5/14/13: Ariel School: For The Children


When I get into the paranormal mindset and I initiate discussions about the possibility of not being alone in the universe, it can be met with criticism by those so caught up into their politics that they cannot or will not listen to anything but political talk that confirms what they already knew.

I know that for weeks I have been talking about corrupt politics and have faced the ridicule of people who feel too comfortable with the idea that their government would not betray them. However, throughout history, even before anyone heard of Barack Obama we knew that the political sphere of influence was a corrupt one.

Government has a tendency to abuse its power, and it tends to downplay the transcendence of people and their ability to outgrow certain myths that have been spun about leadership. However there are other myths that we always fall back on because somewhere in the mythos we know that there must be some darker power in control. That this power has been unleashed in some form like a disease and that there seems to be a “programmed” response to this power that remains as pervasive as it ever was.

That “programmed” response is quite simply inertia. There seems to be no real response from people. It is as if we have turned to stone, like a deer in the headlights unable to respond as we are being toyed with, hijacked, and spiritually exhausted by vampiric beings that use us as resources that can be easily removed when we are no longer of use to them.

For those who want to hear how miserable and alien our government is, I can assure you that it will always be that way. The reason may be as simple as admitting that there has been a silent take over and that for many years we have been groomed to accept this type of alien behavior from our leaders.

We may even go as to far as to say that they have been compromised by a power so dark and so foreign to our way of life that we can only hypothetically say that our leaders are merely shells being controlled by spiritual entities that have invaded their minds and control their movements.

The thoughts of interaction between leaders and entities can be an intense and stunning hypothesis, however it is not really new to assume such possibilities.

In various commentaries and studies of biblical or primitive cultures, I have been looking for patterns in belief systems that go back many millennia, and have uncovered what seems an inescapable truth.

This truth is that this planet has a rich history of cataclysm and rebirth, and that mankind has earned its right to evolutionary supremacy. However, that supremacy is temporary, predicated upon an agreement of mutual permission between mankind and an order of godlike beings that go by several names.

Zecharia Sitchin has written about the ancient “gods” and has produced evidence that purports to demonstrate that the ancient gods of Sumer were truly space-faring aliens.

While Sumer and the surrounding lands of the Middle East are the theater for the wars of today, in the past Hitler and the Nazis believed that the people who lived in this area of the world were the true descendants of the gods. The Nazis believed that they had the knowledge of the secret rulers.

In their quest to find the alien connection, millions of people were murdered. There was the occasional story that claimed that Hitler himself had been haunted by visions of alien entities demanding that more had to be killed.

The knowledge of these beings has been suppressed and the churches have corrupted the histories and accounts of these entities. Religion has covered up the various stories that conclude that we are not alone in this universe and that we are at the mercy of beings that have no bias or regard for what we may consider to be morality.

The histories of these entities and their character have been manipulated. We are told that we are supposed to love them or they will arrive with wrath to slay those who do not obey their whim.

History is determined by the bias of the dominant hierarchy.

There is also the warning from these entities that we have been charged with the responsibility of protecting progeny, to be stewards of the planet and protect its environment in order to sustain resources.

These messages have been part of the alien UFO lore for more than 50 years and now they are becoming part of the zeitgeist as environmental concerns are now a matter of politics and that children become collateral damage in policies that bankrupt the future and leave them barren of resources.

In 1994, teachers and school officials at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe were astonished when no less than 62 students claimed to have had a bizarre and terrifyingly prophetic encounter with a UFO and its unearthly occupants.

The children witnessed 2 small occupants who impressed upon them through telepathy that ‘we are not properly looking after the earth, or the area’. The children also felt extreme fear regarding these beings that they classified as alien.

I remember watching a documentary on the subject and I was fascinated with the children’s sincerity and the look on their faces.

The children all agreed that the occupants of the craft were about one meter or 3 feet tall, with slender necks, long black hair, and very large eyes.

They walked down the craft, and proceeded in the direction of the children.

When one of the entities noticed the children, he disappeared, and was next seen in the back of the UFO. Within moments, the craft took off, vanishing into the sky over the school.

Many of the children were understandably frightened, the little man had evoked many stories they had heard about demons and ghosts. In fact there were a few children who told investigators that the entities may have been be demons known as the Tokoloshi, which are believed to be eaters of small children.

Some of the children ran to the mother who was attending the snack bar, but she did not believe their story, and continued with her duties.

Two of Ufology’s most respected investigators researched the Ariel School sighting. Cynthia Hind, now deceased, was known as Africa’s top notch researcher, and she was at the school the next day.

Alien ARIEL UFOShe requested the school’s headmaster, Colin Mackie, to ask the children to make drawings of what they had seen the day before. When Hind arrived at the school, there were some 35 various drawings and sketches waiting for her.

Most of the drawings were very similar in their depictions of the craft and being.

The drawings showed pictures of a UFO which landed in a field and a dark being with large black eyes. The headmaster of the school told Cynthia Hind that he felt that the children were telling the truth about what they had seen.

One of the students, a young girl, told Hind, “I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.”

Child after child was interviewed alone or in groups. Many of the children were able to share drawn pictures of a saucer like object that had round windows running along the side. The so called entity or alien wore a black and shiny suit and what was rare is that the entity had long black hair.

composite ARIELMost descriptions of aliens usually portray the typical slender look with large black eyes but black hair is quite uncommon. The older students said that they felt that the creatures communicated with them somehow, sending the message that we humans are destroying our planet, polluting the environment in ways that will have dire consequences.

The students claimed that the planet was to go through abrupt changes when they were to become adults and that it is important for them to be prepared for these changes.

The event began at approximately 10:15 am. while the children — who ranged in age from 5 to 12 years old and were of African, Asiatic and European descent — were playing in the field adjacent to the school during their mid-morning break on the already scorching, 91° day.

ARIEL UFO 1The children claimed that while they were playing they noticed three “silver balls” soaring in the sky above the school. These orbs, which quickly caught the attention of the whole group, intermittently flashed red and would disappear in a burst of light and then reappeared in another section of the sky.

Although the area where the UFO had landed was forbidden to the children due to proliferation of thorn bushes, poisonous snakes and spiders it was not fenced off from the schoolyard.” This allowed the frightened children to approach the unusual object and somehow receive communication from the entities.

The teachers at the school later admitted that the sixty-two children were essentially unsupervised while in the schoolyard during morning recess and claimed that they ignored the student’s fearful cries.” One teacher noted that they were in a faculty meeting and assumed that the children were merely playing and that what they were hearing was normal schoolyard sounds.

The children claimed that the aliens put into their heads apocalyptic images of the future and that they felt that it was a warning that the planet was about to be destroyed or the world was ending.

The event happened for about 15 minutes and soon the beings along with their glowing space ship had vanished.

Just two days prior to the event, “over 100 children at the Pier House School which is located 25 miles from Rawa, watched as a UFO hovered and apparently searched for a place to land. At the same time the school kids at Pier House were awed by these celestial antics, all of the school buses in the Ruwa school district apparently lost the use of their radios, receiving nothing but static.

The late Dr. John Mack was one of the psychologists that was called in to speak with the children. In his investigation he found that the twelve children he interviewed gave consistent and reliable accounts of the occurrence, leading him to believe it was not a case of mass hysteria, but a genuine alien encounter.

While the lack of adult witnesses has led some to conclude that this incident is nothing more than a prank produced in the fertile minds of children, one must consider if it is remotely feasible for 62 pre-teens to concoct a successful hoax that requires the youngest of the bunch to feign terror while the eldest jeopardize their reputations by claiming to not only have seen an alien, but to have shared a psychic connection with it.

Not to mention the sheer psychological effort it would take to corroborate a tale as elaborate as this. It should also be noted that in the 19 years following this harrowing event, there have been no public claims that this was a hoax made by the eyewitnesses, some of whom are now parents themselves.

Once again as a point of reference, I look at the book “Childhood’s End” and realize that the irony of the aliens is that no matter how advanced they are, they envy the lives of humans. The Overlords find a way to have the children join the Overmind and in the process set out to destroy the earth in order to establish the new utopia.

The alien mission is to teach the children the secrets of the universe, to warn them of impending environmental disaster. The children begin to develop their new powers of being able to communicate telepathically and to utilize what has been called remote viewing. This is where they see the images play into their heads of a virtual apocalypse that the aliens see as beneficial; however, it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can the programming that was revealed at Ariel be part of the alien mission which is to plant the vision of self destruction in our minds? Can this be the agenda of any organized agreed upon prophecy?

The way in which the children of these dispensational generations are incorporated into the so called alien programming is similar to of Christian descriptions of prophetic visions that are given through angels and lights and other such anomalies that we read about in the ancient texts.

And as Jesus Christ pointed out, the meek are the inheritors of Earth and that children are an intricate part in the kingdom of God. The establishment of the new paradise is predicated upon the progeny and how they are taught and in the case of this alien encounter “programmed.”

Perhaps, as we move closer to an alien disclosure and that scientific and technological miracles will leave us with artificial spirituality, we are compelled to put constraints on how far a symbolic or allegorical comparison between guardian angels, angels, demons and aliens should be made.

It seems that it is inevitable that these attitudes will change over time. They must change upon a direct knowledge and revelation of the method.

In most religious circles, the change in thought or comparison will be met with cynicism and this is why we are challenged to be as children when we learn of these so-called secrets of the universe.