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Posted on August 20th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


I was watching a bunch of Netflix documentaries on movie making and how some of the movies we know and love almost ended up not being made. From Back to the Future, Ghostbusterundefineds, Home Alone and Jurassic Park, we take for granted how budgets sometimes go overboard and greedy executives want a bigger deice of the pie and so movies sometimes never get made.

But somehow, they pull through.

One of those films that has been loved by so many is Jurassic Park. I wonundefinedt go into the details of how this film almost was shelved but what rang through to me was that line that Jeff Goldblum utters about the mad science behind cloning dinosaurs.

He says emphatically, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Well as the dinosaurs, they create and seem to go out of control - we get our answer.

We have heard the story so many times about a creator that brings to life something that he loses control over. It is seen as a threat or a monster. What is most disconcerting is that the creation was doing what it was meant to do. Then, by some unfortunate happenstance, the creation goes rogue reminding us of the classic story of Frankenstein’s monster.

In the movie, ‘Frankenstein’ directed by James Whale, the most important dialogue of all was lost in the Universal 1931 movie when the creation moves its trembling hand, Henry Frankenstein, played by Colin Clive, cries out:

“Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive…. It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive! Oh – in the name of God. Now I know what it feels like to be God.”Psychotronic Daily on Twitter: "Colin Clive who portrayed Henry Frankenstein  in FRANKENSTEIN(1931) & BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN(1935) was born #OTD in 1900.  He was only 37 when he died. #Frankenstein… https://t.co/qUSYeGnjS0"

The last line was censored by the studio.

The Frankenstein story is more of a reality now than it ever was. Today, mankind is edging closer to the reality of creating or supporting what could be called “mad science.”

It is because most people donundefinedt bother or donundefinedt remember the discipline that science is supposed to implement.

Science is a methodology. What science ‘does’ is to place constraints on how we investigate what we consider to be useful knowledge. What people choose to do with that knowledge is not science unless it entails the further acquisition of knowledge by the methodologies of science.

On the other hand, the immense advancement made in the field of science can also be used for malicious intent. This has been called mad science where madmen who are given power and wish to change the way we approach the methodology.

It is science that some see and profane and one sided, it leads to harm and in many cases death and destruction.

The method of science has now become madness and there is no real refuge as the technocracy is now making decisions, and politicians, and the clergy are seeing the power it gives them to hold science over the heads of the naive.

For example today, I was reading an article about Elon Musk and how he wishes to create a robot that will replace humans in some capacity.Elon Musk Says Tesla Bot Designed so That People 'Can Run Away From It'

Tesla announced that it is actually going to make a humanoid robot, called Tesla Bot, and it will be able to grab your groceries for you and perform other menial tasks.

At its “AI Day” today, Tesla released many details about its progress to develop AI technology to power its self-driving system. But as was expected, there was a “one more thing” moment, and it was robots.

Robots that will replace people and do their jobs for them.

Musk described Tesla as already being the biggest robotic company in the world, considering the capabilities of its vehicles to see and understand the world around them and act on that information.

The CEO believes that it makes sense for Tesla to use their significant advancements in computer vision, but instead of deploying in a robot on four wheels, the company will do it in a humanoid robot.

Musk said that Tesla Bot will be geared toward doing “repetitive and boring tasks.”

It’s going to share a lot of the technology found in Tesla vehicles today, including the FSD computer that will receive data from a very similar suite of sensors.

While the idea of robots doing boring tasks has been something that we have read about in science fiction as something benign- it is one more indication that the future for humans seems to be a dark one as we realize that little by little we may see ourselves erased or somehow coerced into plugging in to a huge network of machines.

Musk has many lofty goals from going from going to Mars to cluttering the skies with his Starlink satellite system.Contact lost with three Starlink satellites, other 57 healthy - SpaceNews

Did you know that over half of all close encounters or near crashes in orbit between objects are caused by SpaceX Starlink satellites - even with just 1,500 of a planned 12,000 launched so far, data shows.

Satellite operators such as SpaceX are constantly forced to make adjustments to avoid encounters with other spacecraft and pieces of debris.

Researchers found that Starlink satellites are involved in an average of 1,600 close encounters with other spacecraft every week, including some where the two objects come within about half a mile of each other, according to a Space.com report.

If two spacecraft do crash in orbit then they would generate a cloud of debris that would in turn threaten other satellites operating in the same region of space.

With hundreds of Starlink satellites in orbit, the number of dangerous approaches will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, a Chinese military satellite appears to have gotten smashed by a disintegrating Russian rocket, Space.com reports, in what’s likely the worst orbital collision since 2009.Russian military satellite and Chinese rocket may collide with dire  consequences for humankind's future in space — RT World News

We keep putting stuff up in space because of science, we can create robots that can replace us and the question is should we?

The collision illustrates the growing danger of derelict spacecraft parts and other jetsam in Earth’s orbit, where they can smash functional equipment — as well as the extraordinary difficulty in figuring out what’s going on in Earth’s orbit.

Has anyone stopped to question whether or not filling the sky with all of these satellites is a smart thing to do? It is all for giving people access to internet and to plug in to machines that Elon Musk once warned were demons.

He also wishes to create something called Neuralink - an electronic brain-computer interface.Neuralink : a Fitbit for Brain or a tool of Human Control ? –  thesocialmaverick

Musk says that it is a Fitbit for your skull.

Again, we can plug our bodies into machines and be a part of the metaverse. I am sure it is a great novelty to be explored undefined but is the reality worth the brain damage it may cause among other things that we do not foresee?

Farooq Ali appeared on Ground Zero and warned us of a new molecular stage biosensor called Neuroswarm 3.

I told him I would look into it and what I read was troubling.

Science has gone ahead with creating gold-plated nano sensors, which are the size of a single viral particle, could travel through the bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier.

Once inside the brain they would act like a kind of antenna, turning neural activity into optical signals that could be wirelessly sent to an external device.

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, believe that in the shorter term it could help scientists better understand the mysteries of human cognition. Longer term, potential applications sound like the stuff of science fiction: composing messages with your thoughts, controlling exoskeletons with your mind, the ability to monitor neurological disease with no invasive procedures.

“NeuroSWARM3 can convert the signals that accompany thoughts to remotely measurable signals for high precision brain-machine interfacing.undefinedNeuroSWARM3, injectable swarms of nanosensors to "read" the brain

Is this something we have to worry about in the future as the technocracy wants to control everything, we do from the time we are sperms to the time we are worms?

Since the 1940’s Most of us have always thought of the nuclear shadow and how the innovation of mass destruction was something that loomed over our heads like the sword of Damocles.

Luckily, we have managed to get this far without being incinerated.

However, we are again of the mindset that our luck is about to run out. With wars and rumors of wars, hypersonic weapons and lasers our nightmares of megadeath events have been rekindled.

Now, mind you out of control satellites, out of control Artificial Intelligence, hypersonic weapons, lasers and nuclear bombs are relatively big-ticket items when it comes to monster potential, but if you truly wish to see the smaller potential monster perhaps we can look at our cell phones, and the rise of technology that begs us to assimilate like the Borg collective of Star Trek.

Remember they may have great cosplay potential at a comic con, but they were the bad guys.

The processes of human genetic engineering are also part of our Frankenstein culture. Will we sail through all of this discovery safely or will we, like Victor Frankenstein, witness “destruction and infallible misery”?

It is now certain that “reflexive modernity” or the idea that modern technology can be applied to deal with any problems of its own creation and that whatever problems arise from technoscience, we can fix with more technoscience.

When it comes to the environment the idea of Stratospheric Aerosol Injections comes from the thought that ecomodernism or environmental modernity will also save us from the actions that have been allegedly detrimental to the ecosystem.

Brought on by man’s other monstrous innovations that have made the planet toxic.

This has forced the technocrats into adopting a stance of approximation or implanting of what is called the proactionary principle, which “involves not only anticipating before acting, but learning by acting.

This is why we now argue about just who or what triggered climate change – the whole concept of implementing actions now is proactionary based on an educated guess.

However, is it true science or is it science with a political agenda?

Science now has an agenda, it is a means to coerce, and bully. Those behind the sudden solution of Mad Science are just as diabolical as those that headed up Eugenics programs that were cheered on by those who we revere in history.

Eugenics, like the climate crisis, COVID-19 and population control agendas all seek to control human behavior in the name of curbing a crisis based on everyday human activity– human breeding, human consumption, human competition for food and other resources, and the very air humans breathe– humanity is always pegged as the problem, and eventually people are killed or die as a result of politically-advocated action to meet the crisis.

Yet in hind-sight, each of these crises have been proven to stand on shaky factual ground and misplaced, but with often well-meaning, concern. Such good intentions have indeed paved the way to hell, including the genocide of ‘undesirable’ human existence.

The sixth extinction we have been warned about is self-perpetuated and it is what the technocrats want us to fear.Study Says Earth on Brink of Mass Extinction Event

There are various monsters that they tell us do not exist , but there are monsters they create in order to keep us in a perpetual state of fear–those who are awake can see them and decide to warn us of their extremely volatile nature.

But there are some people that are too scared and selfish to stop and ponder what is happening to them.

The political demand for this type of mad and weird science quests for answers in life constitute a religion from an anthropological viewpoint.

To speak against this mad science or to challenge it is anathema- why would anyone not want to ask why we have allowed scientists to play God and why isn’t it being exposed without question by governments?

To they see potential in corralling us, culling the herd and controlling the rest through these electronic breakthroughs?

No wonder people are questioning whether or not the injections they want to give us for COVID-19 have a hidden purpose.

The mouthpieces of the scientific establishment have identified the latest global security threat: anti-science. Those who question the Climate crisis are anti-science, those who question the efficacy of the vaccine are anti-science, if you want to use common sense you become anti science.

It is all about the science; it is all about being a part of the new science cult.

However there is one thing that is never mentioned is that with all of the talk about listening to the science, we never stop and wonder if all of it is mad weird science and without ethics or social controls science can run amok and there is plenty of evidence to show that it is.

When I hear the mainstream media telling people they are anti-science I really have a hard time wondering what that means and I determine that it is whatever they want it to mean.

It really makes you think when mad science is embraced and legitimized by the globalists in order to destabilize economies of various governments that don’t comply with their green economy and political take over.

The question is: are the people of earth being dealt a suicide hand in order to avoid the inevitable?

We are told to put our trust in some nebulous science and all he while no one remembers the cautionary tales from literature about mad Promethean scientists that are prone to doing experiments that can do harm or otherwise jeopardize the entire planet with their cavalier attitudes.

What is most disconcerting is while in the past we have kept mad science on a leash, the world is now saying that your salvation is based on compliance with what is called settled science with no discussion or debate about whether or not this type of science benefits humanity at all.

Instead of encouraging more diverse, informed and objective opinions in the mainstream, we too often see money and power forcing the issue. This creates mistrust and it is normal and logical to see rational people question the validity of what can only be describes as mad, weird science.

Science does not have to stoop into carrying out cheap propaganda stunts in order to coerce people into following it and yet it persists. Mad science needs showboating and a sales pitch, carnival barkers on mainstream news casts and snake oil salesmen like Fauci and Bill Gates to remind you that their first experimental vaccine failed and that now boosters will be the answer.

Mad Science when embraced by the political elite leads to very dangerous decision making. For instance, in the US, city mayors and local politicians have threatened to ‘hunt down’, monitor social media and jail those who do not wish comply with vaccine mandates, passports, and other such draconian measures.

Many people have been convinced that this is the only way. Even churches have now caved into the state craft brought on by the acceptance of mad science,

Last Wednesday, Pope Francis said getting the coronavirus vaccine was undefinedan act of love.undefined This is the infallible word of the pontiff that heads up the worldundefineds 1.2 billion Catholics. He has now joined a campaign to boost confidence in COVID-19 shots.Getting Covid jab is an 'act of love', says Pope Francis | Pope Francis |  The Guardian

Remarkable how this science has been embraced by a church that was responsible for the jailing of Galileo for heresy. The same treatment was given to Copernicus.

It took 350 years for the church to say that Galileo was right undefined and yet the jab gets priority and a blessing from the Pope.

Does anyone think about these things? Doesnundefinedt it appear that we have allowed science to run amok now that it is fashionable to jump on the bandwagon of gullibility ignoring sound and sane science?

Is this to be the new ‘normal’, whereby fear, mistrust, division and suspicion are internalized throughout society? In an age of fear and paranoia, are we all to be ‘labeled, conscripted, contact traced’ and regarded by others as a ‘risk’ until we prove ourselves by wearing face masks and by voluntarily subjecting ourselves to virus tests at the entrances to stores or in airports?

And if we refuse or test positive, are we to be shamed, isolated and forced to comply by being ‘medicated’ vaccinated and chipped?

The answer is yes because of mad weird science.

Is this the type of world that’s soon to be regarded as ‘normal’?

The answer again is yes because people are not asking why, their only way to see out of the paranoia is to comply.

In a world of technocratic mad science, liberty and fundamental rights mean nothing. You are no more than a mere machine, just another gadget in need of maintenance.

Mad Science has now perpetuated a world dominated by shaming and spurious notions of personal responsibility that are little more than ideological constructs of a hegemonic narrative which labels rational thinking people as ‘anti-science’ – a world in which the scourge of authoritarianism reigns supreme.

In the domain of biology, and particularly studies of large biological structures and dynamics, detailed analyses considering all sides of a phenomenon are essential, to avoid biased views and inappropriate conclusions and decisions.

Biology is not mathematics, physics or chemistry, its complexity requires the integration of multiple dimensions and the adoption of a hopefully well-based interpretation.

To have anything less, creates an environment prone to mad science.