Black Hole Sun, Suspect Sky


The other night Liam, my fiancés 7 year old, was asking questions about sounds he was hearing in the sky. I was hearing them too and, of course, to me, what I was hearing sounded a lot like fireworks going off or perhaps gunfire. We become used to industrial sounds. Many of them are engines and metal slamming. There is one thing you cannot avoid and that is the distant sounds of construction as roads are in need of repair and a new commuter rail system is being constructed in town.

The booms we were hearing seemed to be from a distance and so there was really no way of knowing about the source. One can never tell anymore because it seems that again the Earth and the sky are becoming an active play ground for anomalous booms thundering through the sky and anomalous formations in the sky.

Global observations indicate that unusual sky phenomena continue to escalate in both frequency and intensity.

As far back as May of 2013 there have been persistent reports of booms being heard all over the United States. There have also been reports of sky quakes or sounds of roars from the sky that sound like something out of a science fiction movie.

These sounds, of course, have been the subject of controversy because there have been a number of hoaxes that have been produced and shown on the Internet. However, the anomalous sounds and sky activities have been shown to be real in many locations and as we look at the bigger picture we may be shocked to find that these anomalous activities are not limited to what we are seeing and hearing on Earth.

NBC News recently reported that the so-called “Mystery Hum” has returned to various parts of the world. This hum has been detected in places like Taos, New Mexico, and in places like Scotland and England. Remarkably the hum has ill effects on only 2 percent of the population and most of the afflicted are from the ages of 55 and 70. The sound is usually heard in rural areas and its intensity increases after the sun goes down.

The Taos Hum began making headlines in the 1990’s. Residents of the area complained of a low-level rumbling noise. A team of researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories and other regional experts were unable to identify the source of the sound.

While many investigators are somehow convinced that the sound can be attributed to industrial or electronic sounds there is another possible reason for this hum and for other strange sounds that have been recorded over the years.

There have been new indicators that are speculating that the earth along with other planets generate seismic hums. The vibrations are low frequency and are the product of electromagnetic fluctuations on the planet.

These frequencies are well detected and measured by means of a broad-band seismograph, and can be recorded anywhere on Earth. These “mini-wave hums” are connected to the movement of water under the earth and the swells of the ocean.

Theorists analyze that there are harmonics that create a tonal matrix and that frequencies and hums are natural and that we don’t hear them because we are used to background city noise that blocks the human ear from detecting it.

The Earth is constantly resonating and the sounds are heard from time to time. They resemble roars, trumpets or even whale sounds. There are other theorists that are concerned that electromagnetic radiation is creating the waves and that these sounds indicate a change in the solar system and that earth is responding to calls from other planets, even the Sun.

For example, it seems to be an interesting coincidence that the hums and the resonance have returned in various areas of the earth and are being heard by the human ear during a time of what is called a “harmonic convergence” by astrologers.

The “dog days of summer” began on July 23rd, 2013 and on July 29th there will be a planetary alignment that will create a huge sextile or hexagon.

Now there seems to be a tonal frequency response that may or may not be connected however the more one digs into the suspect sky, we see that the heavens are changing. If these changes happen above us – soon we will be seeing events happening on earth that we are not used to.

On July 19th, 2013 “a space telescope aimed at the sun has spotted a gigantic hole in the solar atmosphere. The hole covered nearly a quarter of the sun and spewed solar gasses into space.
The coronal hole over the sun’s North Pole came into view between July 13 and 18 and was observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO. Coronal holes are darker, cooler regions of the sun’s atmosphere, or corona, containing little solar material. In these gaps, magnetic field lines whip out into the solar wind rather than looping back to the sun’s surface. It is theorized that when these solar gasses are released it affects atmospheric conditions on earth.

This can create severe weather systems and in some cases a magnetic seismic response.

Now scientists will say that celestial events in the solar system do not affect the earth; however, there are others who believe that the earth and the other planets do respond to magnetic changes and this is why there are seismic responses to full moons, and near-earth objects like comets and meteors.

With the advent of the sextile convergence we have seen how after this celestial event there have been major historic events that have happened that affect the planet. Once again, you can chalk it up to mere coincidence.

However, the frequencies in space and on Earth are resonating from solar activity and other planets seem to be responding in kind to such anomalous activity.

Saturn-Hexagon-AnimationThe planet Saturn has been sending signals out into the cosmos since 2007. The Cassini space craft has recorded and interpreted resonant rumbles and signals that many people have claimed are alien messages. While the claims of extraterrestrial communication have been minimized as theory, a symbolic resonant anomaly has appeared on the North Pole of the ringed planet in the form of swirling clouds that have formed a perfect hexagon and in the middle of the hexagon is a perfect pyramid with an eye that has formed in the middle.

This could be an intelligent signal being sent by extraterrestrials or this can be likely explained as a result of cymatic resonance that is being generated by the planet in response to some other resonant wave that is affecting it.

PYRAMID SATURNCymatics is the study of how sound can alter the physical structure of materials, creating interesting structural patterns. Perhaps the alignment frequencies or even solar frequencies have created a remarkable storm that has formed an amazing geometric pattern that is far larger than planet Earth.

The hexagon of clouds is an amazing 15,000 miles wide swirling around the north pole of Saturn and even NASA has no idea why or how it got there.

I have theorized that these frequencies could be responsible for the various crop circles and strange designs that are found in desert locations and in areas of wheat fields.

Is it possible that resonant frequencies are being heard by humans and that a magnetic realignment is taking place in the solar system. If it is, then could this be why people are seeing and hearing some amazing things coming from within the earth and in the skies above?

Could this also be a contributing factor in the strange weather we have been experiencing and the reports of mass fish and bird die-offs in various places around the world?

The hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole could be an example of a massive change going on with that electrical activity in the Solar System. This could explain the return of the hums, booms and roars that have been heard on the planet.

Now that these electronic changes are becoming evident can you imagine how these magnetic changes are affecting the human mind and what it may mean for our future if abrupt magnetic changes are to occur? Can we understand how this would affect weather systems and how storms could be force multiplied or how this could create health problems as it has been found that electromagnetic changes can force particles to the earth that can spread new diseases?

Can we imagine what affects it could have on our electronics or GPS systems? This would create chaos in the world. With the recent plane crashes and transportation accidents could we be seeing the beginnings of this chaos?

The question the begs to be asked is whether or not people today are open to the idea of tangible proof that ancient symbols are in the heavens showing them signposts that there is a change coming? Is there precedent to theorize that what we used to watch for in ancient times are the same things we should be looking for in modern times?

We are told of trumpets’ sounding and heavenly hosts heralding the return of some great and wondrous being from heaven. You can call it a Christ or an enlightened extraterrestrial emissary — however, the stories of what to expect before the arrival have been written not only in religious texts but in historical ones as well.

We are listening closely to Earth, and sky and we hear sounds that we have never heard before. We try to determine their source and all we can conclude is that the Sun is speaking to us in the form of a sky quake or Coronal mass ejection that could either destroy us or change our abilities to survive on a hostile planet such as Earth.

Unlike Chicken Little claiming “the sky is falling“, the phrase should be that “the sky is resonating”. The Sun is changing and giving all sorts of ancient symbols that can be seen as a warning to nations.