I’m beginning to notice that things are happening so fast these days it is hard to keep
up with all of the strangeness. The world we live in is peculiar, it is different and the
attitudes of people are beginning to become confusing and I am wondering why so
many people are content with just going along with the narrative. There is nothing bold,
and all rebellion is limited to trolling and flaming on blogs.

The tides of history are rising and there are tsunamis of information that beguile you into
staying up late and reading until you eyes can no longer stay awake. It has hit me, I am
hyperaware, and it can be quite unnerving and it can wear a soul out.

Experts can’t give adequate explanations on the strange movements of political figures.
There is no explanation for strange weather, or behavioral patterns. We no longer can
ignore the fact that there are things out in space that are heading for us and religions no
longer deny that we are not alone. They are now welcoming the possibility of spacemen
coming to the planet to either enslave us or intervene in some science fiction Deus Ex

People are hungry and out of work, they are holding on to what little they have and
some have given up and have realized that the only way to survive is to quietly collect
their paychecks from a government that already is close to bankruptcy.

The new normal seems abnormal, the new freedom is being condemned to an unwitting
deal with a devil that will come back and collect from you. Meanwhile the places we live
are falling into blight and decay and we are all waiting for the urban warfare to break out
and soldiers with standard issue weapons kicking doors and searching our homes for
anything that looks like it will detonate and take out an entire residential block.

We are defining ourselves by our anger. We praise and celebrate death. It is therapeutic
for people to dance the dark dance of death. We seem to be misdirected by our political
hot buttons and marvel at the audacity of the mobsters that we have elected to power.
No one wants to admit that we have made a mistake. All we can do is have nightmares
about judgment day and take heed to the ravings of a preacher whose math was a little
off in trying to determine the date the good lord will come and beam us off this rock,

We want to see our perceived enemies with their heads on poles, and we protest the

New World order thinking that it is enough. Our emotions are being manipulated our
prejudices are being magnified and we are so cocksure of what is truth that there is no
turning back, We are equating torture and death as the price for freedom, when it is
at the expense of some other lesser beings life. We are not seeing flesh and blood as
something to honor, but something to abuse with the permission of the elite.

We are now being groomed to be coercive, programmed for aggressiveness and left to
being hyperaware to avoid being in cross hairs of some invisible terrorists that has yet
to be identified. The bogeyman is real in the hearts and minds of the people and the
isolation that it brings is now the normal part of being an American too scared to enjoy
the simple things in life.

We are so clouded that the thought of peaceful resolution and cognitive resonance is
what we give up willingly, just like civil liberties for the sake of safety.

We are also in the habit of saying that this is freedom and we will go from coast to coast
country to country to enforce it. We say that we do it for peace, and yet it all comes from
the barrel of a gun.

It is really hard to find peace, it is hard to relax and sleep when there are demons under
the bed. It is hard to look out your window wondering if the silver faced beings are
looking in with their faces pressed up against the cold glass.

We are told that this is Utopia. We are told that people envy us and we believe it
because we believe we have never had it so good.

We are all collectively hyperaware and hypersensitive to everything around us. We are
ready to fight, or ready to hide at the sound of the Emergency Alert Tone that programs
us in a Pavlovian way.

Reality is slowly but surely being inverted for the benefit of the few. Keep the masses
divided and they will eventually eat each other when all things fall in disarray.

We tend to see monsters when there aren’t any to be found, we kill phantoms that are
as nebulous as air, and we tend to believe that these phantoms will no longer victimize
us. When the thought overwhelms us we are reminded that our prejudices are being
confirmed and that perhaps or better judgment should be questioned, denied during
therapy sessions and squelched by anti-depressants so that those anxiety attacks will
be covered up. Our body’s early alert system, our intuition is being quietly suppressed
so that we won’t react when we see people in other countries being randomly bombed
by remote control.

The spirit of the age, is an all embracing, smothering of fear, resentment, victimization
and anger that is projected elsewhere but never turned on one’s self assessment.

However we are hyperaware of other people’s faults and shortcomings.

We fully respond to a war narrative, anything further can all be summed up with the
results from Dancing with the Stars or the tragedy of a washed up movie star that has
barely turned 21, face down in the gutter and with a hole in her underwear.

Our president chooses targets to bomb and he is encouraged by how is ratings climb
when the body count increases. Do we understand what this means? Do you know
where are hearts have gone?

Did they leave us when we were told that every day we can face death at the hands
of someone that has brown skinned in a turban? Did they grow cold when it became
necessary to have every private part of your body touched at the airport for reasons of
national security?

We are running out of enemies, we are running out of patience with our leaders and we
speak in hushed tones to each other because we are afraid of who might hear.

I think that the trend with hyperawareness is brought on by our mounting sense of fear
of the future, it not just seeing and believing it is witnessing, questioning and testifying.

It is now the backbone of those with the survival instinct. It is something that we all
must learn to use in times where we are warned that the event horizon is an apocalyptic