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Posted on June 3rd, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Many people who are subscribers to aftermath,media are aware that after the show we do on the air undefined we let our hair down for a podcast called On Beyond Zero. It can sometimes be funny, brash, sometimes irreverent and salacious. It literally is a bunch of guys unloading after we talk about the perils that await us in the apocalypse.

It is where we think out loud sometimes with colorful language. Some people are very surprised to hear how we are when we are not on the air. It can be jarring but people can realize that there is a personality we have when we are serious about the things we report -and then there is the personality we have when we are bellying up to the bar to have a beer and talk openly about what gets our goat.

I was thinking the other day that there is a film that is like that and as Liam, my step-son and I have been watching a list lately of the top 200 films, I am reminded of a film called, My Dinner With Andre.

On the surface, My Dinner With Andre sounds like the dullest movie plot in history: two men meet for a meal and have a conversation.

And yet, it is the most riveting conversation ever recorded on film.

There are so many clips that I have used in the past for some of my montages that reveal many deep-rooted truths that I believe speak volumes. They are haunting words that were uttered some forty years ago but still apply today.

Andre speaks to Wally at a restaurant and offers bits of wisdom.

One of the memorable quotes he gives is this:

undefinedWe are bored. Weundefinedre all bored now. But has it ever occurred to you Wally that the process that creates this boredom that we see in the world now may very well be a self-perpetuating, unconscious form of brainwashing, created by a world totalitarian government based on money, and that all of this is much more dangerous than one thinks? and itundefineds not just a question of individual survival Wally, but that somebody whoundefineds bored is asleep, and somebody whoundefineds asleep will not say no?undefined


He goes on to explain how he meets this octogenarian tree expert who has some interesting views about New York and the state of the world: The old man tells Andre:

undefinedI think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing that they’ve built—they’ve built their own prison—and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners. And as a result, they no longer have—having been lobotomized—the capacity to leave the prison they’ve made or even to see it as a prison.”

It seems that we are living in an open air prison where we voluntarily put ourselves in lockdown because the wardens have told us that it is not safe. We have trusted these so called technocratic wardens to be honest with us so that we can avoid being harmed,

However, now we are learning that the wardens we have trusted have been lying to us.

Bill Gates, the darling of the mainstream media was treated like royalty and was summoned many times to speak as an expert about COVID-19 and vaccines. He was considered sacrosanct undefined no one could demonstrate how much of a hypocrite he was or how much of a salesman he became selling Satan; s snake oil.

Bill Gates is now mired in deep scandal. It only took 48 hours and an announced divorce from his wife Melinda for him to fall from grace.Opinion: How Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce highlights a growing trend - Deseret News

Now he doesnundefinedt appear on the liberal, late night talk shoes and he certainly does not grace CNN undefined for a while he was everywhere undefined now it is as if he has disappeared from the public eye.

When the divorce of Gates and his wife, Melinda, was announced he devolved into a tabloid poster child featuring secret boardroom investigations, hushed affairs, and talk about those private pool parties the likes of Jeffrey Epstein.

We reported all this last year with the help of James Corbett, one of the greatest journalists I know; however, we were given the warning that it was dangerous to spread such conspiracy theory. Gates’s world has now come crashing down with incredible speed.

His credibility is in question and yet, not a peep from the mainstream media about his fall from grace- how could the media be so wrong and how could his defenders on Facebook be so gullible?

I guess it can be said that the so-called conspiracy theorists were right.

Now, Anthony Fauci, the man we called Dr. Strangeglove is now under the microscope and we are learning that he too has lied out of convenience undefined again giving credence to the idea that what has been going on with COVID-19 could be a huge gain of function exercise.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul demanded Dr. Anthony Fauci be fired and claimed that he lied to him about gain-of-function research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that was allegedly funded by the United States.Watch as Anthony Fauci hits back at Rand Paul over herd immunity: 'You're not listening' - MarketWatch

Paul appeared on Fox Newsundefined The Ingraham Angle where he claimed that thousands of emails revealed by Buzzfeed News and the Washington Post proved Fauci may have been in-part responsible for the development of COVID-19.

At a Senate hearing last month, Paul accused the National Institutes of Health of funding Chinese research into bat coronaviruses that infect humans.

But Fauci told Paul: undefinedYou are entirely and completely incorrect. The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute.undefined

Yesterday, Rand Paul said that Fauci bears undefinedmoral culpabilityundefined while asserting that COVID-19 was created by the Wuhan Institute of Virology through funding from the NIH.

Fauci appeared in an interview with NewsNation Now anchor Leland Vittert on The Donlon Report in which he defended a grant the United States had provided the Wuhan lab.

But Fauci told Paul: undefinedYou are entirely and completely incorrect. The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute.undefined

Scientists have primarily focused their beliefs about COVID-19 on the theory that it spread naturally from a bat to an intermediary animal before infecting humans.

For some time now we have covered many theories about just what COVID-19 is, Its origins and whether or not it was a biological weapon or a Gain of Function exercise used for political reasons.

Every time I would bring this up, I was told that it was an unfounded conspiracy theory. Facebook and other channels in social media would levy strikes and penalties at us and to this day we are unable to monetize You Tube or Facebook because of our thinking outside the box.

Yet, we had guests on the show from some of the top universities and even China telling us that a Gain of Function exercise cannot be ruled out.

In gain-of-function research, scientists alter organisms and diseases to study how they could become deadlier or more transmissible. These diseases are sometimes released on unsuspecting people undefined a practice that dates back several decades during the militaryundefineds Project MK Naomi.

Fauci, who serves as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under the umbrella of the NIH, has denied that the NIH directly funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

Thousands of pages of Fauciundefineds work emails from the early months of the pandemic have been released to BuzzFeed and The Washington Post via Freedom of Information Act requests.

The emails indicate that Dr. Fauci from the very beginning worried that he had been funding gain of function research. And he knows it to this day but hasnundefinedt admitted it.

If it is found that COVID 19 came directly from the Wuhan Lab then Fauci shares culpability undefined and of course the conspiracy theorists or investigative reporters giving the other side of the story were right.

The NIH awarded a $3.7 million grant to EcoHealth Alliance, which is based in the United States, to study the risk of coronaviruses emerging from bats in 2014. EcoHealth Alliance in turn distributed nearly $600,000 of that funding to its collaborator, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Fauciundefineds emails show he was worried the NIH funded gain-of-function research as early as last February during the emergence of the pandemic.

In his email, in the subject line, he says undefinedgain of function research. He was admitting it to his private underlings seven to eight months ago.

In a February 1, 2020 email obtained by Buzzfeed News, Principal NIAID Director Hugh Auschincloss wrote to Fauci to discuss a paper the top infectious disease expert had sent him appearing to question if NIH grants funded gain of function research relating to coronaviruses.

In the email to Fauci, Auschincloss noted that a colleague would undefinedtry to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad.undefined

Fauci dismissed recent revelations that he was warned at the start of pandemic that COVID-19 may have been undefinedengineeredundefined and said that the emails are undefinedreally ripe to be taken out of context.undefined

Another trove of emails, published by the Washington Post, also revealed his cozy relationship with Chinaundefineds top infectious disease expert Dr. George Gao - the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention - during the early days of the pandemic in March and April of last year.

Fauci then defended his relationship with Gao, a colleague of Fauciundefineds undefinedfor many yearsundefined and a member of the United States National Academy of Scientists.

He is now on the defense and the public is now wondering that if Fauci has been lying about COVID-19 -what other lies have we been told about the virus that has shut down our lives?

This should be cause for an uproar over the morality of those that were propped up as experts by the mainstream media.

However there is a response that will soon be doled out by Washington undefined There is a COVID-19 commission that has been organized the only problem is that the players are again the same old cast of idiots that have gave us the 911 report.

A COVID commission is underway to investigate the origins of the virus, analyze and preserve lessons learned from the pandemic, and propose a path forward to handle the next pandemic.

Remarkably, this Covid Commission Planning Group hasn’t attracted the kind of partisan vitriol we’ve come to expect, and it has crucial backing from Marked by Covid, a citizens group co-founded by Kristin Urquiza, whose father died of COVID-19 last year after he was persuaded the virus was no big deal and mask restrictions were lifted in Arizona.

The problem I have is the people involved have in the past been proven to be frauds that have lied in order to push agendas that starve us of or rights.

The man that has been chosen to head the commission is none other than Philip Zelikow- the man who headed up the now debunked 911 commission report.Broad COVID Commission Planning Group Will Be Based at UVA's Miller Center | UVA Today

It is well known that the endless US war on terror was overtly launched following the mass murders of September 11, 2001 and the linked anthrax attacks.

The invasion of Afghanistan and the Patriot Act were immediately justified by those insider murders, and subsequently the wars against Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. So too the terrorizing of the American people with constant fear-mongering about imminent Islamic terrorist attacks from abroad that never came.

It is less well known that the executive director of the U.S. cover story – the fictional 9/11 Commission Report – was Zelikow, who controlled and shaped the report from start to finish.

It is even less well known that Zelikow, a professor at the University of Virginia, was closely associated with Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Brent Scowcroft, et al. and had served in various key intelligence positions in both the George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush administrations. In 2011 President Obama named him to his President’s Intelligence Advisory Board as befits bi-partisan elite rule and coverup compensation across political parties.

Perhaps it’s unknown or just forgotten that The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission repeatedly called for Zelikow’s removal, claiming that his appointment made a farce of the claim that the Commission was independent.

Zelikow said that for the Commission to consider alternative theories to the government’s claims about Osama bin Laden was akin to whacking moles. This is the man, who at the request of his colleague Condoleezza Rice, became the primary author of (NSS 2002) The National Security Strategy of the United States of America, that declared that the U.S. would no longer abide by international law but was adopting a policy of preemptive war, as declared by George W. Bush at West Point in June 2002. This was used as justification for the attack on Iraq in 2003 and was a rejection of the charter of the United Nations.

So, based on Zelikow’s work creating a magic mountain of deception while disregarding so-called molehills, we have had twenty years of American terror wars around the worldundefined his findings led to the Patriot Act.

Then Senator Joe Biden was a passionate promoter of the Patriot Act and repeatedly claimed that it was based on his proposals from the 1990s, including the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. He has bragged that he passed earlier surveillance legislation even though “civil libertarians were opposed to it.” And Biden chided his colleagues for not supporting even further-reaching measures that he wanted at the time.

In his Senate floor speech on October 25, 2001, Biden said, “The anti-terrorism bill we consider today is measured and prudent.” He boasted that the Patriot Act “contains several provisions which are identical or nearly identical to those I previously proposed.” Biden predicted that the Patriot Act “will not upset the balance between strong law enforcement and protection of our valued civil liberties.” He also said the criticisms of the law from the American Civil Liberties Union and other civil liberties groups were “ill-informed and overblown.” From 2001 to 2002, the ACLU gave Biden a lukewarm 60 percent approval rating on civil rights and civil liberties.A Senate Stalwart Who Bounced Back - The New York Times

Now in 2021 as President Joe Biden would have you believe that he has changed his spots- not by a long shot.

The Biden administration has directed its resources inward toward domestic “terrorists”: that is, anyone who disagrees with its policies. This is especially aimed at those who question the COVID-19 story.

Now, Zelikow has been named to head a COVID Commission Planning Group based at the University of Virginia that is said to prepare the way for a National COVID Commission. The group is funded by the Schmidt Futures, the Skoll Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and Stand Together, with more expected to join in. Zelikow, a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Program Advisory Panel, will lead the group that will work in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Zelikow’s involvement, among other things, suggests we are in the second phase of a long war of terror waged with two weapons – military and medical – whose propaganda messaging is carried out by the corporate mainstream media in the pursuit of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

It is really bizarre that there really isnundefinedt such a groundswell of reporting as to what is happening undefined fear has succeded in blinding people to the latest revelations about the lies and deception that will keep in this perpetual state of fear.

You can be certain it won’t end soon and that the new terrorists are domestic dissidents.

Did anyone think the freedoms lost with The Patriot Act were coming back some day? Does anyone think the freedoms lost with the corona virus propaganda are coming back? Many people probably have no idea what freedoms they lost with the Patriot Act, and many don’t even care.

Now here we are with lockdowns, mandatory mask wearing, travel restrictions, requirements to be guinea pigs for vaccines that are not vaccines.

What is also disconcerting is how those who were mislead will fight like hell to defend these liars because they play on the same team that they identify with.

Are you thankful now that government spokespeople are blatantly saying that they will so kindly give us back some freedoms if we only do what they’re told ?

President Biden has said your only key to having freedom from fear is to be vaccinated.

But is there a vaccine that can inject some sense into people with regard to those liars that have created this new form of terror just to push a political agenda of world reset?

The fact that there has been massive censorship of dissenting voices by Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc., and equally massive disinformation by commission and omission across media platforms, should make everyone ask why. Why repress dissent? The answer should be obvious but is not.

The fact that so many refuse to see the significance of what is happening now as the experts are being exposed indicates that we have been victimized by a successful psychological operation.

A gain of function exercise in mind control.