Hopeless Necromantic


In the aftermath of my latest experience in “ghost hunting,” I am reminded of the scene in the remake of the film “Evil Dead” where passages of the Necronomicon are read out loud and how reckless it was for the kids in the film to think that bringing a confirmed drug addict on a trip with them would not be a risky venture especially when evil spirits have tendency to pounce on the weak and literally attempt to devour them spiritually and mentally. It is much like the story about the alleged writer of the forbidden text and how he was erased because of his foolishness.

It is believed that the Necronomicon or “the Book of the Dead” was written by a crazed Arab known as Abdul Alhazred. It quite literally is an account of his travels through the ruined cities of Babylon and Memphis. After 10 years completed a passage he entitled the Al Azi. It was after this that Alhazred descended further into insanity. He quite literally found himself in a fit of voluntary entrapment and he literally vanished. Some believe he just disappeared was devoured by an invisible monster.

The legend has many interpretations but the results of Alhazred’s necromancy brought him to a perilous end.

I am sure that this story along with other bad experiences with the other side is the impetus for most people to claim that the spirit world is not to be investigated.

However it can be argued that the Necronomicon is nothing more than a piece of good fiction written by H.P. Lovecraft and that it paints the realms of the spirit world in a bad light. There are many sensitive people that claim that that there may be some benefits to knowing that there is a life after death and that most spirits who appear to the living are unhappy, frustrated, and just want to be heard before they decide to fade away into some nebulous bright light.

People anciently feared the dead. They feared the spirits that they could see that would roam around the departed and the places where the dead were left to rot.

Many would believe that the burning of the body would somehow keep its evil spirit from haunting the living. Zoroastrians considered fire to be too sacred to be used on the dead and they believed that burial would defile the earth. Allow their dead to simply rot or be devoured by vultures.

Primitive tribes would simply run from the dead. They feared that it was something that would spread and from the bodies would come plagues and pestilence. Allowing the rotting of carrion would, of course, allow for flies to lay their eggs and plagues of flies would infest villages and bring sickness in their wake.

Others would eat the dead for strength. They felt that the spirit would come into them and they would take on the strengths and the memory of the dead person.

In antiquity the dead were considered unclean and their spirits would bring madness and problems to an encampment. Warnings were given to individuals and they were admonished that in order to avoid being possessed or infected with disease they must leave the dead and not have contact with the familiar spirits of those who have passed on to the other side.

Spirits have often been used in the Bible and in theatrical plays as portentous. They are messengers that come to tell the future. They are offered as guides and their presence can be abused for the purpose of divination by mediums and necromancers.

The idea of ghost hunting is a relatively new “hobby” that has now become the subject of reality television and unfortunately it has spawned many so called “ghost hunting” groups. Not everyone is cut out for ghost hunting and not everyone is happy about the idea of a group of zealous ghost hunters traipsing through their building.

Recently, the New York Daily News reported that a city employee in Butte, Montana was reprimanded by her bosses after she let ghost busters set up an infrared camera in her office building.

The unnamed employee hired a paranormal investigative team that used an Ovilus X to communicate with the spirit and an infrared camera to try and snap a photo of the phantom. The plan backfired a few days later when another employee turned the infrared camera over to the police, fearing that someone was spying on the government workers. Butte police found typical office scenes on the camera’s SD card, but no evidence of ghosts.

The employee who contacted the Butte Paranormal Team was given a written reprimand. Another employee who was aware of the ghost hunting was given an oral reprimand.

The paranormal team did not have permission to be in the building and the authorities that were part of the city’s health department felt that such activity revoked the public trust. While sneaking into a city building without permission is reckless and dealing with the living and their anger would be more damaging than dealing with the dead, there have been many instances where simple ghost investigations turn dangerous and it isn’t all because they spirits are evil or aggressive.

While “ghostbusting” is not an exact science, there are many things that can be cited as possible recklessness or negligence when dealing with a possible “aggressive spirit.”

I have always felt that preparing with prayer or even meditation is something that should be done before all ghost investigations. Cleansing your mind of distractions and being physically and spiritually fit is something that is very important.

That is why I can say with all honesty that I believe that when I investigated the ghost of the Zodiac in Martinez, California I was not at all physically able to withstand any encounter with a possible hostile spirit.

I was reticent in undertaking the project and I was assured that I would not be investigating anything but only commenting and reporting what was happening.

That is what I was doing. However, the situation became personal and what the audience heard was an unfortunate example of what happens when you are not physically prepared for such a huge responsibility.

When I reflect back on the investigation into the ghost of the Zodiac that took place in Martinez, California, I couldn’t help but think of that old song from the musical “The King and I” where it says “Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect and whistle a happy tune so no one will suspect I am afraid.

I think about that maybe I should have thought about that song during the moment when I was on the air and was left in a situation where I felt my throat closing on me and immediately thinking it was a panic attack. The moment that I realized it wasn’t that simple and that I literally felt like I was having my energy sucked out of me I broke down.

I recall apologizing for what had happened and the apology was for a lot of things.

Those who know me understand that I like to make sure my shows even in the fit of spontaneity remain with a little control. Losing control of a show or even your body and mind is something very frightening to me.

I remember a show where I allowed myself to be hypnotized and I began channeling various spirits, while in a trance. Later, I listened back to the show and I immediately threw it in the trash because it frightened me that I had no control over the situation and decided that if I was ever going to channel or contact spirits again it would have to be in a controlled environment.

In the case of the Zodiac investigation, I was never in charge of it. I was merely reporting what was going on as the investigators were doing their own ghost hunting. I know that there were a few calls to the show saying all sorts of nonsense about why I was attacked and I can clearly state that the reason the attack happened in the first place was because I mistakenly thought that I was strong enough physically, spiritually and mentally to even be in the same room as the investigators.

It had nothing to do with the spirit itself, or its character. It had nothing to do with dabbling in realms that I have been told are satanic or evil. I believe that the attack itself happened because I did not prepare and assumed I was well enough to be there.

The truth is ghosts or spirits in general are not powerful enough to directly cause harm to anyone. However, they are capable of changing the playing field.

Ghost hunting‘ is a ‘contact sport’, it is like fighting a fire. Fire does not hurt you directly, but it most certainly can burn you if you do not respect it. You may also find yourself in danger if you are not paying attention or if there is no plan to contain it. There are also many ways to fight a fire just as there are many ways to contain a ghost, and you have to be aware of all of the things that this ghost has done in the past.

To reconstruct what had happened during my attack, the woman in charge of the investigation, Crystal, was sitting across from me. I proceeded to ask her questions and as the discussion got heated she broke down in front of me. As a talk show host you want to be patient with someone who is having an emotional moment. However you have to keep a show moving in order to keep listeners interested. The ghost team had escorted her out of the building.

From what I was told all of the men in the group were angry that the spirit would pick on a woman and called out the spirit as a coward. It was then that whatever it was decided to come after me. I felt the surge immediately but at first I did not think I was being attacked by anything supernatural. It felt like it was a simple panic attack. Both my fiancé Janine and other friends watched the video of the live feed and said the same thing.

I was immediately feeling alone and quite frankly the embarrassment breaking down on the air was also racing through my mind. I was angry, trying to breathe, choking and realizing that I was alone except for two camera people who at first were transfixed and then realized this was the real thing and decided to help.

According to Larry Overman, who himself has had many encounters on the SyFy channel “Ghost Mine” series, I was white as a ghost and that I was literally glowing. After the fact, it was reported to me that while the ghost investigators were taunting the ghost, calling it a “coward” for attacking Crystal and that the ghost radio that was being used, for communicating with the spirit said the word “Clyde.” This fact is something that has been documented as happening just before the breakdown.

Once again I must stress that what happened can’t be attributed to a ghost attack but that circumstantial evidence suggests that something triggered the entire melee and it was now a matter of record as it was heard on a national radio broadcast.

It is also a matter of record that it was an opportune time for SIRIUS/XM Satellite radio to pull the plug on the show. I do not know if that was done on purpose or if it was an accident. The truth is that we were notified three months before that XM was not going to continue with Ground Zero, Coast To Coast AM, Alex Jones and other talk shows. However, we were notified that the last broadcasts would be on October 18th, 2013.

How shocking was it for me and all of the listeners to hear my last moments on XM to be my breakdown during a ghost investigation. Some were claiming that it was my “extremist” behavior that had them hit the off button and I have to say that it was in the plan to be taken off the network but not in the manner that it was done.

It never ceases to amaze me how there are so many people that claim to be “in the know” about what really happened, when ‘what really happened’ is far more peculiar and unexplainable than just pulling because some talk show host is panicking during a ghost hunt.

I guess the hilarious irony would be that XM channel 246 went out with a whimper, unfortunately it was mine.