When you become a researcher of the fringe and the person who searches in the darkest alleys for paranormal happenings, you find something sinister and very powerful is driving those around us into making decisions that really have no explanation.

It is always easy to develop fearful notions that a lot of what is happening behind the scenes is cleverly obscured and in some moments, the open conspiracy is obvious and that those who are the planners in control of the world are driven by the occult relationships with powers and principalities that defy explanation.

If we were to call it an alien intrusion of infiltration, there would be plenty of people that would ridicule and snicker at the prospect, but we cannot defy or even argue against the notion that what we are up against is a intergenerational, pathological governance by powerful individuals that certainly possess the “blood” rite and the ability to wield power at the expense of their fellow man.

We can argue that what we are seeing is an occult driven body of leadership who have an obligation to someone or something that can be seen as hauntingly identical to an alien synarchy.

Synarchism is a term which generally means “joint rule” or “harmonious rule.”

Beyond this general definition, both synarchism and synarchy have been used to denote different political processes in various contexts. Increasingly, the terms have been used to denote rule by a secret elite.

The Synarchy that may be in power now is part of an alien /human alliance run by an elite priesthood who some have claimed to be the Illuminati. Unfortunately the word Illuminati paints everything with a wide brush and so it is impossible to pinpoint just who may be responsible and who is pulling the strings.

If we wanted to be so bold as to identify an alien alliance with the rulers of the world we would not identify it as the Illuminati.

We would identify it by its ancient devotion to the God of Fortresses and the Cult of EL.

According the Biblical scholar, David Flynn, The God of Fortresses is a God from Mars. The war-like extra-terrestrial God. The Hebrew word for the God of Fortresses is Ala Mahozim. In Hebrew the root word for fortresses is mahoz (MARS) which means the “place of strength” or “stronghold”. According to biblical prophecy, the highly-feared Antichrist pays tribute to this “god” which is the Lord of the Sky and space, Baal.

Besides the already established connection with Baal, or his full name in this case, Baalhazor, “Lord of the Fortresses”, there is a curious parallel between this Ala Mahozim and the god Melkart, worshiped in the island kingdom of Tyre. This god was supposedly brought to the island by Astarte after he had fallen from the heavens. His name means, “King of the Fortresses.”

The ‘fallen one’ in the Christian pantheon is the Morning Star or Lucifer.

According to religious apocalyptic prophecy, the Antichrist figure will not only acknowledge the “aliens”, or the minions of the “alien god of fortresses”, but he will also control their activities. He will be their “emissary” and spokesman. He will grant them the ability to work in tandem with his new empire and divide up the areas of the earth so that they can have sanctuary and honor.

Another good King in the heavens that watch over the fortresses of the air was Saturn. His name anciently was known as EL.

The plural term, Elohim, appears over 2500 times in the Old Testament but is falsely translated in most versions. This fact of plurality explains why in Genesis ‘God’ said, ‘Let us make man in our image.’

As stated, Elohim refers to both ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses,’ and its singular form, EL, served as a prefix or suffix to names of gods, people and places, whence Emmanuel, Gabriel, Bethel.

It was EL, or Saturn who eventually was called, Satan.

It is believed that even ‘Satan’ was one of the Elohim.

The Saturni and the Nephilim were the “fallen ones” found in the Book of Genesis. Their mission was to create alien human hybrids that would work and live amongst us to create chaos.

It has been further maintained throughout ancient history that mankind’s myths, from the Bible to the Popul Vuh, were forged under the triple eye of Saturn, Venus and Mars, as viewed superimposed on one another from the Earth. It’s certainly true the Greeks and Romans identified Saturn (or Kronos) as an infanticidal monster, eating his children.

But the Lords of the air or the Fortresses, the Saturni and the Nephilim had minions that survived many of the catastrophic cycles because it was believed that they were engineered by them. The Saturni were allegedly the offspring of their forefathers coming in to the daughters of men as reported in Genesis, Chapter 6. These beings have been known to be the hoarders of earthly resources, territorial, mysterious and predatory.

They also seem to be very patient.

This “patience of the planners” aspect eventually becomes evident to any sincere researcher, and literally haunts and even taunts with its seductive treachery. It’s beyond us. And that’s the key – they’re not normal. Something very powerful and sinister is driving them.

It is evident that what they do and how they react is not human. In fact, their directives seem to be more alien, which makes for a compelling argument that aliens are among us, and they are directing the world leaders towards a more war-like footing because the agenda of these beings has always been the destruction of the common man and the raising the seed of what can be called, “The New Man of Heaven” or Homo Calaestis.

There are others that call the infiltration and incarnation of alien and human as Homo Illuminatus.

Fully developed conscious humans wouldn’t plot and scheme for generations to take over the world at any cost to its inhabitants. Most humans inherently trust and positively contribute in conscious, natural ways, endeavoring to pass on to their progeny loving wisdom and a better world.

In conspiracy circles, there are always dots that are connected leading to the great conspiracy of a dark order that has all of the secrets about just who is in charge of the planet. There are theories about ‘dark brotherhoods’ who receive their information by channeling the power of demons and there are other investigators that have shown for millennia, mankind has been directed by overlords that can only be compared to extra-terrestrials.

We are now at a point in time where we weigh impossibilities and inevitabilities. It seems to be a never-ending paradox. The world, at the moment, seems unreal as we now understand that uncertainty is a certainty and that change can cause great upheavals that can affect us for years or even lifetimes.

When H.G. Wells, a Fabian socialist, wrote his books he was revealing in the fictitious accounts what he saw for the future. Everything from wars fought between men, to speculating on the conquering of space to control the Earth from the air, and the final battle between extra-terrestrial beings setting out to colonize the Earth.

It is imperative to realize that Wells was very much part of the elite that knew of the structuring of the New World Order and how it would be accomplished. It would be done so using artillery and scientific marvels on land, sea and space.

He especially was forthcoming in his book “The New World Order” where all aspects of his fictions were seriously brought into reality in nonfiction where nothing was out of the question in bringing forth the totalitarian state, including the changing of religious belief in order to sustain beliefs in extra-terrestrials and a new form of collectivism or statism that will be used as way to create a new order for a new generation that will be ready to accept all things we see as outrageous and unbelievable.

Wells, in his book “The New World Order,” was quoted as saying “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.” Wells said eventually, the Earth would be ruled by an oligarchy of enlightened elites that would be under the control of a shadow brotherhood who will carry out their affairs with an intercession between beings of an unknown origin.

These beings would be considered gods unknown from unknown realms, aliens who would utilize “minions” or disciples that have the bloodlines of the human-alien union which was created, anciently.

The Book of Daniel in the Bible gives us a glimpse of how the Antichrist will be a demonic hybrid of an alien and human union and that he will raise temples in honor of these lords of fortresses, the demons of the air like Baal.

“But in his place shall he honor the god of fortresses, Ala Mahozim, a god whom his fathers did not know; he shall honor it with gold and silver and precious stones and with things of great price.”

The famous arch from Palmyra, known as the Arch from the Temple of Baal, was finally recreated and erected in London. The replica was erected in defiance of ISIS as the original Temple of Baal was destroyed by the radicalized group.

The recreated Arch was renamed the Arch of Triumph because of protests provided by religious groups. Plans to erect a duplicate Temple Arch in New York were scrapped.

Coincidentally, the Arch was erected in front of the obelisk known as Cleopatra’s Needle.

Cleopatra’s Needle is the popular name of three Ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in London, Paris, and New York City during the nineteenth century. The obelisks in London and New York are a pair, and the one in Paris is also part of a pair originally from a different site in Luxor, where its twin remains.

Although all three needles are genuine Ancient Egyptian obelisks, their shared nickname is a misnomer, as they have no connection with Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, and were already over a thousand years old in her lifetime.

The London and New York “needles” were originally made during the reign of 18th Dynasty Thutmose III. The Paris “needle” dates to the reign of 19th Dynasty Ramesses II and was the first to be moved and re-erected. The New York “needle,” was the first to acquire the nickname, “L’aiguille de Cléopâtre” in French, where it stood in Alexandria.

The re-designing of the arches of Baal and alien God near the Obelisk, which is a phallic representation of the alien Egyptian God, Osirus. Coincidentally, Osirus married his sister Isis. In Egyptian mythology, Isis is considered Saturn’s eldest daughter:

“I am Isis, Queen of this country. I was instructed by Mercury. No one can destroy the laws which I have established. I am the eldest daughter of Saturn, most ancient of the Gods.”

The secret doctrines of Egypt, and the Secret schools allegedly were created to reveal the secrets that were given by alien gods to the Egyptians.

Ancient Hebrews represented Saturn with the six pointed star, which later became the Star of David, the hexagram also had many other esoteric meanings. The symbol is still found on Israel’s flag.

The advent of the monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam confined the worship of Saturn to occult circles. These occult circles and secret societies possess the knowledge about the affairs of man and their extra-terrestrial relationship.

Many of our founding fathers were part of those secret societies, like Freemasonry.

The signs and symbols of ancient and modern Freemasonry are rooted in Egypt and the evidence is overwhelmingly obvious that Freemasonry borrowed its allegorical myths and ideological metaphors from more ancient societies that were well advanced in the philosophical mysteries and secret doctrines of the entities from the air.

Many Christians in America believe that the establishment of the United States was based on Christian values and ideologies. This is only half true, because the rebellious nature of the insurrection was purely Luciferian, and in some cases bordering on Hermetic Arcanum, Kabala, Babylonian school dogma and Gnosticism.

From the very beginning of Christianity, the Gnostics, or those who called themselves of a “different opinion” than the Christians, began a systematic opposition to the Apostles, and adopted an “elitist view” against the general teaching of the Gospel.

They were of the opinion the dogmas of the Gospel were good for the common people, but the superior minds of the ruling oligarchy required a “secret doctrine” which was reserved for the elite.

This doctrine known as the forbidden doctrine was the doctrine provided by several known entities that allegedly existed during the time of Adam.

They were known as the Nachash an upright reptilian creature that did not speak but spoke to the mind or whispered to the mind secrets or knowledge of the Gods.

It is written in many biblical commentaries that the Nachash had the ability to possess the souls of man and force them into doing things against their will.

It is evident there has been an ongoing conspiracy of alien entities among us from the ancient texts to modern writers who have explored the ongoing controls of the patient alien planners.

From the first tales of men coming down from the heavens to UFO sightings, the underlying question is why are these beings here?

Encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects have been categorized into five groups as close encounters of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth kind.

When a person sees a UFO within 150 meters, it’s an encounter of the first kind. When an encounter with a UFO in the sky or on the ground leaves evidence behind such as scorch marks on the ground or indents, etc., it’s of the second kind. When an encounter is with visible occupants inside the UFO, it’s of the third kind. The fourth kind involves the person being taken and experimented on inside the alien craft. The fifth kind involves direct communication between aliens and humans.

Now there seems to be a CE-6 or Close encounter if the 6th kind: Infiltration and hybridization of both human and alien after an encounter.

Retired Temple professor David Jacobs, has been doing research on alien abductees and has also detailed the “Alien Agenda” in his book “The Threat.” Now he has researched and reported that it appears to be evident the alien human hybrids are now among us and that they are being supported by our leadership and world secret societies.

Jacobs has interviewed about 150 people who say they’ve been abducted by aliens, the forgotten details of their cosmic kidnappings resurfacing in relaxation sessions the self-taught hypnotist does in his home.

Citing public polls, he estimates that aliens have abducted more than a million Americans.

He readily admits that the evidence of extra-terrestrial life and body-snatching is “weak,” muddied by an abundance of blurry photos and phony or misinterpreted “memories.”

Yet, he insists evidence exists that now alien hybrids are among us and records from the ancients until now have a rich history of alien meddling on Earth.

His new book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, examines a disturbing phenomenon that Jacobs began noticing in 2003. The alien integration action plan has kicked into high gear. The incidents of alien abductions have declined as occurrences of alien involvement in everyday life have accelerated. A silent and insidious invasion has begun.

It is beginning to appear as if there is some sick cooperation between mankind and darker alien forces that create a cloud of death and chaos in order to control human beings on this planet.

With our egos in check, we must understand that while we believe we are well advanced and educated, the reality is pointing to the idea that the ancients before us had all kinds of relationships with beings that lived outside of the Earth and they often fought for their own safety as the beings from the skies often wanted women, children and blood offerings for sustenance.

It may be hard to believe but much of what has been covered up by religions and governments regarding our affairs with these entities are actually well-known by those who are members of so-called secret societies. We see these scenarios played out today just like they were anciently.

The core intelligence that accompanies aliens is they are actually harbingers of doomsday activity and when they are seen in greater numbers, we tend to see disaster later.

History and now researchers have indicated the creation of an alien-human hybrid has been one of the extra-terrestrial’s key projects here.

It appears they have been successful. We are now being aware of the possibility that hybrids walk among us. They look and sound and feel like us. The alien invasion’s intention is to have these hybrids become advisers to humans in positions of power.

It appears they have succeeded with that plan as well. This could be the reason why this planet seems to be nose-diving into a perilous spiral. It could explain the various claims of demonic possession and so-called reptilian encounters that have made the mainstream news.

If this infiltration is real, then we have to admit that our genetic sanctity is now at risk.

Living in isolation for so very long, your whole notion of yourself, your notion of Creation and the Divine, are very much associated with this one world alone. However, as we reach out to other worlds with our telescopes, space ships and nanoprobes, do we ever wonder if the aliens we seek have already reached out to us?

Perhaps we have already taken their hand and they are leading us to our own extinction.