We have been snared in the trappings of our own paranoia. It looks as though this is not an accident it has been planned all along. It will continue until we are convinced we are free while in the pit of slavery to a system out of control.

We are seriously trapped by the very demon we never intended to unleash, the very demon that World Wars allegedly vanquished. We either become passive to the global deceit, or we accept it and go with the flow.

A true patriot always wonders if he has found himself on the wrong side. However many of us take for granted that we are on the right side and so all that happens on our side of the fence is wholesome and for our own good.

The truth is there are no sides in the highest places of government. There are no sides to adhere to in the realms of the secret societal orders. We see the meetings of NATO, the Council on Foreign relations and the Bilderberg groups and many people who are not awake are not even aware that these meetings go on. They have no concern that their futures are being planned by a small group of the elite. A small group with no morals, that acts on instinct for the betterment of the few.

The propaganda has been used to get you to unwittingly participate in the dissolving of freedom. Fear has been used as a tool by every politician and bureaucrat to get a reaction and to keep the dragon alive so that the commoners will demand that a hero with a fool proof plan will arrive to save them, at any cost. Including liberty.

This is the ultimate set up. The ultimate set up for the ugly oligarchy of tyranny that disguises itself as democracy.

People already have expressed interest in gun control, camera monitoring, microchip implantation, racial profiling, and other proposed safe guards. We turn a blind eye to the recording and monitoring of phone conversations, e-mail, and the tracking of e-commerce.

We have demanded that what we see and hear be sanitized and that freedom of expression is a tool of evil. We abhor the expression of things that are not necessarily the norm. We run away from independent thought that is against the grain. It has all been part of the conditioning process that to question is to be heretical. The think tanks and the committees that meet behind closed doors are fully aware of what their capabilities are to brainwash the people into voluntarily releasing their self accountability, and reason to a group of people that claim that they have rule over you.

There have been proposals to control what is being broadcast or published on the Internet and putting controls and balances in place to prevent any kind of subversive messages to be expressed or worse, classified information to be leaked out.

The government is also opposed to “Crypto anarchy” because it renders computer users virtually invisible to government snoopers and spies.

That is probably why companies are using fear tactics in commercials and in print media to get potential participators in e-commerce to avoid using virtual cash or virtual money online.

It is nontaxable and there are government officials who are already proposing e-taxes, and companies are developing special cards, with special names and microchips that can be implanted in order to “insure” that your e-commerce purchases will be safe and secure. What they don’t tell you is they will also be stored, processed and recorded better than before.

Notice that the media is slipping in messages that are anti social media now. They are doing so because they realize that social media needs controls, and those behind it are not as ready to relinquish control as many people had thought.

Sure, Facebook is a great tool for Government to find out who you associate with where you eat and what you read, however if the cooperation with the secret groups is nullified you will begin to see the end of all of the things that we think the internet is worth. The plan now is to inert basic narratives that are disinformation for the benefit of the few. The idea id propaganda that is cunning and sly. It will be a vast Cointelpro design that will be hard to dispute.
In the future if we allow the system’s controllers to lay their hands on any of the pure information, we will be seeing the world in a state of self-correction on a continuous basis. The information war will be furious. The confusion will be widespread when those who believe the associated press, or the Washington Post will be at war with those who believe Internet journalists.

Someone will have to come in and parent the Net after the power elite have convinced us that humans are not self-governing. They need a figurehead to instruct them on how to behave in the new technocracy. The ultimate decision is to remove subversive reporters. They will use the excuse that freedom of speech has limits.

The Internet is one of those tools, one of those oracles that contains the cloned collective consciousness of the planet. If the mind can be groomed, the consciousness of the planet can be altered or “corrected” and soon a change will take place that could make all paranoid conspiracy theorists and Armageddon watchers bite down on the barrel of their gun.

By some sick joke the Internet could find itself being manipulated in order to condition a new breed into believing the new and improved propaganda that is being placed by pawns that are well paid to pollute the river of information with selected news and information.

Already it is making the rounds in certain circles that certain secret societies are already preparing the world for a barrage of “circumstantial clues” that would suggest that we should be preparing for the great war. The war of desolation that will weed out the weak and the impressionable to make way for the advanced New World Order. It will be the catalyst for Global sustainability. This common goal of the elite includes higher mortality rates, Eugenics directives and engineered crisis to guarantee the surrender of power by the people .

The new world order now is more cunning and powerful than can ever be imagined. The elite order’s true purpose is to inherit the earth for themselves.

You will be in the picture.

If you choose to conform, you will share in the drinking of the blood of those who desire to go against the new leaders, the new constitution, and the new order.

Close your eyes and try to take in all of the energy that surrounds you. Take in a breath and open your mind to all of the energy that sees to rise up from the earth. What do you feel?

Is it truly inner peace? Or do you feel a sense of urgency or anxiety that is surrounded by a twinge of paranoia that lets your spirit know that something has snapped?

Look around you, we a re seeing now that a toxic envirionment is triggering what is being called the Zombie apocalypse. Humans have stopped pretending and are now becoming more like beasts as their very DNA is being reprogrammed through GMO’s and designer drugs. We are also being weekend by radiation, and iatrogenic artifacts where the cure will kill.

Physical health is waning. The health of the human spirit is deteriorating. The cynicism is like a poison that is reaching new levels in some people and the fear is overwhelming those ever faithful individuals who are watching the seconds counting down the fulfillment of prophecy.

Trust in our leaders is going away and trust in our fellow man has disintegrated to the point of being nonexistent. Yet we follow anyway because who really wants to be the party pooper?

The leaders of today are fast becoming cunning manipulators that are moving scores of people in directions that they would never in the past dream of going. It’s as if the Pied Piper has played his tune and the song has blanked out the voice of reason.

We have accepted spiritual poverty over the promise of material wealth. We have accepted slavery as a means to insure freedom. We have heard that war is the only way to insure peace. Some are praying for a quick and painless Armageddon so that we can find our returning Savior.

Armageddon will come and it won’t be painless. Those praying for its coming will not go away empty handed. The return of a savior is in the eyes of the beholder.

We have already bowed before the Gods. We have erected monuments and we give them posh living arrangements. We gladly pay handsomely for the people on the throne to commit murder, adultery, and all acts of treason in the name of democracy.

The truth is ugly. The International “protectors” are now our international Adversaries and we protect them with every bit of money your taxes can provide.