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Posted on August 13th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Every time I see the calendarundefineds first day of the month fall on a Sunday, I realize that this means one thing. There is going to be a Friday the 13th to contend with. Back when I worked at another network, I was often asked to appear on the sports station to talk with the host about what Friday the 13th is all about and what I see on the horizon, bad luck or good luck.

So out of habit, I seem to gloom on to various synchronicities on this day. Those who have listened to me over the years have heard all of my stories about why the number for some is very unlucky.

Today is the perfect day to discuss an old proverbial axiom that rarely gets mentioned but certainly is part of literature and legend and that is the striking of 13 chimes on a clock.

I am sure many people have not heard of such a thing but if you have read 1984 by George Orwell the first line of the book indicates that things seem out of the ordinary. The most famous is the first line in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, when it starts with, undefinedIt was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.undefined

Most countries around the world use the 24-hour system for technical purposes and in documents such as timetables; the United States is an exception although US military bodies do use the 24-hour clock.

Most digital clocks can be set to show the time as, for example, 13:00, and this is frequently done. However, typical analogue clock design conserves the 12-hour system, and so does everyday speech.

In English, in fact, the term undefined13 oundefinedclockundefined is not used; when referring to something like a timetable that uses the 24-hour clock, or in a military context, one would say undefinedThirteen hundred hoursundefined. In other European languages, the terms equivalent to undefined13 oundefinedclockundefined are used, in France and even Spanish speaking countries they sometimes say 13 oundefinedclock.

I have spoken before about how the number thirteen is a contraction of three and ten undefined or three ten undefined a combination that when said quickly sounds like the the word threaten. The number 13 and 10 was very much an integral part of timetable figuring as the Romans tried to retool the calendar to avoid 13 month year.

The image of creatures kneeling ahead the Throne of God, the Holy Trinity Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is symbolized by the number 13: the 1 ahead of the 3.

The trinity is represented by the triangle. You are the one that bows before the 3.

If we represent 12 under the form of the Zodiac, 13=12+1 is the number of the eternal return. The 13th hour is also the first, but times have changed, and the number 13 is no longer favored.

Three ten and twelve were the factoring numbers to crunch to avoid a superstitious paradox.

The Babylonians had a way of counting and representing numbers that was partly based on 10 as a regular decimal system, partly based on 12 and basically based on 60 which combines both a 12 based and 10 based system. This is where we get the 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and also the 12 based system is the 12 hours a day and 12 hours a night resulting in 24 hours for a full day and night cycle from. It is also where we get the 360 degrees and so on from as well.

So 12 months and originally they followed the moon cycles and that is where the Metonic cycle comes from - a 19 year period is almost exactly a whole number of moon cycles meaning that the moon phases will generally repeat after 19 solar years.Metonic cycle - Wikipedia

The moon moves around the earth at 29.5 days approx. as seen from earth. This would lead to a length of month that is somewhere between 29 and 30 days as is seen in the Chinese lunar-solar calendar. However, the Romans were superstitious and wanted to avoid even numbers so they made their months be either 29 or 31 days except for February which was “sacrificed” and made even but also made the shortest month so that hopefully whatever bad luck the even number of days would bring would be confined to those days. They also arranged that a leap month which was later replaced by a leap day were inserted in February so that you split February in two during leap years so that the bad luck could be divided up.

Once they decided to leave the moon cycles and just let every month have a fixed number of days they could have made each month 28 days but again remember that 28 was an even number and therefore “bad” in the roman mind set so it was bad enough that February had 28 days they wouldn’t want EVERY MONTH to be 28 days.

That would be 13 months.

So now we have 12 months in the calendar. But what was arguably never resolved is how the original houses of the Zodiac were numbered at 13 . Ophiuchus the 13th constellation and house faded into history but was not forgotten by astronomers.Ophiuchus star sign: Hoax horoscope dates, personality traits, pronunciation and compatibility

The Sumerians used a zodiac including 13 constellations and 26 main stars.

However. the first recorded mention of Ophiuchus came in 300 BC. It’s always been a part of the Sun’s path in the sky called the ecliptic, but it’s largely been left out of astrology.

The origins of the zodiac go back approximately 2,500 years when the Babylonians separated the sky into 12 different sections. They studied an apparent relationship between the constellations’ placements in the sky and the movement of the Sun, and thus, the 12 signs were born. They saw the constellation of Ophiuchus, too, but since it didn’t fit neatly into one of these 12 slices, they decided to leave it out of the zodiac—along with dozens of other constellations.

Ophiuchus is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is Greek for ‘serpent-bearer’, and it is commonly represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens..

Ophiuchus is also called the Light Bearer or Lucifer. Ophiuchus is the character in mythology that holds the keys to the pit of Leviathan or the Hydra.

The sun passes in front of the constellation Ophiuchus each year from about November 30 to December 18.

As the Earth slowly wobbles, our tilt changes and this effects our perception of what constellation the Sun is in at a given time. With time, as we tilt, the constellation Ophiuchus seems to ‘dip down’ into the path of the Sun just enough to say it does cross the elliptic, so the Sun spends more than half a month’s time in Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus sits in the general direction towards the center of our galaxy. The ancients called it the ‘Gate of the Gods’. Orion sits in the opposite of this direction…which would be considered the ‘anti-galactic center’ and the ancients called this direction, the ‘Gate of man’.

The Gate of the Gods is a natural Stargate where all sorts of entities are meant to come or come through.

The intersection of the circles between Taurus and Gemini is known as the silver gate of  heaven. The intersection of these two circles between Scorpio and Sagittarius is known as the golden gate of heaven. The galactic center lies visually from our solar system along a line that passes through the golden gate.

So you may be wondering why I am speaking about this 13th constellation that was forgotten on Friday the 13th?

Because of many synchronicities that have happened with this number and recent news stories.

A star more than 4,000 light years away has gone through such an epic eruption that it is currently visible with the naked eye from Earth, astronomers have reported. It was detected in the Constellation Ophiuchus.

The starundefineds eruption has seen it go from being 12th magnitude object, to 4.8 magnitude on the scale used by astronomers to determine how visible something will be when viewed from Earth.

The erupting star, RS Ophiuchi is a rare type of stellar phenomenon as we have only discovered 10 in the Milky Way so far, out of 100,000 million stars in our galaxy.Astro Bob: A naked-eye starburst in Ophiuchus | Duluth News Tribune

What are the chances of the light of this start traveling 4000 years to be seen on Friday the 13th? As it is 4,566 light years away from the Earth the explosion actually happened 4,566 years ago - it just took that long for the light to reach us.

RS Ophiuchi is a binary star - a white dwarf in a close orbit with a red giant.

These celestial occurrences like eclipses, solar and lunar, planetary cross alignments and comets are incorporated as omens and portends that indicate great change is about to occur. Depending on what you feel about the number 13 undefined superstition would say that this is not a lucky Omen.

Norse mythology also has a superstition surrounding thirteen at a dinner table and the bad luck that ensues. … Apparently twelve deities sat down for a meal at a gods’ feast only to have Loki, the god of mischief and disorder, come along and crash the party. He rose the number to thirteen, causing one of the gods to die during the meal.

This may well be the root of the Christian superstition about 13 at a meal; the idea that Judas Iscariot being both the 13th person to sit at the Last Supper and the betrayer of Jesus mirrors the earlier Norse myth nicely.Friday the 13th origins: Where did Friday the 13th come from? | Express.co.uk

The thirteenth chapter of the Revelation is reserved to the Antichrist and to the Beast.

In 13th psalm, it is written: undefinedThe fool has said in his heart, There is no Godundefined.

Given that Loki, Ophiuchus and Lucifer can be connected to the 13 superstition it is also a coincidence that the heat dome that is plaguing the Northwest and parts of Europe is being nicknamed, Lucifer.Hot as hell': Why a heat dome called Lucifer is causing hellish temperatures and fires across Europe

The hellish weather in southern Europe is being caused by an anticyclone from North Africa. This area of high pressure and extreme heat is also known as a heat dome and is also sitting above the Pacific Northwest.

Lucifer been a major factor in the wildfires seen so far in Greece, Turkey and Italy - and will likely lead to more in Spain, Portugal and France.

A state of emergency had been declared in Oregon has temperatures have gone in the triple digits and will remain that way through the Friday the 13th weekend.

A landmark report published this week by the UNundefineds International Panel on Climate Change said concurrent heat waves and droughts have “increased in frequency over the last century at the global scale due to human influence”.

The report also warned that Earth is warming far more rapidly than previously predicted.

Fires can have a devastating impact on human and ecological well being. A loss of ecosystems damages local wildlife and the quality of rivers, lakes and streams, while particles released into the atmosphere can cause respiratory issues.

And where did the name Lucifer come from? Experts are unsure. Again this seems to be an uncanny coincidence.

Ophiuchus has also been associated with the Sun standing still undefined it is based on the ouroboros myth of the serpent winding around the Sun and keeping it fixed in the heavens.The Ouroboros | Sacred Geometry

The book of Joshua in the biblical canon speaks of an event where the sun had stalled in the sky and also speaks of another biblical text that was rejected form the biblical canon called the Book of Jasher or in the Hebrew the book of the “upright. “

“And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.undefined

Furthermore in ancient writings, the sun standing still is accompanied by stories of the crossing star or sphere that brings with it a shifting of the seasons and the changing of the equinoxes. The crossing star or object of great size moves though the constellations Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra. The final crossing point is through the constellation Ophiuchus.

Notice the four constellations spoken of represent the four magnetic phases of the earth and according to some astrologers can quite literally pose as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Ophiuchus represents the pale horse of prophecy and with his arrival comes pestilence and death. Later he uses the snake to heal the sick and raise the dead. He is the 13th named house of the Zodiac. He brings with him change and upheaval.

In the 13th card of the tarot, death rides a pale horse. As he arrives a King dies, a Pope or Bishop welcomes him, and the sun rises between the temporal towers that represent the changing of time. The temporal towers also have been interpreted as the sun shining on the New Jerusalem or the new world that changes as the sun transforms the earth for the new creation cycle.Death (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

The flower or the “Ros crux” on the flag of the rider is a representation of healing and change. It is the equivalent of the Serpentis undefined serpent winding its way up the pole - or the symbol of the caduceus undefined the very symbol that we see in Doctorundefineds offices.

This is anciently the symbol of healing undefined the symbol that Moses hoisted in the desert, The Ros crux can also be depicted as the celestial light cross. The cross in alchemy is the synonym of light, because any figure of a cross contains the three letters L V X or LUX.

The Rosicrucian’s believed that light was the menses of the Serpent of Heaven. The serpent of heaven to the ancients was in reality a comet or sphere that would cross the sky and bleed pure gold from heaven.

From the writings of The Mirror of the Rosy Cross, we read of the new crossing star and its location in heaven during times of change:

“Yea, the Lord God hath already sent before certain messengers, which should testify his will, to wit, some new stars, which do appear and are seen in the firmament in Serpentano (Serpentius/Ophiuchus) which signify and give themselves known to everyone, that they are powerful Signacula (signs) of great weighty matters.”.

This again is an uncanny coincidence on Friday the 13th undefined it is the indication that the serpent holder is sending us a message about who is in control of the minds of the people.

The snake charmer.

The snake charmer is well known for not only mesmerizing a snake, but also domesticating and holding the undefinedOtherundefined is a trance.

There is a biblical waning about the influence of the serpent in Ecclesiastes:

undefinedIf the serpent bites before it is charmed, there is no advantage to the charmer. The words of a wise man’s mouth win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him.undefined

The reptiles cunning can consume people into believing false information. Which brings us to another tragic story that was in the news recently.

A California surfing school owner was charged Wednesday with killing his two young children with a spear gun in Mexico because he believed they would become monsters, authorities said.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, confessed to the FBI during an interview that he took his 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter to Rosarito, Mexico, where he shot a “spear fishing gun” into their chests, according to an affidavit filed by an FBI agent with the criminal complaint.California dad murdered his toddler, infant over 'serpent DNA': FBI

Coleman said that “he believed his children were going to grow into monsters so he had to kill them,” according to the court document. Coleman was detained at the border checkpoint, where during an interview with an FBI agent “he explained that he was enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and was receiving visions and signs revealing that his wife, possessed serpent DNA and had passed it on to his children,” according to the affidavit.

The serpent bears the duality of being a symbol of evil power and chaos from the underworld as well as a symbol of fertility, life and healing.

Scholars tell us that it is “abundantly clear from a wide range of evidence” that the image of the snake or serpent in the ancient world was a dual symbol representing deity, creativity, and healing on the one hand, but evil, harm, and destruction on the other. In fact, this polarity is not only found in archaic cultures but remains with us today. The symbol of the healing serpent is still preserved on the physician’s caduceus, while a person of disreputable actions—especially treachery—is sometimes referred to as “a snake.”

The number 13 brings the test, the suffering and the death. It symbolizes the death to the matter or to oneself and the birth to the spirit: the passage on a higher level of existence.

For the cabalist, the number 13 is the meaning of the Snake, the dragon, Satan and the murderer. But it is also for Christians the representative number of the Virgin Mary, she whose mission is to crush the head of Satan.

Ophiuchus the 13th house and the snake holder was usurped by Satan, and then,overtime, its true meaning became corrupted and diffused through many cultures over the ages.

This may be another reason for the superstition that surrounds Friday the 13th.