7/26/13: Babylon Done


Since the beginning of the onslaught of the royal baby stories I was taken aback by the words being said about the child. Calling him a “real king” or “real royal baby” which caused the Christian world to lash out in blogs and tweets against the baby being raised to the equivalency of a modern savior.

A Huffington Post article handled it in comedic way showing the various tweets of angry Christians reminding all of us that the real King was not born in a palace but in a barn or a manger under a star.

This struck me as a bit coincidental and – at the risk of dabbling in cosmic blasphemy – all things from the Biblical story to the story of Pinocchio started spinning all kinds of dots to connect with regard to this story and I figured in some paranormal way that all of these memes are really no accident.

Granted Christ, what Christians are calling the real “king”, was recorded to have been born in a manger and it was a star that guided astrologers to his birthplace.

As for the real king or the real boy being sent from the stars I was thinking about the story of Pinocchio and how the carpenter Gepetto prayed one night to the brightest star for a son. He wanted a real boy, the brightest star he prayed to was believed to be the star Sirius.

In the Walt Disney version of this story written by Carlo Collodi, The blue fairy or queen descends from this blue star in order to give life to the puppet that Gepetto creates. This all is a metaphor for light and life given through Sirius.

In ancient writings, many prophets have attributed or have stated that all life on earth had been created under the life giving light of Sirius.

Time Magazine recently released a special report on Secret Societies. I was given the magazine by my friend and as I was thumbing through the pages I was actually seeing some remarkable passages about the “blazing star” or the “eastern star” and how Sirius is prominent in all Masonic lodges.

Masonic author William Hutchinson wrote that “It is the first and most exalted object that demands our attention in the Lodge.” It is the source of life, a guide and a teacher.

The message from and the timing of the publishing of this Time Magazine special I believe is no accident. Because it most certainly is a key to what may be a secret about the royal baby and the so called “real king” meme that has many Christians going through their apocalyptic scripture study.

A few days ago I was alerted to a few cosmic signposts regarding the birth of the royal baby and how coincidental it was that the baby was born on a full moon and that it has been named during the time of a rare but interesting celestial event. This alignment is known as the great sextile or hexagon that will be at its peak on Monday, July 29th 2013.

The sextile will be the 13th recorded hexagon in the heavens since the year 1990. It is also alleged to be the final one and that there won’t be any more alignments of this kind in our lifetime.

I was informed via email that another celestial event had occurred the day after the birth of the so called “royal baby” or “real king.”

July 23rd is the start of both the Sumerian and Egyptian New Year, so a high holy day for occultists magicians and astrologers. The “Dog Days” of summer begin on July 23rd when the star Sirius, first rises from behind the sun in the constellation Orion.

Occultist will tell you that there have been countless stories about Sirius being the “sun” behind the “sun” or part of a binary system of both the greater light and the lesser light.

It is a metaphor for the progeny of the Sun King.

Sirius was of a great importance in astronomy, mythology and occultism. Our Solar King warms the earth and keeps the physical world alive, Sirius is considered to keep the spiritual world alive. It is the “real light” shining in the East, the spiritual light, where as the sun illuminates the physical world, which is considered to be a grand illusion.

Once again according to occultists it is the “real light” or the “real sun” (son) that represents a spiritual icon to the world.

To Christians this may be a sign of yet another attempt at a counterfeit savior that will eventually rule over an earthly kingdom.

The celestial trinity of alignments overshadowed the earth as Prince William was born. The unconfirmed rumor from the royal circles was Princess Diana’s labor was induced to birth Prince William based on this celestial clock.

The royals seem to have this uncanny knack for fulfilling ancient occult star crossings. When Prince William was born on June 21, 1982, there were rare alignments in the heavens. It was reported that at the time of his birth the sun was intersected by the galactic plane. This of course was said to be another type of stargate or portal. This also coincided with a Solar and lunar eclipse.

William was born on the solstice and was called the “Sun” or “Solar King”. Katharine, the mother of Prince George, also was influenced by astrological anomalies as a lunar eclipse happened on the day of her birth January 9th, 1982. Occultists will say that their relationship was made in the heavens as their births coincide with the divine masculine or the “sun” and the divine feminine “the moon.”

The question that is haunting for those who know of occult alignments is why the birth of Prince George happened just before the prominence of Sirius the star of life and Repham the ancient name for the configuration of the hexagon which anciently was the symbol of death.

The Sextile or hexagram to most people is known as the Star of David.

This “Star of David” symbol predates King David by thousands of years and it was once linked to the ancient Roman celebration of Saturnalia which is the high occult holiday set aside for reverence to the planet Saturn! It also has occult implications with a “hex”agram and the pentagram used in rituals.

To astrologers this symbol also represents the trine of divine masculine and the inverted trine of the divine feminine. The hexagon alignment signifies the opening of a seal, the signature of the heavenly gate opening.

The 13th hexagram alignment passes through the 13th house of the zodiac. The 13th house is known as Ophiuchus the handler of the serpent. The power of such an alignment along with the life giving power of Sirius trips a series of cosmic dominoes that can only be seen as some well planned act of magic.

The 13th Sextile hexagon formation and the serpent in 13th house of the zodiac in 2013 a year that the Chinese call the year of the Snake sends many different signals that can be interpreted in so many ways.

It will be hard to determine what this means for the earth, and what occult powers are bestowed upon the “real king” the moon child that was born on a day where the moon was full and the stars and alignments of power are evident.

Now as this places us on the edge of the paranormal, there is another weird element that I wish to point out. Prior to the London Olympics in 2012 I had prepared a lecture on the occult symbolism of the games and how it seemed that the Olympics were being prepared as an occult ceremony. Much of what was depicted in the opening ceremony at the games was based on the poem “And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time” by William Blake.
Death and the children
The poem and song is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation (3:12 and 21:2) describing the Second Coming, where in Jesus returns and establishes a new Jerusalem or Zion in England. It also implies that Jesus visited Europe after the crucifixion. This has been the agenda for a long time, a meme that is encouraged in Europe by secret societal control of the churches.
baby head
Now if you can recall in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics a giant baby was seen and it appeared at a time in the ceremony that depicted England as in what Blake described as a time of Darkness or in the time of “Satanic Mills.”
Dead Children
The Olympic committee was plagued with criticisms saying that the baby was creepy and seemed out of place. The committee responded by saying that it was symbolic of the National Health Service (NHS) and a tribute to the Great Ormond Street Hospital staff. Born during post-war Britain in 1948, the NHS has been a celebrated national institution that provides free health care to all residents.

There are others however who saw it as a depiction of the “moon child” that was born to signify a new king or child from the heavens that will be seen as a deliverer. Remember, this image was at the Olympics long before the birth of the royals “moon child.”

This baby head was the point of much speculation because after the baby appears other children die of some plague and then rising from the midst of the dead children is a demonic figure that looks like the mythical being of death.

This depiction of course is connected to Kronos or Saturn, the father that eats his children whose symbol is Rephan or the hexagon.

Is this a coincidence or a well planned revelation of the method connected to the Royals new born baby?

At the Olympics was the baby ritual an indication that after the birth of the moon child, there will be a Saturnalian influence that will kill the children on earth in a massive plague or disaster?

Think of all of the coincidences, the birth, the star of life, the alignment that represents the sign of Saturn the hexagon and how it will influence the planet.

Throughout history there have been many attempts to establish this “new Zion,” “new age” or new “Solar awareness.” These attempts resulted in death and war. Every self appointed leader promises that the ideal Zion would bring about ideal change. Every leader or government takes part in ritualism and the divine art of occult magic seems to playing a prominent role in the influence and direction of what the Royals want for their child.

Is he truly one of the mentioned the “real kings” or are we seeing a counterfeit doppelganger meant to trigger those archetypical metaphors that lay deep with the collective unconscious?

The future will tell in due time.