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Chad Lewis

Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer who has spent over 25 years exploring the strange and unusual. He has traveled the world in search of paranormal phenomena, including vampires, monsters, and ghosts. Lewis has written several books on these topics, including “Paranormal Prairie: Tales from Illinois’ Scariest Locations” and has also presented his findings in various lectures and presentations. Lewis has a background in psychology, having earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the field. However, he has dedicated nearly three decades to researching and writing about the paranormal, covering a wide range of topics such as alien abductions, haunted places, mysterious creatures, crop circles, and more. As an author, Lewis has written about his experiences and findings in various books and articles. He has also been featured in local news outlets, sharing his expertise on paranormal topics and sharing his stories with the public.

Ground Zero: Aftermath

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In the second week of November, just after the kids were counting their Halloween candy we explored the peculiar behavior of playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. This has always been a pet peeve of mine for many reasons. I realized that this year I had to approach the situation with a little humor and those who are fans of my show are in on the joke

Originally Broadcast On 12/5/19


The Loch Ness Monster is one of Scotland’s oldest and most enduring myths. It inspires books, TV shows, and films, and sustains a significant tourism industry around its home. Some researchers have ridiculed and debunked this legendary water creature, but now it is not as far-fetched as scientists once thought. Recently found fossils indicate plesiosaurs could have actually existed where the legend of the Loch Ness Monster lives because they were found in a freshwater river. Could Nessie still be lurking in this mysterious Scottish sea inlet? On Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal investigator and author, Chad Lewis about NESSIECARY EVIDENCE.

Originally Broadcast On 08/05/2022