The mental health of the planet is gradually becoming questionable as events all around us are demonstrating that all is not well on planet earth. Our gag reflex doesn’t seem to be working and our disgust mechanism seems to be turned off.

If there is a God, he appears to be asleep at the wheel as mortal men decide that there is no reason to use self control, and that power is the ultimate drug. We are seeing more and more ritualistic murder, and monstrous behaviors. The stories we are reading about and hearing about are surreal and paranormal.

We have to question whether or not this is the natural way of a world that is dying, or a planned agenda to keep people in fear of their own shadows.

The overall truth is that what we are seeing is extremism, furthering the goal of the imposition of “moral clarity” by brutal military force. Those who are obsessed with their own nobility over the nobility of others have a tendency to allow their ends to justify their means.

The elite seem to be making their plans against us, and many all already seeing that tired, sick and malnourished Americans are fresh meat for the grinder. There are many people now who are beginning to cope with the fact that we are beginning to lose control of our beastly urges. We feel no pain in now killing for the sake of blood cement and human life has no value because we have all been programmed to be self centered and lash out at the victimization that has fallen upon us.

When in the middle of the fight it is difficult to understand the full consequence of what our actions might bring to our doorstep in the near future. Radical attempts at utopia while sounding noble create chaos and division and thoughts lead to action and actions may result in dystopian traps.

Things have been happening so fast lately that it is hard to keep up with the news. Everything comes whizzing by so quickly that the best our brain can do is to pick up on certain key words and phrases. Somehow we lie to ourselves in thinking that we have a well—rounded view of current events.
In a world where we are told that the news has no spin, we see that the spin is evident and it appears to be whirling in a vortex that spirals down the memory hole of what can be termed the attention deficit democracy.

I find it quite disturbing that in all forms of media from radio to television, even in print, there is a trend towards manipulating you and me for the sole purpose of edifying the state, its civic religion and the corporate interests that have their grip on the advertising dollar.

The trend seems to be an intolerance of any messenger that the state finds offensive, or that attacks the corporate stronghold. Caring is now being shown as the ultimate sin for any reporter or messenger because the networks look at war, murder and death as ways to facilitate the common crisis. War, murder and death are big business.

Anything that does not concur with the mainstream narrative is dismissed as mere conspiracy theory.

It has often been said that conspiracy theories psychologically satisfy people’s perception of the world. However as a person who reports about what can be called Conspiracy theory and the paranormal events that surround the news I truly believe that the reason that the axiom “Conspiracy theory” is the pejorative used by “skeptics” and the elite to try and get the public to ignore that fact that the mainstream narrative fails to give accurate and objective information.

I tell people that not everything is conspiracy based; however there are conspiracies and secret plans that everyone wants to be in on. Everyone loves office, gossip and Conspiracy theories are the equivalent of worldwide office gossip, and they should only be considered theories until the truth plays out.

The problem is when we see Conspiracy theories being believed as fact without evidence. Correlation is not proof; however it is an effective tool in approximating the truth when trying to figure out why the media avoids certain stories or issues.

Such is the story of the Bilderberg meetings.

To those who say that concern over their meeting is meaningless, I wonder if anyone understands that whenever these elite bankers meet much of what we call “our fate” is decided and talked about. The secrecy surrounding Bilderberg membership is most definitely a reason to sense that something that is not above board is happening and this makes it all the more interesting to speculate about. How can you fault the conspiracy theorist when Barack Obama suddenly disappears from reporters and winds up appearing at the Bilderberg meeting with no one knowing? It has happened before. However it seems to be overlooked or underplayed.

Is it really something to laugh off especially when we the people should known what is really going on? I mean sometimes a secret is a secret and sometimes naming names can pose a danger, however the future of America should be in the hands of the American people – not in the hands of secretive global elitists that desire to shape the world in their own image.

It is time to look through the lenses of those individuals that have already had their eyes opened and understand that politics are dead. There are no Democrats or Republicans, no red state against blue state, just a leviathan state that is against you.

What was once conspiracy theory is becoming our reality. What once got me dirty looks and jeers are now getting me questions on what needs to be done in order to fight back.
I am afraid that we may be too late. All we have to do now is watch as the New World order feeds on those who are too stupid to acknowledge that the great downfall has begun.

The mainstream media is showing us the new scorched earth policy. The media now is an infomercial for the encroaching police state and is being used as a device to uphold the destructive attitudes of fascism.

No longer do we have a media that challenges an empire. It merely stands idly by as the empire grows at an astonishing rate.

While in history a scorched earth policy entailed destroying all land and buildings so that nothing was left for the enemy. The media has liquidated the nation’s ability to heal from terrorism. The networks continue to report the so-called dangers of living on this planet and the television dramas are set in courtrooms, police precincts, and morgues.
If we continue on our path of electronic destructive group dynamic there will be many that will feel the need to surrender to whatever invisible enemy that is manufactured by an already crazed and out of control government.

The surrender will be gradual and will be accomplished quietly and willingly.

Those who are in control and those who can see beyond the manipulations will survive.

The Revolution is being numbed into submission. Our passive nation is too preoccupied with paying the bills and watching the Super bowl. While watching your television you will be told to buy more, to be an army of one, to drink more and eat more because you never know when you are going to die.

The non transparent Bilderberg group have done a great deal of public realtions to get certain papers to at least mention that their meetings are held in order to see trends, to talk about world politics and to at least meet up with old colleagues and discuss world business.

However, it is not pessimistic or even cynical to understand that if these meetings were anything for our benefit there would be a convention atmosphere with all of the media attending. It seems that this secret meeting is off limits to much of the media and those who are invited from the media shy away from commenting on it.

Uncertainty anymore is pretext for attack. This also includes the uncertainty of what the Bilderberg meetings breed. When members of The United States Congress, Senators and others meet together with world bankers, and other world leaders to discuss policy for the world it becomes uncomfortable to realize how absolutely treasonous or peculiar it sounds.

It is also expedient to insert the fact that this type of meeting is in violation of the Logan act.

“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

The Logan act is simply a single federal statute making it a crime for a citizen to confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States. Specifically, it prohibits citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization.
The Bilderberg group is most definitely a who’s who of military advisers, past Presidents, and American lawmakers who plan and give their input on globalist agendas with other world glitterati.

It is also an interesting thing to ponder that if the Bilderberg agendas are all on the level then why is it that wherever they go violence erupts. The violence always seems to come from the enforcers who tend to protect something that they do not understand. They are told to harm those who even want to demand transparency and put them in jails.

The war criminals and those who talk about the new draconian policies are inside the protected walls. Wherever they go there always seems to be a warzone that goes into effect and constitutional rights terminated.

We realize subconsciously that the elite exploit and control us, but our culture does not encourage an open or conscious acknowledgement of this fact. We don’t see it exposed in the media, nor do we see religious figures openly denouncing the control mechanisms. In fact, they encourage slavery and obedience to the treachery of alien rage and conflict.

Our culture tends to marginalize those who express any ideas that indicate a mass brainwashing or manipulation is taking place. A secret stronghold that pays no mind to the peaceful teachings that are found in religion and spirituality has molded culture over the centuries.

Cultures all over the planet are encouraging their people to accept domination and manipulation. The question is for what purpose and for what outcome? Is there actually a force or perhaps a group of entities that are controlling us from some nebulous fortress? Could they be controlling the activities of Bilderberg?

We in the western culture are consciously unaware of what is going on because we are so caught up in our own so-called religious and political superiority.

America is always right; however how right are we when we make deals with foreign governments that openly and deliberately strip us of sovereignty and freedom? The globalist agenda of sustainability is a go, and the agenda of the populace eating itself from within is like watching a wounded bear chewing its leg off to get out of a trap.