Identifying The Real Synagogue of Satan


When the subject of the Illuminati comes up, it can be admitted that it is an all encompassing word for the unnamed or unidentified evil that lurks in the shadows and gives a harmless category that encompasses all who are part of the cryptocracy.

While every conspiracy theorist and analyst over time has attempted to inform people about the control of the Illuminati, there are always a minority of individuals that demand that we identify the real demon that dwells in what can be called the ‘Synagogue of Satan‘.

On many occasions I have spoken of the secret combinations within Christianity and Islam, but there always seems to be this obsession about the Jews or the Zionists. Like the word Illuminati, ‘Zionist‘ is a vague word that identifies Jews and the problem of imperialist control brought forth by what can be called Luciferian or Satanic means.

I am fully aware of the concerns that people have about such groups, many of them have been fingered in biblical verse as those who say they are from the blood lineage of King David, when in reality they are not and hide behind the protection of Judaism.

This gives them the mistaken idea that they can do all sorts of evil activities in the name of protection of the chosen people.

It is most certainly an excellent cover because if anyone criticizes their behavior, it can always be marginalized as being anti-Semitic or insensitive.

However, as I have always said, when evil activities show up on my radar, I immediately dismiss any and all political and religious affiliations because: Christians that murder are not real Christians, Muslims who are found to be committing acts of terror are not faithful Muslims and Jews that believe that they can justify murder and imperialist power grabs to further a Luciferian agenda are not real Jews.

They are all psychopaths.

People who are obsessed with always blaming a religion or political party for producing a criminal are simply bigoted and, even though they fight like hell to avoid their label, their true colors show when they realize that all faiths and political affiliations are not immune to abusing power and robbing the innocent of their virtue.

The case for preserving innocence and fighting to keep it sacred surprisingly raises suspicion with many individuals. It creates a burning guilt and a frustrating realization that many of us forget to preserve innocence and virtue in the world.

At Christmas time, we are always discussing the war against it and the fight to preserve it on behalf of the religious ideologies that created it in the first place. However, there is another reason for preserving the Christmas holiday and it has nothing to do with any religious agenda.

It has everything to do with remembering that the innocence and virtue of a child should be preserved and remembered with reverence because we forget that the dark times of the season were always viewed as the burning times and that child sacrifice was always used by the powerful to keep people under subjugation.

Anciently, the children were always made to suffer in the times of Saturnalia and the solstice and there are many true stories and myths that are forgotten in history because it is just not something you dwell on during the winter season. We have tinsel to hang, trees to trim and presents to open. However, we must not forget the nativity and one part of it where innocent children are slaughtered because of the power struggles of a tyrant named King Herod. This is recognized every year during Childermas, or the ‘Feast for the Innocents‘.

As the BBC’s religious history archive notes:

The Bible shapes the popular conception we now have of Herod as a king who was proud of his title ‘Herod the Great‘ and would do anything to keep it.

If the soothsayers of the time were correct, the birth of a new King of the Jews was imminent and threatened Herod’s position. In the massacre of newborn babies of Bethlehem found in the Nativity story, King Herod is portrayed as a tyrant prepared to kill infants who could eventually challenge him.

King Herod was the king of what was called a client state, that is: he was under the direction of his puppet masters he would make outrageous laws, and expedient executive decisions. He ordered the deaths of the babies because of what he was told by the Magi when they came to visit him.

Herod was the perfect example of a leader that would do anything, even turn on his own people in order to fulfill an agenda of his puppet masters.

This has been seen throughout history and it indicates that the power elite – those who possess the wealth of the world, those who claim to be “chosen” or those with a messianic complex – are not above feasting on the blood of the innocent.

2013 is the year we observe the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve. This has been a tool of the banking elite, those money changers that hide in the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ and abuse their positions for their fraudulent imperialism. The children of the future have been raped by these bankers as many trillions of dollars of debt will insure that those who come after us will suffer poverty, enslavement and premature death.

Killing children of the future is some sick attempt at reverse causality, where we are living off the corpses of our progeny.

In the meantime, we pay no mind that this is a trap to insure global sustainability and eugenics directives to eliminate the future burden and that future carbon footprint. Pay no mind to the hidden agendas of the movement which includes infanticide, infringing on reproductive rights, eugenics directives and the extermination of the infirm.

Some people say that only the mentally ill believe in the end of the world. Well, it may not happen tomorrow, it may not happen next week or next month or even next year but give it a few years and we will see exactly what the destruction of the innocent is all about.

School shootings, teaching by coercion with programs like Common Core and the truth about pedophilia and the powerful are part of the controls of those with a ‘god complex’ or those that believe they can commit acts of murder and depravity because they are above reproach.

I find it disturbing that there are individuals out there who feel that I am blind to it all because I don’t address it in every single show that I do. It is the base for all conspiracy, it is the root of most of the evil in the world. I don’t ignore it, I just feel that there are so many things to expose, so many branches and fruits attached to a gnarled and diseased tree.

When Mark Dice appeared on Ground Zero, his views of who is responsible for the crushing of innocence was the music industry and what he believed was the influence of the Illuminati in corrupting the youth of the world.

While many notable performers have spoken of the Illuminati or have shown in their performances ritualistic symbolism that points to Illuminati influence, we have only scratched at the surface of the true problem that exists and that is how power and money – provided by the cryptocracy – has created a so-called excuse for the lewd behavior and sick exploitation of sexualizing innocence.

Recently, the lead singer of the rock group Lostprophets was sentenced to 35 years in a British jail for child sex abuse.

ian_watkinsIan Watkins, the 36 year-old lead singer of the band, admitted to the attempted rape of an 11 year-old and – strangely enough – the mother of the boy willingly offered up her child to him.

As the Daily mail reports:

The second woman, a crazed fan who plotted with (Watkins) to rape her daughter and abused her on camera for his pleasure, was given a 17-year term… Watkins…groomed female fans and told them to give him their children for sex… While Watkins confessed to 13 child sex offences, he has remained totally unrepentant… The singer has been described by police as ‘the most dangerous sex offender ever seen’ and a ‘significant risk to the public’.

This case follows the story of Jimmy Savile, a UK radio announcer, television presenter, media personality and charity fundraiser. After he died a couple of years ago, hundreds of allegations of child sex abuse and rape became public, leading the police to believe that Savile was a predatory sex offender.

As the Daily Express wrote:

Jimmy Savile beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual in a hospital. The perverted star wore a hooded robe and mask as he abused the terrified victim in a candle-lit basement. He also chanted “Hail Satan” in Latin as other paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl… Savile, who died aged 84 in October 2011, is now Britain’s worst sex offender after police revealed he preyed on at least 450 victims aged eight to 47.

And don’t forget Savile’s friend, Gary Glitter

While all these cases mentioned happened in the United Kingdom, we cannot dismiss the fact that for many years the political establishment, the entertainment industry, and those who profess to be moral religious officials have betrayed our trust and have used children as political shields, sexual slaves, and their deaths exploited for political agendas.

There have been many watchdogs who have said that this type of activity is the norm for those who hide behind the mask of royalty, celebrity and religious piety.

The bankers have robbed children of their financial futures, the politically powerful have exploited and used dead kids in school shootings as talking points for their gun control agendas and the priests and other clergy have betrayed a child’s trust by sexually molesting them.

This is why we must hold a special place of reverence towards innocence and virtue and have an active interest in preventing the virtual enslavement of our progeny.

Many of us now have already been baited into an enslaved apocalypse. People have already accepted their future and potential obeisance to a system of enslavement. Who needs to say they haven’t accepted the mark of the beast when it is obvious that we already have?

We did it to ourselves, our children and to their future.

We have fallen into this social trance. We are sleepwalking off the plank into the pit and of our own extinction level event.

The children are worth protecting—and the future is worth saving.

If I am lacking in identifying who is part of the Synagogue of Satan, maybe it’s because I deal with the reality of how it’s most certainly not our racial heritage that matters, but rather our spiritual standing and whether or not we as a people are willing to put aside our racial bias and identify the real demons that want to rob our children of their innocence and virtue.