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Posted on July 20th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


I know that many people are preoccupied with politics, and while I have some concern is well, I cannot stop the world from spinning. Everyday distractions like COVID-19 and civil upheaval have captured our attention and there are still major moves being made to push people into surrendering their sovereignty for initiation into a new system of dots and numbers.

The value of the human being is about to be diminished as we move into a more transhuman existence.

Becoming a pawn in the new empire is all but guaranteed with the technocracy’s plan to use “the science” to change the way we live – it will even make us question what it truly means to be human.

It has been discussed that the vaccine that they are demanding we take is an introduction to transhumanism- and it is not enough that adults need to be vaccinated, we are now subjecting our children to this as well.

What we are now doing to our children with masks and vaccines is a way to make children so compliant that they never think another thought that makes them question what is “behind the door in the wall?”

Children are the bargaining chips held over the heads of those parents who are also inclined towards being just a little bit different. The consequences of being different used to be so benign.

Now they could very well be death.

Someone who was once considered a friend might sneeze or touch another person’s hand or laugh too vigorously and they will become infected. We are told, of course, it is better to live in isolation, dependent on electronic devices for amusement and companionship.

The world outside is just too unpredictable.

So it is best to plug in and tune out undefined the technology will be out into you and eventually you will not be able to resist.

So says the Good Book - so says the scary passages in the Book of the Apocalypse.

So goes the Brave New World of Build Back Better.

The Brave New World is now built on a mountain of lies undefined lies are the devilundefineds best friend -and we have discussed that he uses death as a threat in order to get his due.

Fill people with so much fear and hatred they don’t suspect the obvious: That the gods behind the curtain; the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, are gaining absolute power over our minds and bodies and we are giving it up to them without blinking an eye.

But they are minions for a greater evil and in my line of work, synchronicities exist in the dark clouds of apocalyptic paranoia and if we seek we will find and the conclusions we come to will be shocking if not enlightening.

Because so much of what’s being discussed has become part of everyday, normal life for many people, they fail to notice what it all means and where it is leading. But it’s important to step outside of the box and to become aware, if only not to aid unknowingly in the propagation of what is to come and what is currently happening and to protect the next generation in any way we can.

In recent decades, many people love to combine idiosyncratic interpretations of the Bible with fears that evil governmental or religious forces are overtaking society and have variously interpreted 666 as a reference to the United Nations, some presidents of the United States, the Washington Monument, and the European Union. Given the commercial associations with 666 in Revelation, such interpreters also commonly identify the flexible symbol with the modern barcode system, the “www” of the Internet’s prefix for the World Wide Web, RFID seals used for tracking and identification, and smart cards used for cashless swiping.

But of course, I had to point out that there was that old warning that you have to see the writing on the wall.

It took a few days for me to have the topic of the undefinedWriting on the Wallundefined set in with all of the synchronicities that were happening. The one of most interest to me was how the Hebrew letters appeared on the wall near the Temple Mount that apparently looked like three of the letters that appear to spell the name of God.Major Kabbalist affirms: "Letters appearing on Old City Wall signal imminent redemption"; and the hidden story of the letters

The first three letters of the four-letter ineffable name of God appear on the eastern retaining wall of the Temple Mount by affirming that according to Jewish tradition, this is indeed a sign that the final redemption is imminent.

Apparently, plants have grown to form the shapes of letters. The letters seemed to be ‘written’ in ktav ashuri, the calligraphy style used in writing sacred texts. Three letters are clearly seen: י (yud), ה (heh), ו (vav). These are, of course, the first three letters in God’s ineffable four-letter name (minus the final ה (heh). The section of the wall is directly adjacent to the Shaar HaRachamim, the gate of mercy also known as the Golden Gate. According to Jewish tradition, the Shekhinah (שכינה) (Divine Presence) used to appear through the Eastern Gate and will appear again when the Messiah arrives.

There is an passage in Deuteronomy in the scriptures that foretell the name of god appearing on a wall and that when people see it they will know that times are about to change and that the wrath will come and people will know that the kingdom of the beast will rise up sending the signal that the time of the lord is at hand.

This is apart from what we read in Daniel dealing with Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.

Weighed and divided the Kingdom is done -and the Beast kingdom is about to take the throne.

I pondered a bit about the beast and if the devil can be found in a door behind the wall and what I found was surprising.

I know that many people have discussed the Mark of the Beast and how it may be tied to the vaccine in some way.

Now 20 % of Americans are now believing that the COVID-19 vaccine contains a chip that some say is the mark according to a study by YouGov and The Economist that was conducted last week.

The poll concluded overall that 15% of Americans said this theory was undefinedprobably trueundefined while another 5% said it was undefineddefinitely true.undefined

The same poll concluded that 27% of people aged 30-44 support this theory, with 8% of Biden voters and 29% of Trump voters believed it. Some 14% of Democratic voters and 32% of Republican voters also shared the same sentiment.

There are also many people who believe that the COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility or contains products derived from pork, or cells from aborted fetuses.

Another bone of contention is the worry that the vaccines contain Luciferase.NanoLuc® Luciferase: Brighter Days Ahead for In Vivo Imaging - Promega Connections


While in the beginning Luciferase was proposed as a component of the vaccine scientists are now claiming there is no Luciferase in the vaccine.

However, it appears the graphene contained within the operating system of the shot does create Luciferase once it gets inside the body. In essence, graphene turns light into an electrical current, having the fluorescent properties of a biosensor, an analytical device, used for the sensing of chemical substances, merging the biology of man with a synthetic detector.

The primary composition of graphene is carbon, and its main properties are magnetic, electrical, conductivity, photoluminescence, photovoltaic; the conversion of light into electricity and drug delivery.

Basic Carbon components are 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons.

All COVID-19 undefinedvaccinesundefined are manufactured using the same graphene oxide nanotechnology. These particular nanoparticles remain un-magnetic when they are in a sub zero degree environment. But become magnetic when attaining the same temperature as the human body. This explains the numerous reports of people who claim theyundefinedve become magnetized since taking the jab.

SPIONS or Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles contained within the vaccines act as an aggressive delivery system providing the propulsion necessary to penetrate every cell membrane in the body with the graphene oxide nanoparticles.Frontiers | Nanoparticle Vaccines Against Infectious Diseases | Immunology

Via a process is called magnetofection, a form of transfection which utilizes magnetic fields to unite the biochemical and physical. Applying genetic engineering, scientists have apparently synthetized a genetically modified protein known as “Magneto” which allows behaviors and brain function to be remotely controlled externally.

Now hereundefineds where it gets even stranger. Magneto was created to only stimulate a particular group of nerve cells in the body, and the theory goes it can be turned on from a distance.

It is coincidental that they call it Magneto because in the movie, X-Men 2, Mystique injects a prison guard with a ferrous substance that Magneto was able to pull out of him in order to kill him and escape.

The advent of magnetofection goes back five years ago when researchers at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville inserted a virus into the brains of test animals. Turns out when their brains were analyzed, the deceased brains still emitted a green fluorescence. Of course itundefineds just another strange coincidence Bill Gates patented a luciferase enzyme.

The striatum is the part of the brain that contains dopamine-producing neurons. Researchers discovered that magnetized mice will spent more time in a magnetized area than a non-magnetized.

Since the vaxxed are already fluorescently marked, blaming the unvaxxed for the Delta Variant or any other variant will be easy.

The carbon numeric base of 666 is also something to consider with regard to what is being put in the body and how it will be used or can be used for future identification.

Governments all over the world are utilizing this technology along with the COVID-passport to track and number all those who have been vaccinated and finding those who arenundefinedt and segregating them.

Many are told they cannot travel, go to events, or even eat in restaurants without proof of the jab.

One of the first governmental bodies to implement the tracking of vaccinated and unvaccinated is the European Union.

The European Union made available its COVID-19 passport for all EU citizens and residents, as well as for specific categories of travelers from third countries, since July 1.

The procedures for the launch of the certificate have been completed on the side of the EU Commission since the beginning of June, and then Member States have one by one started implementing it.

Last June, seven EU countries had already started to issue EU COVID-19 passports – Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland. On June 4, Iceland also started to implement the pilot system for the issuance of COVID certificates.

Back in April 2020, it was reported that a vaccine would for sure become mandatory for those wishing to travel throughout the participating EU countries once it is approved and available.

The European COVID-19 travel certificate has been created by the European Union in a bid to restore the freedom of travel, which has been put at a halt for over a year now, since the pandemic erupted all over the block. Through the certificate, the Commission intends to remove travel restrictions as entry bans, quarantine obligation, and testing.

This level of coordination shows that there is yet another blitz in the ongoing roll-out of a global, techno–feudal control grid.

Adoption of this unified standard is already approaching 100% of EU Member States.

Many people are not aware that the the European Union Parliament has embraced imagery and iconography that has been warned about in the Book of Revelation and in The Book of Daniel.

In the prophecies of Daniel Chapter 2 and Revelation chapter 17 we read about a latter-day political union which, in its final form, will consist of ten nations or groups of nations dominated by the Antichrist and getting its power from the nation with seven hills (Rome) and being ruled by the Antichrist born of the Whore of Babylon.


The imagery and iconography associated with the European Union is openly apocalyptic. According to apocalyptic writings the “great whore” of the new Babylon rides a beast with “seven heads and ten horns” and bearing the name “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH”. The Euro coin blatantly has engraved on it, a woman riding a beast. The E.U. parliament building itself is a representation of the unfinished tower of Babel. In front of the building are sculptures of the harlot riding the horned beast. The walls inside also have tapestries depicting the same image.

There are 679 seats in an auditorium where the fifth Parliament meets in the Tower building –while these seats are allocated to Members; one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied. The number of that seat is 666. The seat has been set aside for for some reason.

More often than not, especially in times that have been deemed uncertain, apocalyptic ideas have been issued in the expectation that human history might screech to a halt at any moment and dissolve into some kind of apocalyptic judgment. Protestant Christians have been especially susceptible to these schemes, especially the more conservative Protestants known as evangelicals, because of their inclination to read and interpret the Bible, literally.

They have tended to focus on the New Testament Book of Revelation as well as the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. Both texts are replete with imagery and allegory that would strike most casual readers as downright bizarre, but many Christians throughout American history have expended untold energies trying to fit these writings into an interpretive framework for understanding the end of time.

These notions, grounded in a literalistic interpretation of biblical prophecies, admit of many different constructions, and evangelical Christians who agree on such issues as biblical inerrancy, meaning the Bible is infallible without any mistakes or that left out inconvenient texts were left out for a reason and of course church leaders that will argue bitterly over whether or not God’s elect will go through the tribulation which is seven years of rule by the Antichrist predicted in Revelation.

The problem is we make the fulfillment of end times prophecy, “Americacentric”, when the world is actually making their move towards the fourth industrial revolution that appears to be the kingdom of the new age undefined it is an age where technocrats want us to plug in to machines and thus lose our humanity.

The transhuman equation can be part of the beast theories and the iconography that governments like the European union embraces blatantly mocks god.

France is no exception as their leader Emanuel Macron sees himself as a messiah as well.Jupiter' or just another politician? Macron's divine aura begins to fade | Emmanuel Macron | The Guardian

The French government adopted legislation requiring proof of full vaccination, immunity or a recent test to enter bars, restaurants, shopping centers and long distance trains. The new Law, was necessary to stem “stratospheric” infection levels due to the rise of the more contagious Delta variant, said the French government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

You may remember that the president of France Emmanuel Macron claimed that he wanted to rule France like Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods, shortly after officials told the media his thought process was “too complex” for journalists to understand.

In May of 2017 Summoning over 900 politicians from both houses of the French parliament to a rare Congress at the palace of Louis XIV – the ‘Sun King’ – in Versailles, he threatened to overrule lawmakers with a referendum if they try to frustrate the “reforms” he wishes to impose on the legislature. Such assemblies are usually reserved for times of national crisis.

Reuters reported him as saying he desired to reign as a “Jupiterian” president – “a remote, dignified figure, like the Roman god of gods, who weighs his rare pronouncements carefully”.

Others are seeing this as a declaration that he is seeing himself as the God Jupiter which of course is the equivalent of the Greek god, Zeus.

His declaration of ruling like a Roman god coincidentally was made to parliament at the Versailles Palace – a place known as the palace of the “Sun King.”

Jupiter was the chief god in the pagan Roman pantheon. Connecting himself with that particular god is in effect a statement that he wants to rule above every god. It is also a peculiar homage to the ancient Roman Empire, since Jupiter was specific to Rome.

When Emmanuel Macron was sworn in as the new president of France, he also became a prince. If this comes as something of a shock, you’re certainly not alone. France did, after all, famously oust and later execute King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution.

But even though the country abolished the monarchy in 1792, a little-known agreement dating back to the 13th century has made its leaders princes ever since.

This would make him Prince Emmanuel. Emmanuel means, undefinedGod is with us.undefined

Because of his party’s sweep of legislative elections, some articles in France are even calling him a monarch who can rule by decree.

He becomes Prince Emmanuel of Andorra.

Macron has positioned himself as both a French nationalist and a European federalist at a time of great political polarity. Riding the fence is perhaps what has propelled him to such great power so quickly but make no mistake – Macron clearly wants to revive the faltering European Union and has voiced support for a federal Europe and creating a European army.

France itself has the one of the most powerful militaries in the E.U.

Macron assumed office on May 14th 2017 – Israel’s 69th birthday, or just two days after 70 prophetic years since Israel became a nation. CNN reported that Macron won the French election with 66.06% of the vote. As a noun, “Macron” means “a written or printed mark.

In these times, it is essential to point out that prophecy or the fulfillment of the apocalyptic design was often associated with Jupiter or the temple dedicated to the false god.

Jupiter’s Temple was built in the 2nd century AD during the Roman Empire. In the Bible, the Temple of Jupiter is known as “Satan’s Seat.”

In the 2nd chapter 12th verse in the Book of the Apocalypse it states:

“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘I know your works, and where you dwell… where Satan’s throne is. And you hold fast to my name and did not deny my faith even in the days in which Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.”

The site of the Temple of Jupiter was one of the original Roman Catholic seat.

Today, all that’s left of the city of Pergamum, now in modern-day Turkey, are ruins. But when the Apostle John wrote his letter to the church there, it was one of the most influential cities in the Roman Empire.

The altar of Pergamum or Satan’s Seat was eventually moved.

Stone by stone, the altar was excavated and taken to Berlin, where it was reassembled and placed in its own museum. The Pergamon Museum opened in 1930, with the altar as its centerpiece.

The Nazi architect, Albert Speer, used the Pergamon Altar as the model for the Fuhrer’s pulpit it was from Jupiter’s or Zeus’ pulpit that a known Antichrist, Adolf Hitler declared war on Europe.

The Seat of Satan still resides in the European Union.

The European Union has made bold proposals for what it has ambitiously dubbed Next Generation EU. They see themselves as an example of the bold moves towards the great reset.

Other European leaders like Prince Charles the Canadian Prime Minister, US President Joe Biden, and the British Prime Minister all expressed their support for the plan.as the reset and those behind it appear to be establishing the new Roman empire or the imperial cult undefined all rising from the ashes of COVID-19 and benefiting from it.

They are implementing passports and identification form people who have been injected with vaccines that have been loaded with carbon-based graphene undefined that at its base contains 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.

If this is all a conspiracy theory, then certainly it is a terrifying one for those who are watchdogs for end time prophecy and the blueprint for the eschaton.

Believers say that these developments are paving the way, for the great events that will unfold during the tribulation.

Godundefineds name appearing on the wall of the temple mount triggers a very important message about the devil behind the door and synchronicities of the end times.

Treading in the religious implications of these synchronicities triggers a lot of religious debate among true believers; however, it must also be entertained or at least a dialogue must be had about the implications of these events that appear to be a fulfillment of prophecy.

The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Union, as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed that the European Union and other countries are looking for a World leader to lift them from their woes.Address given by Paul-Henri Spaak (Strasbourg, 10 August 1949) - CVCE Website

He affirmed that:

“We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people of the world and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

Who is he referring to?

I think we already know the answer – and he is just beyond that door in the wall.