In 1997 I remember a movie that only a handful of people probably watched, The Movie was called MIMIC. I especially loved this horror film because the story was about genetically modified cockroaches. In the film there is a disease carried by common cockroaches and it is killing Manhattan children. In an effort to stop the epidemic an entomologist and her husband creates a mutant breed of insect that secretes a fluid to kill the roaches. This mutant breed called the Judas Breed was engineered to die after one generation, but three years later we find out that the species has survived and evolved into a large, gruesome monster that can mimic human form. The form is a tall walking flying bug. It attacks at will and there is a huge colony living in the New York Subway.

While the entire movie is science fiction, there seems to be a similar story being laid out in reality and the results may wind up being just as bad if not worse.

In the first week of July there were a number of stories that were being ignored in the mainstream narrative about West Nile Virus being found in Toronto Canada. It was reported that Toronto Public Heath reported that many of the cases of the Virus were linked to Mosquitoes that tested positive during a random laboratory analysis. Toronto Public health sends mosquitoes from across the city for laboratory testing every week. It also uses larvicides, set in roadside catch basins, to reduce the pest population. West Nile Virus can be spread to humans who are bitten by mosquitoes infected with the virus.

About 80 per cent of those bitten by an infected mosquito won’t become noticeably ill. The vast majority of those with the virus might experience chills, headaches, muscle aches, nausea and vomiting. Less than one infected person in 1,000 dies or develops a neurological disease such as brain inflammation or paralysis of one or more limbs. Ontario’s The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care reported 71 human cases across the province Ontario, including a Burlington woman in her 70s who died after contracting the virus.

The Virus was later found in Mosquitoes Near Staten Island new York. In New Jersey a number of crow deaths were linked to the West Nile virus.

In Dallas Texas there was a reported human death due to the West Nile Virus. Since the illness is spread through mosquitoes, county leaders are urging homeowners to dump standing water and to apply insect repellent when spending time outside.
Officials blame the weather for the spike.

A serious drought for the past two summers kept the disease largely at bay. County officials reported only two illnesses those years.
But frequent storms this spring and early summer have refilled ponds and creeks, helping mosquitoes thrive.

It looks as if there is a pestilence of Mosquitoes and they are rapidly spreading disease. The West Nile Virus is just one of many diseases these bugs pass into humans. There is also Malaria and Dengue fever being spread by these bugs of doom and for some people the lack of effective pesticides is forcing them to do something drastic. Namely kill off Mosquitoes by introducing into the ecosystem genetically modified Mosquitoes.

Back in 2009, the Florida Keys suffered an outbreak of Dengue Fever, a fatal condition with flu-like symptoms, the first there since 1934. This was enough to convince some residents that something desperate had to be done. A British biotech company Oxitec thinks they have the solution to avoiding future outbreaks: genetically modified mosquitoes. Their mutant mosquitoes not only glow red when placed under a microscope, they also carry a gene that causes new offspring to self-destruct. In theory, Oxitec wants to release their GM male mosquitoes into the Keys so that they will mate with existing females and hatch larvae that won’t live long enough to bite people. This means that there is a capability of eradicating the Mosquito from the ecosystem there.
Now, the idea may sound like a way to get rid pests, however there has not been much data on what happens when a large population of Mosquitoes is taken out of the ecosystem.

Also Oxitec admits their system isn’t foolproof. About one female is accidentally released for every 1,500 male mosquitoes; the females are the ones that suck the blood from humans. So let’s suppose that there are a number of Genetically Modified females in the mix that are released. A child that happens to be near a pond is playing and the female lands on the child’s arm. The Mosquito does what it is known to do and penetrates the skin of the child in order to draw blood.

In the process, a genetically modified protein is then introduced into the child’s system. These proteins are also mixed with other genetically modified organisms in the bugs salivary glands.

This makes the rogue females carriers of a genetically modified population reducer. The substance of modified proteins could very well deliver a force multiplied pathogen or contagion capable of spreading rapidly. There is no peer reviewed data that shows that the insecticide in the females and males would spread to humans or animals.

Another thing that needs to also be cited is that this type of activity has gone on before however it was done by the United States Military to see if Mosquitoes could be carriers of a biological weapon. Declassified documents in 1956 and 1958 reveal that the US army let loose swarms of specially bred mosquitoes in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida to check whether these insects could be used as a biological weapon.

Ironically, the US in 1972 signed the Biological Weapons Convention and President Nixon had ordered Pentagon to stop producing biological weapons in 1969 – obviously the Presidential directive was not followed. Despite signing the Convention the US or rather its intelligence has been toying with different types of bio-chemical “weaponry” – Ebola, Sarin VX nerve gas, Mandrax, deadly lethal injection drugs – scoline and tubarine, paratyphoid, salmonella, cholera, anthrax, smallpox, highly potent CR tear gas and dengue fever.

In 2009, the first set Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes were released on Grand Cayman, an island in the Caribbean. In 2010, 3 million genetically modified mosquitoes were released. The release was done in secret and there are people there that are worried about what they might have been exposed to. The GM-mosquitoes have already been released in Malaysia, Brazil, Panama, Singapore, India, Thailand and Vietnam. Since that time it has been proposed that a forced multiplied strain of Dengue fever is now being seen in those areas leading some people to believe that these genetically modified mosquitoes are being created for population control.

India, Pakistan suddenly began experiencing Dengue Fever outbreaks, Iran also. Now Cambodia and China are being hit by a super-strain of Dengue Fever which kills nearly 90% of its victims. There are doctors who are now suspecting that these strains were created in a lab.

Even though the local community in the Florida Keys has spoken against the tests even approving an ordinance demanding more testing , Oxitec is trying to use a loophole by applying to the FDA for an “animal bug” patent. This could mean these mutant mosquitoes could be released at any point against the wishes of locals and the scientific community.

There is also concern as to what the genetically modified mosquitoes would do to the Bat population in Florida. There is also another more virulent Mosquito there called the Asian Tiger Mosquito that could fill the vacuum left behind by the dead aedes aegypti—the targeted Mosquito by Oxitec.

As we reported on an earlier Ground Zero there have been meetings at Bilderberg, Rio +20 and Bohemian Grove where the power elite have met to discuss the future for global sustainability. From there the plan has been on the table to not only cull humans, but to also destroy certain plants and animals and introduce into the ecosystem a genetically modified plant or species. In order for this to take place there needs to be a crisis to gauge the demand for a solution to the problem.

Soon we will be hearing about more problems where the answer will be better living through scientific manipulation. The idea of eradicating a speices of Mosquito, bird, or small rodent sounds once again like man wants to play God and begin the task of redesigning the earth he live on. There now has been considerable research being done with regards to the proposed bio-engineering of planet earth, and there seems to be some shocking reports coming out of Europe about a U.S, program where human babies have been born that were genetically modified. As of 2001, 30 genetically modified children had been born, courtesy of a process in which genes from a female donor are inserted into a woman’s eggs before being fertilized.

Two children that were later tested were found to have DNA from three parents—two women and one man No one really knows what the ramifications of having DNA from three parents might be for the individual, or for their subsequent offspring many follow-up reports continue to tout the high success of this method of treating infertility.

But some do warn about the dangers and risks of this procedure. Researchers have found a link between chromosomal anomalies and oocytes manipulation, and one of the babies was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a spectrum of autism-related diagnoses, at the age of 18 months. If you need more proof of population modification and elimination all you have to do is to look into the machination of elite groups and those who pose as humanitarians in front of the cameras and then plot the deaths of populations in secret.

For example The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have had population control as their little secret agenda through their Global Health Development Programs. They are proposing the use of citizens in under-developed nations, like Africa and India, as Guinea pigs for their research and development for “new interventions such as vaccines, drugs and diagnostics.”The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation assert that by 2050 “the global population is expected to grow to over 9 billion people” and this is unacceptable to them or any other globalist that is seeking new and improved ways of guaranteeing global sustainability.

It is hard for some people to comprehend the possibility that diseases we are hearing about now could be part of a bio-warfare experiment to slowly decimate the population. Similarly, the swine flu, anthrax and various other pandemic flus have their origins in laboratories meaning they have been created by man. Now there is a possibility for a more virulent strain of Dengue fever being introduced into the populace by genetically modified Mosquitoes.

Bugs of doom in order to get the population to bug out.