GROUND ZERO GUEST 6/6/12 – Michelle Houchens / Psychic Medium

GROUND ZERO GUEST 6/6/12 – Michelle Houchens / Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, CEO, and Patent Holder with over twenty five years of award winning success
as a Sales and Business Development Executive in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Her business
expertise ranges from medical startups to hospital management and sales/marketing leadership with Fortune
100/300 healthcare firms, including Medtronic, Mennen Medical, and Ciba‐Geigy Pharmaceuticals.

A couple years ago, Michelle left an executive management position at Medtronic to pursue her entrepreneurial
dream. She has designed and patented a medical device product that she describes as “the next iPod”‐ a device that
uses 3D neurocognitive technology to treat patients with stress disorders.

Michelle has also been expanding her worldwide psychic medium and intuitive consulting practice; using her skills
to assist a diverse client base ranging from businesses to young adults. She remained silent about her psychic skills
from the age of five to forty‐seven, feeling modern Western Medicine would not value nor accept her gifts. She
finally announced her intuitive skill set to the world and in a short period of time has built a clientele of well over
300 businesses and professionals that get and understand how the use of frequencies or science can help them
gain success in the business world.

Michelle’s education and expertise as a Clairaudient, Clairvisual, and Clairsentient Physic Medium, Fortune 100
Executive, Registered Nurse, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression
Specialist, PSYCH‐K Facilitator®, and Advanced Theta Energy Healer® have helped her assist clients in creating
the life changes they so desire. Her treatments with clients range from channeling up to 18 Beings on over 300
realms of consciousness for a state of renewal/recovery/ understanding, to visioning “the future” with
clients/companies to create the personal/business outcomes they desire, to clearing space inside the body and out,
aka “Fen Sui” for the Soul, to recognizing and changing/removing displaced frequencies/energy, which many call
negative thought or disease. Her use of traditional and energetic techniques creates lasting and instantaneous
results as documented by hundreds of clients in her practice. Her private practice website is

In the Medical Device world, Michelle spent over 17 years in key executive management positions with Medtronic,
Inc. Her roles there began in worldwide product development, employee training and International customer
product marketing and sales launches. In such roles she became familiar with the unique cultures and clinical
requirements of individual national and international markets and the payment/ selling structures used by each
locality. She then progressed into a key Corporate National Account Manager role developing C‐Suite relationships
and negotiating $50 million dollar multi‐business contracts.

Her final career transition at Medtronic was to become the Senior Rocky Mountain Regional Area Manager for
Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management products. In this role she led a three state, $42 million sales and service P&L,
encompassing 33 managers, engineers, sales and clinical personnel conducting pacemaker, defibrillator and CRT
surgical implants, sales and clinical follow up. In this role she grew the region’s market share from 42% to 67% ‐
well above the company’s 45% national average. Michelle was ranked in the top 20% of top sales producers
during her entire career with MDT and had one of the most diverse teams within the nation with a <1% turnover
rate. She assisted in new Manager training, female mentorship and was the longest servicing female at her level in
a 95% male industry.

Michelle resides in the Castle Rock, CO area. She is an avid skier, runner, yogi and humanitarian who donates her
time and energy to multiple charitable organizations. She received her B.S.N. through an academic scholarship
from Eastern Michigan University, and is a certified legal mediator and leadership coach.