We have presented on numerous occasions, points to consider about the efforts of government think tanks to engineer a division of the people creating an atmosphere of urban warfare in the United States. There seems to be some sort of mystical and ritualistic mind control that is triggering the enormous cloud of paranoia and uncertainty here in the United States.

We re seeing a fair amount of chaos being created before the election. There are all sorts of social crisis being reported in the mainstream narrative, and when rights are violated and people are being held captive the mainstream media avoids the issues. The air of crisis is there to spark a social and civil confrontation. There are negative memes and metaphors in our collective unconscious and they trigger reactions. These reactions are quite possibly planned and engineered by global think tanks like the CFR, Fabians, and Tavistock institute.

In Dr. John Coleman’s book the “Committee of 300” it is documented that there have been plans in the works to socially engineer the populace into accepting a “controlled superstate.” This super government can only be implemented if the people demand it. The way it is engineered is through several shocks to the system which in turn manipulate and wear down the populace into adjusting their principles for the coming changes. The idea is to allow the idea of transcendence to die off in the human being making him more of a beast or an animal easily controlled and manipulated through trigger phrases, sounds, numeric sequences and other stimuli. The subject is then reborn, and reprogrammed to do the will of its master.

From 1913, through two world wars and an engineered rebellion in the 1960’s these think tanks and agencies have been masters of psychological propaganda that goes beyond known science and is a darker side of psychology and sociology.

As the world changed, groups like Tavestock were able to improve upon their methods to literally brainwash a world into moving in directions they have never thought they would.

Coleman also postulates that The Tavistock institute used music and employed rock groups like the Beatles to insert messages into their albums. According to Coleman, The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware. Other bands like the Rolling Stones were also used in this experiment. The albums were made, the repetition took hold and the social changes began.

One of the albums that created social change was the Beatles White Album. Along with Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band, the White Album is considered a Masterpiece. The albums were experimental and were allegedly completed with the help of Tavistock using techniques of audio manipulation, subliminal messaging and back masking.

Charles Manson, the psychopathic controller who was responsible for the seven Tate/ La Bianca Murders, blamed the Beatles’ White Album for the series of killings his “Family” committed. Manson said that the Beatles songs “Black Bird,” “Helter Skelter,” “Piggies,” and especially “Revolution #9” were all saying to him that a race war was about to take place. He saw a black man laying down his chains to lead a war against white people, killing off one third of the population.

Revolution # 9 is not a song at all, but a series of audio mixes with a voice saying over and over NUMBER 9, NUMBER 9, NUMBER 9. If the audio barrage is played backwards you clearly hear the phrase “TURN ME ON DEADMAN, TURN ME ON DEAD MAN, TURN ME ON DEAD MAN.”

At the end of each song there is a little tag piece on it, a couple of notes. Or like in “Piggies” there’s “oink, oink, oink.” Just these couple of sounds. And all these sounds are repeated in “Revolution 9.” Like in “Revolution 9,” all these pieces are fitted together and they predict the violent overthrow of the white man. Like you’ll hear “oink, oink,” and then machine gun fire….I think it’s a subconscious thing…. This music is bringing on the revolution…The Beatles know in the sense that the subconscious knows.– Charles Manson

Manson believed that the song “Happiness is a Warm Gun” was the Beatles telling the blacks that the time had come to fight, and the lyrics to “Blackbird” spelled it out even more clearly. The white enemy was identified in “Piggies,” which is why the Family scrawled the words “Death to Pigs” in blood on the wall after killing several of the Tate/ La Bianca victims with knives and forks.

Decades ago Manson had stated that Helter Skelter (The race war) was coming down. He claimed that the black race would attack the “Pigs” or the white government.
Today there is also an air of racial hatred floating around and the general consensus is because we have a Black president.

Recently on Black Panther radio there was a heated discussion about white versus black hatred in this country and how many black Americans are feeling threatened by the Police state. Several stories in the mainstream media are indicating that there may be some black and white contention, with accusations of racist gaffes, use of the ‘N’ word and Black Americans being shot and killed execution style by the police. There has also been concern about extremist groups namely white supremacists and disenfranchised veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan wanting to rebel against an American government run amuck.

The American Government has been overrun with greed and corruption and once again we have to go back in time to a song called “Piggies” from the Beatles and how its subtle programming about the encroachment of greed and corruption among the elite.

“Piggies” of course was inspired by the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. The book is a satire about the encroachment of Communism and a class war with animals. Today, there are many Americans who worry that a Black President is attacking the white establishment by allowing the gradual acceptance of Communism.

Another strange coincidence with the song is that Harrison added another Lyric that was not used in the song but in a strange way talks about how the “Pigs” of the establishment thank their leader for helping them with their banks.

Everywhere there’s lots of Piggies – playing Piggy Pranks
You can see them on their trotters – at the Piggy Banks
Paying Piggy thanks – too Thee Pig Brother!
Who is the great “Pig Brother?”

Is there some sort of coincidence about the nearly 40 years of programming through literature and music, the meme of Race war, Manson’s ramblings of Black on white violence and extremist rebellion? One wonders if it was a program abandoned only to be resurrected decades years later.

The police state is obviously here, and the specters of communism and race war are alive and well and many Americans unaware of history are destined to adhere to their programming.

The song Helter Skelter convinced Manson that a war was going to happen between Blacks, Whites and the Social classes. Aren’t we seeing that agenda played out now with the idea that the new terrorists are racist extremists that are angry because we have a Black president?

Aren’t we told that a Black President is above criticism because it indicates a possible racist agenda?

The programming of a country is now a reality. As pigs are led to their slaughter so goes the country into a trap similar to what has ben spoken of in George Orwell’s Animal Farm

We have heard of the one world conspiracy. We all are fighting against a foggy indefinable enemy. We all have our own ideas of what the grand conspiracy is. We all have our ideas of who is part of the great conspiracy. We hear of all the old demons from the Masons to the Muslims, the Catholics and the Jews and how bigotry has its last word in cases of scapegoats. However we may be wise to understand what is controlling us rather than who is controlling us. Once we do that we will understand how the conspiracy operates.

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a fable of our time full of meanings and messages relating to the importance of freedom in any society. The story light-heartily uses a farm and the rebellion of its mistreated animals to symbolize a much more serious issue. The serious issue that he tackles may give us a key to what the conspiracy really is. That is, if you believe there is a conspiracy.

When the animals conspire to take over the farm, they think it is the start of a better life. Their dream is of a world where all animals are equal and all property is shared. But soon the pigs take control and one of them, Napoleon, becomes the leader of all the animals. One by one the principles of the revolution are abandoned, until the animals have even less freedom than before.

When Orwell wrote Animal Farm he put in a quote about the pigs who controlled the sheep “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”
These words were placed on the wall of the barn as the rules changed about power and the control of the pigs and the Farmers.

The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.

Napoleon the large boar that took control of the animals on the farm did so easily because he knew how to create fear amongst the animals. The first thing that he did was he controlled alimentary needs of the farm. He developed a plan to convince the other animals that the Apples and the Milk were not good for the health of the animals and that the pigs should have them instead. Napoleon literally proposed a health care plan for the animals to control their resources.

The Pigs were given the best beds, the best foods, the best drugs and alcohol. They were able to live their lives with an equal amount of power. The remaining animals were led to remain equal in their slavery. They were given confusing laws by the pigs. The controls of fear and pain kept the other animals from rebelling against Napoleon. The fable of the Animal Farm was a satirical send up of Communism and how it can be implemented and how it fails. It also was a story that demonstrated the tools that create the “open conspiracy” of control and greed.

The open conspiracy, its strategy and tactics have been openly announced and discussed with clarity for nearly a hundred years. Whether it be identified as the illuminati, Bilderberg, The Enterprise, The Octopus, or the Fabians there is nothing illegal about it. The open conspiracy is not secret, but secret things happen when these controllers are allowed to do their handiwork. Much like the Pigs in Animal farm they appear to be philanthropic, however their schemes are self serving and their methods are working. They use think tanks and psycho-social propaganda masters like Tavistock to create a social evolutionary change.

I’ve neglected to tell you so far about the role pain and suffering plays in this manufactured evolutionary theory. Just as Hegel taught that history moves faster toward its conclusion by way of warfare, so evolutionary socialists were taught by Hegel to see pain and struggle as the precipitant of evolutionary improvement for the species, a necessary purifier eliminating the weak sheep from the breeding pool.

Truth is your government and the world agenda has created grade school drama with all of their well-publicized doomsday scenarios. From Global warming to the Swine flu we are seeing that pain and suffering is heading our way . The government-created crisis, masquerading as an unexpected external provocation, is elementary Hegelian strategy. We all know this. It was the main theme in Orwell’s animal farm.

It has been the agenda by the secrete societies fro decades and the groups like Tavistock and others are there to set the agenda, the action, the reaction and the solution that the people will clamor for by design.

This is how it all works, remember Napoleon the pig in Orwell’s book started his manipulations with the sheep by declaring apples and milk as unfit for the others. Declaring a health plan that only applied to the sheep not the pigs. This health control idea is becoming eerily similar to what Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his famous signature book “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technotronic Era.

“It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files containing even the most personal details about health and personal behavior of every citizen, in addition to the more customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information.”

It is indicative of a clever surveillance system that includes your genetics and health statistics.

In his essay, Brzezinski called common people, (The sheep) “an increasingly purposeless mass.” Capable of being scientifically engineered through a series of shocks to the system. Shocks to the system create cognitive crisis and pain. Those who control pain control the populace. You see pain is what is controlling us and those who have the power to relieve the pain are also those who have the power to inflict it.

If anyone doubts the power of pain as a tool to control people’s behavior they need only to look at the experiments that were carried out by the Nazis . These experiments in pain for control were carried through to the academics at Yale and Harvard. They were perfected by the CIA and other groups and now they are being implemented with absolutely no limits. This is why Torture is not condemned or not being altered in war. Because in a moment of pain people could say or do almost anything including kill another human being.

We have all seen the rat in the experiment where he presses the bar in order to get a jolt to the pleasure centers of his brain. He will do it so much he falls limp from exhaustion. He runs around madly in his wheel in order to avoid any pain that is being given him by the controllers. The experiments evolve where there is no longer anything provided to take away his pain. After a while the rodent learns to live with his pain and also awaits his next blow. This is known as “learned helplessness.” Soon the rat becomes fearful, and mean. He eventually dies. Giving more control to government will ease your pain at first – it will become an “opiate solution.”

Now let us look to financial, social and religious controls as opiates to the masses. Karl Marx once said that religion is the opiate of the masses. He merely pointed out that Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. Marx knew that religion also controlled and inflicted pain through guilt.
When we look at “Opiate” as a wide spread metaphor we must understand that it was used as a part of policy. In the times of Karl Marx. “Opiate” was used in a social sense as a metaphor in his day . “Opiate” was used sociologically as a term for anything that would soothe social turmoil. Literally, with the help of Karl Marx it is loosely defined as a social pain reliever. Since the socialist evolutionary process includes inflicting and relieving pain and controlling the “Opiate”, “Opiate policies” must be looked at as a means to an end. A means of control by the “swine.” Where Pig Brother watches you and controls your intake of that which takes away your pain and stress

The ramifications of controlling pain are huge in scope. Every organism on this planet responds to pain. No Police state can exist without the ability to give out pain in all forms. The tortures we read about and criticize are academic and in the same way the CIA or any other black ops group tortures enemy combatants we also suffer a post traumatic stress response to this type of behavior.

It is the threat of pain and torture that deep down frightens us. We can put up a good front for courage. We can say “better them than us” but the truth is we are them. They are us. The attacks on New York and the Pentagon gave us a shock to the system. Causing fearful moves and neurotic actions. We probably don’t even realize how exhausting it all was. How we were required to act as though nothing had happened. Yet the war pigs all gathered together and decided that war was the ultimate answer.

Those who are fighting this war also suffer. We usually hear about the number of U.S. soldiers killed in combat, but not so much about the less visible injuries to the psyche. soldiers to wage war and then they bring their pain home. The suicide rate for active-duty soldiers was higher than the total number of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. An army unit based in Fort Carson in Colorado Springs has a murder rate 114 times the rate for Colorado Springs at large. Now you can see why Homeland security has targeted veterans as trouble makers. They are part of the risk group for extremist behavior. Our Government created the monster and now they want to control it even more.

They are targeting our soldiers as extremist, arresting and detaining people at will, creating a sense of homeland terror, and giving an open invitation for urban uprising. Orwell had stated that Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. Power now is in the hands of the few, and highly paid engineers are controlling your behaviors and plans. Sometimes people just want to watch others suffer and die. Sometimes they just want to see parts of the earth burn. The image of a mushroom cloud for some is so enticing. The idea of a scorched earth policy is not only in the minds of terrorists, but also in the minds of social engineers hammering at the world like animals wanting to see people fall to their knees and follow like sheep.

It is now a familiar meme to go with Four legs good, two legs bad. They want you on your knees, they want you on all fours because the early apples arenow ripening, and the grass of the orchard is littered with windfalls.

Social Engineering is a ritualized form of magic. It is trickery and brainwashing for purposes of control.It is a manipulation of the human tendency to trust authority.