James Holmes bought a ticket to the Movie “The Dark Knight Rises” and passed through the gate and seated himself in the theatre. He exited the theatre through the fire exit and supposedly propped the door open so it did not lock. He went to his nearby vehicle where he armed himself and fitted himself with body armor and packed his weapons.

The killer burst into the theater wearing a gas mask and unleashed tear gas and a torrent of indiscriminate gunfire. It happened in Cinema number 9 on July 20th, 2012 or 7/20. It happened 13 years after the Columbine shootings and 16 months after the Tucson shootings where congress woman Gabrielle Gifford’s was wounded and Chief Judge John Roll; and nine-year-old Christina-Taylor Green was killed.

When crimes take on occult overtones it is interesting to pay attention and try and understand synchronicity for the sheer fascination. It is nothing scientific, it is far from random and it seems to indicate a bizarre intelligent design to nightmare events such as what happened at The Dark Knight Murder rampage.

For example let us look at the number 9 sequences associated with this case that are well known occult numbers, most notably the Satanic Number of death.
According to Anton Lavey, founder of the Church of Satan, the number of the forces of destruction is Nine. In the book of Enoch, an apocryphal book it is written that God asked 10 angels to oversee the creation of the earth. But one had turned away leaving NINE. It was then that the number of nine became the number of rebellion against God. Nine is the number of the Ego, for it always returns to itself. No matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of nine by any other number, in the end the final equation nine will stand forth. When nine is used in magic it can create chaos.

The shooting took place in theater number 9. It happened on 7/20. Remove the zero from the equation the numbers 7 and 2 add up to the number 9. It is also coincidental that one of the Dark Knight shooter’s victims Alex Sullivan was celebrating his 27th, birthday the 27 then forms another 7+2 equation totaling 9. In fact there were three male victims that were aged 27, James Sullivan, Matt McQuinn and Navy sailor John Larimer.

Number 9 Number 9 Number 9.

Consider for the moment the widely held belief that a satanic conspiracy exists in the world. That the fight for good and evil is not always a spiritual one but a physical battle where the blood of innocents are shed on a daily basis by those who are overcome by forces so dark that one forgets who they truly are. Some will say that Satan has truly made a comeback with all of the so called evil in the world. It is also interesting to see how synchronicities take place when the numbers point to a dark center where everything is just too good to be true.

The Dark Knight shooting event took place 16 months after the Gifford shooting in Tucson, at the Century 16 cinema in Aurora Colorado. It happened 11 years after the attacks of September 11th. So then if a “century” is 100 years and we add that to 16 we get 116.

We invert the number to get 911. Surprised? At the Gabrielle Gifford shooting Christina-Taylor Green was killed. She was 9 years old when she died and was born on September 11th, 2001 or 9/11. The shooting in Colorado at the theater happened 13 years after the Columbine shootings. The first reported death toll was 13 and then it was reduced to 12. James Holmes the alleged shooter was born on December 13th, 1987.

It has often been noted that the number 13 is associated with some Illuminati tinkering however when numbers like this pop up everywhere we can only look and wonder. It is only a numeric synch if it has meaningful coincidence. If you wish to put meaning to the numbers then perhaps we are seeing the handiwork of some unseen force,

In the world of conspiracy theory and research, there are times during your studying and research you realize that others in the field you are in decide to judge an event within minutes or hours before the bodies are even cold. We allegedly have our suspect and we are now hearing the lone nut suggestions from the mainstream media. There are some witnesses who have now come forward and have said that they believe James Holmes may have had an accomplice.

Apart from the so called “false flag” allegations, there are esoteric events that can be observed from a distance that are far more peculiar and unexplainable about the timing of the event and why it is so important to understand that there is some kind of occult intelligent design to these events that leave you with a formidable sense of helplessness.

There are times when the trickster is playing his game and it begins to become an exercise in knowing full well that there are powers that are far darker at work than we realize.

We should always allow in a sense of irony when looking into these types of operations. It is from there we can imply coincidence and realize that at times the dream world we live in can become a tailor made nightmare rising from the so called normality of existence.

There are events in our lives that can be an effect from some cause. When cause between meaningful events happen we call it Synchronicity, a part of time where we see the evidence of determination or random accident. It is hard to tell which because synchronicity or meaningful coincidence is such a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

The case of Dark Knight Shootings in Aurora Colorado and the possible coincidental relationship it has with possible Gun control enforcement can be written off by skeptics as a case of cognitive bias leaning towards the idea that there was some sort of false flag operation being carried out

Some will claim it is just the way things fall and others will say that sometimes the trickster times things in such a way to mock the meaning we give to putting things in order. It is the way we tend to take chaos and find order in it. It is the way we make time work as a way to entertain instead of bind us. Time in continuum is the great unknown. Synchronicity raises questions about whom or what controls it or if it is just another construct that keeps us bound to the sun and waiting for the new dawn.

If God rolls the dice and we move to his whims the question is always raised about synchronicity. Many times synchronistic coincidences seem to exist for no other reason than to shatter our preconceived and ossified concepts of the universe. Is there order or chaos? Are meaningful synchronicities placed in our time line something we imagine or are they part of some great cosmic joke from the Trickster?

The masked gunman, John Holmes dyed his hair red and said to police that he was the Joker, the arch enemy of Batman,

The Joker is something that is an archetype that when played with can have some very peculiar results. He is a character in mythology that was once a warrior. It eventually became part of the mythos that the warrior made a mockery of all of us he made us all part of his gallows humor, that our lives were merely a joke. The Joker or trickster is the cunning old devil and when he is playing with life and death numbers and images all become part of a tableau of death by template.

The Century 16 cinemas in Aurora are about 9 miles from Denver and 27 kilometers from the Denver International airport. Since its construction in 1994, the Denver International Airport or DIA has become the subject of much rumor and speculation. Many people believe that it is a future base of operations for the New World Order. Inside the airport is acurious mural that has been known for its peculiar images. The mural was painted by Leo Tanguma who claims to be a descendant of the Mayans. The Mural was painted under the strictest guidelines. There are claims that the mural is a rendering of Masonic, Luciferian ideas and that there are clues hidden as to what the elites have planned for the World.

There is a particular mural that shows what appears to be a fascist looking gunman carrying a large gun and a large knife. He wears a gas mask. In the mural this
“dark knight” kills or culls children.

Later in the mural he is vanquished and all of the children come together with guns and swords turning them into plow shares. It was an interesting coincidence that the image was brought up during one of my Ground zero shows to show the synchronistic and meaningful coincidence the mural had with some people and the shooting that happened some 9 miles away.

It is a hermetic practice to seek out and convey the hidden messages and meanings in synchronous events. These meaningful coincidences, used as a form of personal development, serve as a form of metaphorical perception. It means seeking the hidden archetypal patterns in the apparent chaos of daily life.

According to L.A. Marzulli author of “Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural: The Coming Great Deception and The Luciferian Endgame, all of what you are seeing is part of a ritualistic process it is something that the “engineers of society” revel in. It is human alchemy.

The rituals are being seen as a form of hermetical sympathetic magic. Marzulli claims “the supernatural is something which most people either choose to believe or not to believe. There seems to be little proof for the skeptic and a plethora of evidence for the believer. In this particular case there seems to be a lot of weird coincidental paralelles that jar the mind into understanding that the trickster likes to play with our minds.

A glaring example is that the first victim identified in the Colorado shootings was 24 year old Jessica Ghawi. Just weeks ago Ghawi walked out of a Toronto shopping-mall food court moments before a gunman shot seven people. Another peculiar coincidence if not sheer esoteric Forteana is the name of the city where the shootings took place, Aurora.

Aurora is the goddess of the morning; she is associated with Venus and is another name for the Dawn or Golden Dawn. The shooting took place during the showing of the Dark Knight Rises. If we were to use a homonymous play on the title of the film “The Dark Knight Rises – to be “The Dark Night Rises” The association with the Aurora or Golden Dawn fits the sequence of events.

After the Dark night rises comes the New Golden Dawn.

We are now subjected to brutal images in films, and on television. We may or may not hear that James Holmes was inspired by Video games, comic books or movies. However it is occult signatures, numbers and names that provide a template to ponder. The truth is that all of these images, ideas and movie scenarios have potentiality to play out in or reality. They remain in that state until the spell is activated in reality. When it jumps from screen to reality it performs in an imperfect and chaotic way. Numbers appear in strange orders, combinations and cognitive connections occur in people who have a propensity for seeing patterns. The modern
Arcanum becomes revealed and prophecy is fulfilled. It is called “accidental” by those who are not in the “knowing.”

It was also an oddity to see on the DRUDGEREPORT a headline that showed the fictional Joker and the words “Joker Kills 12.”

I stopped and wondered if I was watching fiction and reality colliding and if we still had some other predictive programming to realize at the upcoming Olympic Games.

Only time will tell. We can only wonder if here will be meaningful coincidences that tend to repeat in the nightmare.

The apocalyptic images and scenarios that go into our media and films have been visualized by the human soul. That soul has conveyed his vision to a group of writers and producers. The images are created in the dreamscape and then are brought to the flickering image in the cave. It speaks to other souls who feel the same way about their lives and their future and soon the Armageddon of the soul becomes imprinted with an indelible mark of end game philosophy, the Luciferian ideal.
You eventually change and the propensity for destructive behavior has you in its grip.

You are now in the power of the Joker, or trickster. The dark “Knightmare” rises and unfortunately the Joke is on you.