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Posted on August 18th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Parapolitical topics are always labeled by the ultrasensitive liberals and conservatives as being divisive because they have always been an exercise in apolitical commentary.

When we look in parapolitics, what we are doing is trying to expose the corruption within the intelligence apparatus and how propaganda shapes the culture.

The process if you choose to accept it, is to shape or reshape reality by any means necessary so that you will forget history -so that the powerful elite can repeat it or at least make it rhyme.

This was what I was hinting at the other night when I noticed the pictures coming out of Afghanistan that were purposefully reminding us of Vietnam and the images from 1975 in Saigon.

This has triggered an up-swell of attention and rightly so, to the situation in Afghanistan. It certainly has dominated my news feed enough times that it is an unavoidable elephant in the room.

The challenge for me is how can I deliver a different angle to the situation that is eye opening and does not seem to mimic that mainstream, that seem to be feigning their shock and awe over the miserable situation and then passing the blame on to Donald Trump.

It is as if there is no history beyond that of Trump/Biden or Obama/Trump.

Remember. Afghanistan has been the elites lynch pin for the New World Order. So said both Bush administrations and the think tank that produced the Project for the New American Century and the addendum that was produced in September of 2000 called Rebuilding Americaundefineds Defenses.The Project For The New American Century - And The New World Order - Regis Tremblay

This blueprint of the future not only revealed the conspiracy of staging a new Pearl Harbor, but to also used genotype biowarfare as a political tool. This was all being proposed to coerce the American people to move forward with the plan to annex the Middle east for resources.

The authors of this manifesto were none other than, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz , Jeb Bush and Lewis Scooter Libby.

This blue print for the future has always been the agenda that has been sealed for the elite globalist and neocons to forge their own vision of the New World Order.

Both the 9/11 attacks and now COVID-19 uncannily fulfill the prophetic words of the shadow government that has been in play and has devolved in what is now being termed the deep state.

There have been many of these elder statesmen who have been manipulating and shaping reality behind the scenes and so when I see what is happening in Afghanistan I have to stop and wonder if the same power of the hidden hand is shaping reality again.

Just before the 9/11 attacks and the eventual wars it triggered, Bush’s cabinet intended to take military control of the Gulf region regardless of who was in power.

In fact, 9/11 offered an extremely convenient pretext to put the PNAC plan into action. The evidence again is quite clear that plans for military action against Afghanistan and Iraq were in hand well before 9/11.

The 9/11 attack was the event that shaped our reality and now 20 years later reality is being shaped again.18th Anniversary of 9/11: Official Story Implodes | Crescent International | Monthly News Magazine from ICIT

We are bombarded now with people that want to convince us of something and the media along with social media is doing its best to shape the reality of what is happening in Afghanistan.

President Biden is being blamed for his “lack of plan,” even as Democrats try and shift the blame to Trump who first decided to pull the US out of Afghanistan over 18 months ago.

Again, it is a political football that neglects the nuance of history and uses ignorance to try and shift blame in a political arena that has long since lost any credibility.

The press are reporting dozens of stories about the humanitarian crises, refugees fleeing the new regime, the fate of women under the Taliban, and “shocking videos” of desperate people.

However today, I stumbled on a number of pictures online that I thought were part of some joke that The Onion or the Babylon Bee was creating.

It was the Taliban at an amusement park riding in bumper cars and another picture of them eating Ice cream in an attempt to mock President Biden.

The media have been generating memes to sell the “chaos” of the Taliban’s advance. The go-to comparison has been the fall of Saigon, because the (“near-identical images” “went viral”).

This has prompted a great deal of criticism from those who believe that this is a stage show that comes complete with crisis actors and a stand down order and that the melodrama and “chaos” of the pull-out of our troops was either a part of the deal, or a later addition to either cause a distraction or save some face.

All of this serves a purpose, aside from the distraction of emotive metaphors and lurid headlines. It all aids in the construction of a narrative.

The narrative goes beyond Biden and Trump but engenders the idea that America made a huge mistake and that wishful thinking and incompetence is what fueled the long war with Afghanistan.

Using clever time looping, that I have discussed at length the so-called end of the Afghan war is being used to re-brand its beginnings. The Taliban are propped up as villains, again, and associated with Al Qaeda, as if they were ever anything but an globalist tool in the first place.

People are talking about “spreading democracy” and “counter-terrorism” as if they were the real aims of the war, instead of long-discredited lies.

Marketing Afghanistan as a “defeat” for the US camouflages the truth of it – the war was a very profitable business venture.

And, of course, it all serves to reinforce the frail official story of 9/11, a vital foundation in the construction of our geo-political “reality”.

Of course, the Taliban never would have been victorious without help. The Taliban makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling opium and other drugs, but they also receive hundreds of millions of dollars a year from other sources.

Officials from the United Nations have never assigned the Taliban an exact net worth but suspect it could top out at $1.6 billion.

Available intelligence has identified several potential income streams, helping to prop up the new dominant force in Afghanistan.

A June 2021 report compiled with member-state intelligence found the group relies on drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and opium production.

It can be said that what they do to raise funds is exactly how the new money is obtained in most governments today and this should factor into your political diet undefined but when it is reported it usually falls on deaf ears or is used to attack political enemies.

The opium trade is one of the Talibanundefineds most lucrative investments, which allows them to profit both from unprocessed seeds and heroin. Between 2018 and 2019, UN officials estimated the Taliban made $400 million from the trade.Reuters

But estimations on this total vary between a minimum of $40 million and a maximum of $460 million. Afghanistan supplies a vast chunk of the worldundefineds illicit opiates, despite concerted efforts from occupying militaries.

The US invaded in November 2001, and opium production has increased almost every year since then. Not to mention the CIA and their alleged drug trade. I could go on and on about that but at the moment it isnundefinedt relevant.

What is however is that according the press, the heroin will continue to flow. In fact the Taliban will increase production because the “illegal drug trade helps fuel” them.

Reuters reports that the US plan to halt heroin production “failed”, and that the opium trade is a “boon” for the Taliban.

So, we should be prepared for the illegal heroin trade to increase now the US has “withdrawn” from Afghanistan. Afghan heroin is, and always has been, a US/Deep State/corporate enterprise. .

The Taliban also allegedly gets funding from some supporting nations.

Both Afghan and US officials have accused regional governments of funding the Taliban, having long-suspected Pakistan, Iran, and Russia have offered their assistance at some point.

The most individual contributions come from Pakistan and Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, providing an estimated annual income of $500 million.

Reality is changing rapidly and in our summer of transition we may be seeing the beginnings of phasing out Joe Biden. His popularity rating has dipped below 50% according to reports and even CNN has said that “Joe Biden is facing a crisis of competence”. Which could mean they’re in the early stages of prepping us for President Kamala Harris.

The situation in Afghanistan has turned the globalist news outlets in the United States firmly against Biden.  Just a few months ago they were endlessly singing his praises, but now they are ripping into him quite viciously.

An opinion piece in The New York Times claimed that Biden would ‘go down in history, fairly or unfairly, as the president who presided over a long-brewing, humiliating final act in the American experiment in Afghanistan’.

A Washington Post column said the situation ‘is on Biden, and it will leave an indelible stain on his presidency’, while a piece in USA Today said ‘this catastrophe is appearing on his watch, and he will have to take his lumps’.

The New World Order may want an unfortunate end for President Biden because he now appears to be weak. Which goes to show you that when the chips are down the globalists will be prone to eating each other. Apparently, there is no loyalty with this mob family.Concerns over US terror threats rising as Taliban hold grows

Geo-politically, the talk is of Russia and China – the only two countries to officially recognize the Taliban government – “stepping into the void”. This is being played as a victory for America’s enemies and another stick with which to beat Bidenundefined we had a listener from Washington DC who told us that this should embolden China and Russia to make moves as our country is being perceived as being weak.

It certainly appears that way and Biden may not recover from this fiasco.

But we need to keep something in mind.

The Covid “pandemic” has been an eye-opener in terms of conflict between nations. They’ve shown us that, when they really need to, they work together to the same end. They tell the same lies, sell the same stories, and want the same thing.

There is some retro causality at play here undefined meaning that this event is happening because of something that has happened in the future that will immediately have us recalling why 9/11 happened, why the fall of communism happened and how so many old history lessons have not been learned.

Those who see the great reset in our future know that nothing happens without a plan and this could very well be all planned and carried out because of some prize that the globalists have their eyes centered on.

It is a future prize and remember retro causality is often the stomachache you get today from the bad egg salad sandwich you ate two days in the future.

The Taliban is that stomachache and the plan ahead is something that we can only speculate about.

The truth is, no matter which nations notionally hold sway in Afghanistan, the profits from the war, the lithium and the heroin will all end up going to the same few pockets. Corporations rule, not countries. Nation-states are no longer the players of the Great Game, they are the pieces.

The powerful technocrats have shaped our reality and as we speak they are shaping the reality of what is happening in Afghanistan- it is again a product of trying to convince the west that the eschaton is drawing near and that whatever happens next they are going to be the saviors and the victors.

They are already priming us for a terrorist attack on American soil- again right before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s only been a few days since the “fall” of Kabul, but already the “renewed terrorism threat” is making waves in the press.

A report in from AP says: “Concerns over US terror threats rising as Taliban hold grows.”

The New York Times went fully hysterical, reporting “A decade ago, a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq opened the door for the Islamic State. Will the withdrawal from Afghanistan do the same for the Taliban? and warning of other terror attacks in the future…

They just altered history in a sense as we never really withdrew from Iraq and that we armed and trained ISIS.

The former head of NATO has said the West needs to “bolster its terror defenses”, whilst the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Staff General Mark Milley has said “terror groups will re-constitute in Afghanistan faster than expected” and the UN is calling for “unity against the global terrorist threat”.Concerns over US terror threats rising as Taliban hold grows - The Boston Globe

Boom we are living the first decade of the 21st century all over again undefined this type of rhetoric was certainly used during the George W. Bush administration and was an excuse for Barack Obama to get all trigger happy with drone assassinations.

Wow, how so many things are looping out of control in a timeline that is supposed to be linear.

Does this mean we will see a major terrorist attack?

I donundefinedt know, we have been long overdue for one undefined The propaganda it worked for Bush and Obama and our President was one of the chief authors of the Patriot Act.

The truth is that the threat is just as effective as the attack itself.

The Covid fear is thinning people are starting to wake up a little, and the people running things need everyone to be afraid again.

Needless to say, that all of this could create a tremendous amount of instability all over the planet, and great instability could eventually set the stage for war on a global scale.

What we cannot ignore is the 20 years of lies an deceit when it comes to Afghanistan from George W. Bush to President Biden.

U.S. political and military leaders have been lying to the American public for two decades about the prospects for success in Afghanistan generally, and the strength and capacity of the Afghan security forces in particular — up through five weeks ago when Biden angrily dismissed the notion that U.S. withdrawal would result in a quick and complete Taliban takeover.Afghanistan: Special Forces Raid Medical Clinic | Human Rights Watch

Any residual doubt about the falsity of those two decades of optimistic claims has been obliterated by the easy and lightning-fast blitzkrieg whereby the Taliban took back control of Afghanistan as if the Afghan military did not even exist.

That should tell you something – the timeline again indicates that it feels like August 2001 all over again.

We live in an age where Americans are bankrupt when it comes to trust of one another. One can hardly think of any subset of any race or creed that has not only become the object of suspicion by some other subset.

If politics define you, then you can safely assume that you have fallen for the well organized cult dynamic that is being used to drive us all towards sipping down that acidic Kool aid.

Most conspiracy theories that I see about government have become scapegoat theories for party politics when the issues are deeper. Deeper, because of its nomenclature, it is the Deep State after all with an even deeper agenda.

That agenda does not include you, the agenda that they have makes you the scapegoat because their nightmare is dealing with a public that is on to their corruption and impunity. Their nightmare is a public that remembers that government is for the people by the people.

Their dream is to have the people of this country embrace their corruption, embrace the rejection of sovereignty, and to lose faith and patriotism through division and scapegoating of one another.

All of the greatest lies and clichés are back again—and people tell me that my time loop theories are a reach. Well, if you don’t believe in temporal overlap perhaps a temporal overlay can give you insight into the future—maybe give you some perspective in retro causality.

Afghanistan has always been a country with divided warring tribes. Their political structure has been fragmented by insurgents; this has made it difficult for the people to. form a united whole. They have been unable get beyond shallow differences. They have become ungovernable and have been hijacked by militant agents with extreme political agendas—and they have needed the help of outside forces to try and bring order to country who has seen its share of rigged elections, disease, and ineffectual leadership.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Now like that egg salad sandwich stomach ache metaphor for retro causality, does any of this sound like the future for America. is it making you feel a little sick today?

Now let’s talk about your reality again –do I need to repeat anything?