Sometimes it is hard to get to your point in a conversation because what you are about to talk about may sound crazy. It may sound absurd or outrageous because the people you are talking to don’t know what you know. It is so difficult to tell people about something that does not fit into their philosophy without getting criticized or tuned out. I have been in this situation so many times. I can tell everyone that what talk about is speculative just to make it through the filter, just to get it through the gate and then afterwards it is far more of a challenge to have it stick, to plant the seed without someone trying to best the entire argument.

I hope that what I am about to say will stick with you and that it will be felt and considered. It is awkward to begin with anything so outrageous without digging through some historical pretext. The more you dig, the more you realize that people forget crucial statements that are either dismissed with laughter or flushed down the memory hole.

Between 1982 and 1988, then President Ronald Reagan had a few major things to say about the reality of an alien threat. He actually mentioned the so called threat times, even in front of the United Nations’ General assembly.

He often wondered what would happen if there was an alien threat from outside of this world. He contemplated the thought of all differences worldwide disappearing if there was something out there coming to threaten us.

How would we react, what would be the protocols for the arrival of something, or the close shave with something that could invade, contact or otherwise throw the nation into a panic? I have always referred to Reagan’s speeches because they were so blatant. They have been always dismissed as ramblings from an old man, however at the time they were made there were many people who took tyem seriously enough to comment.
One of those important people who commented was Mikhail Gorbachev.

Gorbachev himself confirmed the alien conversation in Geneva during an important speech on February 17, 1987, in the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, to the Central Committee of the USSR’s Communist Party.

Gorbachev stated “At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extra terrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it’s early yet to worry about such an intrusion.

It is interesting to point out that Gorbachev never spoke of how weird the conversation was, he only commented that it may be too early to talk about such an event as an alien invasion. Did this indicate that perhaps there is a date when it would be more appropriate to discuss these things? Or have the Governments of the world been planning on a date where they announce to the world that Life is out there in space or have they been planning on a date where they would stage an alien invasion?

Numerous “conspiracy theorists” most notably former Naval Officer named William Cooper, who wrote the famed underground book called “Behold a Pale Horse”, speculated that Reagan’s speech was an expositional public “debriefing” to nudge the public towards wrapping their minds around the idea that a world government is a necessary response to an alien invasion scenario.

Cooper went on to suggest that a fake alien invasion had been in the works by the U.S. government since the 1930’s, and that even Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast had been done as an “experiment” to see how the populous would react to such an event.

Cooper hosted a radio talk show, founded the Constitution Party and predicted the gradual and pre-planned world wide economic collapse. Most of his predictions and information has proven to be very accurate. He blew the lid off the Oklahoma City federal building bombing and the raids on Waco.

He was lambasted by both Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh as “the most dangerous talk show host in America.” Most of what you know from the X-files Movie “Fight the Future” has been taken from his books. Before there was David Icke there was Bill Cooper and long before Alex Jones there was Bill Cooper.

I met Bill Cooper when I worked with Wolfgang Gossett (The man they now think is the notorious Hijacker D.B. Cooper)
William Cooper was eventually gunned down by Police officers in front of his Arizona home.

What did Cooper know? What were they trying to silence? Even at his most paranoid, he was probably as close to 100% uncompromised, unadulterated human truth as you could possible find. All of his associates and friends knew that Cooper was legit. The Information from his Book “Behold a Pale Horse” to this day is unraveling and coming true. A faked alien invasion has not yet happened.

However is it about to happen? Or are we being told one thing and on the other hand there is actually an event taking place where our Government is preparing for an apocalyptic encounter with something from space that they can’t explain and want to communicate with it?

Bill Cooper warned us as did Werner Von Braun the master rocket scientist imported from Nazi Germany. When all of our enemies become “spent” Von Braun had stated that the next threat would be from the skies. Threats would first come from the Sun, and then comets and Asteroids.

Von Braun had said that the alien threat would be discovered soon after we run out lies about terrorists and Rogue states.

The aliens would be seen at a time where mankind is forced to look up, and there would have to be procedures and protocols devised to welcome the aliens to earth. That is of course the aliens are real. Von Braun indicated that the stories of a threat from aliens are not to be believed.

I am currently in the process of developing a story for the networks about how the possible alien scenario would begin and end. I have been developing my theories based on the 1997 sighting of the Phoenix lights, a UFO story that made national news and prompted an investigation into a possible psy-op that had all of the makings of a modern day “War of the Worlds.”

On March 13th, 1997 a mile long triangular shaped UFO was seen over Phoenix. The massive airship had an array of lights in the back and a huge light in the front. The large UFO was seen by the entire city of Phoenix Arizona and garnered all types of press. While the reaction from the public was typical for a UFO sighting, there were other reactions that were reported and then forgotten.

An A-10 Warplane was stolen by Major Craig Button in Arizona around the time of the sighting. The plane was seen in Utah. The wreckage of the plane was eventually found on April 2nd in the Colorado Rockies three weeks later. Was Button alarmed by the news that an invasion had begun? According to reports Button committed suicide because of personal problems with his girlfriend. However the plane had armed bombs onboard that were never found. Where did they go and what did he fire at? Button’s flight trainer Capt. Amy Lynn Svoboda was also killed two weeks later in another A-10 crash.

The Heaven’s gate Cult Committed mass suicide just days after the Arizona Sighting. Marshall Applewhite received a “sign” that it was time for he and 38 of his followers to shed their human containers and join the Evolutionary Level Above Human in a spaceship hiding behind the comet Hale Bopp.

Controversy began after Chuck Shramek, an amateur astronomer from Houston called a late night talk show and revealed that he was seeing something following the comet. Later it was speculated that the object was an alien space ship. This information had been pushed by Ed Dames.

Dames had claimed that the comet’s companion carried a plant pathogen targeting Africa that will kill all plant life. He said that his remote viewing data showed that this was engineered by aliens who wanted to eliminate humans from the earth. He explained that all plants, including all food, will eventually be destroyed. That people will have nothing left to eat as this will cause a massive starvation worldwide. It was amazing how this disinformation went on the air unchallenged, and without any criticism.

The Heaven’s gate cult has been the most misunderstood group or cult in history. All we know of them is that they were a strange UFO cult led by Marshal Applewhite. The cult members all committed suicide however their deaths seem to all be a part of the psy-op about the end of the world, alien intrusion, and strange disinformation delivered on a national talk show.

Coincidentally three members of the Heaven’s Gate “away team” worked for Advanced Development Group (ADG), Inc., a company that developed computer-based instruction for the US Army. ADG later became ManTech Advanced Development Group; these organizations have connections to the First Earth Battalion.

A Psy-op group that was formed in the U.S. Military to allegedly handle Military extra terrestrial affairs such as abductions, contact through telepathy Remote Viewing and ESP, and possible simulated extra terrestrial “drills” using holographic technology. First Earth Battalion eventually became the Jedi Project. All of these secretive Psy-op groups are, or were, well skilled in spreading information and disinformation about the occult, the Heaven’s Gate cult, the attacks of 9/11, remote viewing and UFO’s.

Ed Dames was coincidentally a member of the first earth battalion. Considered a loose cannon of sorts and was breaking ranks by speaking about the “companion to Hale Bopp” So why was the First Earth battalion Jedi movement using the services of a UFO Cult and were they really victims of Suicide?

Lee Johnson was a member of a Utah Rock Group called Dharma Combat. He was a Heaven’s gate away team member and committed suicide with the cult members. After his death the surviving members of the band released an EP that featured a song called MESLIM written by Johnson.

The song featured some odd lyrics about a possible attempt by the US government to stage an alien threat. What did he know and why did he and the 38 followers of Heaven’s gate believe that there was an alien space ship following the Hale Bopp comet? Was all of this a test run for a mass exercise?

I am beginning to see some patterns taking place that have me in a fit of déjà vu. It is as if a program has been replaying from 1997 and how I feel we are going to see a repeat performance of an alien threat psy-op or quite possibly a secret attempt at contact with a celestial artifact.

While we weren’t looking an official statement was given by the Whitehouse. The statement was giving notice that there is absolutely no proof of aliens or a UFO cover-up.

The White House was responding to two petitions asking the U.S. government to acknowledge formally that aliens have visited Earth and to disclose any intentional withholding of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings. According to its untimely release– “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy reported on the website.”In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

Larson stressed that the facts show there is no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. He pointed out that even though many scientists have come to the conclusion that the odds of life somewhere else in the universe are fairly high, the chance that any of them are making contact with humans are extremely small, given the distances involved.

The timing of the response I felt was a little strange. Especially after there have been so many reports about possible extraterrestrial cells and microbes living on Asteroids and the fact that the Catholic Church has gone on the record saying that they are now in the business of searching for Extra-terrestrials.

It all seemed a bit like the Whitehouse protested a bit too much and besides who is going to listen to a group of paid off scientists who want to hide the truth?

Meanwhile a news story that has failed to capture the imagination of the mainstream was a story about an American Army Specialist named William Millay. Millay is a 22-year-old military policeman from Owensboro, Kentucky. Millay had key top secret clearances and was stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska he had expressed his concerns about military equipment build-up in key American cities that were under the direction of NORTHCOM.

Millay had express concerns about redeployment of troops in staging areas all over key cities in the United States. He had emailed friends and family in Kentucky expressing that something was odd about information he was receiving and told his friends that it appeared that the US Air Forces Northern National Security Emergency Preparedness Directorate was preparing for what he called “The end of the world.”

In the US Army Times and in the Guardian newspaper it was reported that Millay was arrested for alleged espionage. However details are murky and no one really knows what kind of espionage he was involved in and what other information he was exchanging with his mother.

There are many websites that are speculating that perhaps Millay knew something about the November 9th, 2011 Emergency drills that were being carried out.

During an appearance on Ground Zero Shepherd Ambellas of the Intel-hub notified Ground zero listeners of an exercise that is to be carried out in the Aleutian Islands called Pacific West 11. PACWEST 11 is a Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning
and Communication Exercise.

It will happen on the same day as the nationwide Emergency Broadcast Notification. This also coincides with the Pan-European wide drill called “Poseidon.”
Poseidon is a program funded by the European Union, aimed to prepare the Civil Protection Mechanism in Greece to deal with a devastating earthquake tsunami, through the cooperation of Civil Protection Authorities at local, regional, national and European level. The Civil Protection Authorities of Cyprus and France participate in this project and an evaluation of the exercise will be performed through the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

Approximately 30 hours prior to these drills there will be a passing of what is called YU55 and asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier. It will pass over the earth within 210,000 miles. There have been wild speculations about a possible collision with earth. The speculative reports say that the asteroid could hit the earth in the north pacific creating a massive earthquake in excess of 7.0 on the Richter scale and a tsunami where waves could crest to 70 feet.

On November 9th, the Department of Homeland security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency were going to embark on a 3 minute shutdown of all broadcasts, indicating without disclaimer an Emergency Alert Notification. Citizen concerns about this activation allegedly have the departments reducing the time span to 30 seconds. However cable companies and all automated radio stations are complying with the activation and may have to shut down operations for as much as 20 minutes in order to reset and cycle the equipment.

With all of the silence – perhaps there can be clear channel for whatever is out there to contact the earth.

We may find ourselves being silent in order to listen to the message. Something wicked this way comes and it is evident that there is information that has been kept from us about what is really happening in space.

This is almost like some strange plot devised like The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles.

It also bears a strong resemblance to a working script that I made called KULT radio where a talk show host receives a message that the entire earth should cease any and all transmissions in order to communicate with a large extra-terrestrial craft that many people on earth think is an asteroid.

We all know NASA was unable to tell us where the UARS and ROSAT satellites would fall, and it was a bit of a problem to figure out the exact areas where they would come down. There were various reports and sightings but after a few days NASA had stated that the satellites came down in areas that were nowhere near the sites that the mainstream media reported.

While we are hearing of YU55 not hitting the earth, the mainstream has avoided talking about gravitational keyholes and how they can draw asteroids toward the earth.

When an asteroid passes by a planet, the gravitational attraction of the planet pulls on the asteroid and deflects it from its original trajectory, thus changing its orbit. The amount of change depends on the distance of closest approach of the asteroid to the planet: the closer the asteroid comes to the planet, the larger the deflection will be. If an asteroid were to pass a planet at a distance that changed its orbit just the right amount, the asteroid would collide with the planet on its next fly-by. The distance which causes this to happen is the location of the keyhole.

This type of anomaly was actually used to explain how a Destroyer asteroid could push through earth’s orbit and move at a speed of 23,000 miles per hour.

So what is going on? How is it that all of these events are connected and all are being reported as routine? None of what we are seeing or hearing about is routine. While it is not prudent to say that we will see an impact with the asteroid without proof, isn’t it a bit add that the Emergency notification will happen after the passing of this asteroid and that there is requirement to clear all channels on that day in case we hear of some horrible impact – or perhaps a revelation that we are not alone?

I know it is all speculation and there is no real smoking gun however we were warned many times about the psychological preparation for an alien contact or an announcement about some impending disaster from space.

Jacques Vallee wrote a book called Messengers of deception where he revealed that groups like Heaven’s gate and the Raelians and events like the “alien autopsy” seemed to be linked to military intelligence. Allegedly branches of the Military are engaging in psychological warfare involving false flag exercises. Which include the simulated attacks of extra terrestrials. The frightening part is that the Military psy-ops groups are conducting these alien based psychological experiments to test the collective acceptance of a real alien landing.

They allegedly are faking occasional UFO reports and You Tube Videos to gauge public reaction.

The Heavens gate simulation created a mass suicide. This is something that could happen again on a grand scale if the public panics over the truth, or panics over the simulation.

Richard Hoagland has been speaking out publicly on numerous talk shows about how people who are demanding disclosure about UFO’s and extra terrestrials are naïve. Hoagland is now of the opinion that while there is evidence to show that extra terrestrials have visited this planet and ongoing sightings elsewhere have demonstrated that we are not alone, the United States Government is ready to exploit the issue of an extraterrestrial crisis in order to create a new world government. However we cannot ignore the fact that any and all possible extraterrestrial events can also fuse together science and religion.

The fusing together of science and religion will give mankind a new way to look at the world. Man is set to begin the next step in his evolution and this may be linked to a better understanding of what lies outside the confines of his own planet. There is however a great number of people who will attempt to begin the Eschaton or the end times by using whatever means necessary to mold the world to their liking.

In 1978 Time Magazine published a report that predicted that Contemporary Protestant and Roman Catholic ‘theologians’–who have become accustomed to follow wherever ‘science’ seems to be leading – speculate in turn in the new realm of ‘exotheology’ (the ‘theology of outer space’) concerning what nature the ‘extraterrestrial’ races might have. It can hardly be denied that the myth behind science fiction has a powerful fascination even among many learned men of our day.

We remember the words of Barack Obama at the 9/11 gathering. He said “be still and know that I am God.” Perhaps it is to time to be silent and pay attention to the anagram that the word “silent’ gives us.

That of course is the word “listen.”