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Posted on June 8th, 2020 by Clyde Lewis


There is a rap group called “Body Count” that has a song called “No Lives Matter.”

The band, of course, is fronted by none other than Ice T. The song would never make it to regular radio because it’s content in controversial and it is loaded with F-bombs throughout. However, the message may be a bit cynical for all of the virtue signaling that is going on right now but it tells the truth about how the government treats people of all colors.

In the beginning of the song, Ice T acknowledges that it this moment it’s about how Black lives matter. However, in the end when all of the dust settles, the government makes it apparent that no lives matter.

The lyrics say:

“But Honestly it ainundefinedt just black
Itundefineds yellow, itundefineds brown, itundefineds red
Itundefineds anyone who ainundefinedt got cash
Poor whites that they call trash.

They canundefinedt, f**k with us
Once they realize weundefinedre all on the same side
They canundefinedt, split us up
And let them prosper off the divide
They canundefinedt, f**k with us
Once they realize weundefinedre all on the same side
They canundefinedt, split us up
And let them prosper off the divide.”

The song is relevant because in the end it all goes back to what the government says, and what the government takes away and those who are protesting forget what the government has done in the past and how they hope you don’t remember so that they can be voted in to continue their oppressive controls.

What we forget is that we are the government and that we should remember that those that govern us do so by consent. Where we are now have everything to do with how we have allowed those who govern us the ability to control us without question.

While the rebellion now is about racism and the abuses of police power, the protesters may not realize that what they are doing probably will not change anything and that voting might but not unless it is done with the strategy of understanding just who they are voting for and how the candidates are selected.

I heard an interview recently with one of my favorite female comediennes, Leslie Jones. Leslie is African-American and at age 22, was involved with the Rodney King Riots. She appeared on the late night talk show hosted by Seth Myers.

She said that she understands the perspective of young protesters today and that there’s nothing that can be said to stop them. “There was nothing you could’ve said to me back then — I was ready to burn it down,” she said, adding that while the riots led to no real consequences for the officers who beat King up, the destruction in L.A. affected black businesses for years, which Jones described as “burning down our own house.”

Looking back, she said she wouldn’t have participated.

She urged everyone to vote but then added something I was not comfortable with and that is she takes on the counter-intuitive attitude that we need to vote for someone other than him, referring to Donald Trump.

“Trump Sucks” is not a strategy and yet this is what we are hearing and this is what some people feel is enough to change everything.

What many people fail to realize that any vote for either Trump or Biden will give us more of the same because those in the government are now in he process of treating everything like it is an episodes of a poorly executed science fiction drama.

Crisis after crisis is exhausting Americans, and many of people are thinking that much of what is happening is being contrived by the elites in order to implement further draconian measures on every citizen because in the end it is the green that matters—it is the money that they can make off of the division and fragmenting of the citizenry.

Over the past several decades, Americans have been bombarded with overwhelming and exhausting televised episodes of political theater. The media has also been hitting was with a dose of vague and hypocritical security theater episodes as well.

The use of the word “episode” is especially appropriate because the dramatic scenes are sequential and continuously broadcasted for your reaction. Now it appears that cameras everywhere are capturing police brutality during the riots and what is most annoying is that after the event – it is like the episode formula of the “Talking Dead” where there is a panel that will talk about tonight’s episode, who dies, who lives and who gets the baseball bat from the guy in the black.

These various dramas if you are keeping track, are Russian interference, Impeachment, COVID-19, and civil unrest.

The drama is designed to elicit emotion, foment anger, and unite or divide the nation in order to, ultimately, affect change.

The societal cataclysms we’re experiencing now could be naturally occurring – as the result of certain trends like demographics, technology, modernization, education, centralization, economic inequality, political platforms, or even systemic corruption and civilizational decay. On the other hand, it could be the upheavals are directed in consonance with scripts written by an inner circle of powerful people; and in accordance to the Hegelian Dialectic. How citizens view the changes realized by the United States over the last few decades, in particular, will depend upon their interpretations of probabilities and outcomes; or, rather, to the extent they believe in coincidence or conspiracy.

Many believe grand conspiracies are implausible because ambitious schemes so often fail and it’s inconceivable that scrupulous whistleblowers would refuse to expose the plans of powerful conspirators. And these objections have a ring of truth… unless, of course, the powerful few have only advanced those who’ve demonstrated allegiance while shunning, banishing, imprisoning, or “expiring” those who won’t fall in line.

It is important to keep in mind that the conspiracy here is the conspiracy to destabilize the United States.

What we are seeing are destabilization operations that have been used in other countries to topple corrupt regimes.

There have been many times where I compare what is going on now with what I saw in Argentina when I lived there. That is because there is a Pattern of Transition that I am seeing that can be compared to Operation Condor, a program that was used in 1973 to create a swift exchange of power in South America.

The power that was exchanged was economic power, political power, and power over the people where lives were controlled with the aid of a secret national security apparatus. The enforcers of the new experiment were clandestine intelligence operators that were later revealed to be CIA operatives. Their objective was to create a common enemy or ideology, then round up dissidents, and then place them in internment camps where they were either tortured or killed.

This experiment of power exchange and government overthrow took place on September 11th, 1973.

Do you even wonder why figures like George W. Bush and Barack Obama are attacking President Trump?

Well, it is because the plan is being stymied by the President in power, even though history will show that that prominent figures in both the George W. Bush administration and the Obama Administration were involved with this experiment. There is a compelling argument that these men are still calling the shots and pulling the strings in a similar experiment being carried out in the United States today and that our September 11th attack was a similar ‘catalyzing event’ that hardened the resolve of the security state. The end result will be similar to what happened in Chile and later in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In intelligence circles, we know control is administered via “need to know” compartmentalization and secured by constant surveillance.undefinedSo perhaps blackmail and threats to individuals and loved ones are secret tactics used to compel loyalty.
There are many old school cold war strategists that I am sure are loved and supported by the crowd that wishes to burn down the country and create the exchange of power.

As I have said, it is always the right that will call out George Soros as the mastermind of everything and even though he is a bad actor, there are others we forget that had a hand in the exchange of power that happened in the 1973 coup that pushed a swift exchange of power to elite special interests.

Under Operation Condor, the intelligence agencies used unlawful spying and wiretapping along with citizen informants to round up thousands of people who were suspected of involvement with insurgent or extremist groups.

Henry Kissinger was President Richard Nixon’s National Security Advisor at the time of Condor and today is considered a war criminal in many countries. Kissinger was an adviser to Barack Obama and President Trump had a secret meeting with him before he took office.

George H.W. Bush senior was also part of the “power exchange.” During his funeral ll of his passed mideeds and crimes were overlooked because he was an outspoken critic of Donald Trump – but he has also been called a war criminal for the role the CIA played under his direction in fostering and covering up for the assassination squads that roamed Latin America and, ultimately, the streets of Washington.”

Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were likewise implicated. Cheney was the White House chief of staff during the Condor Operation, while Rumsfeld was defense secretary, supervising US ties to the Latin American military.

During an event at George Washington University in October 2015,undefinedBiden saidundefinedhe thought former Vice President Dick Cheney is a undefineddecent man.undefined

undefinedI actually like Dick Cheney, for real,undefined Biden said at the time. undefinedI get on with him. I think heundefineds a decent man.undefined

The former vice president also said Cheney was undefinedextremely helpfulundefined in teaching him about the requirements of the office after the 2008 election as he transitioned into the role.

Is it amazingly obvious as to what is happening now that we see that the Pre-Trump GOP is now jumping ship and many of these past presidents and GOP officials are now denouncing Trump as president?

This is a repeat or Operation Condor – this is our dirty war and everyone is the target.

Since the election of Trump, we’ve watched one political episode after another: election hacking, impeachment, a pandemic and just like regular commercial breaks came the seemingly strategic school, church, synagogue, country music and garlic festival shootings; along with the occasional U.S Mail or Syria bombing . All of these episodes made for riveting and dramatic televised history.

Perhaps, therefore, the apparent onscreen murder of George Floyd now serves as the new facilitator as COVID-19 fizzles in the summer sun; at least until the Vitamin D depletions this Fall and Winter deliver sufficient reinfection rates to justify real societal lockdowns next time.

And, yes, be assured of this: COVID-19 will be back next season. In force and, once again, dominating the airwaves.

Operation Dark Winter will be getting a great start as more COVID-19 tests are available and with them come the illusion of more sick and more dead –rather than more tested and more recovery.

People are cynically adding that the COVID-19 scares will end and the country will go back to normal after the election; an election with Joe Biden as winner. This may not be the case and don’t think that voting for him because he is not Trump does not have repercussions either.

Keep in mind that Biden has had plenty of time to bring change to the status quoundefined but he hasn’t.

He has served as a vice president for eight years under Barack Obama and served in government for over 40 years—that is plenty of time for him to actually enact laws where he shows that “Black Lives Matter.”

He authored the very crime legislation many argue made things worse and yet he is now the solution. The man who helped destroy a generation of young black men through aggressive crime legislation now wants to preside over the government, which controls an increasingly brutal police force, and thinks he will solve the problem.

America is so desperate it doesn’t know what to do and like always they are expecting someone to tell them that the coast is clear and that things are better or back to normal. People need to now understand that we are the ones that choose what is normal and if you can picture yourself living like this the rest of the year – you need to seek psychiatric help.

I was thinking back to when my wife had to plan a funeral for the recent passing of her mother and sue to restrictions set by Washington State Government we had to jump through hoops to have a small gathering and we also had to allow for her dead mother to get a COVID-19 test.

Now, I look at the TV and I see protesters gathering together and I see people not social distancing at George Floyd’s funeral and I think to myself – how does anyone still allow for this self-policing to continue?

Every county around mine are now in Phase Two of opening – my County isn’t even applying for phase 1 and yet the streets are filled with people that are less than six feet apart.

Progressives who insisted Americans continue to stay home even after the COVID-19 curve flattened now believe mass protests are fine.undefined

Does anyone understand how silly and hypocritical it is becoming? Does anyone know how foolish we have become – they used fear and deceit to get is to tow a line and then they moved the line and people are suffering as a result.

Livelihoods and businesses are destroyed. For some reason if you gather to riot and get a pass, but gather for church and go to jail. Open a hair salon, get arrested, and refuse to wear a mask get harassed.

Grow up or wake up – none of this is working.

Both sides claim have an excuse. But there is no excuse.

It is sad really – Black lives indeed matter but when it is all over your life won’t matter because in the end the green matters. It is the money that matters.

What is going to change? When we know how this is being done.

Some can watch the George Floyd video and not see a problem. I found out the hard way that some can watch an old man being pushed to the ground by police and not see a problem.

They can justify their lack of decency by vilifying those that have been attacked.

There are people who thought the optics of the park service clearing out a crowd of protesters with pepper pellets and smoke canisters so the President could hold up a Bible in front of a church he does not attend was a brilliant political move. Even though it wasn’t. There are people who think the Presidentundefineds tweets do not stir the pot. They are wrong.

Americans would be better off abandoning the quaint and repeatedly proven-false notion that Washington has the solution to what ails us. Washington, inevitably, makes most things worse, outside the core functions of government. Americans are too obsessed with Washington. They are too obsessed with Donald Trump. They are too obsessed with Joe Biden.

People think Washington will provide the solutions if you just put up enough black squares on Instagram. But Washington will not provide the solution, and, most likely, your state capitol will not either.

We have to provide the solution, we have to decide that we are in control and that we don’t have to take the punishments they are doling out. In the end we are going to have to realize that we chose the situation we are in now undefined we jumped through the hoops because we were given a threat of death and yet the cries of being sick and tired are being heard every night by the protesters both white or black or yellow or red.

These daily episodes are making the news rooms thrive but ask yourself – are these episodes naturally occurring as the result of a sick and tired nation? Or, could they be the magical media manifestations of the “Big Lie”?

Regardless, people all across the political spectrum have been fooled by their feelings while viewing what appears to be political ploys.

United States health “officials” are now warning that “a new surge in coronavirus cases” could occur following the protests over the death of George Floyd and paradoxically, the police report of the incident claimed Floyd “had coronavirus and died after cardiac arrest”.

Can anyone hear the laughter coming from behind the curtain?

Either way, the question remains: Are we being psychologically manipulated by powerful people in order to affect political change?

They did it on September 11th, 1973 and it worked and South American countries with stable economies fell into oblivion. Governments collapsed and the people went into the streets with what littler they had and burned down businesses and looted the banks.

Is this coincidence or conspiracy?

The urban riots could be used to further degrade American institutions, infrastructure, economy, and societal unity – or be exploited as the means to lock down entire regions of the country, or worse, as an excuse to declare martial law nationally.undefined It’s also possible a Fort Sumter moment could occur in the suburbs thus escalating the civil warfare to new levels.undefined

There is always a bill to pay and when they play dates are over someone has to clean up the mess and it isn’t going to be Washington D.C. – it is going to be you.

This sort of Hegelian change meets the end of goals of proposed New Order because their ultimate desire is to rule over a diminished global population.undefinedundefinedIt is not a conspiracy - it is well documented.

Those who have documented these Malthusian moves are the same people who continue to make money over the division of the populace.

Remember, the goals were first laid down to threaten and decimate and even though there are set of people that say they do not agree or want to troll and say that I am crazy because I talk about aliens or Bigfoot – flip through the channels of your TV from the subdued piano funeral dirge of 2020 to the cities on fire. I have warned that this was the plan the whole time.

The New World Order is here and it has desire to cull the herd, but only with the permission of those willing to be ruled and those who are being shot by the best bullets their tax dollars could buy.undefined

It is all because it is the green that matters.