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Posted on June 15th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


I have been focusing on the clown show that is or was the G7 meetup in the United Kingdom. It is a great excuse to marvel at how leaders are so out of touch with the little people and how they lay their future plans for giving us all up for the global plantation.

G7 was at best, an embarrassing circus – complete with the unloading of the Clown Car. Inside the car were happy clowns impersonating “leaders” posing for masked elbow bump photo ops while on a private party with the 95-year-old Queen of England, everyone was mask less and merrily mingling about in an apotheosis of “shared values” and undefinedhuman rights.undefined

The queen cut a celebratory cake with a sword just like the queen who wished to get everyone to confess their sins by lopping off their heads.

It was cute and quaint undefined and pathetic.

The message was Build Back Better, the Great Reset and the Green New Deal.

Then came the call to China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms” with a special emphasis on Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

Now, President Biden heads to Geneva for a showdown with Vladimir Putin.

What Putin Wants From His Summit With Biden in Geneva

This after Putin stepped into the ring like a school bully Biden ‘not to be mad at the mirror if you’re ugly’ and accused the US of targeting Americans in free speech attacks.

The Russian leaderundefineds rebuke of Biden came in a wide-ranging interview with NBC, in which Putin also accused the US of undefinedtargeting its citizens over their political opinionsundefined, pointing to the arrests of January 6th rioters.

Putinundefineds sit-down interview with the network was his first with a US media outlet in three years. Relations between the US and Russia are at their lowest point in decades - a fact Biden and Putin have both publicly acknowledged in recent weeks.

Much of the fraying of relations can be attributed to a series of cyberattacks carried out on US interests over the last year, including the Colonial Pipeline shutdown and the SolarWinds hack.

Putin said any accusations the Kremlin was involved in the hacks were undefinedfarcicalundefined and urged Washington to provide undefinedproofundefined for the undefinedunfounded claims.undefined

Putin also discussed criticism recently leveled by Biden that Russia was contributing to global instability.

It appears unfortunately that Putin is not only calling out Biden for being ugly but he shares the ugly truth about how the world sees America.

The fabric of American society just does not seem to be as strong as it used to be. In fact, many would argue that society is coming apart at the seams. Corruption and decay seem to be everywhere.

The neo-liberal media continues to push the idea that all of these problems we have are because of Donald Trump however now the post-election dust has settled there are some media watchdogs and the Wall street journal that have now opened up a bit and have called out the legacy media for creating their own brand of conspiracy theories that created division about Trump and his ability to lead.

The biggest myth to be reveled is that the feds cleared Lafayette Park of protesters last year so then-President Donald Trump could hold a photo op. The Interior Department’s inspector general says police planned to clear the park so a contractor could install a fence, a decision unrelated to Trump’s walk to a nearby historic church burned in a riot.

If the debunking feels familiar, it’s not your imagination. Only the details differ from earlier cases where the media got it all wrong. Sadly, the truth usually emerges not because of the press, but despite it. It is difficult to have a political discussion about what appears to be clown world politics without facing ridicule and or bullying.

This not a pro Trump stance undefined it has always been undefinedThe media is bereft of honesty stanceundefined with me; however, the vociferous were unable to calm down enough to say that Trump deserved some benefit of the doubt.

This again not a way to exonerate Trump but it is an example of a media that continued to sweat the small stuff and what they couldnundefinedt find -they would make up hoping that no one would figure it out later.

Another example of where the media got it wrong is he idea the COVID-19 pandemic started with a leak from a virology lab in Wuhan, China. The idea was always plausible, but the press and big tech declared it a undefinedconspiracy theoryundefined and snuffed it out of circulation.Coronavirus: More work needed to rule out China lab leak theory says WHO - BBC News

But after China couldn’t prove the virus jumped from bats to humans, the lab-leak theory gained credence. Suddenly, it became acceptable to share it on Facebook, which appointed itself guardian of all that is proper in American discourse.

The media is now a venue for bread and circuses undefined where the empire of clowns had their revenge and set us up for the Great Reset and actually manipulated the election.

All because they hated the Orange Man.

Because much of the press is an echo chamber of the far left, all the slanted coverage resulted from political prejudice.

That is true in many cases, but too benign to fully explain our new era. 

The citizens of the world are unaware how agendas are carried out. Governments want you to remain ignorant and so many are strongly encouraged by their governments to go about their daily lives and behave as economically productive and socially responsible citizens.

Be a worker, be productive, pay your taxes like a dog who does tricks for the clown with the whip.

George Orwell once made the statement: undefinedCircus Dogs jump and do somersaults when the trainer cracks his whip. But the really well trained dog is the one that jumps and does somersaults when there is no whip.undefinedGeorge Orwell quote: Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip, but...

All intelligence teams from the CIA, NSA, and the department of Homeland security work full time making sure that nothing of significance is released to the public as part of a declassification process.

To this end, the people are distracted with “bread and circuses” by being kept above the minimum subsistence level at the very least and pressured to focus more on their personal pursuit of happiness than everyone elseundefineds.

Americans are highly entertained by the pretty ballerinas and the cartwheeling clowns -but when it comes to thinking and understanding what is at stake undefined most Americans run to sports shows and daytime dramas.

There are those who show a sincere interest in how the world works and are considered by the so-called “powers that be” as “ideologically reliable” or “useful idiotsundefined after years of relevant indoctrination in the higher education system.

This elite category of citizens learns how the world really operates after getting to peek behind the curtain ahead of actually getting to play a direct role of some sort in managing this secret state of affairs. Sometimes average people learn about the truth on their own or through whistle blowers, but it mostly remains obscured.

It is hard to find light in order to clean what is left behind by the elephants in the room. It is time to get a shovel because everything piled up so deep and when things are deep you can bet that the deep state has created their masterpieces of scat.

The reactions to declaring America broken creates a number of responses that tend to negate the complexity of what has destabilized the republic in the first place. The truth is we are now facing the consequences of bad decisions, bad government, and a war within the intelligence apparatus of this country. America is living through stressful times. According to the American Psychological Association, a majority of people from each generation would agree that the country is at a low point looking back on their lifetime experience.

This even applies to the generation of the over 72-year olds who witnessed such devastating events as the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor and the ensuing Second World War. Of all generations, it’s the X’ers who are most pessimistic about this time and age.

Now I want to stress that this is an opinion of generations and those who judge the country based on their lifetime experience.

This has nothing to do with Presidential choice or lack of insight as to how the political beast operates.

This is an indication of limited perspective and a collective memory based on immediate recall – it does not measure up to the reality of why we continue to spiral into an abyss that is subservient to a manipulative oligarchy and out of control intelligence operation within our government that has been subverted for more than 75 years.

So while the media got it wrong about Trump, it will equally get it wrong about Biden by creating lies of omission in order to paint a rosy picture of how any change in the narrative will be sanitized for an awkward laugh from Vice President Harris.Kamala Harris' awkward laughs spark outrage. Why laughter is not her best medicine - World News

Welcome to the Revenge of the Clown Empire undefined where all of the tricksters are advised to prepare the world for its New Order undefined or the Great Reset.

Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to the modern world in which everyone lives. “

While there are those who claim to have solutions, there are others who choose to contradict those priceless answers for political reasons. It is unfortunate to say that those who see it as getting worse are becoming the realists and those who chastise the many for being doomsayers are becoming just as annoying because they appear to have no semblance of survival instinct in this brave new world.

Behind the “glitz and glamour” of the “everyday life” that most people have been misled by the “deep state” and its perception management allies into believing is “real”, the world has actually been in the midst of a New Cold War since long before its seemingly official commencement in 2014 following the USundefined simultaneous attempt to more openly “contain” Russia and China in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

This is also taking place against the backdrop of profound civilizational changes in the information-communication, military technology, economic-industrial, and healthcare fields that will fundamentally revolutionize life as everyone knows it. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic (regardless of whether one believes itundefineds real, fake, or exaggerated) ushered in a new era whereby “deep states” across the world are now actively working to indoctrinate everyone into accepting this “new normal” that was already a long time coming.

COVID-19 is the Schrodinger’s Cat of the viral breed. Climate Change is also the Schrodinger’s Cat of Science undefined it all sounds so doom and gloom and the most important thing for the elite is that it works undefined it is as terrifying as a clown standing on the street at midnight.The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine

And as Lon Chaney once said you should never trust a clown after midnight.

It is normal to say that the future is affecting the present. Programming so-called future catastrophic events into the minds of the people silences all aspirations and dreams. It shatters the fragile soul and creates apathy for an existence that will have no hope and no savior. Government knows that the way to insure that the future remains frightening is to increase the police state, breathe new life into the criminal mentality, and infuse the zeitgeist with entertainment centered on police brutality, armed conflict, and death.

The government feeds you what is grotesque and some people accept it as sustenance. The consensus that hasn’t awakened is moving closer to an untimely demise. With a plague in the present and a famine on the way we see things deteriorate and we either panic or pay no mind to it.

It is either denial or ignorance.

It is a question of are you prepared psychologically and physically? The Summer will be  a summer of transition -from focus on COVID-19 to Climate Crisis- from normal to the rush into the fourth industrial revolution which is Orwellian speak for the Fourth Reich.

The World Economic Forum does not run the world, but in this time of The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution you’d be forgiven for thinking so.Great Reset' in Davos at the forefront of a 'great deception' in the free world | Sky News Australia

It is obvious that since September 11, 2001, and more so since the coronavirus lockdowns and the World Economic Forum’s push for a Fourth Industrial Revolution that will lead to the marriage of artificial intelligence, cyborgs, digital technology, and biology, that the USA and other countries have been slipping into a new form of fascist control.

Or at least it should be obvious, especially since this push has been accompanied by massive censorship by technology companies of dissenting voices and government crackdowns on what they term “domestic terrorists.” Dissent has become unpatriotic and worse – treasonous.

There was never a time in history where the good guys shut down dissent. Never a time in history where the good guys were the ones to curtail the freedom of speech yet clowns who call themselves woke think it is cute or funny to cancel people or make judgements on people without looking at themselves and realizing that they too will be eaten by the culture that does not tolerate those who think outside the box.

The World Economic Forum , the World Health Organization , the International Monetary Fund , The World Bank ), The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Google, Facebook, the NSA and the CIA are run by people whose faces are always well hidden. They have been using digital technology to exert increasing control over the thoughts and actions of people worldwide.

The global spread of the internet gave certain countries like the US a strategic edge, especially in intelligence collection, though thatundefineds now being challenged by Chinaundefineds cutting-edge technological developments and its much more affordable competitive products. The controversial concept of 5G is just the latest stage of this game. It basically functions as the means for managing the “Internet of Thingsundefined, which will further enhance its pioneersundefined strategic edge.

We are setting ourselves up for vulnerability as hackers and ransomware terrorists are the new enemy -and out of desperation pipelines, health care operations and those who fulfill the food supply have been attacked.

Next comes the power grid and the banks. This is an inevitability.

The Internet of Things will facilitate the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” or Fourth Reich, which will transform mankindundefineds economic-industrial relations considering the increased dependence on autonomous systems.The Fourth Industrial Revolution - CADM

This project was already proceeding rapidly prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the virus served as the pretext to accelerate its rollout across the world in the most dramatic way possible via whatundefineds now widely regarded as the “Great Reset”

The resultant outcome will necessitate greater state intervention in the economy in order to subsidize the newly unemployed masses, which will resemble a comparatively more “socialist” system, even if only imperfectly or superficially.

Some might even describe the state-corporate partnerships that emerge from them as being more akin to “economic fascism”, which hints at a worldwide competition between “socialist” and “fascist” systems in the future.

The l public must become aware of the so-called “green agenda”, which is also part and parcel of the earlier mentioned trend towards comparatively more “socialist”/”fascist” economic systems.

As we pointed out in last nightundefineds show the Climate Crisis has obviously been manufactured by geoengineering and Stratospheric Aerosol Injections that are meant to cool the planet, steer storms, and create massive drought.

The climate is veritably changing regardless of whatever one attributes this to, be it geoengineering and/or natural cycles, but the “deep state” has an inherent interest in exploiting this to enhance its power over the population.

Thatundefineds not to say that every member thereof is doing so for “evil purposes” since many might sincerely believe that itundefineds for the “greater good” however they rationalize it, but this dynamic is undeniable.

Former President Trump did a lot to popularize awareness of this and some of the other trends that were earlier discussed, which he did on his own prerogative but in a way which greatly upset most of the worldundefineds “deep states”, including his own. This explains the universal revulsion that they had for him.

Again this is not a pro Trump argument by an objective view of how leaders are treated when they kick against the globalist take over and the subject of sovereignty.

That said reality is that Trump was basically “a king without a country” since the most powerful elements of his “deep state” continued to oppose him at every twist and turn, thereby sabotaging his envisioned policies. Instead of peacefully rallying in his support when he needed it most, his top supporters were brainwashed into thinking that “he had it all under control- he may have has some control but the truth is that when it came time for his reelection the deep state has other plans -and eviscerated him in front of his loyal supporters.

This is what triggered the January 6th, attack on Washington. It was meant to be a rally but the mainstream media made it the liberal version of the Reichstag Fire and backed it up using the Nazi term the undefinedBig Lieundefined to describe the idea that the election was illegitimate.

What most people donundefinedt realize is that theyundefinedre really just pawns in a global game between competing “socialist”/”fascist” “deep states” as part of the New Cold War. Their individual views donundefinedt matter so long as they keep them to themselves, but they become “troublesome” once theyundefinedre shared with others and might eventually influence a larger change in socio-economic and/or especially political behavior,

Objective parapolitical discussions about the over all political health of our nation become troublesome enterprises undefined as to what Vladimir Putin said about looking in the mirror and seeing the ugly undefined Americans are participating in the ugly clown show thinking that it will make a difference.

As many years of failure has shown undefined it only makes a difference if you know what you are up against undefined and we are all up against the world and their empire of clowns.

Itundefineds one thing to “know the truth” as one understands it to be and another entirely to actually act upon it in a peaceful way within the legal limits of their respective constitutions.

In fact, this very analysis will probably only at most make “fellow travelers” feel like theyundefinedre not alone or “crazy” as opposed to having any meaningful effect on shaping the course of events.

It is unsettling to realize that we now live in a “show me your papers” society—we also live in fear of authorities taking our guns and strong arm goons in Jackboots telling us that what we say can put us in black sites with no due process.

You may not see in happening in your town, but you can get a clue when the police ride around in armored vehicles that are straight out f Kandahar.

Arguably, this is all most people will see and our image parameters have been bent on accepting this as part of how America has evolved into a horrible place where average people need to be intimidated into not breaking laws.

I have warned people that while they continue to be enamored with their political views

and their choices for leadership – the continued problem is that the intelligence and enforcement powers within the government are now introducing measures allowing police and other law enforcement officials to stop individuals citizens and noncitizens, demand they identify themselves, and subject them to pat downs, warrantless searches, and interrogations.

How is this nightmare happening when we as Americans know that this all flies in the face of the so-called constitutional safeguards that people in positions of enforcement have been sworn to protect and defend?

I would say it is happening because the youth have given up on America. they have been reminded by teachers of itundefineds bloody past- it has derided itundefineds position as a constitutional republic and it has sleighed it with tales of inequality and privileged justice system.

If you teach a kid to hate America long enough, the result will be surrendering to this world empire of clowns.

The Deep State has also been doing this not only by diktats but by manufacturing social habits – customary usages – through which they exert their social power over populations. This linguistic and ideational propaganda is continually slipped into the daily “news” by their mainstream media partners in crime. They become social habits that occupy people’s minds and lead to certain forms of behavior. Ideas have consequences but also histories because humans are etymological animals – that is, their ideas, beliefs, and behaviors have histories. It is not just words that have etymologies.

For the record, the Deep State is not a conspiracy theory – saying that it is a conspiracy theory makes you sound ignorant. The Deep State is the criminal element of conspirators within the defense and intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA, DOD, and many of the powerful alphabet groups that do their handiwork with no oversight from congress or the people.

Those who are hiding among the loyal conspire to destabilize our government.

In the right context of history, the “Deep State” has been doing its dirty work in this country since just after the end of the second World War.

“Deep State” is a criminal element within classified sectors of the Department of Defense branches, and the hundreds of associated military contractors. It is also the criminal element that exists within the for the corruption within the Military-Industrial-Complex that president Truman ignored, President Eisenhower warned us about and that President Kennedy vowed to break up.

Agents of the Deep State took Kennedy’s words as a threat, and it was his constant promise to annihilate this corrupt intelligence cabal that got him killed.

Now words of the public are what get them banned, ridiculed, and sometimes they are mad eth example undefined it is sad that one has to point this out in a country that once valued freedom.

Now they see their freedom as a death sentence -which is why it was so easy to coerce people into self-house arrest during the Covid pandemic.

It was the silver lining the World Economic Forum needed to secure their power hold over the world and convince them that this disease overlaps with the ensuing climate crisis and that lockdowns will become common as they have created a virtual prison that no one can see around them.

Now with technology we no longer feel the pain of being kept in our little boxes we call homes.

This idea was accomplished slowly in increments, as permanent dispositions are established by slipping in regular reminders of how wonderful the new technology is and how its magical possibilities will make life so free and easy. Efficient. Happiness machines. A close study of the past twenty-five years would no doubt reveal the specifics of this campaign.

It has made us soft.

Once this softening up has made people “available,” the stage is set to get them to act impulsively.

The end result is the establishment of an abstract universe, in which reality is completely recreated in people’s minds. This fake reality is truer than reality as the news is faked, and people are formed rather than informed.

It is not only Clown World but the Empire of Clowns.