There once was a king named Dionysius who ruled in Syracuse, the richest city in Sicily. He lived in a fine palace where there were many beautiful and costly things, and he was waited upon by a host of servants who were always ready to do his bidding.

Naturally, because Dionysius had so much wealth and power, there were many in Syracuse who envied his good fortune. Damocles was one of these. He was one of Dionysius’s best friends, and he was always saying to him, “How lucky you are! You have everything anyone could wish for. You must be the happiest man in the world.”

One day Dionysius grew tired of hearing such talk. “Come now,” he said, “do you really think I’m happier than everyone else?”

“But of course you are,” Damocles replied. “Look at the great treasures you possess, and the power you hold. You have not a single worry in the world. How could life be any better?”

“Perhaps you would like to change places with me,” said Dionysius. “Oh, I would never dream of that,” said Damocles. “But if I could only have your riches and your pleasures for one day, I should never want any greater happiness.”

“Very well. Trade places with me for just one day, and you shall have them.” And so, the next day, Damocles was led to the palace, and all the servants were instructed to treat him as their master. They dressed him in royal robes, and placed on his head a crown of gold. He sat down at a table in the banquet hall, and rich foods were set before him. Nothing wanted that could give him pleasure. There were costly wines, and beautiful flowers, and rare perfumes, and delightful music. He rested himself among soft cushions, and felt he was the happiest man in the entire world.

“Ah, this is the life,” he sighed to Dionysius, who sat at the other end of the long table. “I’ve never enjoyed myself so much.”

And as he raised a cup to his lips, he lifted his eyes toward the ceiling. What was that dangling above him, with its point almost touching his head?

Damocles stiffened. The smile faded from his lips, and his face turned ashy pale. His hands trembled. He wanted no more food, no more wine, no more music. He only wanted to be out of the palace, far away, he cared no where. For directly above his head hung a sword, held to the ceiling by only a single horsehair.

Its sharp blade glittered as it pointed right between his eyes. He started to jump up and run, but stopped himself, frightened that any sudden move might snap the thin thread and bring the sword down. He sat frozen to his chair.

“What is the matter, my friend?” Dionysius asked. “You seem to have lost your appetite.”

“That sword! That sword!” whispered Damocles. “Don’t you see it?” “Of course I see it,” said Dionysius. “I see it every day. It always hangs over my head, and there is always the chance someone or something may cut the slim thread. Perhaps one of my own advisors will grow jealous of my power and try to kill me. Or someone may spread lies about me, to turn people against me. It may be that a neighboring kingdom will send an army to seize this throne. Or I might make an unwise decision that will bring my downfall. If you want to be a leader, you must be willing to accept these risks. They come with the power, you see.”

“Yes, I do see,” said Damocles. “I see now that I was mistaken, and that you have much to think about besides your riches and fame. Please take your place, and let me go back to my own house.”

And as long as he lived, Damocles never again wanted to change places, even for a moment, with the king.

This age old parable demonstrates that within the political world our leaders are introduced to the threat that is before them. The contemporary version of this story comes from the late comedian Bill Hicks and his famous quote;

“I have this feeling that whoever’s elected president, no matter what promises you make on the campaign trail – blah, blah, blah – when you win, you go into this smoky room with the twelve industrialist, capitalist scum fucks that got you in there, and this little screen comes down… and it’s a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle you’ve never seen before, which looks suspiciously off the grassy knoll…. And then the screen comes up, the lights come on, and they say to the new president, ‘Any questions?’

“Just what my agenda is.”

Is it truly a paranoid view that the fix is in and that no matter what we do as Americans our leaders are already chosen and their agendas are laid out for them and that this is the reason why we never seem to see anything of value or virtue happen in this country anymore.

I always shake my head and wonder why every time we edge forward towards an election that we kid ourselves in believing that everything that we see happening is not some well planned agenda.

Guess it comes as no surprise that I hate presidential politics. I hate them because I can see them for what they truly are. They are the foreplay before the raping. They are the grooming used to disguise the lie.

Election fever is the machine used to get you excited, outraged, or motivated into thinking that your choices are making any difference. You get the illusion of choice. The delusion that whatever you do in that voting booth impacts ths system.

What you are doing is saying yes to government – your vote is a blank check anymore. Even though you say yes to hope and change and all of the things that make you feel good the truth is America was never supposed to be about judging one’s character on who they vote for, or what party affiliation they have.

Anymore the vote that you have cast and the ineffectual protesting has given way to more laws being passed to curtail your freedom, more hidden taxes disguised as health care benefits, loopholes, and secret legislative session that make under the table laws that you can’t object to.

Last weekend I alerted to yet another executive order that was signed into law by Barack Obama. This time the executive will control all communications in the time of a crisis.

The executive order, signed on Friday July 6th, 2012, once again expands the powers of the Department of Homeland Security — this time to include the handling of communications during a national security event or natural disaster. The order also allows for DHS to re-establish communications “through the use of commercial, government, and privately owned communications resources, when appropriate.”

The secretary of homeland security, in coordination with the secretary of defense, would also “serve as the federal lead for the prioritized restoration of communications infrastructure and coordinate the prioritization and restoration of communications, including resolution of any conflicts in or among priorities.”
In addition to further empowering DHS’ role in the federal government, the order also establishes several new committees and outlines the roles of various major executive branch agencies and offices, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Department of State, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, DHS, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, General Services Administration and the Federal Communications Commission.

This once again hardens my resolve that this is yet another in a series of cues towards preeminent disaster. First it was the health care provisions for the medical surveillance state and before that it was the seizing of property and controls on food water and breathable air.

Most Americans will be the first to tell you that what they have is the best there is. The finest health care, the smartest children, and when it comes to getting along with others on the planet, Americans believe that they are the most just and fair.

Most Americans will tell you that their form of Government is the template for all to follow, yet in the same breath they will criticize and ridicule judgments made in court proceedings, and will chastise and belittle the very leaders they choose in elections. For four years you are told by one party that everything is well with America and then for some reason in the months prior to the election you hear that everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

Politics is most definitely an amoral, cynical, cutthroat business that seems to be working for those who wish to vote for the mob that is somehow in agreement that they need more and more power and in order to do it, they must convince you to sell your soul to the highest bidder and give your life for what they determine to be a just cause. We are no longer capable of looking back at how great America was, and only believing in this cynical, amoral, cutthroat America that wants to argue small nonsensical platitudes when we see around us that the earth is heading into an apocalyptic dance with destiny.

It is becoming obvious that Americans are no better than their foreign counterparts. In fact our foreign counterparts are far more aggressive in their ways of demonstrating their unhappiness with government and in all reality they do it without the thought of gunplay. They use something that we as Americans have not considered. They use their intellect to challenge fallacious ideas and expose the buffoonery that passes as a democracy.

They are well aware of secret meetings, and unwarranted surveillance and they have no trouble rubbing it in the faces of smirking politicians and leaders.
We seldom hear of uprisings against our government like in other parts of the world. But we do talk openly about our out of control system during election time.

Americans are more passive about their leaders. They will yell scream and protest, but they never will go to the extremes of an intellectual and civil revolution to right the wrongs that have been foisted upon them.

Many people are still of the opinion that modern problems are unique and that no one else had to deal with them. The truth is that these issues and problems always seem to creep up on us when an election is about to happen or immediately after a new leader is in office as we anxiously await his or her performance and their expertise in dealing with these so called problems.

Then we cop a sense of entitlement when the leaders we think we choose don’t do as we say. We have been snared in the trappings of our own paranoia. It looks as though this is not an accident it has been planned all along. It will continue until we are convinced we are free while in the pit of slavery to a system out of control.

We are seriously trapped by the very demon we never intended to unleash. The very demon that World Wars allegedly vanquished.

We either become passive to the global deceit, or we accept it and go with the flow. A true patriot always wonders if he has found himself on the wrong side. However many of us take for granted that we are on the right side and so all that happens on our side of the fence is wholesome and for our own good.
How do we solve a problem? We identify it. We then choose to eliminate it. That is of course we look at it all with a healthy sense of logic.

The propaganda has been used to get you to unwittingly participate in the dissolving of freedom. Fear has been used as a tool by every politician and bureaucrat to get a reaction and to keep the dragon alive so that the commoners will demand that a hero with a fool proof plan will arrive to save them, at any cost.
Including liberty.

This is the ultimate set up. The ultimate set up for the ugly oligarchy of tyranny that disguises itself as democracy.

People already have expressed interest in gun control, camera monitoring, microchip implantation, racial profiling, and other proposed safe guards. We turn a blind eye to the recording and monitoring of phone conversations, e-mail, and the tracking of e-commerce.

We have demanded that what we see and hear be sanitized and that freedom of expression is a tool of evil. We abhor the expression of things that are not necessarily the norm. We run away from independent thought that is against the grain.

The mainstream narrative fails to question motive when secret legislation is passed that gives more controls to the president. These are victories? If you watch the news you would believe that we are to cheer on all of the moves of the dictatorship.

Every so called leader anymore acts like a teenager playing Battleship that gloats about sinking a small sub. They beat their chests like monkeys when their hollow victories are made by committee and never by full on American support.

In the future if we allow the system’s controllers to lay their hands on any of the pure information, we will be seeing the world in a state of self-correction on a continuous basis. The information war will be furious. The confusion will be widespread when those who believe the associated press, or the Washington Post will be at war with those who believe Internet journalists.

Someone will have to come in and parent the Net after the power elite have convinced us that humans are not self-governing. They need a figurehead to instruct them on how to behave in the new technocracy. The ultimate decision is to remove subversive reporters. They will use the excuse that freedom of speech has limits.

The Internet is one of those tools, one of those oracles that contains the cloned collective consciousness of the planet. If the mind can be groomed, the consciousness of the planet can be altered or “corrected” and soon a change will take place that could make all paranoid conspiracy theorists and Armageddon watchers bite down on the barrel of their gun.

By some sick joke the Internet could find itself being manipulated in order to condition a new breed into believing the new and improved propaganda that is being placed by pawns that are well paid to pollute the river of information with selected news and information.

Already it is making the rounds in certain circles that certain secret societies are already preparing the world for a barrage of “circumstantial clues” that would suggest that we should be preparing for the great war. It will be the war of desolation that will weed out the weak and the impressionable to make way for the advanced New World Order.

An order more cunning and powerful than can ever be imagined. An order whose true purpose is to inherit the earth for themselves.