8/29/13: Gods Of Fortresses: Mars The Bringer Of War


The other night, when I first wandered into the political mind trap of the Syrian crisis and offered my childhood dispensationalist fears about what was happening, I took a call from Bill in Connecticut. Bill reminds us constantly of his atheism and yet can indulge in some strange, cosmic rationale for the idea of ancient aliens being responsible for the thousands of years of war-like behaviors in the Middle East.

I was and am still intrigued by his call because – as crazy as he sounded – I knew in my conscience that perhaps he was on to something and that the possibility of ancient alien races still warring today is compelling because of recent news stories that have been thrust to the back of the line bust deserves some discussion.

We see more and more people around us who have some cosmic rationale for accepting, as the simple nature of the world, the constant grinding of bones and ripping of flesh for some nebulous crusade those results in destruction.

In times of war, the biggest past time is deception. The biggest deception of all is that all of our bias hatred and intolerance is blessed by some unseen God. That God’s word has been given and that we no longer have to fight off any viral cancerous thought form because we are protected at all times.

Perception is that the biggest lie is that God is always in control when there are controlling mechanisms that are not of the light but of the darkest realms and many people feel they have no control of fending off such a large scale attack from a demonic army.

Good and evil have now blurred together and those shades of gray continue to baffle even those who claim to know the mysteries of God or to understand the Devil.

The mysteries remain mysteries.

Looking into ancient history especially the prophecies of the Old Testament in the bible, it is recorded that Daniel described a future time where there would be a corrupt government that would espouse barbarism and declare it blessed by divine providence. It is to be a worldwide government that has at its helm a prince that pays homage to the god of fortresses.

Christians call him the Antichrist and Muslims call him Dajjal.

He shall not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women nor love any god, for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his place he shall honor the god of fortresses, or the Ala Mahozim and he shall honor a god whom his fathers did not know.” – Book of Daniel

According the Biblical scholar David Flynn, The God Of Fortresses is a God from Mars. The war-like Extraterrestrial God. The Hebrew word for the God Of Fortresses is Ala Mahozim. In Hebrew the root word for fortresses is mahoz (MARS) which means the “place of strength” or “stronghold”. According to biblical prophecy, the highly feared Antichrist pays tribute to this “god” which is the Lord of the Sky and space, Baal.

Besides the already established connection with Baal, or his full name in this case, Baalhazor, “Lord of the Fortresses”, there is a curious parallel between this Ala Mahozim and the god Melkart, worshiped in the island kingdom of Tyre. This god was supposedly brought to the island by Astarte after he had fallen from the heavens. His name means, “King of the Fortresses”.

When the god of fortresses is mentioned, there are many interpretations but the prevailing interpretation is that the fortress is the fortress for war and the warrior gods are the Ala Mahozim. They are the gods that come from the sky and anciently were believed to have lived on Mars.

When one refers to the Ala Mahozim or the god of fortresses, they may also be referring to human warriors or warlike leaders that declare themselves gods. They all seem to have the same characteristics. Many of them have connections to Mars, Egypt, Sumer Sirius and the constellations Canis and Ursa Major.

At this time we are focused on the events that have happened in Syria. Syria stems from the Dog Star Sirius or the faithful companion of Orion the Hunter god. Persia or Iran stems from Perseus, the one who hides the secrets of Algol the winking eye of the demon star.

In 1920 a film was released in Germany called ALGOL: Tragedy of Power. The plot dealt with an evil alien creature named ALGOL. ALGOL was a visitor from the demon star of the same name. He appears to a poor miner and gives him superior technology.

It is a free energy device that has indescribable power. ALGOL told the man that anyone who possessed it could become master of the world.

The film was released two years after World War I. The story was the first of its kind anywhere. It was probably the first time a story about alien intervention and secret technologies that eventually are used as war machines had ever graced the screen. It was considered at the time to be a remarkable film dealing with the occult. The very idea of an industrialist with a secret technology used to enslave a people was an ominous foreshadowing of things to come.

Many occult historians have written that the film was actually part of an “open conspiracy” to promote an occult socialist order. There were many German artists and writers who were becoming members of a very powerful society called the Vril. The Vril would meet under a veil of mystery and secrecy. They discussed secret revelations, the coming of the new age and they used the spear of destiny and a magical black stone to make contact with ancient peoples and beings distant worlds.

Many people have commented that the Vril were actually inspired by the book “The Coming Race” By Edward Bulwer-Lytton who was a member of Alistair Crowley’s Golden Dawn. The book is about a civil engineer who finds a race of beings living in the earth called the Vril-ya. The Vril-ya are uberterrestrials that resemble aliens.

The Vril Society was a group of women that claimed to have psychic powers. The leader was the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch of Zagreb, who claimed to have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these aliens had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria, and the word Vril was formed from the ancient Sumerian word “Vri-Il” Vril translated means “Like God.”

The society allegedly taught trance like exercises similar to remote viewing. These exercises were designed to awaken the forces of Vril, and their main goal was to achieve Raumflug (Spaceflight) to reach Aldebaran. To achieve this, the Vril Society joined the Thule Gesellschaft and a cult called ‘Men of the Black Sun’ to fund an ambitious program involving the construction of a flight machine based on technology that as delivered to them by aliens in the Black Forest.

In 1936, there were reports of a large bright light that came down from the sky and landed or crashed somewhere in the Black Forest near Poland. SS troops from the Jelenia Góra garrison came and brought the disc to Jelenia Góra township, where it was examined and back engineered by Scientists who were members of the Thule Society and answered to the Vril.

Remember, this allegedly happened long before the so-called alien crash at Roswell and the disc was being back engineered to be a weapon for Hitler’s war machine.

The question is whether or not the weapons of war that we are now using part of a human/alien collusion and is this one of the darkest conspiracies that mankind can only speculate about.

The Mars connections to Egypt, the connections to the blue blooded “gods’ of Syria and the cosmic Persian secret are only part of the equation.

According to a recent report found in the Guardian, we may have to rewrite what we think we know about the origins of man.

Professor Steven Benner, a geochemist, has argued again for the possibility that panspermia may have had a role in our creation here on earth and that life here on Earth was seeded from Mars thus making us all Martians.

Benner contends that that “the “seeds” of life probably arrived on Earth in meteorites blasted off Mars by impacts or volcanic eruptions. As evidence, he points to the oxidised mineral form of the element molybdenum, thought to be a catalyst that helped organic molecules develop into the first living structures.

There has always been that speculation that is spoken of in hushed tones that mankind had a heritage with Mars. This is remarkable when you consider that  Adam, according to the Talmud, was initially created as a golem when his dust was “kneaded into a shapeless husk” with red dirt from parts unknown.

According to the Necronomicon, Adam was created from the dust of Mars by the Martian god Marduk.

There is a partial account of the Babylonian creation story called the Enuma Elish. Marduk was considered a sixth-generation god and made man to do his bidding so the other gods can rest. This is similar to the story of God (Elohim) creating man on the sixth day so that on the seventh day he can rest.

Blood I will mass and cause bones to be. I will establish a savage; `man’ shall be his name. Truly, savage-man I will create. He shall be charged with the service of the gods that they might be at ease.” — Marduk from the Mesopotamian Enuma Elish

The Hebrew name for man is pronounced ah-dahm. The name Adam came from that and is also related to the Hebrew o ah-dahm-ah, which means ‘man of red clay’.

According to the Old Testament, a group of gods, the Elohim, planted a garden in Eden and a man made from red clay was created to tend the garden that was seeded by these Gods.

Could the entire creation story be an account of an exodus from Mars?

For the longest time, there were astronomers who would look upon Mars with great interest in the Cydonia region. There it was proposed that a great city similar to what we see in Egypt was there and that near what appears to be Martian pyramids is a “face.” The face of course resembles a man with the mane of a lion.

The Egyptian capital is Cairo and derives its name from Al Qahira meaning “City of Mars.”

Needless to say that in many ancient writings Mars has been called the Fortress and that Elder Gods of war and creation once lived there.

It is also interesting to note that recently The University College Petrie Museum in London has reported that they have now realized that a lot of the Egyptian jewelry in their museum – thought to be hammered out of iron ore – was actually fashioned from materials from outer space.

Researchers are proving that the beads are actually cosmic jewelry, hammered from pieces of” space rocks. Scientists are now saying that trace elements such as cobalt and germanium present in the jewelry. Levels of these elements only occur in meteoric iron.

In 2008, “Stephen Hawking called for a massive investment in establishing colonies on the Moon and Mars in a lecture in honour of NASA’s 50th anniversary. He argued that the world should devote about 10 times as much as NASA’s current budget – or 0.25% of the world’s financial resources – to space.

He believed that if we are facing an extinction level catastrophe then our plan should be an exodus to the Moon or Mars.

When we look at the sky, many of us have the mounting sense of foreboding. We know what may be coming and wonder if our fate will be going back to where we began.

That is if you believe all of the speculation regarding Mars and mankind’s habitation of space and his relationship with Extra terrestrials and the discovery of biological and exobiological marvels.

If Mars continues to give up its secrets in the coming years, there will be no doubt that if we do not report the findings with great care then “the bringer of war” will live up to its reputation. The slightest indication of a proposed changing of attitudes in religious thought could cause the inhabitants of the earth to rise up and become warlike.

Cosmic blasphemy can trigger outrage in those that believe that there cannot be a different look at biblical history and ancient astronomy.

Two thousand years of conditioning by religious clerics will definitely yield the theory that the antichrist is using Mars as a way to prove the existence of alien “Gods.” This could lead to a psychological upheaval and possible war that has been in the realms of prophecy for millennia.

This gives new meaning to “the war in heaven.”

It will become “the war for heaven.”