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Posted on June 18th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Individuals who fall for a liar once, will typically fall for that liar again and again, without limit, because they are for whatever reason prejudiced to trust him. In our world today, good liars exist because they are paid to push agendas. It is obvious that this has been happening with the media as they continue to report lies and omit certain facts that would have an impact on the publicundefineds view of the nation.

When journalists who work for what has come to be called, derisively, the “mainstream media” make mistakes, they are required to publish a timely, straightforward correction. It is an essential part of our culture.

I know that If I screw up, I will have a mountain of people that will immediately send me e-mails saying that I am reporting fake news rather than showing me where I have been wrong.

The mainstream media is now in the business of half-truth telling and lying because of political reasons undefined it is an embarrassing fact that we have to have a left leaning news media and right leaning news media rather than a media that reports objectively.

I am an old school radio journalist type of guy who decided to make the news entertaining peppering it with some spicy paranormal stories that were always part of the old news reports by Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and others.

Murrow was entertaining with this reports because Murrow, looked at events as the greatest dramas in history and he wasnundefinedt about to play to a deserted theater.

Today, this type of reporting rarely exists undefined I often wanted to be like Murrow or Orson Wells as old radio was the apex of theater of the mind broadcasting undefined broadcasting that you would hear and then the mind would see it.

Back then, if most newspapers and broadcast networks reported something — a crime, a natural disaster, a verdict, an election result — society accepted that it had actually happened. News and reporters took their jobs seriously and let the public decide how to think about the issues. Any editorializing was relegated to special programming like Meet the Press or the McNeil-Lehrer report.

But now, many people cannot differentiate between what is news and what is opinion and many have opinions that they confuse with facts.

Add a bit of lying to make a narrative flow better and the people believe it just as long as it fits their political beliefs.

Back then we were warned of state media where undefined the lies would be broadcast on the news and they would come directly from the deep state or the Pentagon.

All this comes straight from the totalitarian handbook. The promotion of disinformation to break down democratic rule is well captured in the writings of George Orwell, or political theorist Hannah Arendt’s 1951 “Origins of Totalitarianism.” It worked on the Right and the Left, in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.The Origins of Totalitarianism: Arendt, Hannah: 9780156701532: Amazon.com: Books

What starts as trivial white lies become bigger oneundefineds to push a strategic hijacking of the culture and from there you can control anything through the act of crowd management.

The concept is simple.

Repeat fantastic lies until a mass of citizens throw up their hands and say “with so much fake news, I don’t know what to believe.”

This is dangerous because people start to paint everything with a wide brush or mistrust about everything and everyone.

How would you react to a vitriolic public movement aimed at convincing your fellow citizens that every doctor that doesnundefinedt agree with the COVID-19 narrative is a quack, every lawyer is a shyster, every cop is a brutal sadist, every Hollywood actor and politician is a predator, every sports game is thrown, and every business executive is a greedy crook?

Now how do you react when someone find out you are a conservative and immediately you become a pariah undefined you think it is because you are bigot or a racist or a fascist undefined no it is because the media lies and tell you that this is true.

Well honestly, I believe the mainstream media has caused extreme derision in this country by focusing on extremes and dividing people with these superficial judgments and outrageous lies.

If you had devoted your life to the honest pursuit of anything, you too might take it personally.

The media has done so well in exploiting division and thought crime that people canundefinedt keep up on who to hate, love, boycott or cancel.

If I say I like something President Biden does, I get labeled a liberal undefined then when he mumbles through a speech and bumps into a wall, and I report that perhaps he may not make it through his term undefined I might as well put on a MAGA hat and attend a Klan meeting.

I get this all the time because people want to believe the lies and assumptions, they tell themselves. The assume to much about people and motives, There is no trust and again undefined people arenundefinedt mind readers but some pretend that they are undefined and the news media does too.

They promote thought crime. analyze intent, mark people for cancellation and demand apology tours from people who make mistakes. They are unforgiving and relentless and so people tend to be that way as well.

Well, here is a clue for the mediaundefined it is time to reverse your lies- the science that you claim is solid is a fraud and last time I checked the election is over and we have a new president.

So it is time to move on but even though I have said it undefined it is wishful thinking to believe that anyone in the media will move on undefined they are so busy lying to the people that even they believe their lies.

They see them as facts and will even make commercial to remind you of that.

January 6 may be a distant memory for many at this point, but for CNN it has been a talking point for 6 months. They have also beat the dead horse about the stolen election saying that it is a a big lie in hopes that it will somehow stop the bind the question of illegitimacy has created for the conservative right wing.

Hey CNN! It is time to move on undefined your lies interfered with the election process and your candidate won now shut the fuck up.M1GS Media Alert: CNN Lies to the People | Anti Social Media

For four solid years we were bombarded with nonsense every day, we agonized over the ridiculousness of it all, and many of us have tried to put this circus behind us ad you canundefinedt watch CNN for at least one minute without hearing about January 6th, the Big Lie and Trump.

It has been 6 months undefined 6 months! For Godundefineds sake undefined give it up undefined we get it -you take offense to anyone thinking that the election was stolen -and you remind us of how it makes you feel uncomfortable undefined well maybe it is because you had a hand in creating this so called big lie with even bigger lies that you have never and will never apologize for.

The loser of the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton, along with her Democrat apologists, pushed on this narrative from the beginning. The agenda was that Trump was an illegitimate president due to his collusion with Russia leading up to the election, they said, an infraction so malicious he may have actually been guilty of treason and deserving of the death penalty. There have been instances of political malice between parties in our nation’s past, but never one quite like this.

What made this charade so absurd was the media’s complicity in it. This wasn’t just a situation of the media tilting a story-line and inserting opinions into supposed news articles, they actively hyped the story ad nauseum and actively participated in the misinformation. “The walls are closing in on Trump,” they told us. “We have another bombshell regarding President Trump and Russia,” they promised.

Never happened undefined it was a lie. We know that CNNundefineds political prose gets in the way of the truth and if they admitted they lied it would make the, look like they support Trump but the election is over and now they got nothing to lose.

Tell the truth undefined it would give this country some optimism.

You think anyone would shut CNN down over this? Hell noundefined people already hate them and yet look they still are on the air.

We must conclude that the country would be far less divided had they been honest, and the value of that possibility cannot be overstated. Our current national discord is awful, and the media is largely to blame for it.

January 6 and the stolen election may be a big lie for the media to hook into but what about how divided we became when our President was being accused of being a traitor.

The Mueller Report said he wasnundefinedt undefined is that enough?

We also became aware last week via a report from the Interior Department’s Inspector General that the actions by Park Police near Lafayette Square and St. John’s Church in Washington D.C. last June were not due to directives by President Trump in order to provide him with a “photo op,” as the media originally asserted. We were told that peaceful protesters were gathered near the recently burned church and the cops came and shot rubber bullets and tear gas at them just so Trump could have his picture taken in front of the church holding a bible.

Again, the neo-liberal media engaged in a blatant lie, and this incident was used by the media to paint President Trump as an authoritarian who used force to shut down political opponents.Democracy, social media and neoliberalism

The overall attitude by the media was that Trump was a fascist who dispatched his goons on innocent protesters, , when in reality the clearing of the square had been planned two days before the church was set aflame, and the White House had nothing to do with that decision.

Another lie undefined but who cares right? I mean painting Trump as a Traitor and a Fascist would never change the outcome of an election right? The media just doesnundefinedt meddle by creating stories out of thin air right?

I think it is obvious what the answer is undefined objectively you can say that the meddling of the election was not just from Russia bit from the media itself.

Oh, perish the thought- we believe we believe -the media is so honest and forthright and yet so damned wrong.

It is the totality of all the media’s lies that is politically problematic- and I am sure that if your side has won undefined you really donundefinedt care how it got done and that is the morality that exists in politics undefined it is theater of the ugly and every four years one side gets the prize for being pigs.

There were a lot of factors that impacted the election, and we don’t even need to discuss election fraud at all undefined but there were unquestionably voters who were affected by the lies, and it’s certainly possible that these lies made a difference about who won and who lost.

And now it is the media that says they are trying to keep everyone honest as if they are the arbiters of truthundefinedthis needs to be said and people need to understand how incredibly moronic it has all become.

For the duration of the pandemic they told us to follow The science as opposed to science with regard to COVID-19.

We are now learning undefined or we all knew that the media was lying to us.

However, the media is now trying to act surprised and put forth the facade that their misreporting on COVID’s origins was just an honest mistake.

It wasn’t.

The likelihood that COVID originated in China’s Wuhan Laboratory of Virology was clear from the beginning, but again, since Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were making these claims , they had to take the opposite position.

But now that Biden has been elected and his administration is well under way, it is becoming increasing clear that COVID did indeed originate at the Wuhan lab, and was almost definitely man-made. And once again, it is obvious that the media lied to us again all because they just didnundefinedt like the messenger.

The other night John Stewart appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and what he does on the show was a revolutionary act. Using humor as a tool to deliver truth to his audience undefined truth that somehow got a lot of laughs and applause as Colbert was wincing through the segment.Jon Stewart Riffs on Coronavirus Lab Theories on 'The Late Show' | IndieWire

What Stewart did was the unthinkable.

Stewart wanted to talk about the lab leak theory, the idea that SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, first spread to humans through a laboratory accident instead of a natural leap from animals to humans.

Stewart described the pandemic as “more than likely caused by science,” then told an extended series of jokes premised on the idea that the existence of the Wuhan Institute of Virology made it more likely than not that the virus spread to humans via a lab accident.

The live audience obviously like Stewart’s material, and gives at most tepid reaction to Colbert’s repeated attempts to rebut Stewart and to throw off Stewart’s comic timing. And above all, Colbert spends the entire segment desperately disassociating himself from Stewart. At one point he cracks that Stewart must be working for Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

The message is simple: It doesn’t matter if the stuff you are saying is funny. It doesn’t even matter if the stuff you are saying is true. What matters is you are putting me and my show on the wrong side and that’s a problem.

Colbert is so interested in what his online audience thinks of him that he lacks what Stewart excels in and that is humor and the truth sometimes is easily swallowed when someone does it with flair and a sense of biting humor.

Colbert has spent most of his time finding hateful political banter that he has forgotten that people want to laugh at something else besides the bitterness someone has for someone who is equally annoying.

We leaned with the segment that Colbert seems to worry about The Online Left that he has to answer to on Facebook and Twitter.

Granted they are the minority of his audience, but he plays to them as if they are the boss.

Stewart has nothing to prove he was who America turned to for news on the Daily Show and even though he leaned liberal on many topics undefined he wasnundefinedt so far left that he became unbearable.

His appearance on Colbert proved that.

It is ironic because, 15 years ago, Colbert was a more original comic than Stewart, but the demands of nightly doses of craven partisanship for year upon year have ruined him.

Now that Biden is President, Colbert will have to find new material and even though political leaders make great punching bags undefined he is too far gone to realize it is okay to poke some fun at the New President even though he is on your team.

Can anyone imagine what the world would be like if the media had the same candor as Jon Stewart?

If the media had been honest about the beginnings of COVID, Presidents Trump and/or Biden could have already been drumming up support for sanctions against China, and the wheels could have been in motion for the global community to hold China’s feet to the fire.

If the media had shown actual shown actual journalistic curiosity and integrity with this story, from the beginning of its origins, it’s quite possible the trajectory of the virus’ spread could have been much different.

If, for instance, the media had called out the World Health Organization’s malpractice and unholy allegiance to China, more stringent steps could have been taken worldwide to limit travel from China in January and February 2020.

However, leave it to the media to say it is all Trumps Fault -even Biden acknowledged who got the ball rolling with  the Vaccines -and the media and Biden himself went out of their way not to name him.

It is like Trump is Beetlejuice undefined you say his name too much and he will leap out of nowhere spin his head around and throw up on your kid.

The damage caused by the media’s fraudulence is far reaching and undeniable. But perhaps the most significant harm they have caused has been to their own credibility.

But the question is who is having a harder time moving on undefined conservatives who think the election was stolen or a media that within 45 seconds of any news cast tries to convince everyone that it wasnundefinedt.

Who is having a hard time dealing with the new revelations about COVID-19 undefined those who knew all long that they have been lied to or a media that was so incredulous feigning surprise when their little narrative crumbled.

Last year at this time it was forbidden to even talk about alternatives to vaccines in order to help with COVID-19.

There were many times when I would do pre video shoots talking about my showundefineds topic for the night where the mere  mention of COVID-19 or hydroxychloroquine would get me a strike or a notice that my channel would be cancelled on you tube.

It was enough to get you booted off Twitter or Facebook. President Trump frequently touted hydroxychloroquine’s efficacy in battling COVID, and it was that advocacy which sent the media into conniptions on the subject. If Trump supports the drug, it must be bad.

Hydroxychloroquine is not effective against COVID-19, extensive U.S. study shows

Last week, over a year after most Americans became familiar with the medication, a new study out of New Jersey, the hardest hit state by COVID, shows that if used in conjunction with a regimen of zinc, hydroxychloroquine can give COVID patients upwards of a 200% better survival rate against COVID.

Patients who died having refused the drug because of the media’s lies need not have perished. How many thousands of patients died because of the media’s deceit? We’ll never know.

Doctors who refrained from administering the drug based on the treachery of so-called experts and the menaces in the media had patients die for no reason other than politics. Again, how many thousands of Americans died because of their fraudulence? We’ll never know.

For many patients who survived severe cases of COVID, they will carry the long-term effects of the virus around with them for the rest of their lives. Severe, long-lasting damage to both the lungs and hearts of severe COVID patients is common, and it’s likely many of those folks must now endure shortened life expectancies as a result. There were undoubtedly scores of them, particularly at the beginning of the pandemic, who could have been treated with hydroxychloroquine but weren’t. If the media had told the truth.

You see, as I have said many times in the past undefined my beef was never about Trump or Hillary or even Biden undefined my beef is with the legacy extreme media and the damage they have done to our elective process, our health, our common sense, and our social cohesion.

The “Fourth Estate” most commonly refers to the news media, especially print journalism or “the press”. “The Fifth Column” however is said to be a clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a powerful group by any means necessary.

It is obvious that the media is now being used as a 5th column tool to bring down our way of life so that it can be replaced by some other way of life.

So, perhaps it is time to reverse the lies and realize that the science we have been fed is flawed and that last time we checked the election is over – we have a new President and in an honest and fair media he is honest and fair game.

Or not – it’s your choice.