There always seems to be a souring that lingers in my stomach when the time comes to discuss the Kennedy assassination. The reason is that the mainstream media continues to dismiss all Warren Commission critics as paranoid and delusional.

Americans, believe it or not still want to know what happened that day in Dallas. The reason is because for over 50 years now the American people have seen nothing but journalistic nonfeasance concerning one of the major stories of our era or any era for that matter.

It once was the conspiracy of all conspiracies and even when it remained the crime of the century a new century arrives to bring a more horrible crime into the public forum making us all forget about the attempted coup in the United States in 1963.

If intelligence means anything, it means not only the collection of facts, but arranging them into some sort of pattern of probability so we can understand more than we actually know.

Since patterns and deductive reasoning are not in the Job description of a mainstream news reporter, perhaps it is the responsibility of the independent journalist to walk down other avenues in order to know more about John F. Kennedy and the man they have told you, acted alone in the assassination of the President, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Kennedy was the victim of forces that constituted a shadow government. He was gunned down executioner’s style and there was most certainly a conspiracy or plot to bring down the President that at the time had all the charm of a playboy prince.

In Oliver Stone’s JFK film David Ferrie gave away the most obvious conclusion on the matter. David Ferrie was played by Joe Pesci, a homosexual soldier of fortune appeared to be the most paranoid and maintained his innocence. Ferrie stated in the film “The shooters don’t even know” who killed JFK that is how sleek and well crafted this crime turned out to be.

I mean with all of the Cuban speculation, the Mob, and of course the brains behind the operation we realize that the cabal needed a scapegoat, they needed a patsy, and Lee Harvey Oswald was the perfect candidate.

The basic facts are that the official story has not stood the test of time, 80 percent of Americans do not buy into the official narrative. Another fact is that, no matter how many conspiracy yarns are created about Kennedy’s death, the basic reality is that the national security state was the perpetrator of the assassination and that is why we are seeing no accountability for the assassination nor are the authorities opening the files for public scrutiny.

I feel in some ways that the staying power of Kennedy’s “Camelot” is waning and the only reason for the retrospective is out of frustration that the truth about the case has still been kept under wraps, even after it was promised that after a generation that the files would be opened.

It is not surprising that they haven’t and it is not so surprising that the mainstream narrative has hijacked the possibility of conspiracy against a president and has made it a homogenized exercise in watering down the reality that what happened in 1963 was most definitely an organized coup to change the direction of the United States.

To younger generations, the Kennedy legacy is one of history and not of experience. Imagine a time in history that you have experienced, but that generations after you have the same interest in it as they would the Lincoln assassination. Even then, that type of history is a subject of a required history essay for a good grade.

We also are subjected to all of these “origin” type documentaries on television giving a rewrite of history where the directors and producers want us to know the historical figure with all of his “political appetites.

What about the myopic and cynical view we have about his so called Lone Nut assassin Lee Harvey Oswald? Shouldn’t his life be brought forth and a court of public opinion be reconvened for a man that all we knew was gunned down by Jack Ruby?

One of my favorite conspiracy historians is Jim Marrs and went to the trouble of painting a picture of just who Lee Harvey Oswald was. According to his book “The plot that killed Kennedy” we learn about Oswald through the eyes of a historian and not the eyes of a sensationalist “true crime” blotter.

Lee Harvey Oswald grew up as a bright loner who read a wide range of books and was drawn to unpopular ideas, attracted by spy stories. His favorite TV show was “I Led Three Lives” and Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels were among his favorites.

It was these appetites that possibly fueled his interest in working in Intelligence operations. Oswald’s Marine career is checkered with inconsistencies and unexplained events that suggest secret intelligence training as well.

Lee Harvey Oswald was assigned to Atsugi base in Japan, which housed a large CIA facility. Oswald also was good at learning different languages. Several Russians, including his wife, said he spoke like Oswald, who never graduated from high school allegedly learned the language by reading Russian from books.

The fact that several persons including a former CIA paymaster, Oswald’s Marine roommate, and fellow Marine Gerry Patrick Hemming have suggested that Oswald worked for U.S. intelligence suggests that Oswald’s life was more complicated than history has told us.

The manner in which Oswald traveled so easily in and out of Russia as well as the unaccounted-for funds he used and the ability of Oswald to leave the Soviet Union with his Russian-born wife at a time when most Russians were being denied exit permits, suggests intelligence guidance.

He also obtained passports both in 1959 and 1963 which may indicate that Oswald was an agent for either the CIA or some other organization.

The fact that Oswald wrote a lengthy report on his activities in Russia and, later, made a detailed report to the FBI concerning his Fair Play For Cuba activities in New Orleans was an indicator that he was working as an intelligence gatherer for the government.

Oswald’s notebook contained the word “microdots,” a common spy technique of photographically reducing information to a small dot. Oswald’s nonbinding “defection” to Russia fits perfectly the profile of an Office of Naval Intelligence program to infiltrate American servicemen into the Soviet Union during the late 1950’s.

One of Oswald’s closest contacts, George DeMohrenschildt, was himself an intelligence operative, first for the Nazis and later for the CIA.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence for Oswald’s involvement in spy work concerns a small Minox camera found among his effects by Dallas Police. Information developed by the Dallas Morning News in 1978 revealed the camera was not available to the public in 1963. It may have been spy equipment issued to Oswald. This evidence was so explosive that the FBI tried to get Dallas detectives to change their reports regarding the camera and also kept photos taken by Oswald hidden for nearly fifteen years…. Detective Rose told the Dallas Morning News: “[FBI agents] were calling it a light meter, I know that. But I know a camera when I see it…. The thing we got at Irving out of Oswald’s seabag was a Minox camera. No question about it. They tried to get me to change the records because it wasn’t a light meter. I don’t know why they wanted it changed, but they must have had some motive for it.”

The motive may have been that the existence of the camera pointed to Oswald’s intelligence connections…. The three-inch-long German-made camera was famous for being used by spies on both sides during World War II.

After police arrested Lee Harvey Oswald on suspicion of assassinating President Kennedy, they searched his home and found a picture of him standing in his backyard. In one hand he held a rifle, in the other copies of two communist newspapers: The Militant and The Worker. His wife, Marina, said she had taken the photo in the Spring of 1963. The photo was considered highly incriminating because the rifle he was holding appeared to be the one used to shoot Kennedy.

The famous photo of Oswald in his backyard
The famous photo of Oswald in his backyard

The photo was made public in late February 1964, simultaneously appearing on the cover of Life magazine and on the front page of the Detroit Free Press. Within days it had appeared in many other publications. But sharp-eyed observers noticed that the photo appeared to have been tampered with since details differed from publication to publication. In particular, details of the rifle differed. For instance, in the version that appeared on the cover of Life(top) Oswald’s rifle had a sniper scope. But in the version that ran in the Detroit Free Press (bottom), the sniper scope was gone. The Detroit Free Press version reappeared two weeks later in Newsweek.

These differences created suspicions that the photo was fake. Oswald himself, when shown the photo in jail, claimed he had never seen it before and insisted someone had superimposed his head onto another body. However, the photo was real. The variations (and accidental erasure of the sniper scope) were caused by photo editors touching up the photo in different ways in order to heighten the contrast between dark and grey areas. This was a common practice in the publishing industry at the time, due to the limitations of the printing process.

This explanation did not satisfy all skeptics, some of whom continued to argue the photo was fake, noting apparent inconsistencies in the shadows, conflicting body proportions, and a strange line across Oswald’s chin suggesting the head may have been pasted into the photo.

The mainstream still insists the photo was genuine even though the picture looks like it has been tampered with. The mysterious line across Oswald’s chin was determined to be a water spot.

This has brought up the possibility that there were at least two agents that may have resembled Oswald carrying out intelligence ops for the CIA.

In January 1960, five months after Harvey Oswald “defected” to the Soviet Union, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo stating that someone was using Lee Harvey Oswald’s birth certificate.

On January 20, 1961, while Harvey Oswald was in Russia, LEE Oswald appeared at the Bolton Ford Dealership in New Orleans to purchase ten trucks for Cuba on behalf of former FBI agent Guy Banister and Gerald Tujague’s Friends of Democratic Cuba, LEE Oswald worked for Tujague in 1955-56. On March 31, 1961, a memo was sent from the passport office to John White, an official at the consular section of the State Department, reiterating the concern about two Oswalds originally expressed by Hoover nine months earlier.

two oswalds

In the fall of 1961, while LEE was still in Russia, Police Officer Charles Noto arrested LEE Oswald and Celso Hernandez on Breakwater Road on the Lakefront in New Orleans.

In April, 1962, while LEE was still in Russia, LEE Oswald visited the Texas Employment Commission in Ft. Worth and filled out form E-40a, Aptitude Profile Test (APT) B-1002 and the Occupational Aptitude Pattern test. There is no doubt that Hoover knew about a LEE Harvey Oswald in the United States while Lee HARVEY Oswald was in the Soviet Union.

Hoover’s knowledge of two Oswalds became clear the day after the assassination of President Kennedy. Hoover sent agents to Stripling Junior High in Ft. Worth to confiscate LEE HARVEY Oswald’s school records.

FBI agents were sent to the Pfisterer Dental Laboratory, Gerard Tujague Company, J.R. Michaels, and Dolly Shoe in New Orleans to confiscate all of HARVEY Oswald’s employment records.

These documents, and others like them, comprised much of the evidence that two young men shared the identity of Lee Harvey Oswald. Most of these documents were never given to the WC and disappeared. And documents that were given to the WC by the FBI were photographs not originals and many had been altered or fabricated.

In May 1999, Mr. Armstrong found a document at the National Archives indicating the FBI had a procedure in place which routinely allowed the alteration of testimony of its own agents before the Warren Commission, sometimes over the objections of staff attorneys. The document indicated that a procedure was set up to handle these objections and to persuade the staff to go along with the alterations.

many Oswalds

The idea of “Oswald” being a team of “lone nuts,” or possibly a code name for a group of similar looking intelligence ops is not really all that crazy when you remember the doppelgangers of notorious evil doers like Saddam Hussein, and who can forget the evolution of Osama Bin Laden?


Needless to say, this is one conspiracy theory that you can either accept as cosmic fact or reject as crazy, however the pictures show different looks for Oswald and if they all acted alone, it must have gotten a little crowded at the book depository and standing room only on the grassy knoll.

Tonight, 11/20/1024, as we near the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, Clyde speaks with Lee Harvey Oswald’s former lover, Judyth Vary Baker, author of Me & Lee.