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Posted on June 22nd, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


The COVID-19 pandemic has given me the opportunity to watch some very entertaining TV shows. There have been so many that I have seen and I wanted to comment on them immediately after I have seen them. The only problem is that in my excitement, I often give out spoilers; at least that is what I am told, so I have to wait in hopes that many more people watch the shows so I can share with them my feelings about what I see.

Awhile ago, I had mentioned that one of the most terrifying TV shows on Amazon Prime was a show called THEM.Official Trailer For The New Amazon Original Terror Anthology Series Them Out Now!

The horrors of Them are twofold. After a black American family relocates from rural North Carolina to Los Angeles, California amid the Great Migration away from the Jim Crow South, they’re met with terrors at every turn — both from supernatural forces within their seemingly idyllic new home and the brutal racism of their white neighbors and community.

It is the tale of two monsters undefined racial hate and evil that lurks in their home.

When you watch it you ask yourself, what terrifies you more? That sound down in the basement that you can’t explain or that neighbor at the end of the block who’s been staring at your house every single day?

However, there was one particular scare that bothered me because I have dreamed about this character and have actually seen him in the corner of my eye.

He is the dark looming figure that wears a large, brimmed hat and grins at you with the most maniacal grin.What Is Haunting the Emorys on Amazon Prime's Them? | POPSUGAR Entertainment

It isnundefinedt until episode three that weundefinedre introduced to the Black Hat Man in a terrifying exchange between him and one of the main characters named Lucky on a crosstown bus.

Heundefineds the one poisoning the minds of the Black families that move into East Compton, causing one woman to maim her husband and murder her children, and another to murder her family before ending up in an institution.

The reason the Black Hat Man is so concerned with getting Black families out of East Compton stems from a deal he made with the devil while he was alive.

For the longest time, we wonder where this man comes from until there is a dark and dreary episode where we learn that he is a man named Hiram Epps and that he was once a godly man in 1800s . After losing his family, he believes God has sent him an orphan to raise named Miles. In actuality, Miles is the devil and works to isolate Hiram from the rest of the community. A Black couple eventually is at the other’s side mercy of the community due to a broken wagon and while Hiram initially treats them as his guests and with respect, Miles leads him to believe that the Bible is instructing him to treat them as monsters.Them: The Story Behind the Supernatural Evils of East Compton

Hiram then forces the couple into slavery before blinding them and setting them on fire, killing them and the rest of his community. Still believing that it is God talking to him, he agrees to a covenant where he will be immortal and have his sight restored so long as he undefinedbreaksundefined any person of color that tries to move into East Compton.

He becomes a familiar Eidolon undefined known as the Black Hat Man undefined a phantom or shadow person who I have had dreams about .

One time I had a dream where I was walking through a field undefined the sun was setting and saw a picturesque farm house with a windmill that cast a shadow that looked like something out of post card.

Suddenly, I heard someone behind me undefined I looked and there he was with black eyes and a wide brimmed hat grinning at me undefined he grabbed my head and twisted- I heard a crack and that is when I literally woke up terrified.

The dream affected me and shook me up so badly that I actually did a show where I asked if anyone else dreamed this man undefined the phones lit up and many people claimed that they not only dreamt him but they had seen him in their homes or have watched him standing in their yards.

The Dark Man, the Grinning man. Omul Negru -the man with the Black hat has many names.

Many people were first introduced to this phantom in Poltergeiest II: The Other Side where undefinedReverendundefined Henry Kane, also known as The Beast shows up in the rain the abduct Carol Anne.We Almost Got a 'Poltergeist' Prequel All About Reverend Kane?! - Bloody Disgusting

Kane claims to be a Reverend, likely from the American South, who started and became leader of a Utopian cult in the early 19th century. However, Kane simply wanted to harvest the energy of his followersundefined spirits in the Afterlife to gain supernatural power. He led his undefinedflockundefined across a desert t southern California into an underground cavern under the premise that the world was about to end, but in truth Kane simply wanted to kill his disciples and himself and then harvest their souls in death.

It seems there is a running theme with the Hat Man being a undefinedfallen oneundefined undefined a man of God that has fallen from grace and makes a pact with the devil.

The Hat Man has similar characteristics with other terrifying shadow people.

The Sandman is a mythical being from folklore who is said to be the embodiment of dreams and rules over the realm of dreams and nightmares. Originating from Northern European lore, he brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of children while they sleep at night.The Sandman audiobook is about "one sixth" of what we're going to get

There is also another creature bearing the name “Sandman”, but this creature is very different. Its skin is pale, decayed and discolored. It is bald, some say it doesn’t have features — others say it grins at you and makes a clicking sound with its tongue. It has very long fingers. It hides just out of sight in the dark and whispers “tik toc, tik toc” to its unlucky victim. This strange chant quickly puts the victim into a deep sleep.

During sleep, the Sandman devours its victim or takes a tooth or and eye from the body the Sandman is also featured in a Metallica song.

It is the entity at the foot of your bed – a nocturnal entity that is conjuring in dreams and we hope that this is where this entity stays.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

He along with other entities like Black Eyed Children or Black Eyed Adults are why a lot of people are afraid of the dark -as their sleep is tormented by these dark entities, many people claim that these beings show up on or around 3 AM undefined sometimes at 3:33 AM.Black-Eyed Children: Freaky Facts

Anymore, we are beginning to see that mysteries and riddles are hidden in plain sight. Those with eyes wide open are beginning to see that the world is one big paranormal carnival and that standing there waiting to take your tickets is a fresh-faced devil that will tell you that you have entered a graveyard disguised as a circus with cute ballerinas and cartwheeling clowns.

The fear of the dark: Itundefineds a common one. One of the reasons darkness can be so scary is that our eyes tend to play tricks on us when the lights are low. A jacket hanging on the door can easily morph into what looks like a person, or a pillow stuffed under your blankets can appear as someone lurking in your bed.

Fear is a common response to darkness, especially in children, and now scientists think they might have figured out the brain mechanisms behind it, mechanisms that work in a couple of areas of the brain in particular. The amygdala section of the brain is responsible for processing emotion and regulating our fear response, and a new study highlights how brain activity in this region changes as weundefinedre exposed to light and darkness.

Whatundefineds more, the presence of light seems to strengthen the link between the amygdala and the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, another part of the brain thatundefineds associated with controlling our sense of fear.

In other words, light might keep our brainundefineds fear management centers in operation, based on this small sample of volunteers. Weundefinedll need more data to figure out what exactly is happening but disconnects between these brain areas have previously been linked to anxiety.

The connection between light, darkness, and activity in the brain is well established: changes in light help us know when to sleep, have an impact on our levels of alertness, and can affect our mood as well.

But what happens when you see shadows in the dark that disappear when the light is on undefined but appear again when the lights go out.

Ever had the experience of reading or watching TV when suddenly, from the periphery of your vision, you see what appears to be a shadowy figure moving in the room, even for a moment? Again, itundefineds easy to chalk up these experiences to your eyes playing tricks on you or the reflection of a passing car, but countless people around the world have reported eerily similar sightings, some of them highly specific.

These beings are Denizens of Shadow undefined shadow beings that lurk in the corners of our minds and appear from time to time in our rooms at night.

These beings have, in fact, been around throughout history, as descriptions of shadowy, human-like figures have appeared in folklore dating back to ancient times. For example, the Quran mentions undefinedpitch-black sapient beingsundefined that arenundefinedt entirely spiritual or physical, and people in ancient Europe reportedly believed that shadow beings undefineddesired blood and without it, couldn’t be reborn.undefined And in modern times, reports from people claiming to have seen these beings themselves come from all over the world.

We all have that darker kind that dwells in our subconscious. They always seem to show up in our dreams and sometimes they manifest in our rooms.

It is normal but when it happens all the time, it can be terrifying.

Carl Jung had expressed that all humans have inherited a set of primordial images

that are buried deep in the collective unconscious. These are called Archetypes and they tend to remain buried within the unconscious mind. Deep down we respond to them and they are programmed into us through religion, art, literature and films. The shadow archetype is the most dangerous one of all.Who is the Hat Man? The nightmare shared by dreamers across the world | The Week UK

Shadow archetypes have tendency to invade thoughts and when those shadowy thoughts become “group think” there is the possibility that through some quantum trick a manifestation can take place.

The shadow archetype becomes a real breathing entity fortified with the group think that prolongs its life and its image can be a harbinger to some other event that will eventually cause hardship.

Dr. Carol S. Pearson who has developed her own archetypical methods has stated that shadow archetypes surface at times when we as a collective are worried about then future.

It seems that shadow archetypes are here to carry out our destruction and if they become autonomous egregores we must pay attention to them and try to eliminate or at least protect ourselves from their influences.

According to Pearson each and every person has a death wish that can ultimately hurt them and the much larger society. Pearson further adds, “Even the healthiest individual will do or say things that hurt other people. Ultimately, the Destroyer turns us intovillains when we refuse to acknowledge and take responsibility for the harm we do and we all do harm of some kind.

The shadow archetype becomes a real breathing entity fortified with the groupthink that prolongs its life and its image can be a harbinger to some other event that will eventually cause hardship.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, we are affected by different vibrations. Every one of us are affected by what is going on in the universe—at the moment, all of the planets are in opposition to our Sun and the solar system is kind of leaning to one side, meaning that there is no balance.

Whether we like it or not, our homes have what are called Lurkers or inactive spirits that activate in times where we are the most distressed. They are passive spirits but usually appear at night. They have been called many things Cacodemons, Incubi and Succubae — Wraiths and Lurkers or guardians of the threshold.

These Lurkers, cacodemons or spirits are actually unleashed during a plague or in a circumstance where death is a constant worry. They move from house to house to attach themselves to articles of clothing, furniture, and animals.

Rarely do they attach themselves to humans but sometimes they do. Many people say that these beings wake you at around 3:33 in the morning which many people know is the witching hour.

It has been found that during the pandemic more people have confined themselves to their homes and in the process have discovered that their homes are haunted and that there have been an increase of these entities appearing in the shadows.

But where do they come from undefined sometimes it is proposed that they borrow th energy form the victim and that what is happening is that they leap from your dreams into reality- much like Freddy Kruger form a Nightmare on Elm Street.

The truth is that the principle of Verum and Factum can be applied when things that don’t belong in this world appear out of nowhere. Verum and Factum are taken from the Latin phrase Verum esse ipsum factum, meaning what is true is often what is made. It is the makers knowledge and thought that contributes to what is real in this world, both in the physical and material realms.

The world is not only populated by upright walking human beings and animals. It is populated and under the control of various thought forms. There is within those thoughts a great deal of resonant noise and if you listen carefully to the noise there is always something that finds a way to surface, manifest and renders consequence.

That is why as Carl Jung had warned, we must strive to avoid those “shadow archetypes” that creep into our collective unconscious.

They undermine everything we set out to accomplish. How we see ourselves is how we see the world and if the collective unconscious is sending you a warning you must pay attention and be vigilant. Dire apocalyptic prophecies are no longer prophecy. They are apocalyptic blueprints for dismantling civilization and people are revering them because they are blinded by their own interpretations and their opinion that they are allegedly inspired by God.

When a shadow archetype manifests, it confronts us with the truth about ourselves.

The dark figure or the Hat Man seems to take on many forms.

He has been called the Grinning Man, Omul Negru, Hat Man, the Sandman and the Rake. Of course, there are many more names for this entity, and he has been depicted in many forms in fiction and film from Freddy Kruger to the Babadook.Nine Days of Maniacs, Monsters, and Madmen- Day 1: Freddy Krueger | Sideshow Collectibles

He is always described as a dark figure with a pale face. Sometimes he is described without facial features, or he is seen with dark eyes and a soulless grin. In the case of the Rake, it is described as a hairless creature reported to be at least 6 feet tall, emaciated and sinewy with dark black eyes. The entity allegedly looked like a balding old man. The ribs could clearly be seen against the skin and the lips on the face were pulled back slightly giving the entity a death grin.

When startled the entity was supposed to run away on all fours. Witness accounts say that the Rake has a specific sound when it speaks. While words can be heard from the mouth of the Rake the entity tends to sound like a whiny dog when it communicates.

The Rake sometimes asks if it is okay to spend the night in the room with you.The Legend Of The Rake, One Of The Most Infamous Creepypastas

Slenderman is tall and pale with long limbs and no face. He usually wears a suit. Depending on who is doing the telling, he abducts children or is otherwise considered an evil spirit; sometimes he’s more of a guardian angel. Most importantly, the two girls at the center of the 2014 stabbing, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, believed he was real—real enough that they insisted the attack on their friend “had to be done.”Slender Man | Know Your Meme

The thought of Slenderman has been planted in the zeitgeist, in order to give a face and name to the basic bogeyman that has been around and has shared a spot in the black archetypes of our unconscious mind and from time to time, we meet our nightmares in this dimension even though they are known to travel through many dimensions and manifest in similar ways to people all over the world.

The Slenderman and the Rake were created on the Internet as creepy pasta but somehow these beings are now being seen by young people and in one case actually convinced a poor young girl to kill.

Back in the late spring of 2014, three girls entered the woods in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The three girls, all 12 years old, were best friends. Two walked out unharmed. One was left behind on the side of the road, covered in blood. The girl was stabbed 19 times with a 5-inch blade.

After being taken into police custody, the other two girls told interrogators what had happened: They had lured their friend into the woods to kill her so that they could appease Slenderman.

One person who is well-known for documenting these cases of shadow entities and that Hat Man is Heidi Hollis.

In Hollisundefined book about shadow people, titled, The Secret War, she describes them as undefineddark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision.undefined But it appears that people have begun to see shadow people in more detail in recent times — perhaps because the beings are, for whatever horrifying reasons, making themselves seen. More and more, people are beginning to see them straight on and for longer periods of time—some are even reporting that some of the shadowy figures have red eyes.The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People - Kindle edition by Hollis, Heidi, King, S. Marie. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Most reports on shadow people are overwhelming negative encounters with shadow people tend to be accompanied by a feeling of dread, according to many reports.

The question is whether or not the theory of Verum and Factum can be used to being forward these beings from another dimension of from the human mind –and act of conjuring through many channels of stress and exhaustion.,

I have spoken before on the quantum topic of Law of Attraction and the Law of Contagion which is a sub-law of viral release of that which you attract – both organized and chaotic in the matrix.

There is also a sub-law called the Law of Contact – instrumental in passing viral thought or thought contagion. There is also the second sub-law of the Law of Association, what follows is the Law of Similarity. This law states that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance even after physical contact has been severed.

We see this many times in paranormal fiction. We see that wherever energy is focused is where an entity appears. It is a mass energy and mental set that evokes or attracts something on a large scale.

For those that find it difficult to believe that thought-forms can be coalesced into such a power, that they can actually affect reality or be seen by other people, there is also a psychological explanation that might help.

Some psychologists like to expound the theory that the human psyche can be seen of as made up of different parts; that is, what we consider to be a whole personality is actually a personality made up of a whole bunch of different sub-personalities working together.

You have your needy side, your empathetic side, and of course, your territorial and chaotic dark side.

Since we seamlessly cycle from one part (sub-personality) of our whole personality to another, we do not notice that in actuality we are made of many different parts working together.

We have our conscious selves and our unconscious selves where the mind severs all ties with reality and dwells in a place where dreams are made and true though form flows freely in the ether.

When all psychological explanations fail against the appearance of an entity – you have to then acknowledge that when you have coincidences or synchronicities that happen which seem to be beyond mere psychological action you could transpose ideas about the personality affecting reality through either the “collective unconscious,” or the remapping of probable events at a subconscious level by this newly created sub-personality.

The truth is not out there anymore – it is within you, and what comes at you is what you have a hand in making.