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Posted on August 4th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Today, I was getting a coffee at a drive-up Kiosk when the Barista asked me what I was planning on doing today. I told him I needed to caffeinate myself in order to write a talk show about quantum physics and the multiverse. He asked me if I watched the TV show, Loki. I told him yes and he asked me my thoughts on the show. I spoke with him about the concept of timelines and branching timelines, superposition and the conversation seemed to be going on for 5 minutes even though there were cars behind me wanting their coffee.

I realized that fans of shows like Loki. the Avengers and Stranger Things are not aware of how all of this time travel alternative universe works. My initiation happened when I interviewed Brian Greene and a discussion I had with Stephen Hawking—both had given me reason to read about String Theory, Chaos Theory and the quantum structure of the Universe and the possibility of the Multiverse.Chaos theory - Wikipedia

One of the hottest properties that Disney has in its streaming service is Loki. It has been the most successful of many of its streaming shows.

In the Avengers movie, Loki has been able to get himself out of a lot of predicaments but now his biggest struggle is fighting against time itself and the overall abuses that he has committed in the timeline.

The plot of the TV series up during the Avengers: Endgame scene where Loki steals the tesseract containing the Infinity Space Stone, and escapes to an alternate timeline “branched” off our own universe, and is promptly arrested by the Time Variance Authority for “violating the sacred timeline.”10 Incredible Facts About The Space Stone You Never Knew!!!!

Multiverses and branching timelines are central to Loki, but they stem from the actual realms of academic research.

While Loki presents a world where branches of time can either be reset or spiral into chaos, scientists use these concepts to explain branching universes — a way to understand many possible outcomes caused by chance.

The science of branching timelines can be difficult to wrap your mind around, but once you can understand it you might just get Loki on a deeper level too. Once you realize that these things are not fiction anymore, they become chilling indications that science is messing around in realms that certainly have ramification on our past and the present.

While Loki is awaiting trial for violating the sacred timeline, the guards play an educational video featuring “Miss Minutes” — an animated clock that explains that long ago there was a war where multiple timelines battled, leading to the destruction of everything.

Eventually, the Timekeepers emerged and reorganized the multiverse into a single timeline — a single universe.

Picture a single timeline proceeding from left to right. Now, imagine a new branch forming off the timeline — in Loki these branches are caused by “variants,” or individuals who mess with the way time works.

It is not lost on a good conspiracy theorist that the use of the word Variant certainly explains the strange behavior of molecule or a disease like COVID-19 which seems to transcend the barriers of time and create beaches that you could say are part of a fragmented timeline where we are finding ourselves in a continuous loop that began on June 23rd of last year.

This date is so important for Ground Zero listeners as I pointed out during the impossible meteor show of a galactic magnetic anomaly that was tracked from the UK to Antarctica.

A global magnetic anomaly was recorded across the world, from the U.S. to China and Antarctica on June 23rd.

Instruments in Preston, UK, picked up a magnetic anomaly… And the local magnetic field oscillated like a sine wave for more than 30 minutes.Out of Nowhere, a Global Magnetic Anomaly | Spaceweather.com

It passed over the earth and many people whether they sensed it or not were affected — again we passed through a magnetic field, and it was not generated by space weather. It was like we passed through a dimensional portal. There was indeed nothing shown on solar wind data from NOAA’s DSCOVR satellite. No uptick in the solar wind speed or other factors that might explain the disturbance.

It was as if we were passing through the eye of a cosmic needle something that Stephen hawking referred to as we are experimenting with Quark Cannons at CERN and the god particle that was discovered could very well have been unstable pushing the earth into a new branch timeline.

It is not as simple as what we are seeing in Loki.

The show describes this concept as time branching off and forming an alternate timeline, but scientists see it another way.

The idea of branching is well outlined in theoretical physics, which uses quantum mechanics — the study of subatomic quantum particles like electrons — to explain how it works. The movement of these quantum particles is highly uncertain, leading to many different possible states or “superpositions” in which the particle can exist.

The signpost up ahead tells you that we are approaching the twilight zone of quantum entanglement and there seems to be an underlying message that there is hidden in the technocracy - a Chronocracy that may be governing all matters on Earth from the multiverse.

Could you imagine this? Can you even fathom that as we are tinkering with the timeline there are or could be ultra-terrestrials that are guiding the planet as we start meddling with the multiverse?

The undefinedmany worldsundefined concept started in 1957 with a paper that was written by Hugh Everett an American physicist where he stated that every outcome you can imagine comes true, but in a different universes.How the Many-Worlds Theory of Hugh Everett Split the Universe – Inside Tech Daily

They all evolve independently of each other.

These different outcomes occur as a result of branching after a quantum event, which leads to different universes or worlds. In Loki, Miss Minutes explains how Loki’s actions caused the universe to branch:

She tells him -undefinedStepping off your path created a nexus event that, left unchecked, could branch off into madness, leading to another multiverse war.”

That portrayal isn’t quite accurate, experts say. Our individual decisions don’t create branching — rather, every single quantum event that occurs creates its own branch, spawning multiple universes with every new outcome.

According to Marvel, the answer is yes. Back in Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers used an Infinity Stone to travel back in time by creating branched universes — or branched timelines, as they’re portrayed in the movie.

Loki’s actions fall in line with one theoretical view of branching universes, which permits the possibility of traveling from one branch to another.

But the actual science behind branching universes and time travel is less clear. It is still in its infancy and theories have been proposed that say that if a quantum event happens we would not be completely aware of it .

It is like those Time machine stories where scientists go back in time and somehow upset the balance and then return to find the earth in complete disarray. Each time they try to correct the timeline to avoid a paradox they throw the earth into chaos.

Think of how many times you have you have watched Family Guy where Stewie and Brian use Stewie’s time machine and realize that they have somehow altered reality or when Marty and Doc were trying to Stop Biff from destroying the world, or, Rick and Morty using their worm hole to go from disaster after disaster.

The question, no matter how crazy it sounds is, are we watching that earth pass through various magnetic waves and is this anomalous activity natural or is there an as yet unnamed anomaly that has been pushing us through various dimensional shifts. Is this an indication of the earth going through several changes leading to an end to yet another timeline? Is someone or some group actually tinkering with space time?

Witnessing a chaotic world and an overall change in people could indicate a possible shift. Many attributed it to political attitudes but now a new political movement as arisen and nothing has changed undefined only the attitudes about time travel and multiverse actualities.

There are many philosophers and scientists that believe the human mind is wired for the advent of an apocalypse because of the trauma that has been handed down from former generations that have actually experienced an event that ended a civilization or wiped-out animal populations.

In fact, ancient biblical scripture tells us that God will overturn the earth as many times as it takes in order to return it to a paradise. In Ezekiel, it says I will overturn, overturn, and overturn it. And it shall be no more until he comes who’s right it is, and I will give it to him.

In Ecclesiastes, we are told that there is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven. Later we hear Jesus say that in his Father’s house there are many mansions – could he have meant dimensions or even the multiverse?

Is it a fine-tuned timeline? Or with superposition can we create a branch of a fragmented multiverse?

Is your existence one of many and if the world ends what does it do to the multiverse?

Has the world as we know it ended many times throughout history and has it been converted to a branch in the time continuum in order to protect that sacredness of linear existence?

Sounds like the world has ended many times but if it has ended multiple times then why is it that we have not been told about it?

Have historians neglected to tell us dates and times where the earth has ended? The reality is a bit mind-blowing.

There is a theory about “phantom time ” that suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened, but were added to the calendar long ago either by accident, by misinterpretation of documents, or by deliberate falsification by calendar conspirators. This would mean that all artifacts ascribed to those three centuries belong to other periods, and that all events thought to have occurred during that same period occurred at other times, or are outright fabrications.The Phantom Time Hypothesis Theory Says That It's Actually 1720

This theory has been presented by a man named Heribert Illig. He determined that historians have admitted that there have been many documents from the Middle Ages that do not measure up to scrutiny and that these falsified accounts in history seem to be discovered more and more. These historical discrepancies were the subject of an archaeological conference that was held in Germany in 1986.

Horst Fuhrmann, the president of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, had indicated that many of the documents produced by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages were created hundreds of years before any of the events described happened. These events were then accepted by medieval society as factual. This implied that whoever produced the forgeries must have very skillfully anticipated the future. Or there was some discrepancy in calculating dates.

So what happened? How is it that there is a moment in history where there was absolutely no time and no history.

When you think of the 300 years of lost time you have to ask why the church would have forged documents hundreds of years before they would become useful. Were they hiding something? Was there an event that happened in those 300 years that needed to be covered up?

In 1582, the Gregorian calendar we still use today was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII to replace the outdated Julian calendar which had been implemented in 45 BC. The Gregorian calendar was designed to correct for a ten-day discrepancy caused by the fact that the Julian year was 10.8 minutes too long. But by Heribert Illig’s math, the 1,627 years which had passed since the Julian calendar started should have accrued a thirteen-day discrepancy a ten-day error would have only taken 1,257 years.

A 13 day discrepancy undefined and you ask why we dread Friday the 13th.. which by the way we will have another one approaching in the month of August 2021. It has also been determined that on Friday, April 13, 2029 we could be hit by a huge asteroid called Apophis. Keep your chronological timelines synchronized because we may see some interesting things happening with that number 13 and the multiverse.Asteroid warning: NASA reveals 10 dates 'God of chaos' asteroid Apophis could hit Earth | Science | News | Express.co.uk

There are many theorists who believe that various apocalypse scenarios can be found in the ancient astro-histories where it is recorded that at one time Saturn was our sun and that the planets were closer to our planet.

Babylonian Star worshippers gave Saturn the name of the sun-star. Similarly, the Greek historian Nonnus gives Kronos as the Arab name of the “sun,” though Cronus meant only Saturn and no other celestial body.

The Roman philosopher Cicero elaborated on this by saying that the Greek name Cronus is synonymous to Chronos (time) since he maintains the course and cycles of seasons and the periods of time, whereas the Latin name Saturn denotes that he is saturated with years since he was devouring his sons, which implies that time devours the ages and gorges.

The Greek historian and biographer Plutarch asserted that the Greeks believed that Cronus was an allegorical name for time.

In the Roman calendar, Saturday was called Dies Saturni in honor of the god Saturn. Coincidentally that the day was sacred to Loki, the God of Fire, and there are some who think that “Saeter-daeg” means “the day of Saetere”, another name for Loki. The stories told of Loki show him to have been a mixture of good and evil. While willing to help the gods in their difficulties, he also played dangerous tricks on them, and more than once led them into harm. As time went on, he seems to have become the spirit of evil only, and the gods at last banished him from Asgard, and condemned him to a terrible punishment.

It all ties together.

On the TV, show Loki, the Time Keepers enforce a singular “sacred” timeline. The TVA exists to prevent multiple branches or worlds from emerging.

On its face, this may seem more fiction than science — but there is a hypothetical way to “prune” a branch within the current laws of physics, using something called a wave function.

This is being applied today in the current sciences.

Eureka! Googleundefineds quantum computing labs may have created the first-ever time crystal using their quantum computer. According to a recent research preprint titled, undefinedObservation of Time-Crystalline Eigenstate Order on a Quantum Processorundefined by researchers at Google and physicists from Princeton, Stanford, and other universities, they have created a new phase of matter that upends the laws of thermodynamics.Google Just Created World's First 'Time Crystal' Inside A Quantum Computer - Craffic

For many years, physicists have tried to create this novel phase that moves in a regular, repeating cycle that can sustain this constant change without using any energy.

An article in The Next Web clarified two points about time crystal. First, it is a difficult concept to understand and harder to explain. Second, the team of researchers might have created a time crystal that they presented in their preprint research that has yet to receive a full peer review. Until then, the legitimacy of the study will still be in question.

The time crystal alleges that it is s a new phase of matter that upends Sir Isaac Newtonundefineds Law of Thermodynamics.

For example, putting an ice cube in a glass of water introduces two different temperatures. Over time, the water gets colder while the ice cube gets warmer and melts. But eventually, the cold water will turn into room-temperature water or be in thermal equilibrium. According to Energy Education, the heat stops flowing when temperatures balance out.

TNW reported that the room temperature glass of water will always melt the ice cube because classical physics dictates that the universe is constantly moving towards entropy, which is the movement towards change. The entropy of a system will always be the same if there are no processes, which is not possible in the universe because stars explode, black holes are sucking, and people are lighting things on fire.

But with a time crystal, they do not necessarily follow Newtonundefineds first law of thermodynamics. A time crystal could theoretically maintain entropy even when they are in a process.

Time crystals were initially hypothesized in 2012, but they have just recently been realized. Googleundefineds quantum computer has accomplished what many thought was impossible.

According to Slash Gear, Googleundefineds quantum computer called Sycamore could use a chip with 20 of its qubits, maintaining two states simultaneously. Qubits are the controllable quantum particles, and tuning the interaction strength between each qubit allowed researchers to randomize interactions to achieve body localization. Then, microwaves upended the particles into their mirror orientation without using energy from the laser itself.

Google once made bold predictions in quantum computing as companies dig into the technology, which included improving batteries, making effective drugs and vaccines, and developing more effective fertilizers.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg wishes to create multiverse facsimiles using virtual reality. Facebook will create a product team to work on the “metaverse,” a concept that involves creating digital worlds that multiple people can inhabit at the same time.Facebook Creates New Internal Organization to Build “the Metaverse” – Road to VR

The metaverse team will be part of Facebook’s virtual reality group, Reality Labs, executive Andrew Bosworth said in a Facebook post .

“Today Portal and Oculus can teleport you into a room with another person, regardless of physical distance, or to new virtual worlds and experiences,” Bosworth wrote. “But to achieve our full vision of the Metaverse, we also need to build the connective tissue between these spaces undefined so you can remove the limitations of physics and move between them with the same ease as moving from one room in your home to the next.”

Vishal Shah, the executive in charge of product at Instagram, is among those joining Facebook’s new metaverse group.

Technology companies and executives have started to increasingly discuss building a “metaverse” as a successor technology to smartphones and the mobile internet. Generally, technologists consider a metaverse a virtual world where large numbers of people can gather to play, work and socialize.

The metaverse is closely related to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies currently being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in addition to Facebook. Roblox, a game targeted at children whose parent company is valued at over $44 billion, is often considered an example of a metaverse.

Metaverse and virtual worlds are not exactly time travel a simulated virtual form of it. They can simulate superposition in virtual form.

Meanwhile, something similar is being used at the Pentagon.

US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) recently conducted a series of tests known as the Global Information Dominance Experiments, or GIDE, which combined global sensor networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, and cloud computing resources in an attempt to undefinedachieve information dominanceundefined and undefineddecision-making superiority.undefined According to NORTHCOM leadership, the AI and machine learning tools tested in the experiments could someday offer the Pentagon a robust “ability to see days in advance,undefined meaning it could predict the future with some reliability based on evaluating patterns, anomalies, and trends in massive data sets.Pentagon's GIDE AI For Days-Ahead Outlook on world events - DailyAlts -

While the concept sounds like something out of Minority Report, the commander of NORTHCOM says this capability is already enabled by tools readily available to the Pentagon.

Hearing about all of this time manipulative simulation reminds me of a moment on the Chesea Handler show ,

Chelsea Handler, a talk show host on Netflix invited United States Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz on to discuss Climate Change.

This was after the first season of Stranger Things and show has some questions about the Upside Down or alternate universe and its fictional ties to the Department of Energy.

You see, in the TV show Stranger Things, there is a mysterious building owned by the Department of Energy where scientists have accidentally opened up a portal to a multiverse called the “Upside Down.” Chelsea asked Moniz on ‘Stranger Things,’ they have a Department of Energy and they spend a lot of time investigating a parallel universe. What can you tell us about that?”

Moniz gave a reply that surprised everyone.

“I can tell you first of all that I have never seen it, but I’m aware of it,” Moniz said. “Secondly, I believe this fictional D.O.E. laboratory was operating in the 1980s. You can draw any inference you need from that. Third, I will note that actually we do work in parallel universes.”

Moniz went into a little more detail about how the real US Department of Energy oversees such efforts.

“We are also a big supporter of very basic science and that includes trying to understand the basic particles of nature and the structure of the universe,” he said. “Theoretical physics … looks at things like higher dimensions than three dimensions, and parallel universes.”

Now if we can only prove the theories of Tracy Twyman and the Plus Ultra Chronocracy and whether or not they are a body of time keepers that are similar to Lokiundefineds Time Variant Authority. Could we be settled in a multiverse that needs a good review from time to time?

Marvel uses the term “multiverse” as a shorthand for the many parallel worlds and branching timelines that emerge throughout the MCU.

But what does the scientific community think about multiple universes or “many worlds?” It depends on whom you ask. The multiverse is a disputed idea in the realm of theoretical physics, with fierce proponents on either side.

The idea of branching universes still remains somewhat in dispute. It’s not that it isn’t theoretically possible — we just don’t have the hard evidence to support this theory. In the meantime, we have several different ways of understanding [the universe], some of which have branching, and some of which don’t.

In any case, there probably aren’t stealthy Time Keepers secretly preventing humans from branching off into multiple timelines at least that we know of.

Everyone knows quantum theory is famously difficult to parse but it could open the door to the discovery of the multiverse and perhaps the various branches we cause by violating the sacred timeline. The paradox awaits and the time variants appear to be abusing their positions in the Chronocracy.