Deck Of 51


The CIA established Area 51 in 1955 in order to develop and test America’s most secret military projects. It was named after a grid number on a map. Today, satellite images of the Nevada desert show seven runways and more than 25 hangars. Area 51 was the subject of speculation primarily because of a hardworking journalist that broke a story about the facility in 1989.

George Knapp, a well-known and respected journalist with KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada, did a series of interviews with a man named “Dennis” who made a claim. “Dennis” claimed to have worked at a small test facility near Area 51. He said he was involved in research that included the testing and reverse engineering exotic craft.

Knapp reported that the man was working on a series of 9 disks ranging in shape form a small circular nicknamed the “sports model” to a larger “top hat” style, were housed at super secret test facility code named “S4.” A byproduct of the black budget skunk works test program at Groom Lake, Papoose Lake or S4 was a smaller more concealed location.

After several interviews with Knapp in locations ranging from a studio to a van, the true identity of the man emerged as Robert Scott Lazar. Lazar as it would turn out is perhaps the key element in the “saucer tales” that have been circulating about Area 51 and over the last quarter of a century has achieved a status as a pop culture icon within the UFO community.

Knapp is responsible for much of what we wonder about when it comes to these strange aircraft that were allegedly housed at Area 51 and despite many attempts at debunking the stories, George Knapp continues to be the only credible journalist to does the UFO/ alien beat.

Knapp has now become the go to man with regards to all things UFO and of course many other anomalous activities.

However in 2009 it was becoming more apparent that the so called secret base at Area 51 was becoming more of a ghost town as it appeared that activity at the base was becoming scarce.

A 1997 article published by Popular Mechanics magazine has claimed that the secret operations of the facility had been moved to Utah and it was later that CIA pilot John Lear had told George Knapp in an interview that he believed that there was absolutely no operations that were being carried out and if there were they most certainly moved them underground and all above air testing was happening in the remote west deserts of Utah.

Lear stated some of the most advanced work was being done at a sister facility, Area 52, within the Tonopah Test Range. He also harbored suspicions about an adjunct facility called Base Camp, which is halfway between Areas 51 and 52. The facility is strictly off limits to outsiders and those who work on the inside don’t talk about what they do.

In 2004, I was especially interested in contacting ‘Utah UFO Hunters’, headed by Alien Dave Rosenfeld, to see if there was any truth to the rumor of the expansion of the facility. During that time I flew out to the area to work on a SyFy channel pilot known as the “Unknown Zone.”

Alien Dave was especially effective in reporting what happened when I arrived with a film crew to do an investigation into the new Area 51.

The Air grew thick and the Chem detectors were abundant, as we moved in on the Deseret Chemical Depot, where they destroy chemical nerve agents and bio weapons. A week before a mysterious intruder was spotted on the Depot grounds, dressed in all black. The Depot security, troops, dogs, FBI, and even a state police helicopter with thermal imaging cameras, (FLUR) couldn’t find the intruder.

Sounds real funny to me. In my eyes there is no excuse for not finding the intruder, in this rural, desolate area, with so many involved. This event still has no explanation. We stopped and got out at the entrance to the Depot, stretched, got into position and shot a take, (which was the only one Clyde’s crew got in at this location.) As we approached the fence and walked onto the road, we noticed a Humvee coming down the road.” — Alien Dave DUGWAY: The Depot, the Desert the Danger 2004

We apparently triggered an armed response to our position and soon we were being detained by armed troops that were dispatched to the area.
AREA 51 TEST Craft
The Humvee slowed and stopped in front of the van. We nervously walked back towards them. The well armed military vehicle alone was enough deterrent to humble us and make us uneasy about being there . We were told to leave imediately. We agreed. As we were doing so, the heavily armed Humvee and its military passengers left, a few minutes later, here comes a couple white SUVs. From Wackenhut? The white security SUVs did a blocking manuvere in back of us. keeping us there until ? We confronted one of them, he didn’t say much, nor did his backup which was now out of his vehicle, and showing off his weapon, drawn, by his side, after a few minutes it was holstered, but a nervous hand was polishing the handle.”—Alien Dave DUGWAY: The Depot the Desert the Danger 2004

Growing up near Dugway Proving grounds and the Air Force’s Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR) I have witnessed many interesting things that for some reason were ignored by the mainstream media and the so–called non establishment media.

Dugway Proving Ground is a facility in service to all branches of the US military. It is strategically surrounded by three massive mountain ranges. Its hidden size and secure, remote isolation make it an ideal location for secret testing of many types. There has been speculation that Dugway has tested the applications and effects of every known biological, chemical and radiological substance on earth.

There is a long history of local concern about the harmful effects of their testing of deadly agents to the environment and to human and animal health. As recently as last month, the facility was put under a lockdown due to the loss of an “extremely toxic nerve agent” which was later recovered.

Common sense and reason tells me that there are no anthropomorphic aliens on ice there in Utah. However, what I do know is that the site has been a great place to hide many secrets. While every conspiracy buff has taken the long and boring drive to Rachel, Nevada, to try and catch a glimpse of some kind of alien spacecraft flying over the S4 site at Area 51, there may be more of a treasure trove in the desert sands of Utah.

In this unforgiving desert wasteland, things that are much more clandestine take place. If you have the patience and the off–road vehicles, you may be able to find your way to the facility. Be warned: the security there is far more aggressive than at Area 51, and it would be a lot easier to disappear in this area.

Needless to say, that there is a difference of opinion as to what is happening there, and whether or not the S–4 site at Groom Lake is somehow connected to the facility at Dugway.

I was also told by an unnamed source that a lot of what is being guarded in the desert wasteland is not just exotic craft, but a graveyard of top secret aircraft that are buried in Tooele County and in various areas of the remote Utah/Nevada borders near Wendover and Rachel Nevada.

Later in 2001 it was reported that respected aviation archaeologist and historian Peter Merlin told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the combined value of the buried craft could total between $600 million and $1 billion dollars.

This sparked rumors that not only are there buried aircraft, but buried saucer technology and quite possibly alien bodies as well. An “X-Files” episode called ‘Anasazi‘ illustrated a fictional account of a teenage boy comes across a boxcar buried in the ground. He retrieves the corpse of an alien-like figure from the boxcar, which he takes back to the reservation and presents it to the Navajo elders.

It brought forth in a fictional sense the burying of evidence and while the boxcar in the desert full of rotting alien bodies is a graphic and stark experience, the truth maybe being buried as well in the west desert.

In 2011, the “secrecy” of Area 51 had been lifted and many workers there were coming forward to break their silence on the facility and what happened there during the Cold war.

The government finally declassified the OXCART program at Area 51.

Operation Oxcart was a secret operation to develop a supersonic jet that could reach speeds of Mach 3. This was eventually known as the SR-71 blackbird project. Those who play in the world of conspiracy theory already had reported this for many years. The government was merely revealing old news and the mainstream seemed satisfied with the official revealing of the secrets of the facility.

The novelty here is that the mainstream media has given the impression that this was the only program that Area 51 was involved in and that anything else “speculative” about reversed alien technology can be put to rest. New ideas are now emerging about what cover stories, and disinformation about UFO’s and aliens to cover up covert testing of special craft that were used for our protection in the paranoid era of the cold war.

What we got in 2011 were only table scraps from a project that was well known for years. Not that the scraps are not satisfying, they just create an even bigger appetite for more information, we get the bones and wait for raw meat. Area 51 is a huge onion with layer upon layer that perhaps will not be totally disclosed. Nobody is going to find out about the entire story unless the government wants us to know.

After 18 years of reporting on the UFO phenomena, it has always been difficult for me to get anyone to talk about anything that goes on at Area 51. It has always been the mantra of the true believers that aliens or even alien space craft are there. The thing is it might not be that way now, and with the cold war a long memory it has now become okay to declassify some of what happened there and there has been all sorts of new so called information that still wraps itself around theories that may or may not be disinformation. However, I side with the idea that half truths and table scraps rather than raw facts are being dropped in our laps about Area 51.

Modern flying saucer mysteries have always been sold alongside dime store pulp science fiction magazines back in 1950’s and interest was limited to what was on the Hollywood screen invading small town USA.

This, of course, is always used to diminish the value of information that leads to the science behind the so-called UFO investigative process.

Reporters like George Knapp have somehow emerged from the speculation, mystery and madness about Area 51 unscathed.

The whole mystery of the Area 51 has been created and permitted as a cover for other activities that have been going on. The Cold war would breed a lot of paranoia and no one questioned authority in those times.

If superiors spun tales of aliens and UFO’s we can thank the Cold War intelligence ops for contributing to the mass hysteria. We can also conclude that from the new information that there seems to be a need to confuse people about aliens, space weapons, exotic flying craft and other such mechanized death because when people are fed confusing information they just stop caring about the subject matter.

Intelligence ops know this and I believe that this is why the government permitted the intelligence deployment by dedicated cold war veterans about their experiences in a compartmentalized military industrial complex.

They only revealed what they were told they could.

Many of them will tell us that they never saw aliens, or flying saucers or anything out of the ordinary. They did see Russian planes, and many of them reverse engineered them. However there needs to be questions asked about how we were able to get enough titanium for the Oxcart program and how it all came together.

It is mystery even to brave men and women that risked their lives and families working on these classified projects.

Meanwhile, there has to be a bit of suspicion when it comes to so called “revelations” by an organization that exists on secrets.

The mystery will continue as long as the barricades are still there telling people that they have no business snooping into what strange activities a government might do in the middle of nowhere.