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About Clyde Lewis

Welcome to the official page of Clyde Lewis, renowned radio host, producer, and conspiracy theorist, best known for his dynamic and thought-provoking show, “Ground Zero.” Clyde Lewis has carved a niche in the realm of broadcast radio with his unique blend of investigative journalism and discussion of paranormal phenomena.


Clyde Lewis was born in Murray, Utah, and has always had an innate curiosity about the world’s mysteries, which led him to a career in radio broadcasting. Over the years, his passion for exploring the unusual and unexplained has captured the attention of listeners nationwide.


Clyde began his career in radio in the early 1990s, quickly gaining recognition for his articulate and engaging style. His show, “Ground Zero,” first aired in the mid-90s and has since become a staple in late-night radio. The program is syndicated across numerous stations in the U.S. and has a robust online following.

“Ground Zero” is more than just a radio show; it’s a platform where controversial topics, government conspiracies, UFO sightings, paranormal activities, and many more are discussed openly. Clyde’s deep knowledge and fearless approach to often taboo subjects have endeared him to a diverse audience seeking to make sense of the world’s hidden aspects.


Clyde Lewis’s broadcasting philosophy hinges on the free exchange of ideas. His aim is not only to entertain but also to provoke thought, encourage skepticism, and challenge the status quo. His approach is characterized by meticulous research and a balanced perspective, striving to present information as objectively as possible while encouraging listeners to draw their own conclusions.


Throughout his career, Clyde has received numerous accolades for his work, including multiple awards for his radio programs and recognition for his contribution to alternative media. His influence extends beyond radio; he is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events focusing on conspiracy theories and the paranormal.

Personal Life

Beyond the microphone, Clyde is an avid writer and researcher. He enjoys spending time delving into historical texts and scientific journals, always on the lookout for the next big topic for “Ground Zero.” He values time with his family and often shares insights into how his work has impacted his personal perspectives and life choices.

Connect with Clyde

Stay connected with Clyde Lewis and “Ground Zero” through various platforms. Tune in to his show, join the conversation on social media, or catch up with episodes online. For speaking engagements or media inquiries, please visit the contact page.

Clyde Lewis invites you to question the unknown and explore the mysteries of the universe through “Ground Zero,” where every voice is heard, and no topic is off-limits. Join him on this extraordinary journey into the depths of the unknown, every weeknight at a station near you.