One of my biggest distractions when I am going through my e-mail is the “trends” section on the Yahoo.com homepage. I’ve had Yahoo Mail for as long as I can remember and when the company decided to remodel its website and add a “trends” section I wind up being a malleable sheep ready to click on a trend that catches my eye.

Believe it or not, the trends on Yahoo have featured things that are quite disturbing. During the past week I have seen trends that link to a “devil baby” that has terrorized New Yorkers, “Devil’s Due” a new film that the aforementioned “devil baby” promoted, “Exorcism Deaths” and “Nun Gives Birth to Baby.”

Of course, I clicked on every single one of them and when you put them all together in a certain order you have a script all ready to send to Hollywood. You would have all the makings of a movie that someone like John Carpenter or even Guillermo del Toro would direct. It would be a frightening real time film where Slayer or Slipknot could do the soundtrack and the “found footage”-style camera work would not have to be so erratic that people would throw up in the theater.

If anything, people would question their sanity and wonder if we are living in times where biblical like events are taking place and would question why people would dismiss such outrageous situations.

For example, the other day I stumbled upon a trend in Yahoo about a nun that gave birth to a child.

Now the first thing you think when you see a headline like this is that the nun had committed the sin of fornication. While I was reading further it was revealed that the nun had no idea she was pregnant and that she went to the hospital thinking that she was having stomach cramps.

The news reports said: “The El Salvadorian nun, 31, whose name has not been made public, was rushed to a hospital in the Italian city of Reiti after complaining of stomach pains, reports the Daily Mail. Doctors soon realized her stomach pains were contractions and she was indeed pregnant and in labor.

The Italian press is reporting she told doctors, “It’s not possible, I’m a nun.”

The nun lives at the Little Disciples of Jesus convent near Reiti, and other nuns at the convent say they were surprised by the news. They had noticed her gaining weight, but she had kept her private life to herself.

Now logic will tell us that she broke her vow of chastity; however, the other nuns and the mother superior wonder how since she was in a convent. Of course the argument would be when there is a will there is a way but you would be surprised at how many women actually claim virgin births in the world. There is actually a scientific term for it known as Parthenogenesis.

According to a study by BMJ entitled “Strange Nativities,” in recent years there have been no less than 45 self-reported sexless pregnancies in the United States alone. Virgin births, evidently are not as unusual as you’d think.

Now I won’t be trying to convince you that this nun did not break her commitment to chastity; however, a local pastor, Don Fabrizio Borrello claims that he has no reason to believe that the nun is telling the truth.

The Catholic Church is embarrassed by the news release of the pregnancy and that fact that the unnamed nun has named her child after Pope Francis.

Now with parthenogenesis, or asexual reproduction, being a reality and the denials by the nun, I often wonder why we will accept the idea of a virgin birth in the bible and not in the present. It seems to me that something like this should trigger a few prophetic bells and whistles either to the possibility of a second incarnation, birth of a prophet, birth of the false prophet, or the birth of a “Rosemary”-like hell boy that grows up to be the antichrist.

Meanwhile, a sidebar trend is causing a video about a devil baby created by a special effects crew making the rounds in New York, literally scaring the bejeezus out of people that come in contact with it.

The ‘devil baby’ hysteria began when a remote-controlled red-canopied baby buggy was seen moving through downtown Manhattan. The baby buggy would move silently through Washington Square Park drawing concerned looks from passersby. Anyone who was courageous enough to peer into the buggy was startled when the baby would spring forward with dark eyes screaming and in some cases throwing up.

The devil baby was the marketing genius of the film ‘Devil’s Due’ about a couple that gives birth to a demonic child. The prank had drawn 4.3 million viewers on YouTube just two days and stands at 36 million as we speak.

Now, this prank got so much attention in such a short time that it wound up as a major news story on the mainstream news networks.

It was unnerving to see the words “Devil Baby Attacks” all over the internet and on the television screens. The movie ‘Devil’s Due’ is actually some sick and twisted homage to ‘Rosemary’s Baby‘, and the plot is really not that original or imaginative. Even NBC will try to update the story as they have a four-hour miniseries in pre-production. I mean when you have a wife or girlfriend that is pregnant with a baby that was conceived in some dark place and then she begins to get nosebleeds, then unexplained bruising, followed by uncharacteristic outbursts of rage and sudden cravings for raw meat especially freshly killed venison that she herself has killed in the local park, I would start to wonder about just what kind of child is hanging out under the hood.

Devil babies and hell children have graced the movie screens for some time, but the reality is not as entertaining. Once again, we have to stop and wonder what exactly we believe about the fine line between the paranormal activity that exists in the world and the insanity that seems to be the norm in society today.

While the trends of “nuns giving birth” and “devil babies” were on Yahoo there was another trend that took the wind out of all of the speculative conversation that they produced and that trend was “exorcism deaths.”

Two women were being evaluated for their competency after they stand accused of fatally stabbing two children, and injuring two others in an apparent exorcism ritual.

Twenty eight year-old Zakieya L. Avery, and another woman, twenty one year-old Monifa Sanford have both been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder in connection with the stabbings at a Germantown, Maryland home.

A one year-old named Norell Harris and his two year old sister, Zyana Harris suffered fatal stab wounds while their siblings, ages 5 and 8, were hospitalized with injuries, according to Maryland police. Authorities say that they found the four children after a neighbor called 911 to report suspicious activity at the home.

Black Legal Issues reported that, “The neighbor reported seeing a car with a door open and a knife next to it.

Investigators believe the two women thought they were performing an exorcism, a ritual aimed at defeating purported evil spirits or demons. Apparently the two women had formed a group known as the “Demon Assassins” because they believed that by doing so evil wouldn’t take over their lives. The purpose of the group was allegedly to get rid of evil spirits and the devil. Police are searching for two men who are believed to also have been members of the group.

There are many things that can be used to put fear and paranoia into your mind. We have heard of prophecies, outrageous claims, UFO alien invasion terrors, and possible virtual takeovers.

While they are possibilities to consider one must realize that until they transpire they are pure speculation.

Many though, are convinced that their fears will come true and are left in a hellish pit of despair. They tend to look for a protective network. A group that answers their questions or even weirder still continues to fuel their fears.

While a healthy dose of paranoia motivates even the people who dwindle in unbelief, unhealthy fear and manipulation can get you to move away from your family, stockpile weapons, and kill others, even yourself.

It just takes a few triggers and a few key ingredients and soon the whole world comes crashing down around you.

I know that we may think that the whole notions of triggers or trigger words don’t really make you shudder or think of outrageous things.

However, one of the creepiest things that has happened as of late is with the iPhone and the cold electronic voice of Apple’s electronic assistant named Siri. An anomaly that was found around the holidays when Siri was spouting of some demonic phrases and biblical ramblings when asked certain dates.

When Siri was asked the question “Siri, what happens on January 13th, 2014,” she would reply in her cold electronic voice that, “its Monday January 13th, 2014 the birth of a Prophet.” Then when Siri is asked about the date July 27th, 2014, she replies that it is the date that the gates of Hades will open.

Later, for the date of September 3rd, 2014, she says the gates of Hades will close. Now if you rephrase your question, like The Cult of Mac website says and, “Ask her explicitly when the gates of hell are opening, she’ll tell you that we’ve actually all been living in hell since May 14, 2005.

Many people are saying that Siri is referring to the Chinese Ghost Month which is in the seventh month of the lunar year.

It is believed that during this time, the gates of hell are sprung open to allow demons and ghosts to access to the world of the living. Good spirits spend time with their families and communicate with them while the demons find victims to attack.

In times where we see news about people hearing voices and others counting down the days till doomsday, one has to ask whether or not we can believe that miracles happen, the demons can appear and cause trouble – or if these anomalies are a part of what have created within our own psychological matrix.

I am constantly told that the days we live in now are the same days that Noah in the bible lived. While I do not doubt that things are out of control, I do have my doubts about individuals who quote this just to have it be heard.

After all, if we truly believed that we were living in the times of Noah then we would be more or less likely to believe that the young nun who became pregnant did so without her knowledge and that there is a possibility that she is telling the truth. That there can be spiritual attacks happening to people who believe that their innocent children are victims of a demonic possession and that our electronics are sending us messages that may or may not be apocalyptic in nature.

If it all happened back then, then why couldn’t it happen now?

Do we live in times where there is a cessation of the supernatural? Or are we so caught up in our own mental security that we reject synchronicity of religious and apocalyptic events happening in times of preoccupation about the eschaton?

Who or what determines the possibility that God or the devil is trying to tell us something?

If a man was told to take his son to a rock and kill him for a sacrifice and then claimed that an angel stepped in and stopped him, there would be a call for the man to be tried and jailed for the abuse and attempted murder of a child.

We are told that those who claim supernatural happenings are false prophets and that there is a deception going on in the world. But are these claims being taken out of the bible in order to declare the failure of the people of today to see such miracles and embrace them as markers that there is a god or even a devil in the world.

Yes, I know that there are logical explanations for everything and everything magical can be brought into perspective with science, or even religion.

Science and religion have tendency towards discrediting and marginalizing things that they feel are inconvenient or unworthy of comment. Yet the world continues to spin out of control into a maelstrom of thought and belief that is damned and hell bound.

Charles Fort explains that all people have a tendency to be hypnotics. He has said that the proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believed properly like good little sheep. He also believed that if god was the universal mind, he didn’t always have to act in a manner that was sane.

This is why we live in this world or remarkable and crazy things.

It is said that we live in perilous times and while in the middle of them we seem to have some sort of epiphany that while we believe our little paranormal thoughts in church, we can openly pretend that no one answers prayers or doles out miracles or scrawls out little words on Ouija boards. When we hear of what can be deemed “doom porn”, we can become circumspect and ask “Is life worth living?” The sad thing is that we ask ourselves that when we are convinced that it isn’t.

I always say to myself that life is worth living because it is so infinitely baffling and amazing. If you don’t believe me, just crack open your iPhone and ask Siri.