It is now being reported that the UN is considering the idea of creating an environmental security force, known as the “green helmets” to intervene in conflicts caused by resource depletion in rural and remote regions of the world. The green helmets will be a “green” or environmental police that will enforce resource distribution in countries where food, water and other resources are scarce.
The “green helmets” so far would wind up monitoring and protecting island states that could disappear under proposed rising sea levels.
However, Germany has warned that it is premature to expect the council to take the plunge into green peacemaking or even adopt climate change resource enforcement as one of its key areas of concern.

Perhaps Germany knows of its Nazi history and Hitler’s attempts at the very same thing. The history can be traced back to Geunther Schwab an Austrian Nazi who had been a strong nature lover since boyhood, and by the 1920’s became very active in the emerging environmental movement in Austria. Many greens or environmentalists joined the Nazi party and pushed for the hereditary idea about the environment. Schwab was a firm supporter of Hitler’s Blut und Boden or “blood and soil.” Blood and soil ideologies consisted of a mixture of Eugenics and environmental resource claims of Aryan stewardship.

It was Nazi Germany’s wild romantic belief in an Aryan cultural superiority based on Nature’s laws, all dressed up in political; pseudo- scientific biology and often encouraged with ecological apocalyptic ideas of global warming and cooling because certain people “Jews” were a burden on resources and the environment. Some will argue that many people believed that in order to bring balance to nature that was out of control Jews and Slavs needed to be murdered.

This was the “green” ideology that was embraced and with the apocalyptic rantings of “green” Germans, the pogroms were carried out. This according to them would ensure a healthier planet and ease the resource depletion on the rest of the world.

In 1958 Guenther Schwab wrote the book Dancing with the Devil. The book actually illustrated the ideas of modern day anthropogenic Global warming as outlined by Nazi green party members during the days of the push for Blood and Soil laws.

It was one of the first attempts at illustrating the idea of the possibility that minor global warming comes from industrial pollution.

Schwab’s opinions ring all too familiar with the propaganda of today’s Global warming theorists that there is a fragile relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Schwab had written that he believed that the earth would only have 100 years left and that industrial pollutants would cause the continuing rise of carbon dioxide in the air.
According to Schwab “This will absorb and hold fast the warmth given out by the earth. This will cause the climate to become milder and the Polar ice will begin to thaw. As a result, there will be a rise in the level of the ocean and whole continents will be flooded.”

All of these same “theories” were presented by green Nazi’s of the Third Reich to justify human culling in order to preserve resources.
In every historical account the idea of using agrarian scares, whether it be climate, or consumption always seems to end with genocidal or eugenics directives where only certain ethnicities or bloodlines are entitled to food, water or shelter.

Today the earth is awaiting peril, and only certain individuals are responsible for the destruction of the environment, when the reality is directly connected to resource depletion. When the powerful elite decide who gets what, when it comes to food, fuel and water, a system will have to be in place that directs and otherwise limits the intake of resources by certain individuals.
European colonists took the land from the natives because they were believed to be a strain on the resources. Then, as if it were not enough they hunted down and killed them.

As the world becomes more industrialized, it becomes great sport for environmentalists to once again generate the same rural romanticism about Blood and soil directives, however no one has yet determined who needs to be deprived of the resources that are being consumed by the first world countries.

Many are saying that it is time for the United States to pay their debt. How will we pay our debt to the apocalyptic “global warming” mess that we are responsible for?

To those who believe the pseudo science that was once the mantra of the green Nazis, the excuse for the Native American culling and peasant murders of Russia and China, I ask are you going to step forward and take one for the team? Are you going to throw yourself on the sword? Or are you hoping that someone else does it for you?

Rising world populations and the continuing push that global warming is real is going to create a greater and more brutal competition for food and resources. So we have to look back at history and understand where this climate change propaganda is heading.

Take a look at what Geunther Schwab proposed and how the dream of the Green Helmets is the dream of an army of “green police” ready to enforce eugenics directives and qualifications for food and water.

If the propaganda continues, there will be books written 50 years from now about how a group of people banded together to plot and wipe out another group of people in order to reduce a fictitious global carbon foot print.

We should call global warming alarmists what they truly are and that is agrarian cultists that seem to be unaware that the land and environment they are protecting also is being politicized as a means to eliminate what the elite secretly deem as bottom feeders.

The apocalyptic global warming fears are nothing new and has history time and again has shown are the basis for motivations for mass culling of the past

After the Holocaust, we said “Never again” – however with the ever looming apocalyptic scares of resource depletion under the marketing term “global warming” many activists who think they won’t be in the crosshairs of a Eugenics agenda are now saying “bring it on.”

Many people are unaware that Geunther Schwab the grandfather of Global warming theory survived the war and went on to be on the advisory panel of The Society of Biological Anthropology, Eugenics and Behavior Research. Schwab was especially concerned with over population and espoused eugenics as a way to prevent an environmental crisis and reduce the strain on resources.

Schwab lived to be 101. He died in 2006. He was able to see that his principles of Global warming be presented by Al Gore. He probably would have been delighted to know that now the UN is considering an army of green helmeted enforcers of his ideals to step in and become a green police force, carrying out the same old and tired lies that led to genocidal directives that killed millions of people 70 years ago.