There is no doubt that there are a lot of nervous people in America. The nervous people are the ones who speak out against things and give into knee jerk responses when things seem to be out of control. When you have a close call in an airplane, you swear you will never fly again. When you have a bad relationship that ends with a break up you swear you will never have another relationship.

People have a hard time healing from trauma, and that is why it is such an important weapon in the arsenal of mind control.

Broken arms heal with splints and casts, wounds heal themselves with stitches and staples, but the human soul can be stretched and beaten and even though through time it heals, it remains scarred and brutalized and there are many cases where it can be spilt and controlled because of what can be called indefinable pain and suffering. In this world things can become insane and in most cases uncomfortably ghoulish.

Killers in altered states of mind have been splashing on the front page and have been the horror du’ jour on news programs. We have dealt with the reality of the cannibalistic killer, the ritualistic murderer and the mentally controlled avatar that only needs to be conditioned into becoming a hired gun capable of killing scores of people.

The proof is in the body bags. These killers are always said to be never been born that way, they are conditioned for their calling and now in times where human lives are collateral damage for an agenda, there are many that are called for duty but few are chosen to carry out the deeds of the degenerative pathocracy.

The devil has plenty of henchmen to do his dirty deeds. It is up to you to figure out which disguise he is wearing today. He may be your mailman, or he could be the introverted old man down the block that everybody calls “the nice guy that always smiled and said hello, or he could be the kind old priest who goes out at night and returns late. Anyone can be the scapegoat.

We have all heard that age old axiom “The Devil made Me do it” and with the cynical attitudes of today many people find the idea offensive, only because we defer any and all responsibility to a demon, or devil manipulating or possessing the person. People I guess have decided that the human being or the human mind is capable of doing all kinds of horrific and sickly things to other human beings. There is also a small number of people that are in denial of a darker order possessing people to carry out offensive acts, like defiling corpses, necrophilia, beheadings and other heinous activities that bring the already sick and twisted psychopath into the realm of a vampire or worse.

However this is what we are now being subjected to in this world.

Headlines no longer seem so innocent as we hear of cannibal killers, vampire inspired bloodletting, and children killing one another on a playground inspired by an internet tulpa.

Anymore Slenderman is the least of our worries as a darker and more elaborate devil is programming people into committing acts that go against their moral fiber.

A 14-year-old boy was doing the dishes in his Minnesota home when the door opened. He turned to find a man “dressed like Santa,” but with “a zombie head. The boy immediately ran out of the house to tell neighbors and call police, while his 16-year-old sister locked herself in the bathroom and phoned her parents.

When cops arrived, they found the jolly, undead old elf sleeping in his own vomit and booked him for trespassing. He was later identified as 21-year-old University of St. Thomas senior Brock Quinn Johnson.

Johnson had apparently got lost coming home from a zombie crawl and was intoxicated.

It is probably the most amusement we can get, knowing of how we are now as Americans today. We are being set up for the carnage with movies and Tv shows showing us apocalyptic themes. Americans are being programmed for the apocalypse and so headlines about Drunken Zombie Santa’s are simply part of the times we live in.

Mainstream media propaganda has lost potency in its ability to sway the public. A greatly diminished influence as attested by “declaration of victory” from alternative media, sidelining for time being dialogue about the war in the Middle East and the Ebola hysteria.

Even against the backdrop or war and pestilence, There seems to be a direct response approach to fighting off conspiracy theorists, and even when the consensus seems to not resonate, or respond it seems that many of the things that Conspiracy theorists have talked about are showing up in television programming, radio programming and books, forcing the dialogue to open up to the possibility that all that we see and hear in the mainstream media should be questioned and verified multiple times.
Allegations made in alternative media are gaining ground and forcing themselves into the discussion — and rightfully so.

The apocalypse discussion is winning, and we are beginning to question our own sanity and we wonder when the starting gun will be fired signaling the correct response to dispensationalist warnings of a coming Armageddon.

There are still a group of people in the consensus that believe that conspiritists allegations, theories, and speculation about world events is not healthy and is subversive. There are those who become accusatory, and critical of those who claim that the crimes they have committed are the result of programming.

The type of programming that is claimed to have begun since childhood. Some are coming forward with claims of mind control complications and claims that while the government has said to have halted these experiments on people, they have evidence to show that they have been programmed to carry out a mission, to declare dogmatic proof that the world is about to end and that they have special information that makes them messianic or divine messengers.

Take for example the recent case of Joshua Hakken.

In April 2013, Joshua and Sharyn Hakken kidnapped their two young sons from the home of the boys’ maternal grandparents. The family sought asylum in Cuba, but the Cubans turned them over to the U.S. government. The contents of documents pertaining to their kidnapping case are just now being reported. In them, the Hakkens tell a bizarre story of uncovering the government’s secret mind-control agenda and their subsequent harassment by the U.S. government.

Both were engineers by trade. Sharyn worked ten years for Hanecki Consulting Engineers and Joshua worked for Hahn Engineering. However, according to an FBI assessment found in the court documents, Joshua “lost his engineering job last year because of ‘erratic behavior and continually coming to work smelling of marijuana.’”

According to the Huffington Post, the Hakkens lived in the Tampa area, close enough to MacDill Air Force Base to see the base’s annual air show from their home. Joshua had been a cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy for two years but did not complete his studies.

According to a news reporter who read some of the court documents, Joshua claimed that while at the Academy he was a victim of torture and mind control experiments. According to the FBI assessment, “Joshua Hakken ‘felt the Air Force was trying to “poison’ the minds of cadets.’”

This has now brought up yet again the possibility that a program similar to the MK Ultra’s Monarch program is alive and well and that there are various mentally controlled people who are waiting for their triggers to commit more crimes.

In the case of Hakken it appears that he was dealt a messianic program and that he was triggered by the imposing threat of a Zoroastrian demon known as Ahriman Angra Manyu.

The devil is question has a dualistic nature and wants to incarnate in a willing host. In an exclusive Ground Zero interview Hakken claims that this demon has always haunted him from childhood and that when he realized that groups like ISIS and others were part of a dark order, he realized it was time to leave the country with his wife and his estranged children.

Hakken contemplated murdering his wife’s parents in order to get his children and flee to Cuba with his wife. He also was politically active and also believed that HAARP and Chemtrails were slowly making people sick, and mentally controlling them.

Alan Watt once gave the definitive description of predictive programming. Watt stated that it is “The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.” For the uninitiated, Alan Watt is a philosopher and writer, who is a much sought after speaker on topics dealing in esoteric knowledge. He has made himself into a self-styled truth seeker and has written several books on the occult.

His definition of what we call the “revelation of the method” is most often abused in the conspiracy fringe circles. This is because paranoia dictates that there is often bad intent with this type of media magic and at times there is the tendency to write off coincidence and synchronicity as mere fantasies.

However, it is not at all out of the question to determine that perhaps there is an agenda in the media to approximate or fore structure events in fiction in order to lessen the blow when they occur in our reality or timeline.

We have to ask ourselves if Joshua Hakken is a product of abuse, programming and predictive programming that has convinced him that his world was about to end. Is Joshua Hakken mentally ill? Is his case more complicated than it seems?

All of the rains of fire, the plagues of locusts, the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, the false prophet, Babylon the great et. al. are now part of the common parlance and now people are leaning towards cosmic ancestry and the media is also feeding us a great deal of trigger phrases and symbols that were once meant for initiates of the secret schools.

Reality has this uncanny knack for imitating cinematic fiction. It used to be the prosthesis for memory and now it seems to be the vehicle for predicting the future or fore-structuring behaviors with the use of esoteric images and so called magical sigils that trigger programming mechanisms that exist in the unconscious mind.

The media, which now encompasses more than just reporting events, now provides a syntax for how we are to view these moments in reality and how they can fore-structure future events.

The media goes from being part of a social engineering program to a causal engineering program, and those who are allegedly part of some Monarch MK ultra programming scheme can be triggered by what they see and in their trance somehow lose that boundary between reality and fantasy.

MK-ULTRA is not a conspiracy theory, but a reality. MK Ultra and Project Monarch are mind-control programs developed by the CIA. There are millions of civilians and military personnel that have claimed that they were victims of trauma-based mind control and that they can be triggered at any time to perform tasks under the command of a “Monarch controller” –- or a handler.

When the topic of Project Monarch is introduced there are many other trauma-based ritual abuses that are interchangeable. These include satanic ritual abuse and multiple personality indoctrination abuse where traumatic abuses create ‘alters‘ or split personalities that are buried within the subconscious of the victim.

It is alleged that Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite. These organizations include the military, the drug/sex trade and the entertainment industry.

The program began in 1950, was officially recognized in 1953 and allegedly reduced in scope by 1964 and was said to have been halted in 1973. The program was known for creating sleeper assassins that were allegedly programmed to carry out assassinations of powerful perceived enemies.

When Joshua Hakken was sentenced to 15 years for kidnapping his sons, he told the court he was mind controlled and that he believed himself to be a messiah.

There have been many alleged messianic programmed individuals throughout history. Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, and Brian David Micthell the kidnapper in the Elizabeth Smart case are all examples of messianic Monarch programming.

It is also a strange coincidence that after Joshua Hakken was sentenced to 15 years in prison, NBC television aired “The Blacklist” where the episode dealt with an MK ultra styled program carried out by the military called Sub Project -7 where a doctor was able to trigger malignant social behavior in people that he believed had what is known as the “warrior gene.”

The doctor would have the characters go through a series of traumas and let downs that he would create in order to stir anger and resentment. He would evaluate his patients for their propensity for violence triggering them to kill.

This was also done during a Blacklist episode entitled “Lord Baltimore” where a young girl had a “twin” that was triggered when she heard the old Ink Spots song “We Three—( My echo My Shadow and Me.)

The predictive programming of these shows illustrates that someone is aware of “Twinning” through programming and the dual nature of man that is also a trait provided by the demon Ahriman Angra Manyu.

The programming triggers can manifest in simple ways. Things that we take for granted can be seen as hostile or harmful, in a world that we feel is out of our control.

Joshua Hakken’s story is tragic, as we cannot or will not know for sure if he is insane, or a product of an MK-ULTRA program.