Information flows into a newsroom at a rapid rate every day. Sometimes we have slow news days and other days there are news story ideas that seem to get buried and ignored. I sometimes take those stories because I feel they have a fighting chance with the right angle. As a person who is interested in the truth, it is hard to admit that contrary to whatever you are told the old axiom that “the truth is out there” is becoming a laughable misconception.

The truth may be out there, but it most certainly doesn’t come from network media. It certainly is not readily available when big business stand to lose its control or big government doesn’t want to look hypocritical in front of the people. Equally the truth doesn’t always come from the alternative media even though they earnestly tell you that they have it and that no one else does. The alternative reports are valuable, however I think that perhaps it is necessary to confess that even those who talk the alternative speak are just as vulnerable to disinformation.

That is why it is not wise to seek out what you believe to be true. You must seek out what is and when you find the truth or what feels like the truth you will always get the butterflies in your stomach.

The ancient’s who wrote bibles, and scrolls called it the burning of the bosom or the baptism of fire, where the spirit ignited with enthusiasm could not help but shout from the mountain tops what they could testify is truth.

I have been working behind the scenes on an obsession that I have had regarding the safety of food and water in this country. I mainly have been concerned with what is consumed in the Northwest because of the radiations scare that has been denied in some areas and accepted regarding the Nuclear disaster that took place at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

On May 24th, 2012 the Tokyo Electric Power Company finally came clean about their lies regarding the Nuclear disaster that took place March 11t, 2011. The amount of radioactive materials released in the first days of the Fukushima nuclear disaster was almost two and a half times the initial estimate. The confession had confirmed the rants of many alternative news sources that within the first days of the disaster there was a China syndrome affect.

TEPCO admitted that the meltdowns took place at three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. The disaster released about 900,000 terabecquerels of radioactive substances into the air. More than 99 percent of the radiation released by the accident came in the first three weeks.

Another recent story published in Scientific American, finds California kelp contaminated with elevated levels of radioactive iodine. A review from the Max-Planck Society estimates that the risks of another serious nuclear accident are significantly higher than previously thought. As reports continue to reveal elevated nuclear radiation levels in Japan and elsewhere, public concerns about the safety of Fukushima and other reactor sites are reignited.

This story should be front page news in The United States, however it has been placed in the back pages and most American citizens are unaware that as we live, we are now in the shadow of what could be an extinction level event if the denial continues and the world ignores this major disaster.

In order to get any truth about the reactor meltdowns you have to speak German. German news had already reported that not only was the radiation release underestimated ( meaning lied about) TEPCO had indicated that there was evidence to suggest core breach and full meltdown in reactors #2 and #3 and what appears to be a bulge in reactor
#4. According to German news TEPCO admitted that Fission was detected which would indicate core meltdowns, along with evidence that the water near the plant was also contaminated.

For your benefit I have translated the news from a German yahoo news source:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) admitted for the first time on May 15 that most of the fuel in one of its nuclear reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant had melted only about 16 hours after the March 11 earthquake struck a wide swath of northeastern Japan and triggered a devastating tsunami.

According to TEPCO, the operator of the crippled nuclear power plant, the emergency condenser designed to cool the steam inside the pressure vessel of the No. 1 reactor was working properly shortly after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake, but it lost its functions around 3:30 p.m. on March 11 when tsunami waves hit the reactor.

Based on provisional analysis of data on the reactor, the utility concluded that the water level in the pressure vessel began to drop rapidly immediately after the tsunami, and the top of the fuel began to be exposed above the water around 6 p.m. Around 7:30 p.m., the fuel was fully exposed above the water surface and overheated for more than 10 hours. At about 9 p.m., the temperature in the reactor core rose to 2,800 degrees Celsius, the melting point for fuel. At approximately 7:50 p.m., the upper part of the fuel started melting, and at around 6:50 a.m. on March 12, a meltdown occurred.

A number of colleagues informed Ground Zero that this had happened on day 2 of the disaster, however we could only go on hearsay because nothing official was being reported and all of the radiation exposure from Japan was being downplayed. This was a mistake and we knew it from the beginning. Now we may see the results of what really happened as there may be an increase in thyroid cancers and a definite increase in air, water and soil contamination that cannot be reversed.

So we can estimate that the meltdowns generated intense heat, some say an estimated 5 – 6000 degrees F. That’s hot enough to melt steel and zirconium, the main ingredient
in the metallic outer shell of a fuel rod, known as the cladding.

The sun’s heat is about 10,000 degrees F.

It is also emitting neutron bursts. Neutron bursts cannot be detected by a Geiger counter. There have been blue beams shooting out of the reactors which indicate fission and possible breach.

Now it is frightening to understand that we have liquefied reactors spewing forth heat half the temperature of the surface of the sun, sending out neutron bursts and we still seem to get at the top of our newscasts American idol results. We are not being told that that Fukushima reactor 1 has melted down, fuel rods were fully exposed. Reactor 2 liquefied and that there is nothing left but a fire that consumes itself and shoots out neutron bursts. Reactor 3 is also burning hot and spewing forth deadly neutron bursts. Reactor is now bulging and is about to burst. Very high radiation was coming from it. The levels are so dangerous that they will not be made public to the Japanese.

There were also unknown and virtually unreported explosions in the air that were nuclear reactions above the plant. They were reported to be hydrogen blasts. Since the disaster there have been other reports that have been denied or avoided by the mainstream media which include the expansion of a vast ozone hole over the Arctic Circle, now equal in area to the damaged upper atmosphere over the Antarctic, caused by radioactive iodine and xenon gas caught in the jet stream, leaving the Earth’s air supply unprotected and heightening the threat of skin carcinoma.

We are also seeing high-energy interactions of xenon gas which decays into cesium with incoming solar flares and artificial electromagnetic belts created by U.S., NATO and Russian missile-defense shields. This by the way was not addressed by NATO at the summit however the maintaining of the shield was part of the agenda.

We are also witnessing a gradual mass extinction event where marine life in the Pacific Ocean is dying off due to the nuclear contamination of major spawning waters for plankton and fish, the bottom of the food chain for higher life-forms, including whales and eventually humans.

If this situation persists we will also see the rising threat to human reproductive health from ingestion of radioactive isotopes through food, drinking water and respiration, resulting in mass still births and population decline worldwide.

Recently we did a test of the water and soil in Portland Oregon, and while it wasn’t really scientific, a sampling of rainwater and soil was measured by a Geiger counter and showed that the samples had as much radiation as a lower lateral X-ray.

Exposure to higher levels can lead to mutations of contagious pathogens, such as bird flu, due to genetic disorders in both microorganism and host species, including domesticated animals and wildlife.

We all know the radiation levels put everyone at risk. What puts us at a greater risk is the silence that we are getting from the network media.

There are some that believe that the idea of the mass culling is paranoia and is unfounded, however we must always remember that we cannot see radiation. It is not tangible nor can you feel it until you become ill. We know that at the molecular level inside a biological cell, gamma-ray bombardment rewrites the genetic code contained in the chromosomes, scrambling DNA and giving it messages to create cancers. Since leukemia, cancers and birth defects can be falsely attributed to other disorders, the governments of North America, Europe and Asia along with international agencies can be counted on to remain silent or mount campaigns of misdiagnosis and iatrogenic artifacts to protect their nuclear power and weapons programs, along with their food and travel industries.

It is obvious that for reasons of self interest, that the elites are prone to allowing others to die. It is quite common and is business as usual in an apocalypse.