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Posted on July 12th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


During one of our segments of On Beyond Zero, my producer, Wes encouraged me to watch a movie called, The Conspiracy. I had been putting it off because I have been so busy lately but last night, I finally sat down and watched it.

The film basically reminds us that the scariest and most powerful thing about conspiracy theories is they can’t be disproved, because any evidence that contradicts a conspiracy theory can be immediately dismissed as a plant of the conspiracy itself, created and disseminated specifically to disprove it.

The film is a found footage fake documentary.

However, in its brilliantly executed fictional account, it exposes people to some of the best conspiracy theories and then with a pencil, tape, thumbtacks and string, the dots are connected to a secret society known as the Tarsus Club.undefinedThe Conspiracy” is pretty clearly not a documentary, but it does a good enough job of keeping up appearances, particularly in the film’s final act, where Jim and Aaron use the journalist’s intel to infiltrate a secret meeting of the Tarsus Club.A Look At One of America's Most Popular Sub Cultures Through the Lens of Joseph Campbell

This of course is similar to when Alex Jones found a way to sneak into the Bohemian Grove to expose the gathering of some of the most influential movers and shakers of the world.

He exposed the Cremation of Care ceremony where and effigy of a child is burned at the feet of a huge wooden owl that is at the compound.Events — Utopia / Dystopia: Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove | Hauser & Wirth

The Bohemian Grove did not meet this year because of COVID-19 restrictions. There is another gathering of world leaders called Bilderberg and they did not meet either because of the pandemic.

I am sure there are plenty of secret societies like the Tarsus Club and many of them donundefinedt get any press undefined that is what is so mind bending.

You donundefinedt have to go to Switzerland or even wear a Klansman like frock and worship an owl to have secret meetings because the secret societies and the planners of the world are no longer meeting in secret.

They are openly gathering together for meetings in order to plot the future and shape the worlds in their image.

For many of my listeners there is this void between who they think is in control of the world and who really controls the world. It’s a matter of educating oneself in conspiracy history. It isn’t easy to swallow at first because of the simplistic nature of it all. It is all about that 1 percent of the world that you hear about when you watch the X-Files, the one percent that meet in hotels under heavy security to plan the future.

Although the two big political parties create endless ranting and raving when fighting for votes, they actually disagree on surprisingly little of substance. The policies still remain affixed to the growing Military Industrial Complex and the profiteering of war craft at the expense of the life liberty and the pursuit of happiness among the citizens of the United States.

War and the threat of war are central to U.S. foreign policy. Not just a war against us domestically but war that shapes the globe and prepares us for a New World Order where the classes are destroyed and the rich remain sovereign over a enslaved workforce that is fed the idea that they are working for their freedom.

Using political crowd moving techniques the elite are in control of the narrative and when the narrative is being hijacked, they shape policy and talking points.

The legacy media has more control over how crowds accept or reject policy. the sponsors are big money pharmaceutical companies and their resources and reporters are or used to be on the Pentagonundefineds payroll.

The powerful elite have their gatherings and decide who does what in this world to keep up continuity, to force agendas and to gradually force an entire world into their despotic plan.

We recently reported about the World Economic Forumundefineds Cyber Polygon and how there are plans to hack into banking systems to show their vulnerability undefined and from there, the plan is to introduce a system of exchange that eliminates all anonymity.

The meeting was a virtual whoundefineds who in the world of influencers, thought leaders and those with huge pockets to initiate and weaponize everything they wish to control.

The old money that many conspiracy theorists think is being used to finance wars and mayhem does not belong to one particular group.

In fact, like anything else in this world it is now fragmented and powerful people get their money now from ill-gotten gains from pharmaceutical investments, drug trafficking, human trafficking, gun trafficking and data mining.

It has been said that data is the new oil.

Every bit of data generated makes a profit, every bit of energy mined created a crypto coin - every crypto coin and exchange builds the block chain.

The old conspiracy theories have now gone high tech and it is best that you understand how the operations work and how the elites want full spectrum control of your life as they are about to weaponize the internet of things and the digits and dots that make up the ledger that controls the bank accounts and credit cards of this world.

While Cyber Polygon was underway there was another meeting of some of the high-tech billionaires in Sun Valley, Idaho.Inside The Sun Valley Event Known As 'Summer Camp For Billionaires' : NPR

This meeting was just as important to spotlight because while Cyber Polygon focused on the vulnerability of the banks. The meeting in Sun Valley seemed to be all about using data and technology to gather intelligence and use it to weed out content that would speak out against the dystopia they have planned for all of us.

They were there to talk about a partnership with the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum announced that it will initiate a new “public-private partnership” with Big Tech and governments around the world to identify and uproot all opinions from the Internet that it considers “harmful.”

Schwab is encouraging big tech moguls to initiate the “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” that consists of execs from Big Tech and government officials with the goal of creating a “global framework” for regulating speech on the Internet, wiping it of so-called “harmful content.”

The “harmful” content targeted by this Global Coalition for Digital Safety you can bet will be tailor made to entrap those who stand for limited government, traditional values and individual freedom. Those of us who still believe in such things will not be included in the WEF’s definition “inclusive,” “equality” or “diversity.”

According to the Cyber Polygon report “The Global Coalition for Digital Safetyundefined is a public private platform for global, multi stakeholder cooperation to develop innovations and advance collaborations that tackle harmful content and conduct online.undefinedAdvancing Global Digital Content Safety | World Economic Forum

Facebook has already began finding new ways to groom users to start thinking about turning in their friends for wrong think. The social media giant has begun sending cryptic messages to ask if they feel they have been exposed to extremist content undefined or if they no someone who has and that perhaps they should turn them in to their support group online.

These hints explain why the meeting in Sun Valley, not only has some of Silicon valleyundefineds finest, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, but also welcomed congressmen and also intelligence operatives from the CIA and other alphabet agencies.

George Tenet who was the head of the CIA has attended these gatherings. General David Petraeus also attends regularly as well, he also was former head of the CIA.

Now why do you think CIA officials attend these gatherings.

Because they are about to crack down on what they call extremism online. This conspiracy of censorship and thought crime goes all the way to President Biden.

Biden and his attorney general, Merrick Garland, take every opportunity to talk about “extremists” on the right being the “biggest threat to our democracy.” This is a classic propaganda technique used to turn public sentiment against a targeted demographic. The Nazis perfected this, using the media to blame all of Germany’s problems on Jews before they actually started rounding them up and making them disappear.Biden Considering Merrick Garland for US Attorney General: Report

The next phase in this evil plan is to encourage Americans to turn each other in to the online thought police. What happens next, after one has been reported to Facebook, Google or Microsoft? Will the tech giants turn those accused of thought crimes by their online “friends” and “followers” over to Biden’s politicized FBI?

Well, perhaps undefined or you may wind up being rounded up and interrogated by the Internetundefineds own intelligence goon squad.

It’s no secret that Google regularly collaborates with intelligence agencies. They are a known NSA subcontractor. They launched Google Earth using a CIA spy satellite network.

Their executive suite’s revolving door with DARPA is well known.

In the wake of the January 6th Capitol event, the FBI used Google location data to pwn attendants with nothing more than a valid Gmail address and smartphone login.

A stark reminder that carrying a tracking device with a Google login, even with the SIM card removed, can mean the difference between freedom and an orange jumpsuit in the Great Reset era.

But Google also operates its own internal intelligence agency – complete with foreign regime-change operations that are now being applied domestically.

And they’ve been doing so without repercussion for over a decade.

In 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt created Google Ideas. In typical Silicon Valley newspeak, Ideas was marketed as a “think/do tank to research issues at the intersection of technology and geopolitics.”Eric Schmidt exits Google completely | IT World Canada News

The think and do formula is simply this:

Entities like the Council on Foreign Relations or World Economic Forum draft policy papers (think) and three-letter agencies carry them out (do).

And again, in typical Silicon Valley fashion, Google wanted to streamline this process – bring everything in-house and remake the world in their own image.

To head up Google Ideas, Schmidt tapped a man named Jared Cohen.

He couldn’t have selected a better goon for the job – as a card-carrying member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Rhodes Scholar, Cohen is a textbook Globalist spook. The State Department doubtlessly approved of his sordid credentials, as both Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton enrolled Cohen to knock over foreign governments they disapproved of.

Google Ideas’ role in the 2014 Ukraine regime change operation is well-documented. And before that, their part in overthrowing Mubarak in Egypt was unveiled by way of the Stratfor leaks.

More recently, the role of Google Ideas in the attempted overthrow of Assad in Syria went public thanks to the oft-cited Hillary Clinton email leaks.

With all this mounting evidence, surely Google Ideas was decommissioned. Surely Jared Cohen was swiftly ousted from his position at one of America’s premier Big Tech darlings for crimes against humanity, right?

Of course not!

Why scrap all that hard work when you can just rebrand and shift your regime change operations to domestic targets?

Google Ideas was renamed Google Jigsaw in 2015 after years of bad press and controversy – this time with an eye on performing psychological operations in the United States.Google's Jigsaw will 'tackle toughest geopolitical challenges'

But all that experience data mining and overthrowing Middle Eastern nations wasn’t just thrown out. Rather, Jigsaw repurposed its internal psychological operations program (code-named Operation Abdullah) to instead target “right-wing conspiracy theorists

Using a technique known as the redirect method, Jigsaw attempts to populate outbound links to dissuade potential thought-criminals from looking at wrong think.

Make no mistake – the redirect method is about more than manipulation of search engine results. It’s one thing to manipulate the content of searches based on query strings, but to target the psychology of the searcher themselves requires an accurate psychological profile of the person doing the searching.

And Google has psych profiles in spades thanks to centralized Google logins: To Android phones, to Gmail accounts, to adjunct services like YouTube, even to children via Google Classroom.

You don’t even need to use Google’s search engine to populate them with weaponized data. In fact, search alone provides far fewer avenues for offensive metadata usage than a cell phone.

Googleundefineds jigsaw is becoming a very important asset in creating a digital panopticon that spies on every move and makes a psychological profile about you and what you search on a daily basis.

Call this phenomenon a public-private partnership. Call it the Great Reset. Call it Agenda 2030, or Agenda 21, or “stakeholder capitalism,” or any of the other euphemisms dreamt up by these hapless would-be oligarchs to sell neo feudal Technocracy to the public.

Making intelligence services pseudo-independent from the State is simply a mandatory prerequisite for fully globalizing them.

Furthermore, as the Biden administration seeks to reclassify half of the country as domestic extremists, it’s no secret that companies like Google, with their vast data weaponization programs, will play a key role in identifying Public Enemy #1.

Meanwhile, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday gave Amazon. the go-ahead to use a radar sensor technology to recognize motion in three dimensions and “enable contactless sleep tracing functionalities.

Amazon announced that the use of Radar Sensors in sleep tracking could improve awareness and management of sleep hygiene, which in turn could produce significant health benefits for many Americans.

This gives Amazon the right to spy on you in your bedroom.

This is how it is done undefined they create new technology that is supposed to be a boon to health and healing while in the process it is there to spy on you and track you.

This is why the intelligence agencies are being invited to these high tech media gatherings, because they want a hand in using tech to track any American and spy on every American for what can be seen as thought crime.

As Klaus Schwab remarked at Cyber Polygon:

“With the growing challenge to counter health misinformation, violent extremist and terrorist content, and the exploitation of children online, there is an urgent need for more deliberate global coordination to improve digital safety. The Global Coalition for Digital Safety aims to accelerate public-private cooperation to tackle harmful content online and will serve to exchange best practices for new online safety regulation, take coordinated action to reduce the risk of online harms, and drive forward collaboration on programs to enhance digital media literacy.”

Notice how sneakily the Schwab lumps spreaders of “health misinformation” – that would be anyone who expresses reticence about experimental mass vaccination programs, COVID lockdowns, mandatory mask wearing, etc. – in with violent extremists, terrorists and child traffickers.

This prompts the ignorant to say undefinedWhat us wrong with that, there needs to be something done about these child traffickers.

I have always distrusted any elite or politician that says they are doing something for the children undefined because children canundefinedt vote undefined nor are they any match for some authoritarian pedophile that abuses his power in the most heinous way.

The World Economic Forum has the audacity to claim its coalition will be “impartial” in policing the Internet. Klaus Schwab openly stated that the pandemic should be exploited as a “unique window of opportunity” to fundamentally change the way the people live, work, do business and fit into society.

The World Economic Forum sets itself up as the global arbiter that defines terms like “harmful content” and “misinformation.”Global Responsibilities in a Digital Age: Klaus Schwab | Flickr

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that Big Tech social-media platforms, in league with global power elites, defined for us what is allowed and not allowed to be said on the Internet.

Posts that challenge the official narrative about the virus and the best way to respond to it were immediately censored, either tagged with warnings meant to discredit the posts or removed all together.

The most typical reason for such censorship was that these posts “violated community standards,” which consist of mysterious, vaguely worded legalese that nobody reads.

Big Tech corporations are also increasingly working in concert with governments around the world, including in the U.S. and the ruling Chinese Communist Party in China, to regulate what people are allowed to see on the Internet.

But all of this control over the free flow of information is not enough for some of the global power elites.

Now they are ready to take their Gestapo tactics to the next level.

They want to turn us against each other.

We need to let them know that the jig is up.