There are many people today that fear some invisible universal threat. While many who claim to be enlightened say that these threats are hoaxes, keep in mind that these threats and dangers are very real. They have a potential to harm. They may not be harming you now, they may not even reach your city or neighborhood, but their potential for harm triggers the primal fear and creates the need for man to act primal, to tap into his bestial nature and become an unwitting survivalist. Most of the reported dangers today are being exploited and magnified in order to trigger physical and emotional response.

All of the attacks and plagues that await us are becoming tools for political and religious control. They are guaranteed to trigger memes in people. These attacks and threats of disease and plague can be used as complex psychological operations, carefully designed to convinced those who are already prone to apocalyptic fantasy that their world is on the brink of collapse and that a new world awaits them in the future.

The possibility of danger can trigger an upheaval in the public consciousness. The crisis created relies on the dissemination of certain political, religious and emotional memes that overpower the need for rational consideration of evidence and probability of such things actually doing harm at all. The danger, while very real, could easily be diffused. However, we do not hear of the solution until it can be either marketed or exploited for the sole purpose of getting people to sway in a direction that may be just as harmful. I am always told that God is in control. While this sentiment is a “feel good” axiom, the truth is that God is only in control when people who truly act upon the god within and take control of the situation in order to honor whatever God is supposed to be in control

Most people are satisfied with the brick wall of religion and the finite ideas of Good versus Evil God Versus Satan and biblical scripture as the only way to personal power. You are told to turn to religion for all of your questions about the universe never look into the beyond, what is behind the beyond. As you probably can guess most religious authorities do not know what is beyond their behind.

There are some esoteric theorists that believe that magical forces are at work to shape our lives. That the elite have within their ranks the darkest of magicians or dark arts practitioners that reach into the matrix and change the time lines by opening up portals or “star gates” into other worlds.

We all have heard that somewhere out there is some secret group that controls the world. However it needs to be said that there are several groups with agendas and they are not at all against using darker magic to bring about their unknown ends.

On July 4th, 2012 Scientists at the CERN research center in Geneva Switzerland announced that they discovered a new subatomic particle that could be the elusive Higgs boson, which is believed to be crucial in the formation of the universe. From a scientific perspective this is ground breaking. From a magical perspective there are so many clues and indications that suggest that what has been going on at CERN has been the darkest of magical ritual and that the purpose of the entire project goes well beyond the sub atomic and could very well be the attempted contact with a omnidimensional God.

Before science geeks roll their eyes at the thought, it needs to be pointed out that in the world of the paranormal what has been done at CERN is more than just a billion dollar science project. What has truly been done is a high priced sub atomic ritual to communicate and or open wormholes to invite entities to come through.

A spokesman at CERN once stated that there as a possibility that during their tests something could come through a doorway. Back in 2009 Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN told the press that “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.” The burning question at the time was “What could possibly come through?” It isn’t that much of a stretch to understand what is being discussed. Man has been constantly searching for the doorway to heaven, for communication with the gods.

From the Tower of Babel, to radio towers at SETI and now the place where the “God particle” or the Luciferian article has been brought through and we are now awaiting information.

History is rich with stories about magicians, sorcerers and chaos magicians that are chosen to carry out various “workings” and causal engineering for the sole purpose of changing the game and opening the door to a paradigm shift.

Between the years 1582 and 1589 the English scholar John Dee conducted a series of ritual communications with a set of disincarnate entities that eventually came to be known as the Enochian angels. It was Dee’s plan to use the complex system of magic communicated by the angels to advance the expansionist policies of his sovereign, Queen Elizabeth I.

With the aid of fellow occult researcher Edward Kelley he planned to open a portal to the other side by using the lower keys of Enoch. The lower keys were literally a secret magical alphabet that was sung.

They were commissioned with the task of using occult power to conduct espionage on the queen’s enemies. The story is told that both Dee and Kelly were quite successful in opening portals to allow spiritual entities through.

Dee and Kelley made use of wax tablets called almadels engraved with magickal symbols; they also used a large number of 49-inch squares filled with letters of the alphabet. Nearby, on his table, Kelley had a large crystal stone upon which he focused his concentration and entered a state of trance reverie. In due course, “angels” would appear, and they would point to various letters on the squares in turn. These were written down by Dee as Kelley called them out. When these invocations were completely transcribed, Kelley then reversed their order, for he believed that the angels communicated them backwards to avoid unleashing the magickal power which they contained.
Dee and Kelley considered that the communications formed the basis of a new language— Enochian— and these magickal conjurations were subsequently incorporated into magickal practice by the ritual magicians of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, who used them to induce trance visions on the astral plane.

One of the rituals performed by John Dee was to summon the Archon gate keeper Cernunnos. To the Celts Cernunnos, Cerne or Belatucadros, and was depicted as a humanoid figure who was more commonly depicted as having horns. One of Cernunnos’ titles was Lord of the Hunt, but as time progressed agriculture could sustain alongside hunting and the Horned God became the god also of fertility. Worship of this deity was hoped to not only maintain plentiful meat, but also ensure a bountiful crop harvest and even the successful procreation of mankind.

In such we find the concept of life, death and rebirth, in other myths Cernunnos is depicted as a horned God that controls the serpents. The serpents were symbolic of mortality, healing and the resurrection of the dead, or the use of the dead for divining or necromancy.
As death is integral to the continuous circle of life, Cernunnos has also been associated to the Underworld, the realm of the dead. Whilst the invading Romans could associate the Horned God with some of their own belief concepts, such as the deity Pan or the horned spirits called Fauns and Satyrs, the developing Christian Church however could not comfortably assimilate this fertility icon into their own ethos and so Cernunnos was demonized. Thus the Horned God became associated with the devil or Satan.

The invocations and the summoning of Archons were all part of something called “The Apocalypse working.” The concept was to summon various angels and later demons of the underworld to open a Stargate or stairway to the heavens.

It was actually one the first attempts at opening a portal to another dimension and summoning spirits. It was literally a ritual to open up the secrets of the universe and converse with Gods.

The angels never empowered Dee to be the instrument whereby the ritual formula for initiating the apocalypse would be accomplished. The Angels stated that the “working” would have to be accomplished in a later time.

The unfinished ritual would sit like a ticking occult time bomb, waiting for some clever magician, perhaps guided by the angels, to complete it. Dee evidently never received the signal to conduct the Apocalypse Working in his lifetime. It was to be reserved for another century and another man. That man was Aleister Crowley.

Crowley and his followers wanted to usher in a morality more severe than any other experienced in the world. In order to accomplish this they had to carry out powerful rituals. His methods were misunderstood and rumor has it that they were so abhorrent that Mussolini threw him out of Sicily calling him a “barbarian.”

He promised that after his death there would be a final working or ritual where a portal would be opened and the “secret chiefs” or ancient Egyptian Gods would return.

Two followers of Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons attempted to open a portal using one of Crowley’s spells between 1945 -1946. It was a series of magical ceremonies called the “Babylon Working.”

Two followers of Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons attempted to open a portal using one of Crowley’s spells between 1945 -1946. It was a series of magical ceremonies called the “Babylon Working.”

Many People believe that what came through were beings that looked like the Alien “grays.” L. Ron Hubbard went on to create scientology a religion that teaches that alien entities are responsible for using humans as avatars and that
alien spirits get mankind to do evil.

Jack Parsons became the founder of JPL and claimed that during the Babylon “working” “that both he and Hubbard were a part of widened the portal for Crowley’s Amalantrah working allowing the secret chiefs to enter in to help mankind. He later attempted another secret project . Conjuring the Lower key of Solomon to usher in the Apocalypse. During the Ritual he accidentally blew up his lab while playing with powerful explosives. Some believed he was attempting to summon the Goetic Demons.

According to Pat Holliday PHD this ritual of Stargate opening has continued to this day and according to research provided one of the main centers for performing these rituals is at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Once again it has to be indicated that CERN is located in Geneva. Geneva and “Saint Geniis” are similar to the word “Genesis.” The purpose of CERN is to find the Origins of Man and the Universe. They have stated that they want to open a doorway to another dimension and find a God. Is it just a coincidence that CERN is short for the horned God Cernunnos? Is it also a coincidence that CERN has to go deep underground to do their “god” harnessing experiments? Cernunnos was the god of the underworld.

CERN is linked to several secret projects being carried out by the European Union and the European Trilateral Commission. CERN also is responsible for the internet and have been doing ongoing research for governments with regard to global sustainability.
It was also reported that in 1999 CERN proposed and carried out quantum Vortex experiments searching for Solar Axions. Axions are hypothetical particles that are components of dark matter. In order to find these Axions CERN proposed the use of a decommissioned magnet called SATAN.

It was an acronym for Solar Axion Telescopic Antenna.

There have also been reports that have not been verified the CERN would be utilized in tandem with electrical arrays that are similar to HAARP and portal anchors that allegedly exist around the world.

One of the attempts at creating a portal anchor happened in an area where there is rumored to be an ancient Stargate in the real ancient Babylon, Iraq.

On September 8th, 2008 something happened in the Iraqi city of Al Hilla. Al Hilla has been rumored to be a city where a Stargate exists. It was reported that there was a cover up where nearly 20 American troops died as they attempted to cross through a gate conduit between the Collider at CERN and one of the anchor gates at Al Hilla. According the mainstream news reports the soldiers committed mass suicide.
However one of the peculiarities reported in Fars News agency was that Iraqi security sources reported that 21 US troops had committed suicide inside a former Iraqi air force base, the 21 troops were treated in a hospital but only five soldiers survived and wound up missing. Narcotics were allegedly used in the suicides.

The servicemen belonged to a unit of the US Airborne Division. The question is how did so many soldiers have access to potent narcotics and what happened to the five survivors? A witness reported that the bodies of the US troops were hideously deformed and misshapen in such a way that they looked like 5000-year old mummies.

On September 11th, 2008 it was reported that the collider officially went online on September 10th. with a test firing. The press reported that nothing significant happened and there was no danger and no end of the world However A strong earthquake measuring 6.1 in magnitude struck southern Iran. Then it was reported that Northern Chile was struck with a 6.0 tremor. Then a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rattled Japan and then within minutes of a magnitude 6.6 earthquakes hit Indonesia.

The collider wasn’t even at full power.

On December 8th, 2009 CERN’s collider was still not up to full power however thousands of physicists around the world cheered as they smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator and the giant ATLAS detector observed the products of the record-breaking reactions whizzing through its sophisticated tracking devices.

Coincidentally a strange spiral appeared over Norway early before sunrise. The light looked like a portal spiraling into a black hole. The buzz about this spiral and it’s comparison to a wormhole opening up was viral on the internet and later it was discovered that a Communiqué linking HAARP CERN and The Norwegian array EISCAT was released making the wormhole explanation compelling.

I will be the first to admit that this is not hard science or pseudo science, it the new normal for a planet that seems to be the battered partner and the response is the shaking, the sounds of underground creaking and pushing and many thunderous rumbles and explosions deep within the earth’s crust.

A large ring encircles the area near CERN. It has the circumference of about 27 kilometers and inside it are 9300 magnets. Could this be displacing magma inside the earth? Someone needs to ask the question. The collider is a scientific machine that no one questions and yet it seems to be a monster that when lit has started creating these maga-quakes, tsunamis and disasters.

During 2010 and 2011 the LHC increased the potency and number of quarks it collides in its experiments. What CERN does not tell us is that with this intensity come consequences. The attempts at finding the God particle over the years has resulted in greater quantities of atoms of strangelet liquid, called hyperons, made of up, down and strange quarks even when running at low energies, despite all their safety reports that said it would never produce them.

We are told that they would evaporate or become inconsequential. Stranglets leaking into the earth’s core can and will create an increase of earthquake and volcanic activity.

Even the prophet Nostradamus apparently had warned us about something deadly coming from Geneva when he wrote in Century 9 Quatrain 44

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you, Saturn (Satan) will be converted from gold to iron, RAYPOZ will exterminate all who oppose him, Before the coming the sky will show signs.

Many people have tried to interpret he word RAYPOZ as being the name of the antichrist. But as you can see CERN has used SATURN/ SATAN or CERNUNNOS as a RAY BASED POSITRON SOURCE. The authorities at CERN have done their ritualistic experiments in the underworld and has used unlimited power to turn against the earth. This power has shown that it is causing an increase in earthquake activity and some even claim that it may be the reason for an increase of UFO activity as well.

In the first few days after the LHC went online Unidentified flying objects were the topic of discussion near the village of Thoiry, France. The area is near the CERN facility and it wouldn’t be out of the question that aliens would not be interested in a powerful facility that has the power to generate a neutron star or a mini black hole capable of moing into the earth’s core and slowly swallow it up.

The LHC at CERN is a particle booster, built to beam up protons in very high speed and opposite directions, until they collide creating a huge amount of energy capable to reproduce similar cosmic conditions that have creating such phenomena as dark matter, antimatter and ultimately the creation of the universe billions of years ago. It has also been rumored to be a device that can bend space time, open dimensional portals. Now anything is possible and anything the mind can conceive can appear in the material world as we bend the time line.

According to Prof Irina Aref’eva and Dr Igor Volovich, both mathematical physicists at the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow, the energies generated by the subatomic collisions in the LHC may be powerful enough to rip space-time itself, spawning wormholes opening gateways in space.

There have also been speculative conversations about the LHC being an updated and modernized communication device similar to the Ark of the Covenant. The ark of course was a weapon that the Hebrews had in the bible. It was also a a tool that was used to speak directly to God. Perhaps the collider has sent a signal and the beings form outside of the earth are responding perhaps the signal has been sent and “God” is speaking back, For example it was pointed out that located at the CERN facility are special panels that are like huge slides. On each slide there are special messages in several languages.

There are some symbols that are peculiar and some people claim that the symbols are similar to the ancient symbols of the Enochian angels. The same beings that were originally contacted by Magicians John Dee and Ed Kelley in the Victorian era.

Other symbols include Mandarin Chinese symbols, Arabic symbols and another panel has Sanskrit characters. In India, the only people that read and write Sanskrit, are scholars of Vedas and Upanishads, scriptures written in the “language of the gods”.

This is truly amazing especially when you realize that the god that is represented on the campus ofCERN is Shiva. There is a statue there that was given as a gift from India. Vishnu as Shiva is the Hindu God of destruction. Shiva is the same or the equivalent to the Babylonian Bel.. Bel is “another name for the horned god Baal,” and the name Satan was also used to describe the God Baal. It is a symbol of how man will eventually destroy man. This Hindu symbol of the death was also spoken of during the joint work of the scientists at Los Alamos resulting in the first nuclear explosion near Alamogordo on July 16, 1945, the site of which Oppenheimer named “Trinity”.

You may remember that in an act of ritualistic symbolism, Oppenheimer, Supervising Scientist of the Manhattan Project in the Jornada del Muerto (Journey of Death) desert near the Trinity site in the White Sands Missile Range quoted from the Bhagavad-Gita upon witnessing the first atomic detonation by mankind.

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty, and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”—Robert Oppenheimer

Now the quote from the Bhagavad Gita seems more and more appropriate as we open up doorways to world within worlds. “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once in the sky that would be like the splendor of the mighty one.”

Now we truly have become agents of death and are capable of destroying worlds, smashing atoms creating stars and underground hells without number at the risk of our own world.

The unfortunate thing is that no one even is aware of how close we are to extinction level science. Is it the God particle or the Luciferian article? It most definitely is the new promethean artifact.

Let there be light.