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June Lundgren

June Lundgren is a multifaceted individual with a wide range of skills and experiences. She is a psychic, medium, nurse, animal communicator, and international author. Born into a family with a history of psychic and spiritual gifts, June has been helping people with their paranormal issues for over thirty years. As the founder and lead investigator of Ghosts and Girls Paranormal, June’s group specializes in negative entity identification and removals. She is also a consultant for other paranormal groups seeking help with negative entity hauntings. June has appeared on various TV shows and radio programs, including Ghost Adventures and Coast to Coast radio. Throughout her career, June has written numerous books on the paranormal, including her first book, “A Medium’s Guide to the Paranormal”, released in 2009. She has since written seven more books, sharing her expertise and experiences with readers worldwide. As a medium, June has the ability to communicate with spirits and animals, which has been a valuable asset in her work as a paranormal investigator. Her unique blend of skills and experiences has made her a respected figure in the paranormal community, and her work continues to help people understand and deal with the unknown.

Ground Zero: Aftermath

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