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Posted on September 25th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev cast Russia’s war in Ukraine as a sacred conflict with Satan, warning that Moscow could send all its enemies to the eternal fires of Gehenna. Furthermore, during President Zelenskyundefineds visit to Canada, lawmakers honored a Ukrainian veteran accused of belonging to a Nazi division in WWII. To add insult to injury, Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Marina Abramović, performance artist and accused Satanic Witch of being an ambassador for Ukraine. Is this all propaganda or is there an underlying satanic agenda to this war? Grievously, most Americans are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes and they tend to cheer on their own demise — they ignore the warning signs that something sinister is afoot. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about THE LION, WITCH AND THE WAR.






I know that there are still a few people who believe there are good guys and bad guys in government.  Well, the media wants you to believe that this is the case as politics for some reason are their wheelhouse undefined hoping to report that everything is wine and roses when the reality is that there are tyrants and enablers that are occupying the prestigious seats in our government.

There are also narcissistic opportunists that do not know how to leave the stage with a modicum of dignity. Then come the lobbyists and the financier of mayhem like George Soros, who if you speak his name in vain you are accused of being an anti-Semite.

Then come the philanthropists, those who really care about you and apparently want you so badly to partake of the poisons that they offer. They also are major contributors to Climate hokum, and they also have big checks that they cash making kickbacks from their efforts.

They tell you that they care about your health and wellbeing but all the while the philanthropists are trying to liquidate a hefty portion of the populace.

They are truly psychopaths with deep pockets

Bill Gates is a textbook example. If you’re exceptionally, monumentally deluded, you might think this nerdy Batman villain is a beacon of humanitarianism, but that’s only because he paid the media $319 million for the media to report this while bloviating that his philanthropic foundation has made a twenty-to-one return on its $10 billion investment in the Vaccine Industrial Complex.

he earnestly has paid more money to keep the media from reporting his prominent spot in the list of friends of Jeffery -I didnundefinedt- kill- myself Epstein.

All of that great work by Gates has resulted in iatrogenic death due to vaccine side effects.

African women suddenly discover they’ve been sterilized via infertility-technology-laced–laced tetanus vaccines, and Indian tribal children have died or suffered long-term injuries from Merck’s controversial Gardasil HPV vaccine—all thanks to the philanthropy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its NGO subsidiaries.

Of course, you have the legacy lineages like the Rockefellers, the defrauding Rothschilds, the hypocritical Homestead-Mill–union-busting Carnegie (who teamed up with John D. Rockefeller to launch the petrochemical-pharmaceutical-medical complex), and the Hitler-heiling and Epstein–cavorting British Royal family whose munificent histories of evil deeds are too immense, too boundless, and too mountainous to list in the three hours they give me on the air.

Rabbit holes get darker the more you push forward through the weeds and thorns.

It again conjures thoughts of a system that is run by the minions of the beast undefined doing the devilundefineds deeds in plain sight while ignorant people are entranced with the sweet smell of death and corruption undefined merely participating in the vampiric rituals.

It is all for the greater good and the survival of your favorite political party- while one republican gets felt up in a  theater the other democrat can barely tell you what day it is another republican freezes up as if his energizer batteries popped out -we are in a different kind of terrible carnival where the clowns take off their masks to reveal that they have been demons all along.

Then of course all the while we are dealing with a senseless war that itself is becoming a grindhouse as the warlords get up every day to make the sausage.

If Joe Biden will become the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Presidency, then almost any Republican nominee would likely beat him because he had committed America’s Government to victory in Ukraine — done it is such a way that there can be no going back on it that won’t strip him of the public’s respect for him on account of America’s loss in that war.

Kamala Harris who now answers the phone by saying undefinedIs he dead yet?undefined  may become the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Presidency, but she will never be able to disassociate herself from having been his #2.

On the other hand: If RFK Jr. is the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Presidency, then he will surely win the Presidency (unless he becomes assassinated) because he has been saying, all along, that Biden’s refusal for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia was serving only to increase the bloodshed in that war — which has been proven to have been correct.

Iundefinedm not into protect political posturing undefined but we are doomed no matter what happens, and I awkwardly canundefinedt take any of this seriously.

The failure of Ukraine’s much-hyped counteroffensive – which began in June of this year and has stuttered for over three months – has by now become a universally recognized fact.

It has been acknowledged not only by Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin but also by Western media and experts. However, the summer campaign has made the world reconsider not only the capabilities of Kyiv’s armed forces but also the power of the country’s main sponsor – the United States when it comes to waging a large-scale war with a modern enemy.

Unexpected news? Not really. Various analytical reports have repeatedly stated that the US, despite a mind-boggling annual financial outlay, may have trouble confronting a major power.

Whoever is in charge on the left undefined the legacy of the war will be a total failure as we cut through the propaganda and realize that the government of Ukraine is becoming desperate and their true colors are beginning to show now.

When the war first began, Vladimir Putin made a chilling statement about what he felt the war was all about.

if you remember Putin in order to justify Russiaundefineds invasion of Ukraine, said in televised remarks that his offensive was aimed to undefineddenazifyundefined Ukraine.

The statement stirred harsh criticism from the media saying that The democratically elected president Zelensky is Jewish, and lost relatives in the Holocaust.

Then the Kremlin modified its statement.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev cast Russia’s war in Ukraine as a sacred conflict with Satan, warning that Moscow could send all its enemies to the eternal fires of Gehenna.

Gehenna is recognized in both Jewish and Christian faiths as hell.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday described Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine as a sacred conflict with Satan and warned that his country was capable of sending “all our enemies to fiery Gehenna.”

Medvedev, who is now deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, appeared to be using a version of the Hebrew word for hell in his speech to mark Russia’s Day of National Unity.

The former president said Russia’s task in the invasion was to “stop the supreme ruler of hell, whatever name he uses — Satan, Lucifer or Iblis.

Again this was meant with cries of agenda and said to be lies from a murderous dictator.

We’ll all one needs is a little time to allow the distractions and propaganda to sink in before a glint of truth comes much to the horror of those who have been supporting the war effort.

During President Zelenskyundefineds visit to Canada, lawmakers honored a Ukrainian veteran accused of belonging to a Nazi division in WWII.

Yaroslav Hunka stood and appeared to salute from the public gallery when he was recognized by House Speaker Anthony Rota, who introduced Hunka as a Canadian-Ukrainian war hero from his political district.

Rota stated to the gathering:

“We have here in the chamber today a Ukrainian-Canadian veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today, even at his age of 98,” it was followed by a lengthy round of applause and a wave by Zelensky. “He’s a Ukrainian hero, a Canadian hero, and we thank him for all his service. Thank you.”

Jewish advocacy groups the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center and B’nai Brith Canada condemned his honoring as disturbing and “beyond outrageous” because he fought with the First Ukrainian Division — also known as the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division, which served under the command of the Nazis.

Jewish news website The Forward reported that Hunka wrote blog posts describing his time in the unit on a Ukrainian-language website run by an association of the unit’s veterans, called “Combatant News.”

Conservative opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre called it an “appalling error of judgment” by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, since his office would have approved inviting and honoring Hunka, and demanded Trudeau apologize and refrain from “passing the blame to others as he always does.”

Rota has since apologized for the blunder undefined or was it a blunder?

There have often been rumors about the honoring of Nazis In Ukraine undefined which the West has denied even though the New York Times has stated that many times photographers in Kyiv have had to ask some soldiers to hide the skull and bones insignia as well as their Black Sun symbols and swastikas on their uniforms.

Soldiers say that these  represent unity in the war effort.

The Kremlin also reported that they are concerned  about Satanic groups which allegedly undefinedspread across Ukraine.undefined

Officials say that they are seeing manifestations of undefinedSatanismundefined in undefinedcalls to kill Russiansundefined and that these are welcomed at the state level.

The Kremlin goes on to claim that hat the Kyiv government is forcing citizens to abandon Orthodox values and is working to undefinedreformatundefined the minds of Ukrainian citizens, to force them to abandon centuries-old traditions, to ban the true values that the Orthodox faith, Islam and Judaism carry.

Again the Western media has derided these accusations as paranoia as Russia has been claiming that this is a holy war which puts this war in a whole new paradigm.

To add insult to injury Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Marina Abramović performance artist and accused Satanic Witch of being an ambassador for Ukraine.

Abramović, a fierce critic of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion, said the Ukrainian president had asked for her help in rebuilding schools.

She is 76 years old and a Serbian and recently unveiled an art exhibit where people must squeeze between two nude models to enter the show or opt to bypass what one journalist dubbed the “naked gates”.

If you remember it was  Marina Abramovic sent e-mails to John Podesta who inviting him to be part of her occult soiree.

In a leaked email between John Podesta, and his brother Tony Podesta, an invitation from Abramović is forwarded. It reads: “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?”

The act of spirit cooking involves Abramović using blood, semen and other bodily fluids in what can be called Cakes of Light or cookies that serves as a Eucharist of sorts. It is a way of connecting with the spiritual world, to cook up thoughts. In a video, she is featured writing various statements with blood, such as “With a sharp knife cut deeply into your middle finger eat the pain”.

“Spirit Cooking with Essential Aphrodisiac Recipes” was released by Ms. Abramovic in 1996, but the “ingredients” call for “fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk” to be consumed “on earthquake nights.”

New York’s Museum of Modern Art called it a “cookbook” for “evocative instructions for actions or thoughts.” Another recipe calls for “fresh morning urine” to bring about alertness and creative juices.

Since then, conspiracy theorists and world-renowned journalists alike have been looking into the topic of occult rituals and Satanic pedophiles and speculating how big this problem could be and who could be involved within these underground rings.

Ironically Abramović has been asked to help the children affected by the war by rebuilding schools.

She has also been invited to be a board member of the Babyn Yar organization to continue to protect the holocaust memorial.

The Holocaust memorial center for Jews murdered by Nazis in Ukraine was damaged by Russian missile attacks in March last year.

However, Jewish News sources like the Jerusalem Post and others say that the story is fake.

‌Abramović installed her work Crystal Wall of Crying at the memorial center in Kyiv four months before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

It is a counterfeit wailing wall made of quartz crystal and coal.

Crystals and crystalized coal have been used in divination rituals.

She calls what she does undefinedartundefined undefined however in Private she calls it ritual.  She often positions herself with goats horns, and edible cakes made to look like full naked humans.

Abramovic’s work can be violent, sometimes bloody.

She has been called a witch,” a “black magic performer” and a “Luciferian individual.”

Conspiracy theories have been thrown around about her. It was so bad at one time she had to address them telling them to back off saying that she wasnundefinedt a Satanist.

Abramovic has received many emailed death threats — sometimes three a day, she said. The organizers of some of her shows had also received threats, she added, including the Royal Academy in London.

A video called Out of if the shadows was produced for You Tube calling her a satanic mind controller or handler of many of the Hollywood elite.

The video has since been taken down.

The video featured Abramovic posing with Jacob Rothschild in front of the 1797 painting Satan Summoning His Legions.

This is a very bad mark on Ukraine and who it associates with undefined especially when it was reported that Ukrainian forces uncovered a body inside an apartment where they had been taking shelter, The Body was burned beyond recognition and there was a huge knife beside it.

It was either the victim set fire to himself or was burned alive.

Nearby a Satanic seal was apparently spray painted  on wall of deserted Ukrainian military base.

Russian state news agency claimed the symbol showed there were signs Ukrainian soldiers were undefinedpracticing black magicundefined.

The graffiti on the wall looks like a sigil—magical seal used for various purposes by practitioners. It’s a circle with various squiggles in the middle and the word “zein” written below it.

It is the inverted sign of anarchy and part of the sign undefinedCCundefined, rune zig, it is clearly visible in the far left sector of the circle, and the Hebrew letter undefinedzayinundefined is written in German, ZAINE meaning sword or weapon.

Zain, or Zayin in the Hebrew alphabet, means weapon, sword, arrow, or scepter. Symbolically, the weapon is the tongue, the sword is the words, and the scepter is the mastery in the right use of words.

Therefore, the conquest of Zain refers to the conquest of the tongue to learn how to speak the truth..

The Kremlin News Organization RIA reported that appeared that  Ukrainian soldiers gathered in this place to consecrate weapons with blood magik. “Among the headquarters instructions, they found a press release from the Ukrainian security forces with a story about losses in the Donbas,” the story said, according to a translation provided by Google. “There are lines of blood on the document, although there are no such traces anywhere else.

Is this all propaganda undefined or is there an underlying satanic agenda to this war?

Is there an underlying satanic agenda to the chaos in government, meant to dissolve democracy and the republic and replace it with tyranny and a beastly satanic order?

Reality has disappeared into screens. Simulation has swallowed the distinction between the real world and its representations. Meaning has migrated to the margins of consciousness. This process is not yet complete but getting there.

We are caught up in symbols and sigils. bewitching and soul-stealing undefined it not only comes from troubled countries but from politicians that use negative group dynamics to get people to do their bidding.

Our imaginations have withered together with our grasp on reality.  Up is down, good is evil, war is peace – opposites have melded into symbiotic marriages.

The shaping of our history now outpaces the ability of people to place themselves in accordance with cherished values and thus we now see a counterfeit faith raising its head in a counterfeit religion.

It is terrifying to think that if you support the war you are supporting a satanic endeavor undefined and that both sides are demons fighting demons and when that happens no one wins.

Nevertheless, for a long time these warnings were ignored. Washington overestimated its own capabilities and underestimated those of the enemy in this case, Russia and as a result, its assistance to Ukraine turned out to be insufficient. Meanwhile, the US and its NATO allies are not ready to provide more aid, since this would greatly weaken their own military power.

But as Biden endures so does that idea of victory at any cost.

While conventional warfare has been the focus of the mainstream media — there seems to be some occult warfare being carried out — as religion and even ancient magic is being used to stir up the esoteric aspects of the war.

Synchronicities are everywhere with regards to this war –so many that one has to wonder if modern magic is to blame and empowered sigils are being used in order to allegedly protect those who wish to carry out their crimes.

Modern magic has given up on the idea of changing anyone’s mind. Like modern politics, the aim is not to persuade your opponent, not to influence his thoughts, but to bring ruin and destruction upon him, breaking his bones and casting him down into dust and ashes.

Benjamin Disraeli once said: “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

Disraeli for those who don’t know was a British statesman and Conservative politician who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He knew that behind the scenes there were sinister agents that carried out schemes that were not of benefit to the people. It is no secret that there are those who do not care about the poor or the middle class and so they make their plans against us. They are sinister agents that are pushing the limits of rationality and morality.

The unfortunate thing is that most Americans are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes, and they tend to cheer on their own demise — they tend to ignore the warning signs that something sinister is afoot.

When it comes to a “typical” day, most of us are too wrapped up in our own routines to think about what is happening in the new normal which is now the simulation of American democracy.

You can say all you want that we are a Constitutional Republic and all of that other nostalgic yarn but many who are seeing the truth are now understanding what is at stake.

We are staring down the barrel of a confluence of several scenarios–each of which individually is a significant, life-changing event but which are together conspiring a dangerous and incendiary situation.

This is the point –we all know how to deal with tyrants but we do not know how to effectively banish evil and this is where we fail because we are not aware that something supernatural may be running the show — something diabolical or satanic in nature.

There are people who are in denial and are still reliant on their personal saviors in Washington who seem to be preparing us for the Build Back Better budgets — which is part of the Great Reset.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is simply the Fourth Reich undefined produced for your viewing on the nightly news and movie theaters.

Eventually, with enough grooming and programming, you will adapt to it all, rationalizing that a little evil is a good thing and that most of those who have died did it for the greater good of the new satanic empire.