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Posted on June 4th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Just a few day ago, I had commented that we were 6 months into the year and that it has flown by much faster than 2020 did . I think there are a lot of reasons that I feel it has flown and a lot of it has to do with the zeitgeist and how conspiracy theories have either been discussed with derision while some that have turned out to be true have been cause for vindication.

What can be said of 2021 so far is that what we are experiencing can be compared to Alice dropping acid and falling into a rabbit hole of crazy conspiracy theory and in the end the Cheshire Cat says it is all true and the Mad Hatter starts making sense.

Welcome to the tea party undefined where fiction becomes fact and all of the speculation is sexy and the vaguest realities can become less sexy.

Back when the internet was fun, I found my niche in the fringe subculture and area where people were free to think outside of the box and play in the margins of reality.

There is no doubt what we call the fringe subculture was nurtured by late night radio and then it was propelled into a more popular position with TV shows like the X-Files and solidified as “conspiriology” on the internet. It is argued that emerging world views have been shaped by the fringe subcultures.The Illuminati conspiracy behind Avaya Stadium in San Jose - LAG Confidential

The mainstream media is actually trying to keep up with the changes in the metaphoric cultural weather and the barometer of seismic change that shakes up the paradigm.

The difficulty in being part of the maligned fringe is you have to deal with those who immediately dismiss anything that is uncomfortable or inconvenient conversation. The objective is to reveal what is called the “big lie” and to do so, we also have to admit that we can lie to ourselves.

One of the biggest liars we have to deal with is ourselves – all of the hopes we have, the fears, the biases, and psychological defenses, that in a clandestine way try to distort our perception of the world and how we react to it.

The mind has to be open and objective. No one has to compromise ethics or core beliefs, however, we all would benefit from a reasonable compromise between being naively trusting and pathologically paranoid.

There are many people we trust who are telling us the truth, but when it comes to sensitive material, or matters or national security, the public has to understand there are limits to what the alphabet agencies call “Intelligence.”

That is why it may be beneficial to do the work yourself, meaning not relying heavily on the messenger but become someone who can testify to the validity of what can be called paranormal activity by experimenting with it all by yourself or with a small group.

Your findings may surprise you.

Remember back in the good old days of, say, 2019, when anyone who talked about microchip implants, forced vaccination, Disease X mark of the beast, Americans being forced to show travel papers, and re-education camps was thought to be a crazy conspiracy theorist?

Well those days are becoming a memory as the reality is setting in and all of which lurks in the margins on the nightly news either as a distraction or some amateur attempt at off handedly claiming that a lot of the conspiracy theories of the past are gaining some credibility.

Of course there are some theories that still have their loose ends and one particular elephant in the room is the whole UFO question undefined and the report that was supposed to enlighten us with some kind of disclosure.

Days ago we expressed our doubts that government report would give us something the would satiate the curious -and alas it looks like we were right.

It is painfully so undefined and confusingly so as the whole of the UFO report that was supposed to be dropped June 25th has been leaked and that the gist of it is purely government doublespeak.

The information leak if you choose to accept it at face value is that Investigators have found no evidence the UFO sightings reported by the Navy are linked to aliens — but can’t deny a link either..

We waited 6 months to hear the same old undefinedWe cannot confirm or deny the existence of aliens.undefined However they did say that that strange craft are not ours undefined and they say that Russia or China do not have aircraft of this kind.

This whole thing has everyone leaning towards the idea that it is linked to aliens because if it isnundefinedt linked to our military Russia or China and aliens are not rules out undefined then the accidental conclusion would be that it is aliens.

But then again undefined

This is something akin to Schrodinger’s Cat undefined only that the cat in this case is neither dead or alive undefined it could be some cosmic anomaly that we all have to figure out on our own because the government and the Department of Defense has given us no real report undefined only platitudes that open the door for more speculation about what is out there and whether or not is a threat to our military or this planet.

I have always said that scientific consensus is an illusion and that there is a hidden history and a hidden science – a genesis and a second genesis – a world that has remained in the fringes, only to have light shed on it, only to then be discounted because it pushes traditional science our of its comfort zone.

I am beginning to think that the whole UFO question pushed law makers out of their comfort zone and rather than sounding completely deranged backed off and came up with some vague confusing answer.

Or there is always the idea that this is a clever psychological operation to gauge the population’s response to some kind of cosmic psychological warfare.

I am reminded of a documentary called, Mirage Men, where it was claimed that there are deep state agents that have been at the forefront of using the UFO question as a tool for psychological warfare.Watch Mirage Men | Prime Video

In it, men who claim to be the proverbial Men in Black come forward to tell the story about a two track strategy to confuse the issue of UFO reality- it is done to keep the story of UFOundefineds alive to cover up undefined the exotic craft that our military and scientists gave back engineered from previous UFO crashes.

There appears to be two stages in their UFO defenses. The first is generally encouraging the idea that UFOs arenundefinedt worth talking about, which is the attitude of the majority of the population and keeps them away from the subject until they have a sighting of their own!. The second stage is for the small few who are incurably interested and actively involved in the subject; they are going to believe that Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials no matter what you tell them, so you use them to keep the UFO story alive, because it feeds back into discouraging other people from getting involved and itundefineds a useful cover for all manner of covert operations.

This makes complete sense.

This would explain why witnesses to UFO sightings have been visited by Men In Black-agents that wish to persuade you into denying what you saw.

The irony of course is that intelligence agents probably do sometimes go to UFO conferences, to research new ideas, and to find out if anyoneundefineds accidentally seeing anything they shouldnundefinedt.

What is most disconcerting is that this psychological warfare campaign can go back to 1948 with Project Sign.

In 1948, Project SIGN purportedly published a document called the “Estimate of the Situation,” which suggested that extraterrestrials were a possible explanation for UFO sightings. As the story goes, Air Force officials destroyed the document and launched a more skeptical investigation in the late 1940s called Project GRUDGE. Blue Book came a few years later.” Again, there was an acknowledgment of possible alien involvement with the saucer hysteria and then it was boiled down to a public relations project to discredit witnesses.Project Sign | History of the United States Air Force UFO Programs | Sign Oral History Project

In the 1960s, Air Force officials denied that the “Estimate of the Situation” document ever existed. Those who vouch for its authenticity, however, say the report was inspired by a 1948 UFO sighting in Alabama, after two experienced pilots saw a torpedo-shaped “glowing object” zip past their aircraft and rocket into the clouds. The report shocked and baffled many of Project SIGN’s researchers, though scientists would later claim the sighting was consistent with a bolide, or bright meteor.

As Donald Schmitt said on a recent Ground Zero program, we have seen this type of dog and pony show before -except this time we can see that they have left the door open for people to start talking about and preparing for a possible alien incursion.

But back in the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, some covert propaganda programs run by the CIA were “exposed.” First, the Agency’s sponsorship of the Congress of Cultural Freedom, through which it used magazines, prominent writers, academics, et al. to spread propaganda during the Cold War, was uncovered. This was an era when Americans read serious literary books, writers and intellectuals had a certain cachet, and popular culture had not yet stupefied Americans. The CIA therefore secretly worked to influence American and world opinion through the literary and intellectual elites.

If we are to believe the Mirage Men scenario UFO materials were also part of that literary diet and thus we saw the speculation that we are not alone.

It is yet another way that the deep state controls the narrative about the subject.

Now we have to question of this leak about the UFO report from congress is just another ploy to discourage people from reading the report that is supposed to be dropped on June 25th.U.S. to reveal no evidence of aliens, few answers in UFO report: NYT - National | Globalnews.ca

Two officials briefed on the report say the U.S. government cannot give a definitive explanation of aerial phenomena spotted by military pilots.

The report also doesn’t rule out that what pilots have seen may be new technologies developed by other countries. One of the officials said there is no indication the unexplained phenomena are from secret U.S. programs.

The officials were not authorized to discuss the information publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Findings of the report were first published by The New York Times.

A Pentagon spokeswoman, Sue Gough, declined Friday to comment on news stories about the intelligence report. She said the Pentagon’s UAP task force is “actively working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on the report, and DNI will provide the findings to Congress.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, when asked about the report, said of the question at first, “It’s always a little wacky on Fridays.” But she added, “I will say that we take reports of incursions into our airspace by any aircraft — identified or unidentified — very seriously and investigate each one.”

The U.S. government takes unidentified aerial phenomena seriously given the potential national security risk of an adversary flying novel technology over a military base or another sensitive site, or the prospect of a Russian or Chinese development exceeding current U.S. capabilities. This also is seen by the U.S. military as a security and safety issue, given that in many cases the pilots who reported seeing unexplained aerial phenomena were conducting combat training flights.

The lack of firm conclusions is disappointing, but it is typical and doesnundefinedt surprise anyone.

Speaking to CBS’s “60 Minutes” last month, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said that while UFOs can still prompt a “giggle” from some lawmakers, “I don’t think we can let the stigma keep us from having an answer to a very fundamental question.”

And a day after Rubio’s comments aired, former president Barack Obama told CBS’s “The Late Late Show with James Corden” that “what is true — and I’m actually being serious here — is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.”

After Obama expressed his openness to UFOundefineds, Fox News’s Peter Doocy recounted the former president’s comments to Biden, and asked him what he thought. “I would ask him again,” Biden said, to laughter, brushing off the question.

Biden has always seemed to be annoyed by the topic. If the aliens landed on the White House lawn undefined I am sure he would be like the old cantankerous neighbor who says undefinedget off my lawn.undefined

With President Biden as the exception, If you want to know how UFOs are seen in the world of politics it is evident that it is a bipartisan issue.

An increasing number of Democrats and Republicans — from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former Democratic Senate leader Harry M. Reid have expressed an openness to UAPs, urging the nation’s leaders to investigate the phenomenon.

Former President Donald Trump told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos in 2019 that he did “not particularly” believe in UFOs. But he was more coy about the topic when asked by his eldest son, during an interview for his 2020 campaign, to share some details about a 1947 incident in Roswell, N.M., that holds outsize significance among UFO believers.Trump says he doesn't particularly believe in UFOs - YouTube

Huge swaths of the country are divided on who actually won the 2020 presidential election — and both political parties can’t even agree on a definition for what constitutes “infrastructure.” Yet when it comes to UFO’s, there is emerging bipartisan and mainstream consensus that, as the “X Files” famously popularized, “The truth is out there.”

Vice President Harris, in her role as head of the administration’s National Space Council, is also likely to be briefed on the findings and the responsibility lies with her in how we proceed further with this issue and the fine print that I am sure exists in the forthcoming report.

The interest in UFOs shows how the extremes of the ideological spectrum can end up closer to each other than to any political center — not unlike the two prongs of a horseshoe.

The idea of UFO’s unites conspiracy theorists of all ideological and political stripes, born out of a shared distrust of government and authority.

Yet the leak of the forthcoming report enforces that shared mistrust as it tells us nothing and gives us no more than we already knew or donundefinedt know about the UFO issue.

A 2019 Gallup poll found that 33 percent of adults said they think some UFOs have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth from other planets or galaxies, while 60 percent said all sightings can be explained by human activity or natural phenomenon. The belief was largely bipartisan, with 32 percent of Democrats, 30 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of independents saying some UFOs have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth.

Both the Gallup poll and a more recent CBS News poll from this year found skepticism of the U.S. government’s handling of information on the issue. The 2021 CBS poll found 73 percent saying the U.S. government “knows more about UFOs than it is telling the general public,” as did 68 percent in the 2019 Gallup poll.

I believe that this leak of information about the report enforces this notion and that certainly the tantalizing prospect of aliens in our skies would be a great time to ask for large budgets for fortifying Space Force and military spending to fight this intergalactic threat.