3% on a 12-month basis.

If you are not making the right financial moves, you should get ready to join the poverty clique.

Forget Covid-19 undefined hunger and poverty pushes us closer to death than anything we have faced in decades.

Experts say that we will see double the number of people facing acute hunger to 265 million by the end of this year.

That is worldwide.

After approving trillions of dollars in fiscal stimulus to avert the downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, world economic leaders are now grappling with the threat of “stagflation” — slow, or negative, economic growth, coupled with rising inflation.

But while Joe Biden blames Russia for everything we need to remember that national lockdowns and social distancing measures dried up work and incomes, and we were told that it  disrupted agricultural production and supply routes.

Adding to the problems are the phasing out of diesel oils. 1540 engine oils and additive packages developed by Chevron and Mobil Delvac are being phased out undefined some say they are non existent or are soon to be.

There will be an entire year before these companies go back online with their manufacture of diesel additive packages.. and with the pressure to phase out diesel engines undefined this will have a major impact on the delivery of foods and other goods to supermarket store shelves.  Farmers that rely on these oils need to stock up  or at least find a way to get your vehicles to run on other oils.

This is a case of scarcity to nonexistence.

With everything falling apart around us it is time to stop going back and regurgitating the whole January 6th ordeal and start another investigation into how the Biden administration is betraying the American people.

. We’ve been betrayed in ways that we never thought possible.

Americans cannot afford to be so trusting anymore -and they should certainly analyze what is happening here.

Americans do well because we have put a certain amount of trust in our constitutional republic.

But when we see it incrementally disappearing how can we continue to be so trusting? undefined it is like we are children being abused by our parents and not getting away from them.

Trust in some measure has long been baked into the experience of American life. Americans generally see themselves as earnest and sincere.

But it is time to realize that this administration has abused our trust and that they are now self aggrandizing in prime time with the January 6th fiasco.

I am so disinterested in this as our country and economy is being leveled and we are still all butt hurt over whether or not the election was legitimate.

It is no longer an  issue undefined the issue is whether or not this administration is legitimate and trustworthy

We now look at our institutions and we are aghast to find that something very different has grown up among us, and in a very short time.

Innocence is gone and all of those experts and Washington bigshots are all guilty.

Even the most well-intentioned government law or program can be—and has been—perverted, corrupted and used to advance illegitimate purposes once profit and power are added to the equation.

How easy it turns out to be to shatter trust, to disable a functioning social order, to spread corruption from person to person, institution to institution, to the point that the center no longer holds.

And all of those arrogant leaders give us a dog and pony show about their Reichstag Fire and their worries about what they call undefinedThe Big Lie.undefined

Maybe we should undertake a trial where we analyze undefinedThe Big Betrayal.undefined


Alan Johnson is a conservative radio commentator who has appeared on Americaundefineds First News with Matt Ray as well as other shows.  Alan is a serial entrepreneur and business owner providing financial and IRA services specializing in Precious Metals IRA accounts. Their website is unitedgoldgroup.com. The phone number to call for a free consultation is (800) 753-8534.