On October 31st, 2010, using a radio similar to “Frank’s Box”, a wire cable into a sound board, broadcasting 100,000 watts of power though an FM transmitter and relaying it through a computer to an AM transmitter in Wyoming blasting 50,000 watts of power, I along with Jonathan Burgess, Reed McClintock, and David John Oates successfully contacted and received communications from unknown voices on the air.

We have documented audible and clear EVP. We have documented several accounts of paranormal experiences from many of the listeners who tuned in and we have video documentation of the sounds from the AM Transmitter,

We also have documented throughout the program unprompted EVP that tried to interrupt the broadcast, and other EVP that called out my name and attempted to communicate with the others in the room.

This in my opinion is a scientific if not an historic breakthrough in spirit communication using the idea of scrying frequencies scanned at 7 per second using a combined power of broadcast at 150 kilowatts and reaching thousands of home radios and computers around the world.

This idea was devised and inspired by Thomas Edison’s theories that perhaps an invention would exist to communicate with the dead.  That the invention that he wanted to used was right in front of him and that is his own radio,

We did this experiment in defiance of scientific authorities that make claims that there is no proof of communication with the dead. That there is no scientific method to successfully do so, and while we are still trying to determine what really happened on the air, we have to speculate for the moment if the audible voices we heard were supernatural.

What has happened makes a compelling argument for the possibility of life after death.

I recently spoke with a respected colleague of mine about matters of information when pronounced by so called authorities.  I was explaining that the more I investigate things the more I realize that authority’s arguments are becoming the weakest of all.
He explained that he tends to lean towards “the official story” and I told him that perhaps he should rethink his position when it is a fallacy to believe that any information given should be judged by the quality or the financial or powerful position of one who makes claims of doles out information.

In my opinion all information must be considered and having a rigidity towards one single version of a story leads to a misinformed view of what actually is reality and fallacy.

It is unfortunate that a reverence to any information is based on the critical mass’ opinion of the messenger. Many people do not have expert knowledge on a lot of the information given and so they rely heavily on those who claim to have that information.  What they fail to assess is that they have a version or an account of the information based on the so called expert’s opinion on such matters, or on what limited information they may have on the subject.

This should be a reason to always appeal to authority and question without any hesitation claims that are made by those who choose to shape opinion, because sometimes  we find ourselves in a position where circumstances challenge everything that an authoritative naysayer or skeptic has dismissed.

After what happened on my radio show Ground Zero Halloween night I am willing to challenge any authority who makes claims that paranormal activity, appearances of ghosts, EVP, or ITC is imaginary or hallucinatory.  I had 8 witnesses in my studio both skeptics an believers witness activity that could not be explained.  I also had thousands of witnesses that listened to my show, all over the world for the first time hear a message from beyond reach them and change their minds about the possibility of life after death.

It has been argued that if we knew for certain that life after death existed we would not fear death, nor would we mourn for our dead. Even if it was proven that life after death existed it is still a sad truth that death is a parting or a separation from a loved one.

I am currently in a situation where I am separated from the woman I love by 30 miles. I do not have a car and we are both busy.  We schedule time together. Sometimes that pain of being apart can be difficult.  It sometimes can be painful.  Now I know that she is alive on the other side of town, but that does not take away that sadness of missing someone and not being with them all the time.

People who believe in a life after death understand that they will someday see their loved one again. They hold out for hope, and their faith keeps them enduring.  Death is also a great unknown and most people don’t have a true knowledge of life after death. They would like to, and science has made it great sport to make fun of those who seek a perfect knowledge and so they must be strong in the aftermath of death.

Science really has done nothing to analyze and pursue the possibility of life after death, they merely criticize and give authoritative statements that claim that they know reality, and others who mourn and fear death are weak.

The fear of dying is natural even if you believe in an afterlife.  Even if people believe in an afterlife they certainly do not know what to expect when they get there.  There is no real itinerary.  There may be some feared heaven or hell, that which you can chalk up to religious programming.  People are afraid that death will come before they accomplish all they want to do in life. Is that so unnatural or foolish?

Would you be courageous knowing that your post-mortem existence is not what you have been told it is? I was raised to believe that it is an eternal gathering of souls all praising God.  Do I want to have an eternity of church?  I hope it’s nothing like I was told it was in my religious background.  If it is, I think I would fight like hell to come back to earth.

The authorities that give us scientific statistics remind us that in the last fifty thousand years an estimated 106 billion human beings have been born.  Now according to science the 100 billion who are dead have not returned to tell us that there is life after death. Now, keep in mind that for some reason Science has determined that none of the 100 billion dead have given us any indication that they are wandering around in some locale known as the afterlife.

However, as I had pointed out on my radio show Halloween night Thomas Edison was one of those scientific inventors who wanted to at least take a serious crack at somehow communicating with the dead. There are many opinions on what Edison believed.  He may not have truly believed in an afterlife and yet he had the Fortean spirit of a prankster who wanted to demonstrate that perhaps there was more to this life than meets the eye.

Edison seemed to be a scientist that winked at the masses and yet seriously contemplated a scientific possibility that communications with the spirit world could be a reality with the right kind of technology.

No one can confirm that the idea of a Spirit radio was hoax or a PR stunt. Edison was interested in the afterlife because as many would attest Edison was interested in all possibilities. Edison n was an authority figure of his day and as he declared that he felt it was possible to communicate with the dead it didn’t matter if he was kidding or not, he was very serious about what he was kidding about.  Therefore, people bowed to his authority and accepted that in a time of spiritual and spiritist fascination that Edison could accomplish the extraordinary.

It has always been the insinuation that Edison did not believe in any spirit communications or in ghosts.  What I understand is that Edison did not believe in the methods that mediums were using to fool people into believing that the dead were even communicating.

Therefore he scoffed at the notion that it was being done or that any of the parlor tricks were valid. He often criticized the use of Ouija boards wondering why ghosts or spirits would even waste their time with a wooden board with letters on it to communicate. He also despised the idea of table tipping or rapping for communication with the dead. He thought it was all childish.

Edison believed that if anyone was to make any real progress in psychic investigation, they would have to communicate with the dead using a scientific apparatus, in a scientific manner, just like it is done in medical studies, chemistry and other areas of the scientific realm.

Edison had an idea about life after death that was very unorthodox. He believed that the human body in its form died and there was no life at all in it or at post mortem. However he believed that the body released upon death tiny particles of electrically charged particles would leave the cells of the body. The particles would retain intelligence and personality of the deceased.

This would definitely would be a possibility if you take into consideration the various reports of orb photographs as fact and the idea that EVP or electronic voice phenomena is literally spiritual energies forming words from chaotic sounds.

If Edison’s ideas about the afterlife were correct then it is also likely that these so called swarms of electric orbs or particles could materialize in a human shape or a shadow.

Those who believe in transcendence believe that your intelligence and soul are removed from your body and eventually find their way into a flowing sea of consciousness and ethereal chaos.

The same ethereal chaos that Edison had hoped could be penetrated with some invention or method to organize and reveal that at least electric energies with intelligence can and will communicate when prompted, and when the right technology is used.

It appeared that what we accomplished was nothing short of miraculous.  While the signal we sent out into the ether resembled the sound of being off the air, chaotic voices manifested themselves in the static. Some of the voices speaking in sentences that lasted nearly 2 or three seconds.  There were even moments where voices invaded our normal broadcasts, however they weren’t quite as long and while they were dramatic to us in the studio, the documented recording wasn’t as profound.  Most of the voices that came through outside of the signal were the equivalent of someone testing a microphone as if they were unsure if they could be heard by the audience.

They were loud and clear. They weren’t at all profound, but equally miraculous considering we were conducting and experiment that had not been done before.

While skeptics will claim that what we heard was broadcast and bleed over, it must be said that if this is the case, then a three second audible broadcast, would have to be spread across14- 21 different frequencies. This would mean 21 stations broadcast each different word used or they were broadcasting a phonetic piece of each word in order for it to be bleed over each of the 21 frequencies. The odds of this happening are astronomical.  Now I do have one or two words that came through and these could have been words heard on a radio frequency – however they were words that were congruent with our conversation.

What has happened will have to be investigated and none of what has happened proves life after death, however it makes a compelling argument for communication with what appears to be something supernatural and paranormal.

On Sunday November 7th, 2010, one week after the first attempt we try again to see if we can duplicate what we have done.  If we hear the same activity we heard on Halloween we hope that it is newsworthy and of merit for investigators who have been trying to improve their communications with the other side.

Perhaps the reason the 100 billion people that have died before us haven’t communicated is because science hasn’t really tried to speak with the dead.

Scrying the frequencies trying to find a scrap or two of words from beyond is sometimes tedious.  Using the power to its fullest may yield some pleasant surprises. We hope that what has happened will open up the possibilities for more research into EVP and ITC. We set up all kinds of arrays to cook the ionosphere. We set up satellite dishes, and radio telescopes to talk with aliens, maybe there should be transmitters used to send out a weaker signal to open all hailing frequencies from those who have passed on to what we know as the afterlife.

Listed below are the voices and so called EVP communications that we have clearly extracted so far. While most of the EVP was taken from the radio signal broadcast on the air. The first EVP in the list was the voice that came through during a phone call with a listener that was terrified about what she heard.  The EVP can be heard during the conversation however I also add several versions slowed down and with most of my voice removed to show that there was actually another voice talking with me. The Voice says “I’m Lost, I can’t be sure.”


This EVP was more dramatic in studio as it felt like it engulfed the entire room and moved through us like rumbling thunder. It definitely startled the listener and created pandemonium in the studio.

Here are some simple EVP’s that are very short but still quite clear:


“David”. This was a voice calling out to David John Oates who was present in the studio.


And She Can Move Her” this was said after Reed McClintock was speaking  about a spirit that he sensed was all right on the other side. A lot of the EVP that was not connected to the signal broadcast were heard when Reed was addressed in studio. A perfect example of this was an EVP that was picked up on the AM Transmitter in Wyoming when I wanted to Speak With Reed.  According to RF Burns, the 1670 AM Transmitter picked up an EVP that simply said Oooh Wah. It sounded like a young boy speaking as if he was testing to see if he was heard.  Fortunately we have both audio and visual documentation of this EVP.


[media id=19]

There was another EVP of a gravel voice that was heard while Reed was speaking as well. This one sounded like a giggling “Ok”  the listener on the phone heard it as well,


Another simple EVP was recorded during the signal blast that I am still trying to ascertain what was said.  I hear “The Devil” and Dr. Jonathan Burgess hears “The Dead.”  Here is the EVP for you to decide. It is so quick you may miss it.


This EVP was included only because it stuck out like a sore thumb. It may be nothing since it doesn’t take much time to deliver and can be excluded as a typical broadcast on one frequency caught in the quick scanning process.  However the following EVP’s were recorded from the signal and they are full sentences that last 2-3 seconds.

Here is a strange one that says “I’m Driving Forward on the Highway”


The sentence is two seconds. The scanning rate of the radio creating the signal is 7 frequencies per second.  This completely destroys any argument that this could be a radio broadcast from any radio station because it would to have been carried over 14 frequencies. The odds of 14 frequencies producing different words to form a coherent sentence are astronomical.

Another example of this happening in the signal is when towards the end of the broadcast all of those present said they had heard my name being called out.  I thought I heard it too but I wasn’t sure.  After reviewing the broadcast I realized that my name had been called out, once by a man and another time by a woman.  Both were calling me out as if they were on the phone. The man clearly says “Clyde?” then pause, then a woman calling “Clyde Lewis?”


Keep in mind that what we are doing is an ongoing investigation of what happened that night.  It is open for all kinds of ideas and scrutiny.  We also acknowledge that people may think that it was faked or hoaxed. The truth is, that we had 8 people involved in this broadcast; the events were videotaped, and aurally recorded. It was broadcast on commercial airwaves, and also broadcast on an AM transmitter in Wyoming. It was heard by thousands of people around the world and we have an obligation to the FCC and other authorities not to use a transmitter for the purpose of fraud.

What happened on the air is a mystery. In our opinion we may even made a little history.

If you have any questions or for media inquiries you can contact me Clyde Lewis at

[email protected]


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Thank you.