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David Shurter

David Shurter is a self-proclaimed survivor of Satanic ritual abuse and MKULTRA, a secret CIA mind control program. He claims to have been subjected to these experiments as a child and has spoken publicly about his experiences. Correspondence with Omaha Police Department David Shurter has shared correspondence with the Omaha Police Department, which suggests that he was involved in a case involving child trafficking and abuse. The documents reveal a complex web of allegations and counter-allegations between Shurter and various individuals, including law enforcement officials. Protection Orders and Falsified Police Reports Shurter has also shared documents related to protection orders filed against him by Douglas County, which he claims were falsified. He alleges that these documents were used to silence him and prevent him from speaking out about his experiences. YouTube Interview and Credibility A YouTube video featuring an interview with David Shurter has been removed, with the interviewer stating that they no longer believe Shurter’s claims and consider him a “storyteller” and “professional victim”. This has led to questions about Shurter’s credibility and the accuracy of his claims. Conclusion David Shurter’s story is complex and controversial, with allegations of Satanic ritual abuse, MKULTRA experimentation, and child trafficking. While his claims are disturbing and concerning, his credibility has been questioned by some, and the accuracy of his accounts is unclear.

Ground Zero: Aftermath

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