In talking points for the end of the year it is often the crusade of one news network to stoke the fires of a war on Christmas. The Fox News network for many years has been at the fore front of pointing out ludicrous and unbelievable stories about political correctness going off the rails with regard to how people are being treated with disdain for even mentioning Christmas.

I have always believed and even have reported that the so called War on Christmas is a blasphemous shaping of public opinion and it creates ridicule and paranoia and really has no purpose but to shape the debate in favor of allowing one time during the year where Church and state combine and force non-Christians into playing along or else.

It is sad really and breeds a great deal of Christmas contempt.

Instead of reporting the news that is important, Fox News takes on the challenge of reporting what they feel is apostasy and heresy which creates more division in the country. Something that we cannot afford to continue now that we are in the midst of a race-baiting civil cold war.

Any media network that enables ignorance and stupidity, or feigns a certain bias and sensitivity to issues that really aren’t there needs to be questioned as to what their agenda truly is. We do not need to encourage political correctness with the celebrations of the Christmas season nor do Christians need to force the issue of what the day is about.

As Ebenezer Scrooge quipped in the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol:

“Keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine … [or] [l]et me leave it alone, then …”

The sad thing is that when the holidays arrive, news networks like Fox News decides that the vigilant Christmas Crusaders are worth nudging a bit. The unfortunate thing is that Fox News doesn’t nudge, they give a full on shove and devote their time to something called “The War on Christmas.”

Fox News has single-handedly cornered the market on Christmas doom that it can be speculated that every year Rupert Murdoch and his team, led by Bill O’Reilly, get out the dry erase board and strategize the manner in which they will present the so called liberal plot to put a stake of holly through the heart of Christmas.

Remember it was the Fox News darling of the airwaves Megyn Kelly that started the Christmas race war by stating that Santa Claus is a white man. From there we are now hearing from the uppity Christmas liberals that the song White Christmas is racist.

What kind of heresy is this and why is it there to spoil Christmas tradition?

You would think that Christians laugh off the prospect as they take their vacations at the end of the year, while their Muslim and Jew counterparts don’t get Chanukah or Ramadan off for religious reasons.

Where is the equality? How is it that there is a war on Christmas where it is observed every year as the holiday that most everyone sees as an opportunity to shut down infrastructure because the majority of Christians want to spend it with their families?

I suppose that the so called Jewish conspiracy has failed in its attempt to shut down the country for eight days and nights so they can light the menorah and spin the dreidal.

In fact, there is a scary poll that was taken by The Chicago Tribune in 2006 that indicated the 68% of American Christians believe that there is a liberal conspiracy to destroy the Christmas holiday.

The frightening thing is that the very Christians that fear a liberal conspiracy against Christmas probably do not know that the biggest haters of the celebrations of Christmas were the early Christians that came to America.

In Boston, the Puritans outlawed Christmas in 1659. Although the ban was lifted in 1681, it once again fell out of favor in 1689. It wouldn’t even be considered a religious holiday until 1750’s and even then there would be no parties and no mention of the European traditions of the woodland demons and gnomes, especially Krampus, Santa and Belsnickel.

Back then, it was illegal to observe the non-religious Christmas traditions, in the United States and in parts of England.

I always hear arguments about how uptight people fearing the loss of Christmas think that decorated trees represent Christ — all because they are now called Christmas trees. It is also ignorant for people to think that Santa Claus is a representative of Christ or Christianity because he is associated with Christmas. The truth is that both are simply ancient representations of the celebration the Yule and Saturnalia.

Like it or not, the Christmas celebrations are well rooted in pagan ritual and while Christians celebrate the birth of Christ and demand that he is the reason for the season, the truth is that the Christmas festivities we observe now are a result of a country-wide depression after the Civil War.

By the early 1800’s, legends brought from Europe of Santa Claus and his protective nature of children and families were emphasized along with the celebration of Christ’s good deeds and events in his life. Alabama was the first state to legalize Christmas in 1836. Boston, Massachusetts legalized Christmas in 1856. It was illegal to recognize Christmas in the state of Oklahoma until a law was passed lifting the ban in 1907, which was 110 years ago.

The traditions of Christmas were very much part of a spiritual movement to remember the humble birth of Jesus. It is also well-known that many of the traditional pagan celebrations center on ghosts, monsters and demons that would show at the year’s darkest times.

In the year 2014 the reporting of a war on Christmas and the demand going out that all people shall be and should be celebrating Christmas is facing a backlash. Those who are rebelling are not going to be suckered into the fight because they simply do not have an interest in it. They don’t care about the holy songs on the radio as opposed to the secular nor do they care about mall Santas or even signs that say “happy holidays.”

In fact they are more interested in becoming blasphemous if not bold by erecting billboards, bus boards, and even making YouTube videos denying the Holy Spirit in public, something that is said to be unforgivable sin.

In the middle of the so called war on Christmas there is a nuclear bomb that is being set off, and it is a blasphemous bomb of something called “the Blasphemy Challenge.” It is unnerving heresy and many see it as apostasy and it really needs to be heard in order to feel the full impact of what is really happening. This is not a war, nor is it a challenge some see it as a surrender, I see it as abandonment and an attempt to ignore it all in order to stop the fighting.

Although heresy and apostasy are often treated as the same for practical reasons, there are nevertheless important differences. Apostasy on the one hand involves deserting to an enemy, while heresy on the other hand involves creating of factions and division within the group.

Many do not know that as far back as 2006 there was a group that formed called the Rational response squad that issued a challenge at Christmas to all those that were fed up with all of the so called bickering about Jesus. The Blasphemy Challenge was created as an Internet-based project which aims to get atheists to come out and declare themselves as atheists. The challenge asks atheists to submit videos to YouTube, in which they record themselves blaspheming or denying the existence of the Holy Spirit.

The videos are interesting if not a bit creepy as smiling people state their name and after taking a deep breath and giving a huge smile say that they deny the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore the spread of blasphemy and the idea of blasphemy is now becoming more open and for some very offensive.

Recently in Lakewood Florida during County Commissioners meeting an atheist or anti-theist was allowed to offer an invocation before their hearing.

Preston Smith was allowed to give an invocation at a Lake Worth commission meeting, but before he opened his mouth, four of five commissioners, including Mayor Pam Triolo, walked out of the room.

Smith was smug as he approached the bench to give the invocation. Besides irreverently invoking the names of Allah, Satan, Jesus, Buddha, Zeus and Thor, Smith praised “scientific evidence and critical thinking” and asked for “a better, more equal community without religious divisions.”

He noted that atheists, agnostics and humanists now account for one in five Americans and are “growing rapidly.”

Smith concluded, “Let us all love one another not based on intrinsic rewards now, hereafter or based on superstitious threats of eternal damnation, but rather secular-based principles of morality and doing good for goodness’ sake. And so we pray… so what?”

The lone commissioner, who stayed, Christopher McVoy, said that he thought it was disrespectful and “un-American” for the commissioners to walk out. He also found it “weird” that they all marched out at the same time, and wondered if there was any prior discussion amongst the group about their seemingly coordinated action.

The argument is who was more disrespectful Preston Smith or those who walked out?

When the mayor returned with those who had left the pledge of allegiance was given to the flag. At the end of the pledge there was a voice in the meeting that said “amen: after the pledge was given.

This raises yet another question, what is more blasphemous a prayer given by an atheist or someone who says amen after the pledge of allegiance is given?

Weeks prior to the incident in Florida there was a lot of clamor over a Muslim prayer that was offered by Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli of the Islamic Society of New Jersey on the House floor in Washington DC. The Muslim cleric was invited by New Jersey Democrat Rep. Rush Holt to give the guest invocation.

Chebli praised Allah as, “The most gracious, the most merciful” and then declared “Praise be to Allah, the cherisher, the sustainer of the world; the most gracious, the most merciful master of the day of judgment.”

This prayer has also been considered blasphemy by many people who have blogged on the internet that Islam is our enemy and that the Muslim cleric had no business praising Allah on the House floor.

People believe that this is not only part of the war on Christmas but a declaration of war on the Christian strong hold of America.

Christmas survives every year and every year there seems to be a new offender that wants to destroy it — from illegal immigrants to Wal-Mart. The Fox Network seems to be the only network that wants to perpetuate the myth while ignoring the fact that Christmas will remain intact and that a majority of Christians will be able to observe the day as a legal holiday to either worship Jesus or exchange gifts. When this is outlawed permanently, I would then concede that there is a ’War on Christmas’ and that there is a reason to fight for it.

In the meantime, we can point out that while the war rhetoric is silly, the backlash against the political correctness of what we should and shouldn’t say about Christmas is a valid cancer on the holiday. It becomes annoying when we all know that traditional celebrations have not only pagan roots, but also it is ignorant and selfish for people to ignore or try and marginalize those who see the holiday as a time to remember the birth of their religious teacher and messiah.

All the politically correct tropes that allegedly promote sensitivity most certainly do the opposite which then creates the burgeoning myth of a “War on Christmas.”

The apostasy and abandonment is getting to be cruel and unusual and in some ways it is frightening and repulsive.

However one must ask, what is more blasphemous an atheist utilizing his free speech to mock Christian prayer in a commissioners meeting, a woman saying “amen” after the pledge is given to the flag when it is not a prayer, or a Muslim praising Allah in our government buildings?

What do we make of the young people on YouTube rejecting the Holy Ghost? Can they or will they ever be forgiven?

It used to be that we kept our politics away from our religion, and that political leaders were to remain independent of ecclesiastical control. This seems to be eroding along with the First Amendment that states that the government does not favor any particular religion arguable a separation of church and state.

The battle will not rage on, the anger will be suppressed and the abandonment of faith will eventually kill Christmas and all of what it is meant to be.

Then there will be no war, just resentment.