2/18/13: Evil Dread


Just when you think you are going to avoid a zombie apocalypse a number of things happen that make you wonder if we live in a bad b-horror film and that what we are seeing is something that is going to wind up ending badly and leaves us with a feeling of evil dread. We need time to understand the metaphysical happenings and worldwide changes going on that can easily put a person in to a state of shock and anxiety.

Popular fascination with armageddon has become a goldmine for Hollywood as film after film has had the underlying theme of apocalyptic doom and predictive programming. We have been witnessing a mother lode of celluloid apocalyptic themes and now it seems we are living in the reality that was once on the screen.

Most of the themes we see on the screen circle around the issues of “the invisible indefinable enemy, dimensional travel, temporal shifts or disturbances and the war between mankind and a legion of demons that are hell bent on establishing a cult of followers.

We are also being fed movies that appear to impart historical fact, when quite simply that which appears to be non-fiction is fiction.

For years, the “born again” dispensationalist eschatology has been thrown into literature and movies. Many believe these movies have been a detriment to the faith because much of what is shown or written in these books are not based on any scripture or canonized doctrine.

Therefore, much of what has been written about the end of the world or the antichrist has been heresy. Many movies and books have taken liberties with passages of scripture and with interpretations of apocalyptic themes found in Nostradamus Quatrains, the Book of Daniel, the book of the Apocalypse and various apocryphal books that try to determine what the future holds.

Whatever this future might be, the echo of its thunder is rumbling into the present, causing us to think that the end times are approaching. To some the trumpets have already been blown and faith in unfounded b-movie heresy is creating prejudice that is misleading and probably even manufactured as a way to create order from the potential chaos that awaits us. We will eventually realize that our faith has been betrayed and the concept of modern apotheosis is and always has been a lie?

The blurring of the events in our reality and the exploitation in both science and religion makes us wonder if we are now in the midst of end time’s reality, or in a sense of hyper-awareness because of how we see our reality through the lens of Hollywood.

The Vatican has literally rocked the world with its new views on extra-terrestrial research. They have even decided to push the envelope with true believers in God by ordering up a design for a telescope to spot the aliens that may be out there in space. The University of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Order named their new high powered telescope LUCIFER. They have also built the observatory and set up shop on an Apache burial ground. LUCIFER, of course, is getting a lot of critical attention – especially for its name and its association with the church.

It is actually an acronym for Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research. The name seems like it was taken right out of an acronym generator. Many people think that the church is really in the devil’s employ seeking out aliens that many people believe are truly demonic and are the Gods of Fortresses and lords of the air.

According the Biblical scholar David Flynn, The God Of Fortresses is a God from Mars. The war-like Extraterrestrial God. The Hebrew word for the God Of Fortresses is Ala Mahozim. In Hebrew the root word for fortresses is mahoz (MARS) which means the “place of strength” or “stronghold”. According to biblical prophecy, the highly feared Antichrist pays tribute to this “god” which is the Lord of the Sky and space, Baal.

Besides the already established connection with Baal, or his full name in this case, Baalhazor, “Lord of the Fortresses”, there is a curious parallel between this Ala Mahozim and the god Melkart, worshiped in the island kingdom of Tyre. This god was supposedly brought to the island by Astarte after he had fallen from the heavens. His name means, “King of the Fortresses”.

The ‘fallen one’ in the Christian pantheon is the Morning Star or Lucifer.

According to religious apocalyptic prophecy the Antichrist figure that will not only acknowledge the “aliens”, or the minions of the “alien god of fortresses”, but he will also control their activities. He will be their “emissary” and spokesman. He will grant them the ability to work in tandem with his new empire and divide up the areas of the earth so that they can have sanctuary and honor.

The acceptance of these Space Gods in the Catholic Church is a major development in the process of “Alien disclosure and acceptance.” It is part of the revelation of the method and the predicted outcome that was given to us through years of Science Fiction programming and successful retooling of consensus spirituality.

Pope Benedict XVI has now decided to step down as Pope. When he stepped down there was a huge thunderstorm and lighting struck the basilica at St. Peter’s square. Later there was a series of earthquakes in Rome. The largest was a 4.8 that happened in the Lazio Region between Rome and Naples. These incidents can be chalked up to coincidencep; however, there was also the event in Russia where a bolide meteor shot across the sky creating an unbelievable explosion that had the power of 300-500 Kiloton blast.

All of what happened and the sequence of events could have very easily been written off as some fulfillment of prophecy, or even the beginnings of the plot of a new Dan Brown novel, either way there were a lot of people who wrote off what happened as a hoax because the mainstream narrative was just not into reporting something that would panic the world.

However, Europe and other news agencies reported the news, and rumors about space weapons and UFO’s were also thrown into the mix once again painting the picture of some bizarre B-movie world that we are all now living in.

It was always speculated that the Pope’s astronomers have been ever vigilant waiting for some major event to happen and that the event would come from outer space. The aliens are only part of the equation because marvelous wonders are to take place in the sky and when they do the Vatican will be aware and will have to prepare an explanation as to why and how these unbelievable events are happening.

In biblical parlance we often hear that before any major earth event there are signs and wonders in the night sky. The world has seen an increase in ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ and large ‘Near Earth Objects’ have fallen into the atmosphere giving spectacular light shows. It is also noted that within the so called time frame of the ancient texts there is mention of a “falling star” or a “fallen star” known as Wormwood. Wormwood is supposed to pollute the heavens and the seas.

There have been several interpretations as to what Wormwood is. However if you look to the specific definition of the anomaly it is solely connected to a major event in or from space that signifies a tremendous spiritual change on the planet.

If you look into the Biblical dictionary interpretation you will find that the term Wormwood from the times of the Old writings always is used to denote a significant ecclesiastical change coinciding with a heavenly sign. Literally translated, it means a number of things, first it denotes the power of the “lords” of the air, Second the instrument or tool for change.

According to concordance biblical definition, we see that during the falling of Wormwood there will be sore judgments on large numbers of people because of the fall of a good shepherd, or a mighty prince or leader. The name Betelgeuse is actually Arabic word meaning ‘The Chosen One’ and in Babylon it means ‘The Heavenly Shepherd’. It has also been reported that Betelgeuse may go supernova soon and that we may see a bright indicator that things in heaven are changing and that the fall of the shepherd has many meanings – could it mean the fall of the Pope?

A fall of this shepherd or the fall of the star or the “fallen star or meteor” is a metaphor for Lucifer. It is the signal or signpost for the 42 month dispensation spoken of in the Torah.

The calculation of approximately 42 months, 3.5 years or 1260- 1290 days is spoken of in ancient Armageddon script as a numeric signpost for something called “Bein ha-Metzarim” the number of days that enemies will rule over Jerusalem.

Now, the reason the numbers aren’t specific is because of solstice calculations and that a biblical calendar is estimated to be only 360 days instead of 365. However the general consensus that within this time frame there will be a changing of attitude towards Israel. It has been written that Israel will also change its attitudes about its allies.

This is also known as the “The time and one half times.” Roughly 3.5 years or half of what is known as the times of tribulation. Time and one half of tribulation, and then another Time and one half time of an unstable peace brought about by an “antichrist.” Unstable peace is characterized as a time of extremism and fear. It is also a time for some strange and coincidental events.

If it can be pinpointed in prophecy, the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament states that from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand, two hundred and ninety days.

There is also a risk that at this time there will be an “alien threat”, meaning a threat from the unknown powers that are worshiped by corrupt leaders. Within the 42 months or the 1290 days of the biblical texts it reads:

And he (The False prophet) will do this that is, honor his god with precious things in the fortresses of forces with an ALIEN GOD and any who acknowledge him. This ALIEN GOD, the Antichrist will also greatly honor, and this false prophet will rule over many, and the land he will divide for a reward.

It has been reported that the LUCIFER telescope is positioned to view the center of the galaxy. The center of the Galaxy is between Sagittarius and Scorpius. It is in the house of the serpent holder Ophiuchus.

As Shakespeare has said, “the world is a stage” and if we look at it with the final act begging for the curtain call then perhaps the end game includes an alien Deus ex Machina, an apocalyptic crescendo to our B-movie apocalypse.

Dr. Carol Rosin appeared on Ground Zero Radio in 2001. Rosin was the first woman corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and was spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun in the last years of his life. She founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space in Washington DC and has testified before Congress on many occasions about space based weapons.

Just before Von Braun died, Rosin claims that Von Braun told her that the government will name several threats to the world that would create an urgency to organize a new government and build space weapons.

Von Braun was well aware of certain “intelligence” because he was a part of the NAZI /U.S. protection plan called Operation Paperclip. Nazi scientists and intelligence officers were used to organize the space programs and the CIA. He claimed that the Russians would be the first enemy of concern, then Muslim terrorists, with the final concern being an alien threat.

However, Von Braun stated that the extra-terrestrial threat would first be about near earth objects, like asteroids, and meteors. Then the threat would come from the Sun and finally we would be told to fear living extra-terrestrials that want to come down and kill us. Von Braun said that the alien threat would be a lie. A hoax concocted to bring about a New World Order, a space based weapons platform and create a New World Religious movement.

Which looking back on the day where we were awaiting the verdict on whether or not an asteroid would hit us and then having a large meteor hit Russia can anyone contemplate the coincidence of having two extra-terrestrial events happening around the same time?

One event happening is one thing, but having two possible NEO threats on the same day speaks to us. It taps what is deep within our core beliefs about the apocalypse, and the catastrophe that our ancestors witnessed and all of the disease and death that followed with it.

I actually saw people posting hateful diatribes on Facebook accusing me of making this all up for some sort of thrill is witnessing the hysteria. The only thing I was thinking was: How long are people able to keep their head in the sand about these greater anomalies and synchronicities?

These are Fortean events that should not be ignored because it is uncomfortable to comprehend. It is also interesting to note that on the day the asteroid 2012 DA 14 was threatening earth, Bruce Willis the star of ‘Armageddon’, a film about a rogue asteroid threatening the earth was promoting his new film ‘A Good Day To Die Hard.’

Another irony is that, in the movie, the John McClane character goes to Russia. Some strange trickster is spinning some pretty intriguing synchronicity and we are affected by it on some covert level.

Core intelligence and core beliefs should be dealt with using intellectual honesty. There is something we are all waiting for.

An event is coming, we are all feeling it and some possible future is shaping our present. Is it possible that we are making these things happen? Is there a ‘collective thought form’ that manifests things that we have only seen in movies or read in books or even comic books?

Are the things we see in the present in movies and television shows create a retro-causal effect that we can draw upon in times of crisis and anxiety?

Are we doomed to face a future of the culling of thousands because of poverty, eugenics directives, and war? Is the so-called alien threat a reality that has already arrived and has entered into governments, religious organizations and in the branches of the sciences?

I see myself challenging consensus attitudes that all together seem to be over political, over anxious and many times over religious. To many people it sends a message that I am not optimistic. I believe that there is a future to be had, and enjoyed however I am struggling with the notion that too much negative programming has entered the collective unconscious opening the door for something I call “pychochondria.”

It’s a word I made up to describe the state of mind where you don’t know whether or not to be vigilant or paranoid. While we are slowly developing this condition, we become more susceptible to whims of our puppet masters and at the same time we question whether or not they are sane or even aware of what is best for us as a collective.

This is why it is important to take back the freedom you have as being an individual and not a co-dependent operative for a “cult” that seems to be growing and thriving within the boundaries of politics and religious fanaticism.

Especially in times where many people are convincing themselves that the end times are upon us. We are being kept in a state of consensus anger, grief and victimization. Many people do not realize that we live in a world of Tulpas and with all of the theories, interpretations and the worlds that exist with our world Tulpas or, if you will, thoughtforms transform and mutate their way into becoming words, actions and manifestations that we did not expect to show up in our reality.

Thoughts resonate at frequency, they can be exchanged in many ways and when a thought form is all consuming with the consensus we begin to see peculiarities take shape. If the consensus can agree that peace and tranquility is all around us and they can picture puppies chasing, balls, ballerinas and cart wheeling clowns then the world would eventually transform into a fun fair.

There are many people who say that they desire peace, love and tranquility and they never achieve it to their satisfaction.

It is because they don’t realize that desires are only part of what it takes to see them manifest. I struggle with these things myself. We all do. We are trying to regain our personal powers as we are being bombarded with attitudes and programming that stifle that power. At times it seems more convenient to just go back to sleep and hit the snooze bar repeatedly until we no longer have the will to open our eyes.

Positive desires have to be generated first in your collective unconscious in order for them to manifest. I argue that the collective unconscious of the world has been so bombarded with apocalyptic and negative energy that it is becoming easier to predict the outcome of such core programming.

The world is not only populated by upright walking human beings and animals. It is populated and under the control of various thought forms. There is within those thoughts a great deal of resonant noise and if you listen carefully to the noise there is always something that finds a way to surface, manifest and renders consequence.

That is why as Carl Jung had warned, we must strive to avoid those “Shadow archetypes” that creep into our collective unconscious. They undermine everything we set out to accomplish and give us a sense of evil dread and hopelessness. How we see ourselves is how we see the world and if the collective unconscious is sending you a warning you must pay attention and be vigilant. Dire apocalyptic prophecies are no longer prophecy. They are apocalyptic blueprints for dismantling civilization and people are revering them because they are blinded by their own interpretations and their opinion that they are allegedly inspired by God.

When a shadow archetype manifests it confronts us with the truth about ourselves.

How we fight back and how we overcome the evil dread is by choice and due diligence. Pressures can rise and burst into acts of violence. How little acts of violence can conjure all sorts of darker thoughts and words. How darker thoughts and words can spark wars. How wars can kill millions. How apologists will tell you that the deaths in war are sacrifices for the greater good. How the end justified the meme.

How the end of the world happened with good intentions.