DEADLY GYRE The Electric Vortex Anomaly


The Electric Vortex Anomaly

In ancient Hebrew texts, it is written that the feminine power of God would appear in the
sky as a whirlwind. The whirling vortex spoken of by the seers and the scribes of the
times would be described as a column of fire and various lightning bolts. It would burn
crops, destroy property and consume mankind in a twinkling of an eye. It has been
speculated that this electromagnetic gyre of fire and power was used to destroy the first
born during the ancient Passover. There was described in the texts a loud wailing or
rumbling that was heard as a vortex moved from city to city delivering death to those
who did not have markings on their doors.

It is recorded in the Psalms that the whirlwind was full of fire and lightning as it forced
Pharaoh to release the slaves. It goes on to say that this whirlwind of electric death
caused the earth to tremble and shake,

We all know of the devastating power of Tornadoes. We have been hearing about the
destruction that has been caused by the recent spate of Tornadoes in North Carolina
and Tornado watches have been issued in northern Alabama, northern Mississippi,
western Tennessee, Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.

Prior to this Tornado flap in the southern United States there were some stories
surfacing about whirlwinds or vortices that did not particularly act like the average
Tornado. They were being seen as some sort of frightening vortex that would rumble
through the sky and not touch the ground. They were peculiar anomalous power
vortices that would create minor earthquakes and cause major damage in some areas.

One of the most recent reports out of Florida was of an invisible Tornado that was
accompanied by sheet lightening and rumbling. The rumbling lasted for 20 minutes and
shook the ground. The event was videotaped.

The family in the video was frightened and called the authorities. The family had stated
the authorities that while they lived 4 miles away from an airport. They asked if there
was a plane making the noise. The authorities had said no and he police were baffled.
In the video the family made preparations to go into the cellar. Later there is a huge
flash of light and then the rumbling stops.

Our first report filed with KXL radio was “The Arrival” where a secret document
had been excavated from the FBI about UFO’s over Utah and the Roswell event.
At the same time Ground zero reported that blue oval shaped objects were being
photographed over New Zealand and Russia. There were some people who had
claimed that these lights would spiral into a vortex sending red balls of light to the
ground and in some reports what appeared to be groups of human figures coming down
in a column of light.

It was reported just days after these sightings that a Vortex opened up over Germany
and created a deadly sandstorm. The anomalous cloud caused a huge highway pileup
where eight people were killed and 41 others were injured. The strange account was
that at least 17 vehicles caught fire, including a truck carrying flammable material.
Pictures of the disaster showed charred vehicles being removed from the road. None of
the photos looked like they were taken at a sandstorm; it looked more like a fire storm.

On April 10th I received a e-mail from a listener in Utah that said that there have been

reports of earthquake clusters in Nevada and many of them have been recorded in the

Tonopah, Hawthorne and Reno area.

Nevada Quakes

There were reports that the earthquakes may have been triggered because of

operations near the top secret base Area 51 and the S-4 facility. There was report

released by Graham Kent who is the Director of Nevada Seismological Laboratory

at the University of Nevada Reno that said these quakes have been detected on an

unknown fault line and that the biggest one was 4.4 on the Richter scale. Kent made

an eerie comparison in NBC News Channel 4 report when he said, , “What’s really

interesting about most of these earthquakes we’ve experienced. Short of the Chilean

and Japanese; Haiti, Baja, even Christchurch, were on unknown faults”.

The question is, are these faults being triggered by and electromagnetic vortex?

Reports from conspiracy websites like Godlike productions and Above top secret

claimed that there was some strange activity happening underground at Area 51. There

was speculation that some sort of electromagnetic weapon was being tested and had

created an infrared signature picked up by satellites. There are other outrageous reports

that Area 51 had been testing wormhole technology, meaning that they were opening

up portals and coming in and out of these anomalies were aircraft.

A UFO hunters report on the History channel cited a story that in Pine Bush New York

Bruce Cornett had captured on film a UFO opening up a column of light and escaping

through a vortex.

Cornetts Vortex and Vortex

A similar report was filed on April 14th when a UFO was seen being chased by military
aircraft near Andrews air force base. At first the witness described a loud roar or
rumbling at about 3:00 am. The witness said he saw nothing in the air during the roar
and then a huge flash of light and a Star like object appeared making a strange sucking

The object flashed into the horizon and moved from one point to another in about 10
seconds’ time according to the witness.

Another witness said that from his vantage point he also saw no planes but heard the
roar and then a piercing light opened a hole in what appeared to be clouds. The clouds
swirled around the object and it moved quickly out of the ‘wormhole.” It flashed a
brilliant blue light.

This was explained away as a training exercise conducted by NORAD in the D.C, area,
the question is why would it be happening at 3:00 AM awakening people with a loud
roar and impressive light show?

In 1997, just after the appearance of comet Hale Bopp there was an urgent message
that was sent out by the Hopi Elders regarding the future of the planet.

They claimed that there would be appearances of the red and blue Kachinas in space.
After the appearances of the Kachinas humanity would see strange things going on with
the seasons, the trees, the bees, frogs, and other anomalies in the cosmos signifyingthe
great transformation of human beings. The Kachinas have often been part of the

ancient, native legends to describe anomalies in the heavens and shifts in the way
humans interact with their world. Could these Blue and Red “Kachinas” be similar to the
electromagnetic whirlwinds that were spoken of in texts dating thousands of years ago?

Further in the Hopi Prophecy it was stated that after the appearances of these
anomalies in the sky, the great war, perhaps World War III would be started by those
peoples who first revealed the light , the divine wisdom or intelligence, in the other old
countries like India, China, Russia, Africa and the middle east.

From the Middle Eastern world there are also monsters from mythology that declare
their dominion of the air and sea. These beings are spoken of in ancient writings. Many
of them are the same demons people fear today. They have been given different names
and all of them are centered on environmental changes with the planet. They come from
the ocean through portals that are hidden in the four corners of the earth.

Last year there were reports of an anomalous Stargate opening in the Gulf of Aden near
Yemen. The pattern sounds the same. There is an anomalous vortex forming off the
coast of Yemen and afterwards Earthquakes of substantial intensity begin swarming
in the area. Over 300 Naval vessels from all over the world are gathered at that spot.
Some say it is a garrison to ward off pirates while others believe it is guarding the area
because it is an opening for some sort of arrival from perhaps another dimension.

After these reports there were other reports of fish die offs and magnetic disturbances
being detected by satellites. Recently US scientists discovered two giant whirlpools in
the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Guyana and Suriname. No one can figure out where
the whirlpools came from and what surprises they may bring to people.

According to Brazilian scientist Guilherme Castellane, the two Vortices are
approximately 400 kilometers in diameter. Until now, these were not known on Earth.
The vortices reportedly exert a strong magnetic force that has been registered in the
immediate area.

The Mayans when putting together their prophecies of the future spoke of serpent ropes
coming down from the sun and dancing from the earth to heave. These sinuous ropes
or vortices would be seen prior to the cycle of the creation during the long count prior to
the presumed due date coming in December of 2012. Are we beginning to see these
strange “serpents” appearing as vortices and funnels charged with electromagnetic
energy from the earth and sky?

What I have to show now will demonstrate that these vortices are forming and
appearing in the sky. These photos are of daylight Vortex appearances over Tucson
Arizona. These anomalies are not condensation funnels of Tornados, but truly
astonishing vortex photos that are being seen by people in parts of the world.

PHOTOS by Miguel Almeda

The question is, are these natural phenomena or are they the result of tests that are
being carried out at the HAARP facility, or at other military facilities. Are these the
work of scientists at CERN or is there another explanation, perhaps even one that is
extraterrestrial? Listen to Ground Zero and Join in the discussion.