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7/28/22: DEEP CUTS

Posted on July 28th, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

Recently, the entertainment industry seems to be giving us a lot of meat to chew on with regard to topics of cannibalism. Some people look at the consumption of human flesh as a means to deal with overpopulation while others consider it a delicacy. No matter how you slice it, itundefineds shockingly gaining much attention in the media and pop culture. Why are we normalizing something that was considered for centuries, taboo? With a bit of synchronicity, the 1973 movie, Soylent Green, is set in 2022. Welcome to Cannibal Dystopia. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about DEEP CUTS.





When I think of the depopulation agenda that is in the fine print of Agenda 2030 – I can’t help but wonder if Henry Kissinger was one of the authors of it. If you want an example of an American failure, all we have to do is look at this degenerate psychopath and realize that Henry Kissinger has been a widely revered thinker and statesman for six decades and is the recipient of awards like the Nobel Peace Prize (1973); Presidential Medal of Freedom (1977); and Medal of Liberty (1986).

He is a Godfather of sorts to all the other miscreants that make up the top 1% and was the mentor of Klaus Schwab the new Bind Villain of the Great Reset.

I could write an entire catalog of at least some of Kissinger’s heinous catalog of criminality but his idea of starving humans for depopulation is one of his well-known contributions to the world.

Kissinger’s interests have heavily influenced the parasites-in-charge (regardless of political party). As far back as 1974, he penned National Security Study Memorandum 200 on “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” In that document, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate muses about “technological innovations” that might reduce the globe’s human population.

Kissinger has also declared: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World, because the U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”

This brings us to Bill Gates — yet another psychopath who cavorts and contrives with the murderous Henry Kissinger  and his WEF cronies. Gates might see himself as up to the task of providing Kissinger with the “technological innovations” that might reduce the globe’s human population.

This makes his philanthropic overtures towards vaccinations suspect.

The sociopaths-in-charge have left a clear, easy-to-find paper trail of their intentions.

And the timing of course could not be any better as the population of the planet continues to grow and food demand is at an all time high.

So, as we have been talking about depopulation- maybe it would be interesting to talk about the overall world population.

The world’s population will cross 8 billion in November, according to recently released projections from the United Nations. And more than half of all people live in just seven countries.

China has the world’s largest population (1.426 billion), but India (1.417 billion) is expected to claim this title next year. The next five most populous nations – the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Brazil – together have fewer people than India or China. In fact, China’s population is greater than the entire population of Europe (744 million) or the Americas (1.04 billion) and roughly equivalent to that of all nations in Africa (1.427 billion).

As recently as 2015, half the world’s population was concentrated in just six countries – the same as above, with the exception of Nigeria, which was then the seventh most populous country and has since passed Brazil to move into sixth place. Recent population growth, however, has been faster in the rest of the world than in these nations, meaning that the top six now hold slightly less than half (49%) of the world’s people. Including Brazil’s 215 million people puts the world’s seven most populous countries at 51.7% of the global population.

In the UN’s “medium” scenario for future population growth – its middle-of-the-road estimate – the global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 billion in 2100. Growth is expected to be concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa, where an estimated 29% of all the world’s births happened last year. The 2021 total fertility rate in sub-Saharan Africa, 4.6 births per woman, is double the global average of 2.3 births per woman and triple the average in Europe and Northern America (1.5) and in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia (also 1.5).

The technocrats say that this is not manageable. They talk about sustainability -and their World Agendas lay out plans for food and water management. They claim that traditional farming will not be able to keep up with the populationundefineds food demand.

So they have created GMO foods, lab created  meats, and foods that include various meal worms and insects. The elite believe that this will suffice and so propaganda is used to encourage people to consume Impossible Meats and other substitute foods so that they can acclimate the public into making it the norm.

But the question has been raised in literature that if all food resources were tapped and there was nothing left -would mankind be able to solve their hunger problem if they resorted to cannibalism?

The New York Times recently faced a back lash from readers when in order to get online subscriptions they published an article entitled undefinedA Taste for Cannibalism?undefined

“Cannibalism has a time and a place.”

Those are exact words of the New York Times, which first printed the line and then tweeted it for attention.

The Times highlights the line “cannibalism has a time and a place” on social media to bait readers into clicking and subscribing. However, the piece does not argue what it teases.

It gives an overall analyses of cannibalism in the media, on TV and in film.

But it was announced that The New York Times just said it’s okay to eat they neighbor.

And to that, the outlet succeeded, in getting the attention of everyone. A write-up on Fox News shows that most readers did, in fact, interpret the tweet as a “normalization” of cannibalism.

In other words, the outlet is okay with readers thinking it’s justifying cooking human liver for dinner, so long as they are reading. Consider this a desperate ploy for attention, one so emblematic of the state of journalism.

We are always told of the credibility of journalism and that they would not stoop to spinning stories that are tawdry and or considered conspiratorial.

But was it a ploy for attention?  Because it sure feels as if blood letting and flesh eating is becoming normalized.

And if you want to look into synchronicity - 2022 is the date where the events in the Science fiction story Soylent Green take place.

In the final scene of the 1973 movie undefinedSoylent Greenundefined actor Charlton Heston, who plays detective Frank Thorn, is being led off on a stretcher following a gun battle when he desperately reveals the secret he wants the world to know: The nutritious green wafer Soylent Green is composed of pulverized remains of human corpses.

undefinedSoylent Green is people!undefined Heston yells, we have all yelled it once in our lives to impress our geeky friends - that is if you had any geek cred you would do it anyway undefined just because.

So it looks as though we are already cursed with comparisons of the film and how close we are in the real 2022 where we are forced 0to eat grandma and grandpa.

Well, real world 2022 and the world of Soylent Greenundefineds 2022  seem closer than you think.

The film portrays a world being devastated by climate change, its oceans polluted with waste; overpopulation and overuse of resources lead to shortages of food and water; housing prices skyrocket to the point only the elite can afford apartments.

Things are similar in the real world 2022 but some people canundefinedt afford apartments and live in tents.

In the movie, the food shortage is so extreme a jar of strawberry jam is $150 and people weep at the sight of beef.

Housing in New York City, where undefinedSoylent Greenundefined is set, is only affordable to the richest of the rich. The elite, theyundefinedre called.

Everyone else sleeps in their cars—or on the street.

The Soylent Green corporation controls the worldundefineds food supply, and in many ways, the information faucet to the 7 billion people around the world. (Thatundefineds one more thing the movie accurately forecast: Todayundefineds world population is well over 7.9 billion soon to be 8 Billion.

The corporation protects itself from public examination or even the most cursory questioning. Its duplicitous messaging is most evident when people choose to be euthanized. They see a beautiful montage of waterfalls, deer and flowers—before their remains turn into wafers of Soylent Green.

The elderly would voluntarily commit suicide with the aid of a Euthanasia clinic.

In our real world of 2022  , a fifth of those nearly 8 billion humans will be at least 65 years old, and less physically able than the rest to contribute to what remains of society.

So perhaps the New York times is telling the truth with their tongue pressed firmly in their cheek.

Researchers say that feeding on the old – or, really, anyone – would not solve world hunger. In the short term, eating old people might satisfy the gruesome dilemma of how to feed the population and lower it at the same time.

A population would have to sacrifice nearly two of its adults each year for each of its surviving members. That means the population would decline by almost an unthinkable two-thirds each year.

And even allowing that foods, such as grains and fruits, were still available and human meat just took the place of other animal meats, a group population would nevertheless drop by around a third annually. Natural reproduction – sex, followed by a nine-month pregnancy – can grow a population by only 3 to 4 percent per year at best.

We would effectively select ourselves out of existence, as supply would never keep up with demand.

Beyond the squeamishness at eating human flesh and the potential sense of guilt over murder, a more serious problem looms for cannibals: prion diseases. Prions are misfolded proteins that induce other proteins to take on the wrong shape, causing neurological dysfunction. A familiar example is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is derived from the bovine prion that triggers mad cow disease.

Kuru is a very rare disease. It is caused by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue. Kuru is found among people from New Guinea who practiced a form of cannibalism in which they ate the brains of dead people as part of a funeral ritual.

But as the New York Time points out- the entertainment industry seems to be giving us a lot of meat to chew with regard to topics of cannibalism.

A New Movie called undefinedBones and Allundefined and  Amazon will serve it  up “Bones and All” in November during Thanksgiving via its new purchase of MGM. It’s unclear if the movie, which is really about feasting on flesh, will premiere in theaters or at a whole foods near you.

To give you an idea of how grotesque this is undefined Let me read the opening segment from the book it’s based on written by Camille deAngelis.

The main character begins the novel with this observation from her earliest days when she chewed on her babysitter:

undefinedEven when my mother noticed the gore down the front of my OshKosh overalls, even when she registered the blood on my face, she didn’t see it. When she parted my lips and put her forefinger inside—mothers are the bravest creatures, and mine is the bravest of all—she found something hard between my gums. She pulled it out and peered at it. It was the hammer of Penny Wilson’s eardrum.undefined

Pleasant, right?

There is “Yellowjackets,” a Showtime series about a high school women’s soccer team stranded in the woods for a few months too many-and we all know what happens when a hungry soccer team crashes in some remote area undefined especially when the coach is cold in a refrigerator with a post it that says undefinedleftovers donundefinedt throw away.undefined

The pilot episode of “Yellowjackets” shows a teenage girl getting trapped, bled out like a deer and served on a platter in a terrifying ritual.

The film “Fresh,” released on Hulu last March, involves an underground human meat trade for the rich.

The plot readsundefined Fresh is about a serial killer cannibal who carves women up after seducing them and sells their body parts to rich people to eat.undefined

What was most ironic is that The Hulu platform is owned by Disney.

Family fun with cannibals in mouse ears.

Critics were quick to pick up on the irony and took to twitter saying:

undefinedSome are stunned by the fact that Disney, which is known for its family-friendly content, is branching out so extremely with the R-rated, blood-and-guts thriller.undefined

All of the criticism forced Disney to rewrite the plot synopsis.

undefinedThe movie is about undefinedthe horrors of modern dating seen through one young womanundefineds defiant battle to survive her new boyfriendundefineds unusual appetites.'undefined

Now isnundefinedt that better?

An artist project offering an absurdist take on the lab-grown meat industry -created problems for a London Gallery .

“Ouroboros Steak,” was an art project that included meat cultivated from human cells and expired blood. It was a comment that challenged the sustainability practices of the  cellular agriculture industry, which develops lab-grown products from existing cell cultures.

After the Ouroboros Steak traveled to the Design Museum in October, an intense online debate grew over the project’s motivations, and the artist received dozens of threatening emails and social media posts calling him “wicked” and “pure evil.” Some messages have demanded the destruction of the artwork.

The focus quickly became centered on accusations that the artists were promoting cannibalism.

The Artists issued a statement about the satirical new meat that is extracted from human cells.

“Ouroboros Steak” examines, but does not promote, auto-cannibalism as a satirical take on the increasing demand for meat products around the world, which scientists have warned will likely contribute to carbon emissions and reduced biodiversity. The designers hoped that shocking audiences with the suggestion would trigger an examination of environmental responsibility and the clean-meat industry, which has promoted itself as producing “kill-free” food, although most companies heavily rely on fetal bovine serum harvested during the slaughter of pregnant cows for cell cultivation.:

As controversial as the project has become, the bite-size chunks of meat toured museums around the United States last year without a problem.

It is asking a controversial question that is  in an epoch of severely depleted resources would you eat your fellow man?

Investment in cellular agriculture has increased at a remarkable pace over the last few years, even as serious discussions around the bioethics of lab-grown meat have taken a back seat.

A Swedish company made a vegan burger that they say tastes like human flesh - and the burger recently received an award. The plant-based company named, Oumph! developed the undefinedhuman meat plant-based burgerundefined for people who want to taste human flesh.

Market researchers estimate that the cultured meat business could reach $214 million by 2025, and more than double to $593 million by 2032. Earlier this year, the National Science Foundation Growing Convergence program awarded the University of California, Davis, a $3.5 million grant for cell-based, lab-grown meat research.

When we embrace the meatless burger as a victory over factory farming, we don’t consider how much added land must be cleared to raise soybeans.

We don’t want to believe that we will be forced into food repugnancy where we eat things that we wouldn’t dream of eating today.

This includes human flesh but of course, we are told that this would have to be a last resort even though I am sure there are eager scientists ready to use human stem cells and some nutrient slime to create a handburger that you can have with an order of thighs.

In the book, Mummies, Cannibals, and Vampires, by Dr, Richard Sugg there is a passage that indicates that the dirty little secret of the elite is that they eat human flesh and get blood transfusions from teenagers in order to remain youthful looking in their old age.

In the book it is reported that in medieval Europe medicinal cannibalism was practiced by people of royal stature. It was believed that eating human fat, drinking blood, and eating brains from skulls could cure anything from nosebleeds to heart problems. In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism, bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards. Not only that, but some way into the eighteenth century one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain were human skulls.

Skulls were routinely ground up and they had oil distilled from them. It was used to cure all kinds of ills. The concoction was often called the ‘king’s drops.”

However, it is called conspiracy theory when one speculates about a royal or some other elite drinking something like Adrenochrome. I don’t know if anyone remembers a show that I did many years ago where I was reading one of my Occult Chronological Histories of Alchemy to Wicca, Satanism and Witchcraft. It seems to be evident that from the 14th century on there was a deadly movement of defying the divinity of Jesus Christ. This idea was not passed down because of some tradition – it all sprang ready-made from the horrors of the time.

It appears in times of plague and disease we find ourselves in moments where people lose all hope and in the process expose themselves the lower powers in that very process they also open themselves to more suffering and disease.

And most people donundefinedt question it, right? They live miserable lives, but theyundefinedre not rebelling against the new normal. Theyundefinedre not asking hard questions, and we have to ask why and what we can learn from that.

We play around with what the future food system is going to look like, and how are we going to get there undefined from eating bugs to picking through the bones of a human undefined there are many horrific things that can happen and will happen -as we know that the value of a human life is pretty well been devalued by those wo wish to cull the planet in order to maintain some contract with nature.

We are living in a very fractured political landscape, that has been foretold in science fiction films like Soylent Green and a lot of the Zombie movies that have had a good 10 year fad undefined and now we see that shows like The Walking Dead are about to end.

However, now instead of zombies feeding on human brains -we have our neighbors, friends and maybe even our families that could become contributors to this new fashionable trend of eating meats that we have no idea about how they are processed.

And while undefinedSoylent Greenundefined is clearly an exaggeration, itundefineds what it represents that makes it relevant today.

You could say the future in undefinedSoylent Greenundefined has become, 49 years later, the present.

For now, the science fiction aspects of flesh eating are safe but it certainly could wind up being normalized but that seems to be the argument facing us today.

Is the media normalizing this, is Hollywood?

We’re living at a time when people would rather get sterilized than consider having sex with someone they have a commitment to (and has made a commitment to them), and public-health officials can’t get themselves to suggest that not having anonymous homosexual sex with multiple partners would be good in helping to prevent the spread of monkeypox. So, hey, why don’t we throw in some cannibalism, because if you can think of it, you can do it undefined isnundefinedt that the new normal now?

Food now arrives pre-packaged (often precooked), preserved with chemicals and contains harmful pesticides, micro-plastics, hormones and/or various other contaminants. We are also being served a narrower menu of high-calorie food with lower nutrient content.

It is clear that there is something fundamentally wrong with how modern food is produced.

Although, there are various stages between farm and fork, not least modern food processing practices, which is a story in itself, a key part of the problem lies with agriculture.

Today, many farmers are trapped on chemical and biotech treadmills. They have been encouraged and coerced into using a range of costly off-farm inputs, from synthetic fertilizers and corporate-manufactured seeds to a wide array of weedicides and pesticides.

With the industrialization of agriculture, many poor, smallholder farmers have been deskilled and placed into vulnerable positions. Traditional knowledge has been undermined, overwhelmed or has survived only in fragments.

It is all by design of course, and as the conversion take place, we all might as well know that the technocrats have big plans for what you will be eating.

There seems to be a concerted effort to make farming financially non-viable for many farmers and remove them from their land. Bill Gates and the Chinese are now buying up farms and turning them into condominiums.

The more land they buy undefined the more we will be seeing our food stuffs made in labs and alternatives to meat will be on the dinner table.

It is not surprising that the mainstream media labels the idea of an agenda for global government a conspiracy theory. Because the fine print includes depopulation, alternative foods for a mandatory diet -and other things that nightmares re made if.

It is a handy psychological “coping mechanism” for living in a strange new world that cannot otherwise be refuted.